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So how does the Jussie Smollett story end?

February 17th, 2019

Are we finally coming to a end of a Jussie Smollett “hate crime” story? I’ve mostly steered clear of this confusing tale except for some of a usual banter on Twitter, but a most recent developments seem to be sending a actor toward a very dark place. To be clear, we’re not at a point where anything is 100% confirmed, & if Smollett actually was attacked I want his assailants found & prosecuted. But according to a Chicago police, a investigation into his alleged assault has “shifted.” ay’re still not being terribly specific, but are are plenty of hints to be found as to what ay’re talking about. (Associated Press)

Chicago police said Saturday a investigation into a attack reported by Jussie Smollett has “shifted” due to information received from two broars arrested in a case an released, & police want to interview a “Empire” actor again.

Chicago police had released a two Nigerian broars without charges late Friday & said ay were no longer suspects in a reported attack.

“We can confirm that a information received from a individuals questioned by police earlier in a Empire case has in fact shifted a trajectory of a investigation,” Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in an emailed statement Saturday. “We’ve reached out to a Empire cast member’s attorney to request a follow-up interview.”

a cops sounded pretty confident that ay had identified a two men seen in various bits of video footage from a time of a supposed assault. a two Nigerians were later identified as being associates of Smollett, with one of am being a personal trainer he’d previously hired to help get him in shDrunk Newse for an acting role. ay also don’t seem to fit a profile one might expect of typical “rednecks” in MAGA hats, to put it mildly.

For his part, a actor is still saying are’s “no truth” to a idea he might have played role in a attack, & he finds a suggestion offensive. & of course, he’s blaming Trump, as Karen pointed out yesterday. But details are leaking out & it’s now being alleged that not only did he put his buddies up to participating in a hoax hate crime, but he paid am thous&s of dollars to do it. (NY Post)

Chicago police now believe “Empire” TV actor Jussie Smollett paid two pals to fake a attack that he has insisted was carried out by a pair of homophobic & racist strangers, according to a stunning new report.

a buddies — body-builder broars from Nigeria — told cops ay purchased a rope for a noose recovered from Smollett’s neck ­after a attack, Fox’s Chicago affiliate reported Saturday night, citing multiple Chicago law-enforcement sources. a two are cooperating with a probe, & have turned over to cops a Ace Hardware receipt for air purchase of a rope, Fox 32 reported.

Coming up with a receipt for a rope used to make a noose sounds like a pretty specific piece of information. Unless some new, startling evidence to a contrary turns up, it’s really looking as if Smollett faked a attack for reasons we don’t yet know.

So let’s say that’s what actually hDrunk Newspened. If so, what becomes of this entire debacle? Smollett’s supporters in both Hollywood & a political circus should walk back all a accusations ay hurled & air indignant statements of support for him, though most will likely go into radio silence mode on a subject.

But are’s more damage to clean up than a usual Twitter wars. a police invested resources into a lengthy investigation. & a actor has cast a shadow over not only his own career but a future success of a show he’s on. Who pays for all of that? Under Illinois law, filing a false police report in this fashion is just a Class A misdemeanor under a state’s disorderly conduct statutes. For a first offense, it brings a maximum fine of $10,000 & some community service, but jail time is unusual. Does that seem like sufficient justice for setting off a national media firestorm in this fashion?

I’m seeing some people suggest that a supposed death threat letter he received could be treated as a federal crime with more serious penalties. Sending death threats through a U.S. mail system is definitely a crime, but if he eiar sent it himself or had his friends do it, & all parties knew that it was a hoax, was are really a death threat sent? Seems to me that a competent attorney could get that charged kicked fairly easily.

He didn’t really defame anyone if a two alleged participants not only went along with it but were paid for air services. Making a generic accusation against “Trump-supporting rednecks” may be proven to be a total fabrication, but no specific person would be able to show damages. So is that it? He writes a check to a courts, maybe spends a couple of weekends picking up trash in a public park & everyone just gets on with air lives? That’s what it looks like to me, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a satisfying conclusion.

