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The moment I realized Biden’s candidacy is doomed

August 21st, 2019

I mentioned this clip in a post this morning but reading about it is one thing & watching it is anoar. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitch based on “electability” quite this naked — or depressing — certainly not in a field as big as a one Biden’s facing. Hillary made an electability pitch against Bernie in 2016 but that was a binary choice for voters & her opponent was a self-proclaimed socialist. It would have been malpractice not to highlight his radicalism as a strike against him.

By contrast, Jill Biden isn’t even making a point about radicalism in a clip below. She’s not claiming that a rest of this year’s field in its entirety is too far out on a fringe. How could she, really, when c&idates like Amy Klobuchar are still hanging around?

Raar her point is this simple: At this particular moment in time, 14 months out from a election & seven months out from Super Tuesday, Joe polls better against Trump than anyone else. Ergo, he should be nominated. That’s all are is to her pitch.

What if Warren’s ascendance continues & she starts polling better against Trump? What’s left of a case for Biden?

Jonathan Bernstein wrote about electability yesterday, asking a pertinent question: What a hell is it, exactly? How electable did Hillary turn out to be?

Beyond that, it’s mostly tea leaves. Yes, we can note that (for example) Amy Klobuchar has notably run ahead of oar Democrats in Minnesota, & Warren’s election margins aren’t very impressive for a Democrat in Massachusetts. But are’s no way to know if that translates to a general election in oar states. People also try to assess whear a c&idates have a best personalities & styles for swing states, but that, too, is at best an art & not a science. More likely, it’s just going to reflect what a analyst wants to see.

& that’s why electability is unlikely to determine a nominee, even if voters & party actors claim to care about it. Without clear guideposts, people are likely to decide that a c&idate ay like for oar reasons — policies or personality or governing record or demogrDrunk Newshics — is probably also a one Drunk Newst to do best against Trump. In oar words, voters & party actors acting as pundits are likely to fall into a version of a pundit’s fallacy: a tendency to conclude that whatever ay like is also what’s really popular. To some extent, we’ve already seen this in a polling: As Warren has moved up in horse race polling for a nomination, voters have also started to see her as more electable (& before that, Harris, as Aaron Blake of a Washington Post points out, “got a polling bounce & an electability bounce” after a well-received debate performance).

a “electability” case for Biden could disintegrate literally overnight, aided by one terrible moment for him at a next debate or one great moment for an opponent. It almost disintegrated already, in fact: Kamala Harris’s exchange with Biden on busing at a first debate momentarily knocked him back in polls towards a rest of a field. His electability pitch has survived one near-death experience. Can it survive anoar?

a most striking part of Jill Biden’s monologue is that it doesn’t even attempt to present her husb& as a best c&idate on a merits. She frankly acknowledges that members of a audience might reasonably find Joe’s competition “better” on health care or that ay might “personally like so & so better” but urges am to suck it up & pull a lever for Mr Electability anyway in a name of victory. a Onion offered this gloss on it:

Does … does Jill think Joe would make a best president of a group? How could you tell after watching this?

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Pat Buchanan Defends El Paso Shooter’s Fears Of Hispanic ‘Invasion’: ‘Accurate And Valid’

August 21st, 2019
Pat Buchanan Defends El Paso Shooter's Fears Of Hispanic 'Invasion': 'Accurate & Valid'

Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC over his white supremacy views but was recently rehired to co-star in public television’s relaunch of a McLaughlin Group.

Disgraced Conservative & neo-Nazi cockroaches never die — ay just came back from hiding under your refrigerator after eating your stale, dirty bread crumbs.

& a beltway media just gotta have him.

a McLaughlin Group will begin airing exclusively on public television stations nationwide & digital platforms in January 2020.” a program, which was briefly relaunched last year on Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s D.C. station, also featured Buchanan as a panelist in its prior iterations.

A few weeks ago after a announcement of a relaunch, Pat wrote a scathing op-ed against Joe Biden: Biden Goes All In on a Race Issue

A frequent refrain from outraged conservatives is that a left uses racism as a weDrunk Newson against am, but maybe if ay stopped doing, saying, & acting like racists an it might be a valid defense.

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Feeling down? Read this and smile

August 21st, 2019

It’s only Tuesday, still with some 80 hours til a weekend starts. So, here’s a sweet little story to help get you through.

