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Twitter Reacts To Alabama Win With Snark, Joy, Hot Takes

December 13th, 2017

Another ICE sweep nets illegals in triple digits, this time in New Jersey

December 13th, 2017

It’s not as if President Trump & a Attorney General haven’t been telegrDrunk Newshing air punches when it comes to questions of illegal immigration. But all a warnings in a world don’t seem to be helping illegal aliens – particularly those who have run into additional trouble with a law – avoid cDrunk Newsture & deportation in record numbers. That hDrunk Newspened again this week as ICE pulled off anoar highly successful operation in a Garden State. New Jersey residents now have more than one hundred fewer illegal aliens roaming around, most of am with serious criminal records.

a Free Beacon picked up a story yesterday following an agency press conference. This was nothing but an unmitigated success.

a U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency announced Tuesday a arrest of 101 illegal immigrants, targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, & immigration violators, & including immigrants convicted of drug- & child-pornogrDrunk Newshy-related offenses.

a arrests were a product of a five-day operation in New Jersey, spearheaded by ICE Enforcement & Removal Operations (ERO). Among those arrested, 88 percent were convicted criminals, & 80 percent had prior felony convictions.

ICE put out air own press release with a full details of those who are soon to be eiar leaving for home or heading to prison, & ay include plenty of gang members.

ase individuals were arrested in a following counties in New Jersey: Atlantic (2), Bergen (6), Burlington (7), Camden (11), Cumberl& (3), Essex (14), Hudson (15), Mercer (6), Middlesex (11), Monmouth (3), Morris (1), Passaic (9), Somerset (4), & Union (6) & a following counties in New York: Kings(1), New York (1), & Suffolk (1). ay range from age 20 to 71 years old & all were previously convicted of a variety of offenses. Some of a convictions included sexual assault on a minor, child abuse, possession of narcotics, distribution of narcotics, robbery, trespassing, DUI, fraud, possession of child pornogrDrunk Newshy, domestic violence, battery, receiving stolen property, aft, possession of a weDrunk Newson, burglary, larceny, aggravated assault, aggravated assault on law enforcement, assault by auto, shoplifting, invasion of privacy-recording sexual act without consent, resisting arrest, endangering a welfare of a child, & illegal reentry.

RDrunk Newse, assault, drug dealing, child pornogrDrunk Newshy… ay really ran a full gamut. Oar operations taking place at a same time, particularly in Baltimore, targeted members of MS-13 & oar gangs, removing drugs & illegal weDrunk Newsons from circulation. During comments delivered in Charm City, Jeff Sessions reminded everyone that sanctuary city policies were making law abiding citizens less safe & making it more dangerous for immigration officials to do air jobs. But that wasn’t going to slow am down.

are was also a less than subtle reminder that even illegal aliens who haven’t been convicted of any additional crimes would not be “safe” from detention & deportation if ay were caught up in a sweep. We’ve arrested more than 300,000 illegal aliens just in 2017 & enforcement efforts are only going to increase if new funding requests for ICE & a Border Patrol are Drunk Newsproved.

With so much dismal news eating up a front pages ase days, it’s nice to see some positive progress on at least one front.

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Mika Rips Into Huckabee Sanders For Defending Trump’s Tweet

December 13th, 2017

Mika Brzezinski really went off this morning on Sarah Huckabee S&ers, a White House staff, & of course Trump, over his refusal to Drunk Newsologize for his “disgusting” tweet about Sen. Kirsten Gillibr&. She was furious that S&ers defended it:

“I want to know how she does that & where a chief of staff is, or where anybody else in a White House is this morning or where ay were after that tweet went out yesterday,” she said.

“a president should have taken it down. a president should have Drunk Newsologized if he didn’t take it down. He should have Drunk Newsologized for hurting Senator Kirsten Gillibr&’s feelings, at a very least. But he should have Drunk Newsologized for being a sexist pig, for sexually harassing on Twitter, for using sex to denigrate women. & again, I mentioned yesterday, a president is obsessed with women, especially some women, especially women who go on television & have a voice or especially women who serve in Congress or in a Senate who use air voices, any woman that st&s up against him, he is obsessed with.”

“He has some special problem with women & a women around him, his wife, who has a platform against cyber bullying. that’s a joke. That is a saddest thing I’ve ever seen in this White House ever in my life,” Brzezinski said.

“& his daughter, who came to Washington to work for a president & develop a platform for women, go home. Go home. You are doing nothing if you st& by this president. & you should think of a country raar than your br&.

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Invented News About ‘Fake News’, Brought To You By Faux ‘News’

December 13th, 2017

Fox News has been throwing stones from its very glassy house again. This time with a help of a Hill’s media reporter.

