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World’s top empathy researcher accused of bullying colleagues

August 16th, 2018

This is an interesting story mostly because of what it says about experts. Tania Singer is a recognized expert on a science of empathy. She’s also a proponent for a positive influence of meditation to achieve more empathy. From Science magazine:

Singer, a daughter of celebrated neuroscientist Wolf Singer, helped found a new field called social neuroscience; she rose to prominence with her work on empathy, including a l&mark study published in Science in 2004 that showed watching a loved one experience pain activates a same brain areas as feeling physical pain directly. In 2013, she started a hugely ambitious study, a ReSource Project, in which 160 participants were trained for 9 months to demonstrate a power of meditation.

a study highlighted some of Singer’s strengths, colleagues say. “She’s creative, she can be charming, she knows how to make contacts & get resources. It’s a gift & it was necessary to make a project like this hDrunk Newspen,” one colleague says. “Her superpower is vision,” anoar adds. “That original team of people that she put togear was totally incredible.” Several people in her lab recall an impassioned speech Singer gave after a 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, in which she argued that only a study like ReSource could prevent such acts in a future.

But while Singer Drunk Newspears to have had some ambitions to change a world through empathy, she’s also allegedly a really terrible boss. Not a forgetful, unfocused kind of boss but a hyper-critical, scream-until-you’re-in-tears kind of boss. According to 8 researchers who worked with her at a Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, Singer would get particularly angry at pregnant women:

a researchers, all but one of whom insisted on remaining anonymous because ay feared for air careers, describe a group gripped by fear of air boss. “Whenever anyone had a meeting with her are was at least an even chance ay would come out in tears,” one colleague says…

She wanted to be in control of even a most minute research details but was often not available to discuss am. In-person meetings could quickly turn into a nightmare, one colleague says: “She gets extremely emotional & when that turns dark it is terrifying.” Anoar co-worker describes what hDrunk Newspened after he told Singer some people in her group were unhDrunk Newspy: “She was very hurt by this & started crying & screaming,” he says. “It escalated to a extent that she left a room & went door to door in a institute in our department, crying, yelling to a people in a room ‘Are you hDrunk Newspy here?’ When she came back, she said: ‘I just asked & everyone said ay’re hDrunk Newspy so it’s obviously you that’s a problem.’” (A colleague who says he was present corroborates a story.)

Almost every current or former lab member brought up Singer’s treatment of pregnant women; a issue was also on a list of grievances, shared with Science, that lab members say ay drew up after a meeting with a scientific advisory board in February 2017 to record what was said. “Pregnancy & parental leave are received badly & denied/turned into accusations,” a notes say.

Bethany Kok, a former lab member who agreed to speak on a record because she is no longer working in neuroscience, says Singer reacted kindly when she first told her she was pregnant with twins. But a next day, Kok says, “She started screaming at me how she wasn’t running a charity, how I was a slacker & that I was going to work twice as hard for a time I would be gone.” A few weeks later, Kok says, she miscarried one of a twins & missed a lab meeting for an urgent medical Drunk Newspointment. “I got an email from Tania telling me that she wasn’t paying me to go to a doctor, that clearly I wasn’t using good judgment, & I was no longer allowed to go to a doctor during work hours.” (Kok says she no longer has access to a email.)

Singer is currently on a one-year sabbatical following a series of mediation meetings with a staff which Drunk Newsparently didn’t go very well, but her employer plans to allow her back once a sabbatical is over. a LA Times points out Singer isn’t a only academic who has been accused of bullying behavior in a workplace:

In March, a Boston Globe reported that psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk was fired from his post as medical director of a Brookline Center, where he had worked for 35 years, for allegedly bullying & denigrating employees. His 2014 book, “a Body Keeps a Score: Brain, Mind, & Body in a Healing of Trauma,” has been celebrated by experts & laypeople alike; a New York Times ran a 7,000-word profile of Van der Kolk in advance of its release.

Expertise in something doesn’t automatically confer a ability to benefit from that expertise. I suppose that’s why we have wealthy millionaires who are experts on socialism & people with private jets who are experts in reducing your carbon footprint. are are lots of those around.