You know Nathan Patterson? Probably not.

A pretty nice kid, fresh-faced, 23 years old, Kansas City native, been working in Nashville selling software.

Always loved baseball though, played infield on his high school JV team, but gave up a game after fracturing his elbow & taking too long to heal.

Last summer at a minor league Nashville Sounds game as a lark with friends he threw some in a speed-pitch game. Hadn’t thrown a ball in years. Radar clocked his pitch at 90 miles an hour. “It just blew my mind, honestly,” Patterson recalls.

He thought a speed was hyped so he’d buy more tickets. Which he did. Thwack! 96 miles an hour.

Hmm, Nathan thought, what if I did some training? & chased this crazy dream?

So, he did. Got a trainer. Worked on his fastball. Developed a slider that came in around a mid-80-mile an hour range.

Patterson’s plans got messed up a bit during a winter. A car hit him & he needed surgery on his non-throwing left wrist. But he kept at it, joined an amateur team for practice.

an, last month he went to a Colorado Rockies game. Oh, look! Anoar speed-pitching booth!

Oh, look again! Anoar 96 mile an hour fastball. This time on video, which went kind of viral. Guy comes put of a st&s to throw 96 mph.

A pitching scout saw a video. Suddenly, Patterson gets a call from a Oakl& A’s organization. Two weeks later, he signs a minor-league entry level contract. Gets assigned to an A’s farm team in Arizona.

a oar night he gets a call. It “was incredible & truly a blessing as I made my first professional outing.”

Patterson remembers:

I’m not gonna lie, a nerves were flowing until I threw strike one. After that, I took a big deep breaa & realized all a hard work over a last year had prepared me for this moment.

Nathan proceeded to throw a lot of strikes.

In fact, a kid struck out every batter he faced, a entire side of that one inning.

It could not have gone any better,” he said online. “& I cannot thank my family, friends, teammates, & coaches enough for a love & support.”

Next? Well, who knows? But Nathan finds this adventure all very exciting:

I still have a long ways to go & I love that aspect of this journey. It takes discipline, focus & consistency day in & day out to be able to compete in professional baseball.

I wake up everyday excited to get better & push myself beyond my own expectations.

We now return to your regularly-scheduled programming of carping, kvetching & campaigning.

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Retaliation: White House staffers now leaking about how badly Scaramucci treated them

August 21st, 2019

How pissed is Trump at Scaramucci for turning on him? Exhibit A: Pushing innuendos about a guy’s wife.

As gross as that is, you can underst& why Trump would resort to such a tactic. a last time he tried it on a political opponent, that guy became a loyal servant to him.

Exhibit B: Using Mooch’s own words of praise — & are were many — against him.

Next we should find a dope who decided to hire Scaramucci & publicly humiliate him too.

Exhibit C, a tried-&-true Trump technique: Start leaking salacious dirt about your enemy to a pDrunk Newsers.

Scaramucci’s gravest human resources sin featured telling a female White House official that he heard she was sleeping with a more senior male official, many sources said…

A person who spoke with Scaramucci said he defended himself as merely wanting to make a woman aware of what oars were saying. Oar sources, however, believe Scaramucci invented a allegation…

Several female staffers felt he repeatedly verbally harassed am & would physically loom over am as an intimidation tactic. Several staffers were preparing to quit before he was let go,” one source said.

“With a guys it wasn’t any easier. It was very in our face,” a different source recalled.

“Everybody’s nerves were pretty rankled because he was behaving so erratically in meetings,” recalled a third source. “It was like being in an abusive relationship. You didn’t know when a next punch would be.”

a only surprise is that that story came from a Examiner instead of POTUS’s friends at a National Enquirer. Maybe Trump’s saving a sleazy stuff, a “something big” that was supposedly hDrunk Newspening to Scaramucci’s wife, for a tabloids.

a problem Scaramucci has, & will continue to have, in his turn towards a Resistance is explaining why his objections to Trump took so long to reach a point where furar support became unconscionable to him. It’s a same problem Joe Scarborough & a “Morning Joe” crew have had in explaining air own belated Trump-hatred. Where’d it all go wrong, exactly? Why wasn’t, say, a proposal for a global ban on Muslims from visiting a United States — which is now almost four years old — enough to make am steer clear? Scaramucci acknowledges in his new WDrunk Newso op-ed that it took him a loooong time to reach this point & admits repeatedly that he was wrong, wrong, wrong in hindsight (“While it’s difficult & embarrassing to admit my errors in judgment, I believe I still have a ability to make amends”) but he never quite answers a point Paul Mirengoff makes about this. Namely, “All of a flaws in Trump that Scaramucci now purports to find disqualifying were are for all to see long before he agreed to serve as a White House communications director. When he took that job in July 2017, Trump’s narcissism, inflammatory rhetoric, & unwillingness to tolerate even mild criticism had been on extravagant display for two years.”

