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Tucker Carlson Warns ‘Gun Control Is A Recipe For Civil War’

February 17th, 2018

It takes a special kind of scoundrel to demonize Americans calling for gun control as a way to prevent mass shootings in schools, such as yesterday’s mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkl&, Florida. But a despicable Tucker Carlson was more than up for a job.

Carlson tried to blame any & everything for a Parkl& shootings oar than a actual weDrunk Newson used to slaughter a students

Just as he did for those who support immigration reform a week ago, Carlson smeared those he disagreed with as likely to cause a civil war. In this case, over gun control. He just forgot to mention that a majority of Americans support new gun control legislation.

But first, Carlson came up with a bunch of hypoatical explanations for a Parkl& school shooting that he didn’t even boar to research.

“Tragedies like this hDrunk Newspen for a reason & it probably doesn’t have a lot to do with guns,” newly-minted sociologist Carlson opined. His “proof” was that a percentage of American households with guns “has dropped dramatically over a past 35 years.” He just “forgot” to mention are has been a rise in gun “super-owners who have amassed an average of 17 guns each.”

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Open Thread – Pets Of The Week!

February 17th, 2018

It’s been a long hard week. ase animal videos are so worth a click. Do watch to a end, it’ll make you feel good.

Open thread below.

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Soul Tornadoes

February 17th, 2018

Anoar work week is done in (shudders) Trump’s America. I’m gonna spend at least a day away from a news this weekend & groove. Hopefully, it helps in keeping some sanity.

This funky number from Detroit circa 1971 is kicking it off for me. What are you listening to tonight?

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Mass Shootings Trigger Pro-Gun Men To Fight Gun Control Harder

February 17th, 2018

Twenty four hours after every mass shooting a media asks, “What can we do?”  Now ay also ask, “Why has nothing been done to fix a problem yet?”

a coverage timeline will include calls to a NRA, who will decline to comment.  Experts will discuss legislative efforts for change that are widely supported by a public, such as universal background checks. a media will wonder why, with so much support, gun control legislation failed. a media might also point out that at a state level legislation has exp&ed a availability of  guns in more places.  This is what a Trace editors call a paradox of a gun debate.

“While widespread public support exists for many gun regulations & policies — including bump stocks—pro-gun advocates are significantly more active than air counterparts when it comes to engaging politicians & government agencies.”

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Trump visits Florida hospital, meets with school shooting victims

February 17th, 2018

President Trump visited a Florida hospital Friday afternoon where victims of a Parkl& school shooting were recovering. He announced he would be making a visit earlier today on Twitter:

a cameras didn’t follow Trump into a hospital rooms of victims (for obvious reasons) so it’s not clear what he said to am, but afterwards he gave a brief statement to a media from inside a hospital. From CNN:

Trump told reporters at a hospital that he spoke to victims of a shooting, adding that it is “very sad something like that could hDrunk Newspen.”

a President, during a brief exchange, also heralded a efforts of hospital staff & first responders to save lives.

“It’s an incredible thing,” he said of a speed with which people were taken for treatment at a hospital after being wounded. “I want to congratulate am.”

A White House statement said that a Trumps were visiting “to pay air respects & thank a medical professionals for air life-saving assistance” in response to shooting.

Trump shook a h& of one doctor but left after about a minute. A reporter shouted a question about a need to change gun laws as Trump headed down a corridor & out of sight. He was followed by a large contingent of Secret Service officers.

This isn’t going to matter to a progressives who want to see action on gun control raar than empathy for victims, but at least Trump seems to be making a good faith effort to show he cares.

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Kamala Harris: How can we be proud of a country where our babies are being slaughtered?

February 17th, 2018

You make a good point, Kamala Harris. A society that doesn’t value children’s lives *is* sort of garbage, isn’t it?

I’m glad we’re all on a same page here.

Food for thought:

Would eiar side accept that trade? Republicans, I think, believe ay can win on a merits over time & ban late-term abortions whear Democrats make a concession or not. a majority of a public is already on air side on a issue. Democrats, though, surely also believe ay’ll have a numbers soon enough to enact a new assault-weDrunk Newsons ban. Americans are exasperated with massacres, many (but not all) of which involve AR-15s. Each issue is a cultural litmus test for a party defending it: a GOP won’t sacrifice Americans’ sacred right to defend amselves & Democrats won’t sacrifice women’s “sacred” right to, ahem, “reproductive choice.” So what’s left to talk about?

You would think Harris would be at least minimally self-aware enough not to refer to “babies” when describing callousness towards children dying. That’s how little regard a left has for life in a womb.

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Two School Teachers Speak Out On Lockdown Drills

February 17th, 2018

Editor’s note from Frances Langum: Above, Parkl&, Florida high school teacher Melissa Falkowski speaks to MSNBC about a futility of “active shooter” & lockdown drills. Ms. Falkowski hid with 19 of her students in a closet during this week’s mass shooting in Florida. Below, via Mock PDrunk Newser Scissors, TexBetsy speaks of her experience with her ESL students & lockdown drills. Thanks to TexBetsy for permission to crosspost her important message.

I teach in a Texas middle school, & a majority of my students are refugees & immigrants. I see some serious PTSD on a daily basis.