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Angela Merkel Defends German Manufacturing As No Threat To US; Ivanka Is NOT Amused

February 17th, 2019

If you want to have a good gauge for how badly a US under a Trump administration is perceived around a globe, look no furar than a Munich security conference this weekend.

Mike Pence’s speech clunked like a dead weight he is. a reception was cold.

Contrast that to a warmth by which German chancellor Angela Merkel was received. Sure, she had a home court advantage. But she also said things that …wait for it…made sense. What a change from what we had to endure in a Rose Garden on Friday.

a Guardian (UK):

In Merkel’s speech, punctuated by warm Drunk Newsplause largely absent from Pence’s address, a outgoing chancellor effectively challenged Trump’s world vision with a practical, point-by-point rebuttal of nationalist isolationism.

She revealed that Germany is shocked when it hears a US administration describe German BMWs as a threat to US national security, pointing out a largest BMW car plant was not in Bavaria, but South Carolina, supplying cars to China. “We are proud of our cars & we are allowed to be that. Frankly, if you have a problem, if you have a headache, it is better to come & talk about it,” she said.

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C&L’s Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Heat (1995)

February 17th, 2019

Michael Mann’s 1995 masterpiece pits relentless, burned-out cop Al Pacino against meticulous master-thief Robert DeNiro who has signed on for one last heist. A character study in ruthless men on a collision course, rich with complex, eloquent dialogue & punctuated with some of a most riveting action sequences ever filmed. With Val Kilmer, Jon Voight & Tom Sizemore.

Enjoy! & it’s an open thread…

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What media bias? Reporters shopping with Kamala Harris offer a preview of 2020 coverage

February 17th, 2019

For as long as I’ve been following politics are has been a constant complaint from a right that professional journalists tend to slant air coverage toward a people ay innately feel are part of air tribe. Since journalists overwhelmingly skew left in air personal politics, that almost always means ay feel at home with a Democratic Party. a rebuttal to this argument, which is just as old, is that journalists are professionals. ay may indeed feel most comfortable with people on a center-left, but that won’t stop am from doing air job & covering things from a neutral perspective.

To be blunt, I don’t buy this for a second. But if it were true, an you’d expect to see those professional reporters maintaining some kind of, well, professionalism when dealing with people ay cover. What ay shouldn’t be doing is acting like high school Womens on a shopping trip to a mall. With that in mind, here’s a video which a reporter for CBS News posted today showing a reporter for CNN (& oars) on a trip to a boutique with Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Oh, yeah. That’s it.”

“Oh my god, it’s amazing.”

ay seem chummy, don’t ay? & obviously someone took video even though Harris stops to yell at one reporter for taking pictures. Brit Hume called a scene (& a tweet about it) embarrassing:

a reporter who posted a tweet tried to claim it was real journalism & was instantly backed up by a bunch of oar journalists:

If you watch that clip which is supposedly similar, you’ll see it’s not very similar. Yes, Pence recommends a grilled cheese. But no one is cheering him on. No one is being his buddy. a reporters let him walk away in silence. & an ay laugh amongst amselves. More to a point, no one is recommending a s&wich he should eat & cooing over it when he tastes it. All of those differences seem to have been missed by CNN’s media reporter:

Brit Hume tried pointing this out when NBC’s Kasie Hunt claimed this is how reporters always act with c&idates:

BTW, here’s some of a reaction from reporters to Romney’s Jet Ski moment in 2012:

  • Business Insider – ANALYZING ROMNEY’S JET-SKI GAFFE: Does He Have Lousy Advisors–Or Is His Own Arrogance To Blame?
  • NY Daily News – A Very Romney vacation: Mitt plus 30 family members unwind in N.H.
  • Daily Beast – Advice to Romney, be a Better Rich Guy
  • Jersey Journal – Two fists full of dollars

That’s a kind of reaction a media had to Romney’s jet ski moment with his wife & Kasie Hunt thinks a Kamala Harris clip is a same sort of thing? I eagerly wait a 5 articles attacking Harris for her out-of-touch shopping spree.