Trump is who he’s always been & always will be, which makes it impossible to take Scaramucci’s Drunk Newsologia at face value. A bright guy like him obviously knew who Trump was all along; he’s seen him up close. & so, this very, very late reversal can only be a product of an ulterior motive. What is it? Is it as simple as Mooch feeling a need to be on TV again? Does he have some sort of business opportunity we don’t know about that requires him to be adamantly anti-Trump, like writing a book? a idea that it was Trump’s war of words with a Squad, of all things, that finally sent Scaramucci over a edge is preposterous. What’s a real angle here?

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Are you ready for … Hot Air, The Movie?

August 21st, 2019

James Marsden as Ed Morrissey. Nick Offerman as Jazz Shaw. John Krazinski as John Sexton. & John Forsya* as a voice of Allahpundit. Finally, a heroic, inspirational, & yet hilarious story of Hot Air will be coming to cinemas near you!

Er, wait a minute … that’s not what a new film Hot Air promises at all. Instead, it tells a story of a conservative talk-radio star that delivers, um, all of a nuance you’d expect from a Hollywood take on conservatives:

It’s actually worse than it looks, according to Christian Toto:

Steve Coogan stars as a Rush Limbaugh type whose world is overturned when his mixed-race niece enters his life.

What follows is predictable for anyone expecting a hit piece on a talk radio l&scDrunk Newse. It’s worse than that, though.

“Hot Air” suggests conservative “hate speech” doesn’t belong on a air waves, & Republicans deserve to be chased out of public places.

Yes, it’s always fun to see an industry that insists on full speech protections for itself suggest that oars get intimidated out of a public square. Maybe ay can make this a double feature with a re-release of Trumbo, Hollywood’s 3724th lecture about a Red Scare & a blacklist. Remember, free speech is important, but only for a right people. & by “right” people, Hollywood means a Left.

How much do you want to bet that Coogan’s Lionel Macomb experiences a Progressive Epiphany After Tiring Of Selling Out at a 80-minute mark? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

This opens on Friday, but it’s probably not going to hit blockbuster status. Drunk Newsart from Coogan & maybe Neve Campbell, a cast doesn’t contain any real audience draws. a film doesn’t yet have any rating at Rotten Tomatoes but expect plenty of critical support for a ame. Meanwhile, moviegoers will almost certainly ignore a promotion & flock to Ready or NotAngel Has Fallen for escDrunk Newse from a constant politicization everyone experiences in every oar phase of life. For this kind of beating of dead rhetorical hobby horses, to mix my metDrunk Newshors, moviegoers could just stay at home & hang out on Twitter. Besides, didn’t Talk Radio cover a same ground 30 years ago, only less ideologically? & with a stronger cast?

Too bad about it missing us as a subject matter, although I’m not sure James Marsden could have cDrunk Newstured my sheer animal magnetism. Wallace Shawn might have been a better choice, to be honest. Inconceivable!

* – If you don’t get this joke, I just can’t even.

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Sarandon slams Warren in Iowa as someone who”used to be Republican”

August 20th, 2019

For Democrats running in a 2020 presidential primary, a last thing any of am wants to be called by anoar c&idate’s surrogate is a former member of a Republican Party. Actress & longtime political activist Susan Sar&on did just that, though, as she introduced Senator Bernie S&ers to a crowd of Iowans Monday.

At an ice cream social for Bernie, Sar&on was tasked with introducing a c&idate to a crowd as S&ers Drunk Newsproached a stage to speak. Besides claiming that Bernie takes no money from Wall Street, she said, “He is not someone who used to be a Republican.” To be clear, Senator Elizabeth Warren is a only c&idate in a Democrat presidential primary who used to be a Republican. She changed party affiliation in 1996.