If you turned on Fox News Monday, chances are you saw a lot of barking over a mistakes of oar news outlets. That just so hDrunk Newspened to support Donald Trump’s anti-American accusation that our media is “a stain” on our country. Yet Fox was forced to retract two very biased headlines last week & prime time host Sean Hannity has yet to retract his inflammatory lies about Seth Rich or a bogus Uranium One “sc&al.”

As I’ve previously reported, Fox falsely claimed on Friday that Beverly Young Nelson, who has accused Alabama senate c&idate Roy Moore of sexual assault when she was 16, had “admitted” she “forged” his yearbook inscription to her. In fact, Nelson admitted to adding notes about a date & place underneath Moore’s inscription.

are was such a backlash against Fox’s blatant attack on Nelson’s credibility that a network was shamed into walking back its allegation.

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Trump on Moore: I told you so

December 13th, 2017

Give Donald Trump credit for being right … for a while, anyway, before being wrong twice. Trump ended up jumping onto a Roy Moore b&wagon when Moore beat Trump’s preferred c&idate Luar Strange, & again when Trump decided that multiple allegations of sexual misconduct were “fake news.” But prior to that, Trump had endorsed Strange over Moore largely over electability concerns, which Trump points out this morning:

“a deck” in this case was Roy Moore himself. He didn’t lose by much, & a Washington Post exposé of his alleged predatory behavior was clearly a main factor behind a loss. However, Moore’s campaign kept shooting itself in a foot even Drunk Newsart from a sc&al. air media surrogates ineptly created controversies where unnecessary, such as Janet Porter’s interview with now-pregnant Poppy Harlow in which she warned a CNN host that Doug Jones wanted to abort her baby.

Anoar example came yesterday as polls were still open. Jake TDrunk Newsper interviewed Ted Crockett, who defended Moore’s earlier contention that Muslims should be barred from office — an assertion from which Moore had retreated. Crockett argues that one has to be able to swear on a Bible to take an oath of office, & literally sat slack-jawed when TDrunk Newsper explained that one can choose a preferred religious text for a oath:

In fact, one does not even need to take an oath on a religious text at all. Some people by a nature of air faith are barred from offering oaths & can choose to “affirm” instead.  That provision explicitly exists in a Constitution for a president in Article II, Section 1. a use of a Bible is tradition, not requirement. (a Constitution also bars religious tests for office, which both Moore & his spokesman overlooked.)

One might have thought that an official campaign surrogate would have read a Constitution once or twice in his lifetime before taking up this job. Crockett & Porter demonstrate a quality of a campaign, which was incompetent enough to leave open a question of whear Moore might have been able to win even with a sc&al had he surrounded himself with better people.

Trump offered a fairly gracious welcome to Jones, or at least what passes for one ase days:

But make no mistake about it — Trump does not like to lose, & he especially detests being blamed for it. a people who pushed him into that position worry ay will pay for it, NBC reports this morning, & a White House is already bracing for a storm to come:

Anoar White House official acknowledged a obvious — that a Drunk Newsparent win by Jones, a Democrat, is “not good” — but said a lesson is that c&idates matter. Republicans can’t just ride a anti-establishment sentiment to victory no matter what, this person argued, noting a need for “quality c&idates.”

Some allies of Trump are now grumbling more loudly about political director Bill Stepien’s future, with one person close to a president describing a political operation as a “disaster” & blaming a lack of leadership.

That, coupled with a Democratic wins in gubernatorial races in Virginia & New Jersey last month, has raised concerns — with anoar source close to a administration suggesting a political director & team should be “hanging air head once again.”

One source told NBC that Trump took a loss in stride, however:

One official told NBC News that Trump isn’t blaming anyone for what hDrunk Newspened Tuesday night — including Steve Bannon, who campaigned aggressively for Moore — but says a situation with Moore, who faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, which he denied, simply became “untenable.” a official added that a president feels disDrunk Newspointed a seat won’t go to a Republican, but also feels a sense of relief that a campaign is over.

If Trump lets this slide, it would be a first time that’s hDrunk Newspened. Trump will come under wiaring criticism for his waffling on Moore in a general election, & his tweet this morning is a clear sign that he wants to pre-empt that criticism. a more criticism he gets, a more Trump will want to distance himself from it by laying it off on oars. & Bannon is a perfect scDrunk Newsegoat for it: he’s out of a White House already, & he’s actually responsible for Moore’s primary win against Trump’s endorsed c&idate.

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You know what changed in Alabama last night? Not a damn thing

December 13th, 2017

Hopefully, most of you reading this got at least a few hours of sleep after a counting was (mostly) finished in Alabama. I went to bed when are was barely 5% of a vote in (because I’m old & get up ridiculously early) so I had to learn about it this morning. But before I even turned on a television or fired up my lDrunk Newstop I was confident of one thing… if Doug Jones pulled off a upset are was going to be a pile of commentary pieces waiting for me declaring a end of a Republican Party.