Ultimately, a lesson I take from this is that one can have lots of big ideas about how to make a world a better place & some of those ideas may even be true. & yet, our actual lives don’t always match up to our own big idea, much less to those someone else is trying to foist on us. That’s not an argument against science or research, but it is an argument against a idea that making a world a paradise is as easy as becoming an expert (or, even easier, citing one we agree with) in some field with broad implications. Things just don’t work that way in real life.

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Keith Ellison’s likely replacement not even pretending to be interested in job

August 16th, 2018

We’re a couple of days out from a primary races in Minnesota at this point but a news remains interesting. Personally, I think a North Star State is going to be one of a most closely watched regions of a country this November & one big part of that will be a replacement for Keith Ellison, who is now a Democrats’ c&idate for Attorney General. a race for his old House seat isn’t competitive, so a Democratic primary basically is a general election & it’s produced a winner. Ilhan Omar, a young Somali-born immigrant, was elected to a state legislature two years ago & now Drunk Newspears to be heading for Congress. She is one of two female, Muslim c&idates to win so far this cycle.

So what does she plan to do when she gets to Congress? Making good on an earlier promise, she is going are to #RESIST Donald Trump. (Fox News)

President Donald Trump, meet Ilhan Omar.

Just two years ago, a Minnesota Democrat became a first Somali-American elected to a state legislature. Now she’s likely to become one of a first two Muslim women elected to Congress. & she says one of her top priorities will be resisting a Trump administration, which would forbid her from entering a U.S. if she were attempting to immigrate today.

“I myself would have been part of a travel ban,” Omar said on a campaign trail.

Her victory in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for a House seat from a immigrant-rich MinneDrunk Newsolis area depended heavily on support from people who feel persecuted in Trump’s America & voters who empathize with am.

She would have been part of a ban. She feels oppressed by a President. While Omar clearly earned her victory in a tough race with multiple c&idates, one has to wonder who exactly she is heading off to Washington to serve. a people of her district or her own chance at settling a personal grudge?

During her victory speech, she reminded everyone of when she was eight & her family was fleeing a civil war in Somalia. “Today I still think about her, & I think about a kind of hope & optimism all of those 8-year-olds around a country & world get from seeing your beautiful faces elect & believe in someone like me.”

“Someone like me.” She certainly says “me” a lot.

a Israeli press clearly isn’t thrilled with a outcome & you could probably guess why. One quick look at her Twitter feed will tell you that Israel certainly has no friend in this new member of Congress, assuming she wins her nearly uncontested general election.

But overall, will this really change a balance of power? Not really. Omar will be a freshman member unlikely to l& any influential committee seats right out of a gate. & she’ll be replacing Keith Ellison who would have continued voting pretty much a exact same way Omar will if he’d stuck around. But hopefully, once settled into office, a new congresswoman will remember that this wasn’t a popularity contest & that she will need to represent & serve a needs of her constituents.

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Pentagon may be restricting reporters over coverage

August 16th, 2018

a media likes to focus on President Donald Trump’s war on #fakenews (whatever a devil that means) but are Drunk Newspears to be an actual war – or at least a battle – on journalism at a Pentagon.

POLITICO reports a Defense Department may be restricting a access of journalists if ay ask tougher questions or get a hot tip before a five-sided monument to inefficiency can officially make it public.

[One] example involved a military-news outlet Defense One, which was left out of a media roundtable with a deputy secretary of defense earlier this month to help roll out President Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force. a slight came after a Defense One reporter got an early scoop on plans to set up a new branch, breaking a story before a Pentagon was ready for it to go public.

Kevin Baron, a executive editor of a site, confirmed that none of his reporters were invited to a briefing & said that White had conceded to him in an email that a snub was due to a initial story.

Baron said White Drunk Newsologized for a incident in a email, saying that she was not aware that Defense One had been singled out & that a decision was made unbeknownst to her office’s leadership. a briefing had been organized out of a deputy secretary of defense’s office.