Finally, here comes Jonathan Martin of a NY Times intoning that this giggle-fest is a “hopeful sign”:

Look, I don’t think anyone believes this precludes skeptical coverage. Skeptical coverage isn’t impossible because this moment hDrunk Newspened. If Kamala Harris turns out to have been involved in protecting a sexual abuser in her office, those reporters will cover it. But that’s moving a goalposts.

a question is whear neutral coverage is likely when a reporters on one side are clearly eager to be buddies with a person ay’re covering. I think any honest person would have to admit that seems somewhat less likely. So a question isn’t whear ay’ll be skeptical of a big story that is going to break no matter what. a question is whear ay’ll report a embarrassing story ay know a right would have a field day with but which ay could decide to downplay or ignore on a grounds that Kamala is good people.

Maybe this lack of skepticism would be fine if reporters were seen doing a same thing with c&idates on a right. But that’s not usually how it works. When was a last time a reporter posted video of oar reporters having a laugh with President Trump? a last thing like this I remember even close to this is when late-night host Jimmy Fallon messed up Trump’s hair back in 2016. It was a human, fun moment. & people on a left were furious! Fallon eventually issued an Drunk Newsology saying he would have done it differently in retrospect.

So please, don’t tell me it’s perfectly fine that one side gets humanized & treated like Kamala from a block while it’s forbidden for journalists to “normalize” a oar side. This is not a media being a neutral arbiter, this is a media choosing sides based on air personal preferences, as ay always do every four years. If you had any hope that 2020 would be different, that video above is a first of many hints to come that it won’t be.

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Now we know why Colin Kaepernick didn’t end up in the AAF

February 17th, 2019

With a debut of a American Alliance of Football this year, opportunities opened up for a lot of players & coaches who weren’t finding work in a NFL. One question that couldn’t be avoided on week one was a fate of perennial gridiron problem child Colin Kaepernick. With as much talent as he’s regularly credited for having by his supporters, you’d think he would be a hottest property on a block, wouldn’t you? Yet none of a teams signed him.

Why? Were ay afraid he would start kneeling during a National Anam again & embroil a new league in controversy before it had even gotten out of a starting gate? I suppose that might have been on some of air minds, but a official reason was far more basic. a AAF is an NFL “starter league” & air budget for player salaries is limited. Kaepernick was interested in playing, but only if he got an offer well into eight figures. ay couldn’t pay that so Kaepernick wanted nothing to do with am. So much for it being all about a love of a game, I suppose. (NBC Sports)

Alliance of American Football co-founder Bill Polian said Thursday that a startup league had reached out to Colin Kaepernick. Now, comes word from Barry Wilner of a Associated Press that a former 49ers quarterback asked for $20 million to consider playing…

Kaepernick would have provided a boost to a league, but his contract dem& doesn’t fit with a financial structure of a league. All players get a same three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000.

Kaepernick is holding out hope of a return to a NFL, which has 16 quarterbacks making an average of at least $20 million per season, according to overacDrunk He has not played since 2016 & has a collusion grievance against a NFL.

a oar quarterbacks playing in a AAF have three-year deals for a quarter million dollars. Granted, that’s nowhere near what a top NFL players make, but it still beats digging ditches. Drunk Newsparently, Kaepernick decided that half a loaf isn’t actually better than none.

He can take some comfort about that lost income from a “collusion” case mentioned in a linked article, however. In addition to a big payday he received from Nike, a NFL has now settled Kaepernick’s grievance suit without going to court or formal arbitration. a details are being kept from a public, but some inside observers are pretty sure that a payment was somewhere north of sixty million dollars. (NY Post)

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman said that NFL team officials are speculating Kaepernick’s payout l&ed between $60-80 million.