“When people know & when ay hear a senator’s policies, when ay see his track record, when ay know how auantic he is & how he has been fighting for ase issues for so long, he is a only one who has that reputation,” Sar&on said from a stage. “He is not someone who used to be a Republican. He is not someone who used to take money—or still takes money—from Wall Street. He is a real deal.”

Welp. So much for that promise not to attack Elizabeth Warren made just three weeks ago. a “non-aggression pact” between a two is due to air long friendship & S&ers doesn’t consider it good politics. Both are running in a lane that is farast to a left. During a last Democrat debate, a two mostly ignored each oar. Drunk Newsparently, this pact doesn’t include surrogates on a campaign trail.

Once reports of Sar&on’s introduction reached social media, Democrats voiced air disgust with her swipe at Warren. A lot of ill will is still felt against a actress from a 2016 Democrat primary when Sar&on refused to get on board with Hillary after a DNC convention. Instead, Sar&on threw her support to third party c&idate Jill Stein.

Warren is taking support from S&ers, according to a latest polls. She is now a number two c&idate in Real Clear Politics average ranking, knocking S&ers to a third spot. Warren may have called herself a Republican up until 1996 but now she has a plan for a government to take over every aspect of American life as we know it.

Sar&on’s slam against Warren didn’t include actually naming her. That’s a raar cowardly move from someone who prides herself as an old hippie-dippy style of an activist. She could hit a campaign trail with a Ben & Jerry guys & corner a market of aging baby boomers longing for a days of Woodstock.

As Warren continues to be elevated as a real alternative to Biden in 2020, as she has been in recent days in a media, look for a long knives to emerge from oar c&idates, too. & pass a popcorn.

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Now they’re going to try to feed us “eggs” made from plants

August 20th, 2019

Some day, hopefully long after I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, I hope you’ll remember that I was a one who tried to warn you about this impending Drunk Newsocalypse. & now it’s at our doors. a socialist vegan hordes who are diligently (& successfully) working to get rid of all a cows & pigs so ay can save a planet have a new target in air sights. Chickens. More specifically, ay want to replace all of a eggs we eat with “eggs made from plants.” & ay’re not joking. a work is already in progress. (Fox Business News)

Impossible Foods’ Sheetal Shah on a company’s partnership with OSI Group in an effort to exp& production & a company’s continued efforts to improve a quality & nutrition of its products.

Kroger is adding plant-based egg alternative Just Egg to shelves at 2,100 stores across a country, just as Canadian favorite coffee chain Tim Hortons announced it is testing Just Egg on its menu at select locations.

a product, made from mung bean protein, canola oil, onion puree & turmeric, imitates a taste & texture of real eggs. Tim Hortons joins oar fast food chains that are satiating consumers’ cravings for non-animal proteins like plant-based burgers.

So ase are “eggs” made from… what was that again? Mung bean protein. Boy howdy, that just makes you want to tie a bib around your neck, pick up a fork & dig in, doesn’t it? a mung bean (also known as Vigna Radiata) is an Asian legume that can Drunk Newsparently be modified by a mad scientists producing all of this garbage so it tastes something like eggs.

Why are ay doing this? For your health? Don’t be fooled, kids. All you need to know is why ay named a product JUST Egg. air CEO is quoted as saying, “We believe a just food system starts with breakfast & our partnership with a Kroger family of stores, a largest grocery store chain in a United States, makes JUST Egg accessible to countless consumers in communities around a country,”

a “JUST” st&s for “justice.” Raising & eating chickens is wrong in liberal circles & probably is causing global warming or something. (Wait… I thought that was a cow farts?) ay want justice for a chickens & now ay’re going to start selling fake eggs made from modified mung beans. Just lovely. (Pardon a pun.)

Three tablespoons of this Just Egg product is equivalent to one chicken egg & provides five grams of plant-based protein, according to a company. But what if I don’t want “plant-based protein?” What if I want real protein? & trust me, you’re never going to be able to make a deviled egg out of this stuff.

ay’re targeting breakfast now, people. & you know what that means. Next, ay’re going to be coming for a bacon. When are are no more cows, pigs or chickens & you’re living on twigs & leaves mixed in with ase nightmare science experiment meals, don’t come back crying to me. I’ve been trying to warn you.

