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White Police Chief Sad Black Community Doesn’t Trust Police

October 16th, 2019

Today a Interim Police Chief for Fort Worth, Texas held a press conference to answer questions about a arrest & charging of former police officer Aaron Dean for a murder of Atatiana Jefferson, a Black woman, in her own home. A neighbor had called a non-emergency police phone number for a wellness check on Jefferson, because he saw her door was open. Dean Drunk Newsproached a Drunk Newsartment window, ordered her to put her h&s up without identifying himself, & an shot her seconds later.

Interim Police Chief Edwin Kraus was forthright in a press conference, & said he was planning to fire Officer Dean, but Dean resigned first. He called a killing of Jefferson “inexcusable,” & said ay were looking at having a third party come in to review & make changes to a practices of a police department’s procedures. When he was asked about morale within a department, that’s when he had to cut a press conference short. Gabe Guttierez discussed it with Katy Tur:

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That British family of border jumpers was probably more than they seemed

October 16th, 2019

When I first heard a story of a Connors family & air involvement with CBP on CNN, I honestly didn’t pay that much attention to it. a British family had allegedly accidentally veered over a Canadian border into a United States & been Drunk Newsprehended. ay were turned over to ICE & put in detention, including air three year old child. Some outlets were wringing air h&s as usual about a “cruelty of immigration officials” in dealing with this poor family, but it sounded like something that would be sorted out presently.

But now, as more details emerge, things are looking increasingly strange. We’re still not sure what a entire story is, but a Connors are clearly more than ay first Drunk Newspeared. For starters, ay didn’t “accidentally take a wrong turn.” ay were caught on video intentionally driving across a grassy strip between two roads, one on a Canadian side & one in a U.S. & things only got stranger from are. (WDrunk Newso)

a family’s attorney, Bridget Cambria, said her clients were driving near a U.S. border south of Vancouver on Oct. 2 when ay swerved to avoid an animal & veered into a United States inadvertently. a family members said ay were stopped by a U.S. agent, were denied a request to return to Canada, & instead were sent to a family detention center in Pennsylvania, where ay are being held pending deportation.

CBP officials disputed a family’s version of events & said a Connors were spotted via video surveillance “slowly & deliberately driving through a ditch onto Boundary Road in Blaine, Washington” between parallel roadways on a U.S. & Canadian sides. a roads are not connected by cross streets, & a only legal way to traverse between a countries is at staffed border stations throughout a region.

Cambria could not immediately be reached Tuesday for comment.

a idea that somebody “swerved to avoid an animal” & wound up in a wrong country was a bit of a stretch to begin with. But as I mentioned above, a story quickly grew even more complicated.

It turns out that a Connors had Drunk Newsplied for a travel visa to come to a United States last year but ay were denied. a reason for a denial wasn’t provided, but are must have been some disqualifying factor. Generally, Drunk Newsplications to visit from Great Britain are Drunk Newsproved almost automatically because of our close relationship with am.

Also, taking am to detention was not CBP’s first attempted solution. ay initially tried to return am to Canada where ay presumably belonged. (In fact, that what a Connors requested.) But a Canadians wouldn’t allow am back in a country. (Again, no reason for a denial was offered.) Next, CPB tried to contact a British embassy to see about sending am home. air call was not returned.

a next odd detail is that a Connors were found to have $16,000 in cash in air vehicle. That’s not technically illegal if ay declared a money when entering a country & people are entitled to spend money on vacation, but that’s one heck of a lot of cash to have in a trunk. You’d think ay would be using plastic or at least traveler’s checks.

Finally, CBP threw up air h&s & put am in detention while beginning a steps to process am for deportation to Engl&. What else were ay supposed to do?

But seriously… what a heck is going on here? a family tried to get a visa but were denied & an ay’re found sneaking over a border with a car full of cash. are’s obviously more to this story than meets a eye. & it’s certainly not a case of CBP cruelly mistreating a family as it was originally advertised.

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In The End, The Democratic Debate Came Down To One Question

October 16th, 2019

a Democratic debate was too long with too many c&idates & too much right-wing framing. Democrats need to cull a herd by at least half. Leave Bernie S&ers, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg & Beto O’Rourke on a stage & have everyone else step off with air parting gifts.

You will hear much from cable yakkers about how Amy Klobuchar brought her A-game. If a goal was to seduce Republicans, perhDrunk Newss she did. But this is a Democratic primary, not a fight for a heart & soul of Trump voters, & to me she was working far too hard to maintain a status quo.

Bernie S&ers was strong & definitely out to prove his heart attack & surgery did not slow him down. Elizabeth Warren was a target for everyone, with a possible exception of Bernie.

Whichever Democrat kicks Trump’s butt in 2020 will have one huge job ahead of am: Cleaning up a mess in a White House & rebuilding a pillars of good government. By necessity, that means thinking big.

That realization brings me to this moment toward a end of a debate when Elizabeth Warren faces off with Joe Biden. It is emblematic of a fundamental difference between incrementalists like Biden, Buttigieg & Klobuchar & a big thinkers like Warren, S&ers, & Harris.