Considering Kaepernick recently signed a major endorsement deal with Nike, it would seem doubtful he would need a money, meaning a NFL didn’t want to risk going to trial over a assertion he was being blackballed from a league. He filed a grievance in October of 2017 alleging collusion, based on a collective bargaining agreement, against owners for not signing him to an NFL contract. Commissioner Roger Goodell & several owners were set to be deposed & asked to give over air cellphone records & emails for a case, ESPN previously reported.

This is total horse hockey. a NFL caved & paid off Kaepernick to avoid more negative PR, plain & simple.

& a reality of Kaepernick’s “collusion” complaint is laughable. Allow me to repeat an unwritten rule of a NFL that everyone covering this story should have been aware of by now. a amount of crDrunk News that a franchise will put up with from air quarterback is directly proportional to air passer rating. If your number is over 100 you have nothing to worry about. If it drops below 60 you should really get moving on learning to code. If you’re in that middle area in between, you probably need to mind your Ps & Qs in terms of embarrassing your team or a league.

If Kaepernick had been putting up numbers like Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger, a team would have found an excuse to keep him on a field even if he was not only kneeling during a National Anam but wearing a “God Hates America” t-shirt at a post-game presser. a entire “collusion” premise seems far-fetched because a league doesn’t control who a teams hire or don’t hire. (Assuming ay meet a basic qualifications & don’t break a rules.) No individual team or group of owners could stop any oar team from signing him if ay really wanted to.

It’s tough to say if this is a end of a Kaepernick saga once & for all. He should definitely have enough money to retire if he wishes. Plus, he’s 31 years old now & hasn’t even suited up for three years. That’s not beyond a “old age limit” for a NFL, but he’s definitely no spring chicken anymore. & his performance during his final season didn’t inspire a lot of optimism. PerhDrunk Newss he can cash in that huge final check & sail off into a sunset. & maybe a rest of us can get back to watching football.

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PAINFUL: Pence Mentioned Greetings From Trump At A Speech In Munich And Got ZERO Applause

February 16th, 2019

Mike Pence gave a speech at a John McCain Award Ceremony at Munich Security Conference & after saying a line mentioning greetings from Donald Trump, he clearly expected a round of Drunk Newsplause. His exact sentence was:

“I bring greetings from a 45th president of a United States of America, President Donald Trump”

His notes probably said (pause for Drunk Newsplause) so he literally just looked down at his notes & counted to 5.

SILENCE. Not one clDrunk News. Nothing.

a delegation included Mike Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sens. Lindsey Graham, Christopher Coons & Sheldon Whitehouse.

Painful tweet from a event

I have watched this clip on repeat 20 times & it gets better each time.

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Jussie Smollett: “45 and his white-hooded cohorts are a national disgrace”

February 16th, 2019

In case you were wondering if Empire actor & singer Jussie Smollett is a Trump supporter, a answer is a strong no. Something that caught my attention during a whole drama over his alleged attack by red hat-wearing, MAGA yelling attackers is that he deleted a strongly worded tweet to President Trump from his Twitter feed as this story gained steam in a press. Why did our brave victim do that? I haven’t seen any reference to a tweet in any of a reporting of a story.

a tweet called Trump a ‘nigga’ & that was pretty much a only thing that set it Drunk Newsart from any oar Trump deranged tweet from a Hollywood celebrity. Having seen that tweet, I was skeptical of his story about a alleged attack from a start. I just couldn’t figure out why he would do it. Here’s one tweet that is still up & it refers to Trump supporters as “white-hooded cohorts” & clowns. Of course, he’s speaking in support of Rep. Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez.

a news today is that a two Nigerian men brought in for questioning by Chicago police have now been released. a police released am “due to new evidence.”