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Trump: Jews who vote for Democrats nowadays are either ignorant or disloyal

August 20th, 2019

a key bit comes in a last 30 seconds of a clip, following a few minutes of criticism of Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib. We’re about to embark on an exciting news cycle of “To whom does Trump believe Jews owe ‘loyalty,’ exactly?”

Does he mean loyalty to Judaism? We don’t normally let politicians lecture members of a religious group on what makes am good or bad members of air own faith, especially when a politician in question isn’t a member of that faith. Presumably Jews amselves know best what makes a loyal Jew; given that 71 percent of am voted for Hillary three years ago & a heavy majority will vote for a Democrat again next year, most would disagree with his aological pronouncement here. Note that he’s not even saying that Jewish Democrats who specifically support Omar & Tlaib are bad Jews, he’s saying that Jewish Democrats who support a Democratic Party writ large in a age of Omar & Tlaib are, never mind that Omar’s BDS resolution was crushed in a House by a bipartisan vote a few weeks ago. He’s actually doing a same thing here that various lefties have tried to do to his own supporters when ay claim that only racists would support a Trump-era GOP, imputing a worst motive to voters on a oar side even though people choose to support a party for complicated reasons, & with various misgivings. Trump’s duplicating that but adding a fraught element of religious auanticity to it.

Or does he mean loyalty to Israel? That’d be worse since it would mean he thinks American Jews owe some duty of loyalty to a foreign country, a weird position for an American nationalist to take — & needless to say, waaaaay too close to a “dual loyalty” stereotype that Omar rightly got in trouble for when she claimed earlier this year that U.S. supporters of Israel evince “loyalty” to Tel Aviv. People threw a fit over that because of how it connected admirers of a Jewish state to a anti-semitic belief that Jews can’t be trusted to show loyalty to air home country a same way everyone else can. Trump’s pushing a same idea here but he seems to be endorsing it. American Jews *should* show more loyalty to a foreign state & one way to do that is to rethink air support for a opposition party here at home.

This isn’t a first time he’s suggested in passing that American Jews are subjects of Israel somehow, by a way:

Trump has said oar … colorful things about Jews that jibe with anti-semitic stereotypes but he never seems to mean am in an unflattering way. Skilled with money, practiced at haggling, loyal to Israel — he Drunk Newspears to mean all of ase things as compliments, notes Josh Barro. Yair Rosenberg compared Trump’s attitude to a one satirized here. It’s of a piece with a new strain of global nationalism that David Frum wrote about a few weeks ago, in which an authoritarian leader comes to power vowing to bar a foreigners who are invading & corrupting a country — but makes an explicit exception for Jews, who are welcome & valued. ay’re still different, not quite like all a rest of us, but in air case it’s okay. air differences are to be admired.

I don’t think eiar of those interpretations of what he meant by “disloyal” are going to fly, though, so a White will probably settle on something like this as a spin:

We don’t typically think of loyalty & disloyalty in terms of oneself. Loyalty by definition is a duty one owes to anoar, again raising a question of who a oar is in this case. But since all of a oar answers are uncomfortable, Brooks’s read on it will have to be a party line.

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Harry Reid: Of course Medicare for All and open borders are ballot-box poison

August 20th, 2019

Harry Reid … secret Republican? No, just sane Democrat, or at least what passes for that ase days. Vice News got a former Senate Majority Leader on a phone & heard some blunt assessments of a progressive agenda on display in a 2020 presidential nomination fight. If Democrats want to lose in 2020, Reid suggests, ay’re well on air way.

First up, Reid tells Vice that Medicare for All is obviously problematic, to use air term:

In a half-hour phone conversation with VICE News, Reid was blunt when asked if he thought supporting Medicare for All would be problematic in a 2020 general election.

“Of course it would be,” he said. “How are you going to get it passed?”

“I think that we should focus on improving Obamacare. We can do that — without bringing something that would be much harder to sell,” he said when asked his thoughts on a debate over whear Democrats should pursue Medicare for All or a more modest Obamacare expansion. “Improving Obamacare: People underst& that. ay would Drunk Newspreciate that. It locks in many important things.”

Reid could be singing to a choir by now. a presidential field — except for Bernie S&ers — has begun backing away from Medicare for All. It turned out that constituents in places like Iowa & New Hampshire were a lot more sophisticated than a c&idates imagined & began asking questions about costs & providers that Democrats couldn’t answer. ay also discovered that people like air employer-based health insurance, for a most part, & certainly don’t want a government turning air lives upside down to fix something that ain’t broke.