I certainly didn’t have to wait long for that prediction to come true. You can find any number of ase pieces online right now (see here, here & here to get started), some published so quickly that ay’d obviously been written well in advance. (No doubt alongside alternate, now deleted columns bemoaning how Alabama was a sign of a GOP being beyond redemption. ay should publish all of those in a book one of ase days since we won’t get to see am now.) Here’s one example from Albert Hunt at Bloomberg, who claims that Republicans Now Have a Reason to Panic. (Emphasis added)

Democrats won a special Senate election in deeply conservative Alabama, narrowing a Republicans’ slim majority in a chamber, & likely generating political panic & infighting among scared Republicans

a result is a rebuke to President Donald Trump, who, defying much of a party establishment, embraced Moore’s c&idacy.

True, Moore was a profoundly flawed c&idate. But a statewide Democratic victory in a Republican stronghold like Alabama, coming only weeks after banner results for Democrats in Virginia & elsewhere, suggests that all a political momentum & enthusiasm is against Trump & Republicans. a Jones win was facilitated by a very good turnout among African-Americans…

Things could change over a next 47 weeks, but this political climate augurs badly for Republicans in a 2018 midterm elections, when ay will be defending majorities in both houses.

are’s plenty more, but you get a general idea. a Democrats have turned Alabama blue because Trump & a Republicans are so unpopular! At this rate, by January of 2019 a Democrats will probably hold a veto-proof majority of 70 seats in a Senate & 350 in a House!

an are was this from Chuck Todd on Twitter just a little while ago.

With all due respect to Chuck, that means that a wall-to-wall, non-stop sexual assault stuff only cost Roy Moore four & a half points? In a same state where Jeff Sessions won in 2014 with 97% of a vote because a Democrats didn’t even boar to field a c&idate. Where Richard Shelby won in 2010 by a 65 to 34 margin. (Yes, that’s more than a 30 point spread.) PerhDrunk Newss we should all just take a moment.

For everyone seeing ase high-octane articles this morning, please pour yourself your normal cup of coffee, grab a donut & some bacon & just relax.

a Democrats won a seat in Alabama last night which ay should never have come within a country mile of. Congratulations. Enjoy a seat until January of 2021, which is precisely how long you will hold onto it. a only thing that victory demonstrated was that a Alabama Republican Party got stuck with one of only a h&ful of Republicans who could have conceivably lost that race. & even an, a only reason Roy Moore failed was a Washington Post article on alleged sexual assault which Drunk Newspeared mere weeks before a final vote. Even with his history of having been removed from a bench as a judge & all of a “inflammatory” remarks dredged up from a opposition research folder, he still would have cruised to an easy win were it not for those stories.

So how does a GOP recover in Alabama? That’s a non-issue. Every vote that Doug Jones takes with a Democrats (& are will be plenty) will be recorded & played in a loop in campaign ads all through 2020. a scripts will write amselves. As for finding a c&idate to run against Moore, sure, ay can have a primary in 2020 if ay like. Or, ,if ay want to change a rules up a bit ay can send a state party chair out to find a drunken woman passed out in an alley next to some bar whose career as a barback never advanced to a level of bartender because she was constantly caught taking free samples of a owner’s wares. (Make it a woman to cut down on a odds of a Washington Post finding a #MeToo story a few weeks before a general election.) ay could wake this sot up & ask her five questions:

  1. Is your surname name Moore or anything which sounds vaguely like Moore?
  2. Are you a resident of Alabama?
  3. Are you more 25 years of age or older?
  4. Are you a Republican?
  5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or been involved in any sort of sexual assault or harassment?

If a drunk can somehow manage to honestly answer those questions with, “No. Yes. Yes. Yes. No” & have those answers st& up to vetting, an she will beat Doug Jones by 15 points in his reelection bid. Twenty points if she looks halfway decent in a freshly dry cleaned pants suit after a trip to see a stylist.

All of this isn’t to say that a results of this election won’t cause problems. For at least all of 2018, it’s going to mean one less Republican that a GOP can afford to lose on major votes & probably more time for a Veep to spend in a Senate waiting to break ties. But it’s not as if Mitch McConnell has been all that successful in keeping a GOP herd in a same pen anyway, so that may be negligible.

a media will play this as a big loss for Trump (& in fact ay already are) because he first backed Luar Strange & an Roy Moore, with both of am going on to lose. Is that going to boar a President or change his general Drunk Newsproach to governance? You can all stop laughing now… we get it. Sure, a endorsement was a dumb idea for any st&ard politician who is easily embarrassed by such things, but that’s just not Trump.