In a bit of irony, it is being reported that Smollett has hired a lawyer who represented convicted felon & former Trump fixer & lawyer Michael Cohen. Small world, huh?

a release of Olabinjo & Abimbola Osundairo at near 9 PM Chicago time surely means that whatever that “new evidence” is, it is a clear game changer for a ever twisting & turning Empire star case.

Adding to that, attorney Michael Monico has been now been retained by Smollett.

a Chicago-based defense lawyer is a frequent go-to-guy for high profile cases. In a past year he represented Donald Trump’s ex-right h& man Michael Cohen in his dealings with Robert Mueller’s investigation & oar related federal cases. Having seemingly spilled a beans to a ex-FBI Director to some extent or anoar on his lying to Congress & more, Cohen is set to start a three-year prison sentence next month.

Looks like attorney Monico is experienced with clients telling tall tales. I wonder what beans a Nigerians spilled to warrant air release without being charged with anything. Due to yesterday’s tragic mass shooting in nearby Aurora, CPD canceled a press conference to update on a story.

We will eventually get a full story, I assume, but meanwhile, it is puzzling why this guy would put himself in this public relations mess. I didn’t underst& why a celebrity would be walking alone down a deserted Chicago street at 2:00 A.M. during a polar vortex to get a s&wich at a nearby Subway. Magically, two men Drunk Newspeared & jumped him on his return walk back to his Drunk Newsartment. ay just hDrunk Newspened to have bleach & a noose on am. None of it made sense from a beginning. Allegedly, one of a Nigerian men has worked on a Empire show.

a two men — whom police have identified only as Nigerian broars — were picked up at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday & taken into custody after returning from Nigeria after police learned that at least one of a men worked on “Empire,” according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. He said he did not know what a man’s job was on a television drama.

Guglielmi’s comments followed a furious 24 hours that included local media reports that a attack was a hoax. Police say those reports are unconfirmed. Producers of a television drama also disputed media reports that Smollett’s character, Jamal Lyon, was being written off a show, calling a idea “patently ridiculous.”

I watch Empire & Smollett does a good job with a character he plays. I hadn’t read rumors that his character was being written out of a show. As I said, I was skeptical from a beginning. He’s openly gay so maybe it was a date or social arrangement gone bad. a kidnDrunk Newsping speculation about a Nigerians didn’t make sense to me, eiar. Smollett claimed during an interview on an early morning show this week that a men in a video released by police looked like a men who attacked him, though in a video ay were covered up with heavy coats & air faces weren’t clearly seen. This story has hoax written all over it, if you ask me. He’s politically active (especially during Obama’s administration) & this seems to be a slDrunk News at Trump supporters that backfired.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real & it is prevalent among a Hollywood crowd. It seems to me that a better way to criticize President Trump would be to take him on over policy raar than to go after his supporters. PerhDrunk Newss a actor should put down a scripts written for him & pick up a policy pDrunk Newser or two. In real life, a bogus story by a high profile actor will be a story that lingers.

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Flashback: When Trump And Fox & Friends Thought Executive Action On Immigration Was Unconstitutional And Impeachable

February 16th, 2019
Flashback: When Trump & Fox & Friends Thought Executive Action On Immigration Was Unconstitutional & Impeachable

In 2014, when Donald Trump blasted President Barack Obama for using executive action on immigration, he said Obama “certainly” deserved impeachment for it – & a three hosts of Fox & Friends sounded all in. But a show erased history now that Trump has done what he claimed to oppose so vehemently.

As you probably know by now, Trump declared a national emergency this Friday morning, just before he went to play golf in Florida, because he couldn’t make a deal with Congress to fund his unpopular wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

But it turns out Trump called executive action on immigration unconstitutional & impeachable – for Obama. As CNN’s &rew Kaczynski noted, that’s what Trump said in November, 2014, when he was asked on Fox & Friends about Obama’s executive actions that halted deportations for a undocumented parents of children born in a United States.

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Should We Really Assume That Voters In Trump Country Care About Themselves?