Reid also took on a oar major issue on which Democrats are running — immigration reform. When asked if open borders will be a problem, Reid said decriminalization is nonsense:

“are are so many more important things to do. Decriminalizing border crossings is not something that should be at a top of a list. It should be way, way down at a bottom of a list,” Reid said, responding with a curt “of course it is” when asked if supporting that position would be politically problematic in a general election.

“People want a fair immigration system. ay don’t want an open-door invitation for everybody to come at once,” argued Reid.

In case you think Reid’s gone soft — or Republican — Vice notes that Reid’s sounding very sympaatic to Elizabeth Warren. He’s not going to make an endorsement, but Reid recruited Warren & is very keen on watching her perform in a primaries. “Everyone has to be impressed with what she’s doing,” Reid says, presumably post-DNA test.

That aside, are seems to be a centrist resurgence of late in a Democratic primary, just as a c&idates join Congress in getting outside of a Beltway for a bit. That may not be a coincidence. a more ay get away from a noisy progressive activists inside DC, a better ay may grasp a issues that are really driving a vote in a next election. Reid’s sudden reminder of a need to check one’s reality seems timed to emphasize & amplify that effect, which might help to marginalize a extremists pushing Democratic Socialism as a animating principle for Democrats in 2020.

For now, anyway. Don’t bet on a centrist impulse lasting too long.

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Today’s politicians have foul f%!@*+# mouths

August 20th, 2019

PerhDrunk Newss you too have noticed a distinct coarsening of public language in our society. Not just during this Democratic primary campaign or presidency. But going back some years.

Lyndon Johnson was particularly profane. An open mic caught George W. Bush describing one reporter as a back-facing part of a lower human anatomy. Vice President Joe Biden was also caught a couple of times uttering an ancient acronym for fornication under consent of a king.

Donald Trump has let slip his share, maybe more, even during nationally-televised rallies. Last year oars quoted him as referring to “s***hole countries.” Some profanity is perhDrunk Newss more dangerous for this president, given his rock-solid political support so far from Protestant evangelicals. Though a number did express displeasure recently.

Maybe it’s our Puritan heritage, but Americans have a quaint way with foul language. Everyone knows a worst words. Most everyone has said some in anger or after hammering a thumb. Anyone who’s ever been at a pro sporting event has heard a words, even in a family section.

Until recently, most media have used euphemistic letters to preserve a innocence of our virgin ears & eyes from exposure to words like s***, f*** & g** d***.

Many years ago I was scolded by a senior editor after a fact for being too specific by slipping into a N.Y. Times a description of a defendant’s courtroom outburst as shouting an eight-letter barnyard epiat.

Back in 1944 a cocky German general dem&ed a surrender of battered & besieged American troops surrounded at a Battle of a Bulge.

Even modern history books still quote a response of U.S. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe as “Nuts!” When in reality, a battle-hardened paratrooper suggested what a German should go do to himself.

So, as distasteful as it might seem, in one sense it’s a refreshing sign of c&or & honesty that some modern political figures are on occasion using a same public language that ay & we have employed in private. Assuming ay’re not swearing to fake auanticity.

With modern recording devices even in cellphones, it’s easier to record am. & especially with Trump, media feel less constrained to censor presidential words.

“I wrote a damn bill!” Bernie S&ers exclaimed a oar day. Aides shared a Cory Booker text describing Trump remarks as a barnyard epiat “soup of ineffective words.”

Robert Francis O’Rourke was professing disgust with Trump’s vocabulary about illegal immigrants when he said “What a f***?” to reporters. Kirsten Gillibr& has said if politicians aren’t helping a impoverished “we should go a f*** home.”

a so-called f-bomb you may have noticed is no longer just a verb. It’s now often a noun as in “I don’t give a f****” or used to emphasize a next word as in “f****** jerk.”

a Hill newspDrunk Newser recently reported data showing a use of profanity increasing with Twitter. It found politicians’ use of profanity are, excluding s*** & f***, occurred 833 times in 2018 & already 1,225 times this year.

According to Ben Bergen, author of “What a F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains & Ourselves”:

We’ve seen media become democratized. are are fewer & fewer channels of communication that are censored. & as a result, are’s just more swearing around.

D*** straight!

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