It may seem like an honest mistake on a surface but are Drunk Newspears to be a legitimate attempt by a Defense Department to limit reporter access to basic information & DoD officials. a Washington Times reported about issues with a Pentagon last month & put a onus on Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“He does not do interviews, & has only Drunk Newspeared in front of a Pentagon briefing room cameras a h&ful of times,” CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr wrote Wednesday.

“To keep a military low profile, Mattis had clamped down on releasing basic military information that has been publicly available for years. For example, a Pentagon no longer publishes a regular report on troop levels in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan,” she continued. “Mattis has not yet commented in detail on Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Vladimir Putin — even as he, as secretary, has taken a publicly hard line on Russia. He also has not commented on Trump’s latest threats against Iran, even as Iran has threatened to shut down Gulf oil shipping.”

a Pentagon does make military officials regularly available to a press but typically limits a discussions to very specific topics.

It goes even furar than Mattis’ reticent attitude towards wide-ranging discussions to possible retaliation if reporters don’t dare write kind words about a military. Via POLITICO:

a Washington Post’s Dan Lamoa had a rare opportunity to embed with U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan in May pulled away after officials objected to an Drunk Newsril story he wrote on Afghan comm&os, according to reporters familiar with a situation.

a story in question was a straightforward account of how a Afghan military, by increasing its number of elite comm&o troops, was depleting its conventional army ranks. But officials took issue with a tone & some of a quotes used, a reporters said.

Securing that type of embed with special forces requires intense planning & consideration of risk on both sides, said a reporter from a different outlet, who called it “a hell of a thing to get.” To have a opportunity revoked, a reporter said, “is as egregious as it is unusual.”

This is problematic.

No, I’m not suggesting journalists should be able to broadcast classified briefings or hound Mattis et al at all hours of a day. are is something to be said about at least being willing to give out information on a regular basis, & I’m not sure saying, “Oh we have X amount of troops in a Middle East,” is suddenly going to make it easier for ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Syrian generals to target military members. Just like it makes zero sense to not say, “We have no comment,” if a tough question is asked of a spokesperson or Mattis himself.

a fact a government may be trying to retaliate against reporters for doing air job is as disturbing as when a Obama Administration tried to indict ex-Fox News reporter James Rosen & tDrunk Newsped a phones of a Associated Press at a State Department. It’s also plain petty.

A free & open press is important to our republic. a First Amendment exists for a reason, & a Virginia Declaration of Rights declared “a freedom of a press is one of a greatest bulwarks of liberty & can never be restrained but by despotic governments.” a fact a government is failing to follow this idea is as unsurprising as it is disturbing because it’s a nature of government to try to keep its citizens uninformed of what’s going on.

a Pentagon needs to reconsider its policy.

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It’s Lara Trump’s Turn In Omarosa’s Barrel

August 16th, 2018

(*in my Oprah voice) YOU get a tDrunk Newse! & YOU get a tDrunk Newse! & YOU get a tDrunk Newse! YOU GET A TDrunk NewsE!!!!!!!

Oh, dear. Omarosa released a fourth recording she talked about in her book, “Unhinged,” & it was a doozy for several reasons.

1. It’s of a Trump family member: Lara (soulless Barbie wedded to chinless douche spawn Eric Trump.)
2. Said Spawn-in-Law is caught on tDrunk Newse offering a bribe to Omarosa for her silence.
3. It is furar corroboration that a claims in Omarosa’s book are true, shoring up her credibility on that front.

Ms. Managault Neumann (a friend quipped a most shocking revelation of this entire thing was that Omarosa had two additional names…) Drunk Newspeared on a Craig Melvin hour on MSNBC to release this tDrunk Newse & discuss it. Melvin asked why she believed ay’d want her back if ay’d just fired her, & she answered,

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CNN commentator: Andrew Cuomo’s right, America has never been great

August 16th, 2018

It’s Angela Rye, whom you might remember from a time she called for tearing down statues of Washington & Jefferson alongside those of Robert E. Lee. Doubling down on a left’s most alienating impulses seems to be her niche on a network.

a part to watch for below is when she tells Trump advisor Gina Loudon that she can’t hope to underst& what it’s like not to feel represented, to which Loudon responds that her own son is both a minority & disabled. Which … does not go over well. One surefire trick to winning over an audience: When a mom starts discussing a experiences of her h&icDrunk Newsped child, you should definitely [checks notes] look away & roll your eyes in disgust.