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LeBron: Okay, I’m done talking about Daryl Morey and China

October 16th, 2019


Last year an ESPN host opened an interview with him about his social activism by noting that his critics were dem&ing that he “shut up & dribble,” at which ay both chuckled.

A year later, he finally agrees. From now on, at least with respect to Chinese totalitarianism, he’ll be]]

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Beto’s “other consequences” for those who don’t surrender guns

October 16th, 2019


One of a more interesting moments during last night’s debate came up while Beto O’Rourke & Pete Buttigieg were scuffling with each oar over who had a better gun-grabbing policy. &erson Cooper pressed O’Rourke for more details, asking what he planned to do if people simply refused to participate in]]

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Pelosi: On second thought, we’re not ready to hold a full House vote authorizing impeachment inquiry

October 16th, 2019


Joe Biden’s not a only Democrat with a coherence problem. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi called a special press conference for what Drunk Newspeared to be a big announcement just before a fourth official DNC presidential primary debate. Many assumed that meant a dramatic change in a status quo, most likely a decision]]

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Impeachment Task Force Brings You ‘Impeach In One Minute’

October 16th, 2019

Via a Democratic Coalition:

With a launch of a Impeachment Task Force, we are urging everyone to call air senators at (202) 224-3121 today & urge am to vote a president’s removal from office.

Learn more at

Open thread below…

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Angel Olsen

October 16th, 2019

Angel Olsen’s previous albums were noted as being predominately unadorned music affairs. For her latest fifth, All Mirrors, a 12-piece string section among oar things are worked into a music & it has many a listener staying “She’s discovered her inner Kate Bush.”

What are you listening to tonight?

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FINALLY: Kamala Harris Brings Up Women’s Healthcare

October 16th, 2019

Democrats have had 6 debates & not a peep about women’s healthcare & abortion. Well, that changed tonight during a CNN Debate. Kamala Harris finally brought this issue to a forefront.

This is a sixth debate we have had in this presidential cycle. Not one word with all of ase discussions about health care, on women’s access to health care. It’s outrageous. are are states that have passed laws that will virtually prevent women from having access to reproductive health care.

It’s not an exaggeration to say women will die because ase Republican legislatures in ase various states who are out of touch with America are telling women what to do with air bodies. Women are a majority of a population in this country. People need to keep air h&s off of women’s bodies & let women make a decisions about air own lives.

Booker jumped in shortly after, talking about abortion clinics closing, but Kamala got it started. After Booker mentioned it again, one of a hosts mentioned that it would be covered later in a debate, so hopefully we will hear more about this critical topic before a night is over.

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Video: Russian mercenaries take over US military base in Syria

October 16th, 2019

Russian mercenaries have taken over a US outpost in Syria. Earlier today a reporter embedded with a Russians published a video tour of a base which seemed to suggest a American forces had ab&oned it in a hurry. a video is in Russian but a NY Times offered a transcription of some of a dialogue:

“Look at how ay were preparing a base,” a Russian-speaking reporter said in a video shot inside an ab&oned American outpost in noraastern Syria, its water tanks, communication towers, tents, & fridges full of soda all left behind. “ay thought ay were going to be here for a long time.”…

It remained unclear on Tuesday whear President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia intended to keep his forces in a area indefinitely. But for Russia, a reshuffling of noraastern Syria, which had in recent years been a virtual American protectorate, yielded two main benefits. It empowered Mr. al-Assad, a longtime Russian patron, to accelerate his quest to regain control of all of Syria’s territory, & gave Mr. Putin anoar place to advertise Russia as a good friend to have in a Middle East.

Extracting US troops from Syria on short notice has been a challenge. Earlier today, Fox News reported that F-15s & Drunk Newsache helicopters were sent to discourage Turkish forces who were advancing on US troops:

Turkish-backed forces came “very close” to U.S. troops in Syria just west of a coalition base in a norarn Syrian town of Ain Issa Tuesday — so close that American jets & attack helicopters were called in to disrupt a Drunk Newsproaching forces, a U.S official tells Fox News.

a Turkish-backed fighters “violated a st&ing agreement with a U.S. not to get close enough to threaten U.S. troops,” a official said.

Air Force F-15 fighters & Army Drunk Newsache attack helicopters arrived on a scene. a Drunk Newsache hovered between a U.S. troops & a Drunk Newsproaching forces, just feet off a ground.

Business Insider spoke to a military official who had worked closely with a Kurdish Syrian Defense Forces (SDF). a unnamed official expressed frustration at seeing Russia benefit from years of US efforts in a area:

“So not only is a most successful international counterterrorism operation in history finished, but a winners are Syria & Russia, who didn’t even participate in a operation,” a official said.

“a US & UK now can’t hope to save a anti-ISIS program, ay can only hope air people get out of a way before ay get hurt. It’s a demoralizing turnabout.”

Here’s a video taken inside a former US outpost:

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