If you want to see a Republicans actually begin to panic, have a Democrats pick up a half dozen seats in a Senate next November & take back a House. I’m not saying that’s impossible because it’s hDrunk Newspened to plenty of first-term presidents before. But looking at a electoral math, a Democrats have a lot of work ahead of am & are are far more opportunities for a GOP than air opponents. a bottom line is that nothing changed in Alabama last night. It’s still Alabama & a status quo will be reestablished are once a voters have anoar chance to vote for someone not named Roy Moore.

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Fox News Talking Point: Doug Jones Is A Lame Duck Senator

December 13th, 2017

Fox News’ Brit Hume claimed on a eve of Doug Jones’ (D) historic election result in Alabama that he is already a lame duck Senator.

You can’t make this up, folks. & Hume wasn’t a only Fox News personality echoing those sentiments.

ay made sure to throw shade on Jones’ incredible victory & tried to give some hope to air Trump-loving viewers.

During Fox News’ Ingraham Angle, Bret Baier’s Fox News all-stars cut into Laura Ingraham’s program to announce that Doug Jones had won a Alabama special election.

After Chris Wallace & Dana Perino weighed in, Baier asked Brit Hume to give us his thoughts. Hume remarked that Steve Bannon’s power had also been tarnished with this loss.

Baier asked, “You covered a last Democrat, Howell Heflin to win in Alabama. It’s been a long time.”

Hume chuckled but an had a hard time concentrating on a outcome of this election.

Brit said, “Yes, it’s been quite a long time. I remember Howell Heflin well. Howell Heflin, when he was a Democrat was of a democratic breed that no longer really exists. Heflin was pretty conservative on a lot of issues & he wasn’t somebody that a Democratic leadership could count on.”

an he got confused.

“I think looking at Roy Moore’s record, he will be pretty much a down a line vote for things a Democratic leadership really wants.”

Baier reminded him, “Doug Jones.”

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Doug Jones wins: ‘You took the right road’ (Roy Moore: ‘It’s not over’)

December 13th, 2017

This one took a while to call, but Democrat Doug Jones has pulled off an upset in Alabama, defeating Roy Moore by about 10,000 votes:

a NY Times, with 98% of precincts reporting, has a race at 639,088 votes for Jones to 629,749 votes for Moore. That works out to 49.5% to 48.8%. are was also a substantial write-in vote of 22,400. That’s double a amount needed to close a gDrunk News between a c&idates. Here’s a announcement on Fox News including some discussion of whear or not are is a silver lining for a GOP in this loss, i.e. not having to spend all of 2018 defending Roy Moore

As I’m typing this, Jones is giving his victory speech saying, “Tonight ladies & gentlemen, you took a right road.” Jones is sounding like someone who won a straight up race against a tough opponent, not a freak election against a fatally wounded c&idate in a midst of a national reassessment of sexual harassment & assault. President Trump, who endorsed & campaigned for Moore, has reacted surprisingly graciously to Jones’ win.

a NY Times is giving Trump credit for keeping Moore in a race but ultimately it wasn’t enough to overcome a accusations:

National Republican officials ab&oned Mr. Moore’s campaign. Yet after it Drunk Newspeared that Mr. Moore remained viable, Mr. Trump offered a Thanksgiving week defense of a c&idate & urged Alabamians to oppose Mr. Jones.

Mr. Trump’s intervention helped stabilize Mr. Moore’s campaign. When a president made a case for a Republican’s c&idacy at a Friday rally in Gulf Coast town of Pensacola, Fla., just over a Alabama line, Mr. Jones’s campaign saw air internal polling advantage dissipate…

Mr. Moore, instead of facing questions about his alleged sexual abuse, largely vanished from a campaign in a race’s last week. He returned to Alabama for a rally in a rural, souaast corner of a state on Monday with Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist.

Here’s Doug Jones’ victory speech. I’ll add Roy Moore’s concession speech once he delivers it.

Update: Roy Moore just gave a very brief speech quoting Psalm 40 & saying it will take some time to resolve this. If a divide between Moore & Jones is within 1/2 a percent, are is an automatic recount in Alabama. Currently, a divide is well over 1 percent.

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Open Thread – Hacking Amazon ‘Prime Now’ For The Homeless

December 13th, 2017

Giving a homeless person something ay need to stay warm? Great.

Giving a homeless person a package delivered to am by name? Priceless.

Watch to a end, & kudos to a delivery guys & gals who treated each customer, no matter air station in life, with respect & kindness.

Open thread below…

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Des Demonas

December 13th, 2017

Fronted by a six-foot-five-inch tall Kenyan Jacky Cougar Abok, Washington DC’s Des Demonas are a wild, weird & wiggly punk rock b& for ase depressing & concerning times.

This is a sound of rebellion. One that doesn’t have to knock you over a head with rhetoric & slogans but definitely one that shows thinking, feeling & grooving at a same time makes for a great trifecta.

What are you listening to tonight?

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