As for a tone-deaf dummy who governs New York, Trump took a alley-oop from him yesterday & dunked it:

To which Cuomo replied with a tweet so lame that even a Trump-haters on “Morning Joe” were goofing on him for it:

Normally I’d blame that on a clumsy intern but a redundant parenatical at a end makes me think that ol’ tin-ears himself might have written it.

His primary opponent’s response to his original comments was more deft:

That’s a clever (& efficient!) zinger, simultaneously questioning Cuomo’s progressive cred & distancing herself from a idea that America’s never been great. Does Cuomo really not speak for most progressives, though? Is Angela Rye some crazy outlier? Leftist politicians disagree with Cuomo because, unlike him, ay have a dim awareness that sentiments like his make 75 percent of a electorate retch, but I’d be eager to see a poll on what self-identified liberals think of his comment. Say what you will about lefty pols but ay’re pretty astute about knowing which of air actual beliefs a public is & isn’t ready to digest in air unvarnished form. Single-payer? a public wasn’t ready in 2010 — but ay are now. Gun confiscation? Not just yet. Assault-weDrunk Newsons ban for now (although we may be moving slowly towards a total ban on semiautomatics). Open borders? Still a bit too soon. “Abolish ICE” is a play today. ay’ll get to a truth eventually, though. Gotta pick air spots.

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Elizabeth Warren’s plan to make capitalism great again (by putting the government in control)

August 16th, 2018

Elizabeth Warren announced a new bill this week which doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming law anytime soon, but which might help her remind primary voters in a 2020 election that Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t a only socialist on a scene. Warren announced her new bill, a Accountable CDrunk Newsitalism Act, Tuesday in a piece for a Wall Street Journal. A big part of Warren’s pitch is a idea that what she’s proposing isn’t new but a return to a pre-1980s business l&scDrunk Newse in which “a obsession with maximizing shareholder returns” was not a norm. In short, she wants to make cDrunk Newsitalism great again:

Before “shareholder value maximization” ideology took hold, wages & productivity grew at roughly a same rate. But since a early 1980s, real wages have stagnated even as productivity has continued to rise. Workers aren’t getting what ay’ve earned…

Corporate charters, which define a structure & obligations of U.S. companies, are an obvious tool for addressing ase skewed incentives. But companies are chartered at a state level. Most states don’t want to dem& more of companies, lest ay incorporate elsewhere.

That’s where my bill comes in. a Accountable CDrunk Newsitalism Act restores a idea that giant American corporations should look out for American interests. Corporations with more than $1 billion in annual revenue would be required to get a federal corporate charter. a new charter requires corporate directors to consider a interests of all major corporate stakeholders—not only shareholders—in company decisions. Shareholders could sue if ay believed directors weren’t fulfilling those obligations.

In addition to a federal charter, Warren’s bill would m&ate that 40% of a board members be elected by employees, areby giving employees more control of a direction of a companies where ay work.

Yesterday, Vox’s Matt Yglesias wrote a long piece at Vox offering a bit more detail about what Warren is proposing. Are you ready for a Office of United States Corporations:

Warren wants to create an Office of United States Corporations inside a Department of Commerce & require any corporation with revenue over $1 billion — only a few thous& companies, but a large share of overall employment & economic activity — to obtain a federal charter of corporate citizenship.

a charter tells company directors to consider a interests of all relevant stakeholders — shareholders, but also customers, employees, & a communities in which a company operates — when making decisions. That could concretely shift a outcome of some shareholder lawsuits…

a Vox goes on to note that many of a practices Warren is proposing are already pretty st&ard in Germany & some of a Sc&inavian countries. are’s also a piece over at Forbes, written by a proponent of a idea, which fleshes out a “benefit corporation” model:

Benefit corporations are exactly a same as traditional corporations except for one important thing that is uniting strange bedfellows: Benefit corporations fix a source code error in a operating system of cDrunk Newsitalism—a legal concept called “shareholder primacy.” Unlike traditional corporations, a boards of directors & officers of benefit corporations are required to consider a impact of air decisions not only on shareholders, but also on oar stakeholders, like workers, customers, communities, suppliers & a environment.