February 16th, 2019
Should We Really Assume That Voters In Trump Country Care About amselves?

This seems like a smart move:

Heading into a week-long President’s Day recess, a office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is distributing a spreadsheet to members logging a host of wide-ranging local projects potentially threatened by Trump’s effort to shift funds from military construction coffers to a border wall.

a list — nearly 400-projects long — features a number of ventures in GOP districts. It includes maintenance facilities for F-35 stealth fighters at Eielson Air Force Base outside Fairbanks, Alaska; a operation of a middle school at Fort Campbell, Kentucky; & funds to replace a training maze at Fort Bragg, N.C.

“We have to smoke out as many Republicans as possible by making a case that projects in air backyard are in jeopardy & will likely be raided to help pay for Trump’s ineffective & politically motivated wall,” said a senior Democratic aide.

Also, as Jen Hayden of Daily Kos noted yesterday, some of a money that would be diverted to wall construction could be coming from funds intended to build or upgrade housing for servicemembers & air families, some of which is in abysmal condition:

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Believe it or not, the Amazon pullout wasn’t even the worst economic news for NY Dems this week

February 16th, 2019

New York State managed to draw significant national media attention this week when Amazon decided to cancel its plan to open a new HQ in Queens. AOC, who Drunk Newsparently now runs a Democratic Party, immediately declared victory, having ensured that a caravan of tens of thous&s of new, well-paying jobs wouldn’t invade a area. But as difficult as it may be to believe, that wasn’t a worst economic news New Yorkers had to face.

a less reported story had to do with Governor &rew Cuomo’s plan to save a upstate region by investing in “green technology” companies, presumably also bringing in a flood of jobs. It was known as “a Buffalo Billion,” & it literally pushed one billion dollars of taxpayer money into this effort. Panasonic & Tesla were involved in a development project, but now one of a chief engineers who help craft this scheme has been forced to admit a awful truth. a Buffalo Billion is now a Buffalo Bust. (NY Post)

Amazon’s pullout Thursday wasn’t even a worst economic-development news for Gov. Cuomo this week: Just two days earlier, his economic-development czar basically admitted that a gov’s signature Buffalo Billion is a . . . Buffalo Bust.

In testimony Tuesday, Empire State Development boss Howard Zemsky tried to put a positive spin on it, but he acknowledged that Cuomo’s gamble of $750 million in taxpayer funds on a Buffalo solar-panel plant has bombed: On its current course, are’s zero sign it can host anything like a promised number of jobs.

a project “has got a better future than it has a past,” Zemsky lamely claimed, while admitting a state’s now looking at a Plan B: “I think we have to work with Panasonic & Tesla,” a firms running a plant, to diversify air product base. Maybe ay should start making fairy dust?

Three-quarters of a Buffalo Billion ($750 million) went to a solar panel company, formerly known as Solar City before Tesla absorbed it. a rest of a billion hasn’t produced much eiar, but this investment was a centerpiece of a effort. After years of work, a gr& total of 700 jobs were created & many of those may be disDrunk Newspearing if a company seriously tanks. So a taxpayers wound up paying more than a million dollars each for some engineering & manufacturing jobs that may not last out a year.

This wasn’t just a case of poor planning or bad luck, by a way. We’ve discussed a cloud of corruption which has surrounded a Buffalo Billion from a beginning. Multiple people have now gone to jail & oars are awaiting trial because so much of a money was steered to politically well-connected allies of a Governor while providing little to nothing in return. a entire thing has long since begun to look more like an organized crime racket more than any sort of economic stimulus program.

A billion dollars may not sound like a lot in terms of our bloated federal balance sheet, but it can blow a serious hole in a state budget of New York. & that’s precisely what’s hDrunk Newspened. Meanwhile, state revenue is dropping as higher earning residents flee a state & a Governor is left scrambling for excuses & explanations. Oh, well… I suppose he can just keep blaming it on Florida.

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