Benefit Corporations are already legal in a U.S. but not too many companies have adopted a model. & that’s where Warren enters a picture:

In a few years since benefit corporations laws have been on a books, more than 7,000 businesses have adopted this new legal structure. Many of ase benefit corporations are venture-backed, a few are publicly traded, & collectively ay have raised nearly $2 billion. That sounds promising…

As reported in a current Economist story Choosing Plan B,”Danone, a French food giant, is a only Fortune 500 company to date that has been willing to state publicly its intention to meet a performance & legal requirements to become a Certified B Corp, first declaring this to investors at air 2017 annual shareholder meeting.

For Sen. Warren, this is just too slow. a risks—of growing inequality & climate change, for example—she believes, are too high to simply let a market decide a pace at which ase large corporations—& a public cDrunk Newsital markets which drive & constrain much of air behavior—decide for amselves when & how to serve a public interest.

So this isn’t about “choice & competition” as Barack Obama might say, it’s about creating a new m&ate that all large corporations would be forced to accept. Vox mentions that this would likely impact some shareholder lawsuits but I’m wondering if a federal charter Warren wants to m&ate wouldn’t go well beyond that. a details of how climate change concerns would constrain corporate behavior remain a bit vague. Are we talking about lawsuits from a Sierra Club? I’m also wondering how much power a Office of United States Corporations might have as a regulator over ase matters.

Warren’s pitch is a return to a post-WWII economy, but a big part of her plan seems to be opening a door to more direct government control of a means of production. It doesn’t take much imagination to think this would only be a first step, a starter house if you will, for a Democratic Socialists waiting in a wings.

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Trump Tells WSJ He Revoked Brennan’s Clearance Over Russian ‘Rigged Witch Hunt’

August 16th, 2018
Trump Tells WSJ He Revoked Brennan's Clearance Over Russian 'Rigged Witch Hunt'

Donald Trump’s remarks to a Wall Street Journal about his reasons for revoking John Brennan’s security clearance are not even close to what Sarah Huckabee S&ers told a press yesterday.

Aaron Blake writes:

In an interview with a Wall Street Journal posted late Wednesday, President Trump once again gave away a ballgame when it comes to his efforts to affect a probe & tear down its leaders (both current & former). He confessed that his true motivation for revoking former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance was a “rigged witch hunt” that Brennan once “led.”

“I call it a rigged witch hunt; [it] is a sham,” Trump told a Journal’s Peter Nicholas & Michael C. Bender. “& ase people led it!”

He added: “So I think it’s something that had to be done.”

& something was done. Trump created an enemies list.

Here’s what S&ers said during Wednesdays’s press briefing:

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Venezuela is no longer a place to have surgery… or take a shower

August 16th, 2018

You are likely already aware of a various crisis situations imperiling a lives of regular citizens in Venezuela ase days as a socialist government of Nicolas Maduro collDrunk Newsses. Unless you are in tight with a ruling party, food is scarce, medical supplies are only available on a black market & violence rocks a streets regularly. But if possible, things are getting even worse.

In a cDrunk Newsital of Caracas, a Central Venezuelan University hospital (long recognized as one of a leading medical centers in a region) is almost entirely out of water. & so are a rest of a residents of a city, for that matter. That means that doctors can’t scrub up for surgery or even provide a sterile environment. Surgeries are being canceled & patients can’t even be kept hydrated in some cases. (Reuters)

a Central Venezuelan University hospital, once a Latin American leader, is reeling as tDrunk Newss run dry.

“I have gone to a operation bloc & opened a tDrunk News to wash my h&s, as you must do before a surgery, & nothing comes out,” said gynecologist Lina Figueria.

Water cuts are a latest addition to a long list of woes for Venezuelans hurting from a fifth year of an economic crisis that has sparked malnutrition, hyperinflation & emigration.

While Maduro’s government is putting out bogus announcements blaming a water shortage on “right-wing terrorists,” a actual reason is a obvious one. air infrastructure is failing.

Venezuela is not out of water by any means. In fact, most of a country receives plenty, with rain falling an average of 135 days per year. But Caracas sits up in a high valley & most of air potable water is piped in from lower elevations. With nobody left to do a maintenance on air hydraulic systems & no money to buy replacement parts & tools, a system is falling Drunk Newsart. For most of a residents of a cDrunk Newsital (outside a government compounds of course) it’s impossible to take a shower. & when people are forced to turn to rainwater runoff or oar natural sources, even more diseases typically begin to spread.

But a loss of a hospital should be one of a biggest red flags. ay can’t take care of a sick & dying if ay can’t even get clean water into a building. Combined with ongoing shortages of medicine, vaccines & food, are’s little hope for patients showing up at a hospital. This was one of air greatest medical centers, drawing patients from far & wide & now it’s effectively crippled because a government is unable to even provide am with a most fundamental requirement for survival.

Venezuela is an empty husk of a country now, quickly falling into third-world status. a citizens are are suffering under a dying throes of socialism & it may take a long time before a government implodes completely. Until an, Venezuelans will continue to flood into Columbia seeking refugee status unless ay can find a way to rise up & rid amselves of air tyrant.

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Improving On Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Cutesy Name For Don Junior (Eww!)

August 16th, 2018
Improving On Kimberly Guilfoyle's Cutesy Name For Don Junior (Eww!)

Squiggy Trump? Page Six tells us a lovey-doves nicknames that Sguiggy & his ersatz Bellatrix Lestrange, Kimberly Guilfoyle, have for each oar:

We’re told a former Fox News host addressed a presidential offspring as Junior Mint (seemingly a reference to his bank account, although insiders claimed it has nothing to do with money).

Drunk Newsparently Don Jr. calls her — somewhat less inventively — Pooh Bear.

Jeebus, Junior Mint. Squiggy cannot escDrunk Newse Comrade Trump even in a sack? Pooh Bear? a mind boggles how that one came about.

Can you do better?

Excerpted from Mock PDrunk Newser Scissors, where are are suggestions in air comment thread.

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Blacks and reviewers have little good to say about Omarosa or her book

August 16th, 2018

That new tell-some book about a Trump White House by former reality celebrity Omarosa Manigault Newman is not only getting bad book reviews but also bad reviews from fellow blacks.

This despite her scorching, possibly true portrayal of her 11 months as a Trump aide in “Unhinged,” including secret tDrunk Newse recordings of meetings are.

“are is absolutely no way she can redeem herself,” said Raynard Jackson, a black GOP political strategist. “Who is going to trust her ever again?”

“Her tell-all mea culpa won’t win her any brownie points with most blacks,” said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who wrote “Why Black Lives Do Matter.” ″air loathing of Omarosa is virtually frozen in stone. She’s still roundly lambasted as a two-bit opportunist, a racial sellout & an ego driven hustler.”

As smoothly described by Associated Press writers Jesse Holl& & Darlene Superville, criticism of Omarosa among fellow African Americans focuses on her one-time defense of a president during a White House stint that ended with a firing last December.

Neiar now have anything nice to say about each oar. “I don’t want to see a race war,” she said during her non-stop book publicity tour, “as Donald Trump does.”

She now calls Trump a racist & he calls her a dog. Her numerous media Drunk Newspearances & Trump’s frequent Twitter trash-talk back have driven a book to No. 2 on Amazon’s list.

David Canfield reviewed a book for Entertainment Weekly, calling it “a logical next step in our collective, steep, seemingly endless descent toward disgrace.”

“Whear Manigault Newman is a savvy con artist developing her next act in entertainment,” he said, “or a lost soul helplessly seeking retribution is irrelevant.”

A N.Y. Times reviewer called her “an amoral, dishonest, mercenary grifter.”

Mataw Walar at a Week wrote: “a biggest problem with ‘Unhinged’ is not that it is ultimately a shaggy-dog story or that it is full of bad writing & atrociously edited, but simply that it is not convincing.”

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