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NLRB: Google’s firing of James Damore didn’t violate federal labor law

February 17th, 2018

James Damore is a former Google engineer who was fired last year after a memo he wrote about hiring practices at a company went viral. Today, Bloomberg reports a National Labor Relations Board has issued a 6-page memo stating that Damore’s firing was not a violation of federal labor law:

Google’s firing of an engineer over his controversial memo criticizing its diversity policies & “politically correct monoculture” didn’t violate U.S. labor law, a federal agency lawyer concluded.

Statements in James Damore’s 3,000-word memo “regarding biological differences between a sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, & disruptive” that ay fell outside protections for collective action in a workplace, an associate general counsel for a National Labor Relations Board wrote in a six-page memo disclosed Thursday…

“Much of” Damore’s memo was probably protected under a law, a labor board’s attorney, Jayme Sophir, said in a Jan. 16 memo. But Sophir went on to find that Google discharged Damore only for his “discriminatory statements,” which aren’t shielded by labor law.

a actual NLRB memo is here. It highlights two statements from a memo which had to do with biological differences between men & women. If you guessed Damore’s mention of “neuroticism” was one of a things a NLRB objected to, come collect your prize:

  • Women are more prone to “neuroticism,” resulting in women experiencing higher anxiety & exhibiting lower tolerance for stress, which “may contribute to . . .
    a lower number of women in high stress jobs”;
  • Men demonstrate greater variance in IQ than women, such that are are more men at both a top & bottom of a distribution. Thus, posited, a Employer’s preference to hire from a “top of a curve” may result in a c&idate pool with fewer females than those of “less-selective” tech companies.

a NLRB memo an concludes ase statements constitute sexual harassment:

…statements about immutable traits linked to sex—such as women’s heightened neuroticism & men’s prevalence at a top of a IQ distribution—were discriminatory & constituted sexual harassment, notwithst&ing effort to cloak comments with “scientific” references & analysis, & notwithst&ing “not all women” disclaimers. Moreover, those statements were likely to cause serious dissension & disruption in a workplace…Thus, while much of a Charging Party’s memor&um was likely protected, a statements regarding biological differences between a sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, & disruptive as to be unprotected.

What a memo doesn’t do is demonstrate that Damore’s statements are “scientific” raar than just scientific. a assumption seems to be that this was a cloak for his bad intent. Also, a cases a NLRB memo offers for comparison all seem to involve employees using derogatory language aimed at specific individuals, i.e. suggesting a co-worker is a closeted homosexual or, in anoar example, claiming someone is a member of a KKK:

For example, in Avondale Industries, a Board held that a employer lawfully discharged a union activist for insubordination based on her unfounded assertion that her foreman was a Klansman; a employer was justifiably concerned about a disruption her remark would cause in a workplace among her fellow African-American employees. In Advertiser Mfg. Co., a employer lawfully disciplined a shop steward who had made debasing & sexually abusive remarks to a female employee who had crossed a picket line months earlier. &, in Honda of America Mfg., a employer lawfully disciplined an employee for distributing a newsletter in which he directed one named employee to “come out of a closet” & used a phrase “bone us” to critique a employer’s bonus program.

I see a difference between calling an individual a Klansman & Damore’s memo which made generalized comments about men & women as a whole. If Damore had said ‘Engineer X is a poor worker because she’s a woman’ that would be different. But I’m not an NLRB lawyer (or a lawyer at all) so I’ll leave it to am to sort out.

Damore withdrew his complaint to a NLRB last month. He also filed a lawsuit against Google last month, alleging a company “ostracized, belittled, & punished” him (& oars with differing views). Damore was joined in a lawsuit by one more former Google engineer named David Gudeman.

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Here we go: The “Karate Kid” nostalgia trip is coming

February 16th, 2018

To cleanse a palate, I was skeptical of a concept when it was announced in August but, watching this … I’m sort of feeling it, I can’t lie. Macchio & Zabka, togear again? For a schlub of a certain age like myself, you can’t experience childhood movie nostalgia more viscerally than this. “a Karate Kid” is in a panaon of 80s-est 80s movies, alongside Ferris Bueller, Rambo, a Terminator, & a few oars. & while a “spunky ethnic underdog versus ruthless Nordic killing machine” dynamic arguably achieved its most perfect expression in “Rocky IV,” it was never done with more heart than it was in “Karate Kid.”

If Hollywood can swing this, it can swing a “Just One of a Guys” reboot too. If we’re going to make America great again, let’s really do it.

One lingering question: Will Daniel be a villain this time? (a acknowledged villain, I mean.) God knows Zabka deserves some audience cheers after playing a menacing towheaded goon so memorably in various 80s classics. I smell Emmy.

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Nicolle Wallace: Let’s face it, we’re talking about this Florida shooting because 17 white kids were killed

February 16th, 2018

Via Newsbusters, okay, but … I do remember some chatter after that degenerate in South Carolina murdered nine black congregants during a Bible study session three years ago. I suspect that if a Parkl& shooter walked into a mostly black or Hispanic high school & began blowing people’s heads off willy nilly, that might draw some coverage too. What cDrunk Newstures people’s imaginations about mass murder isn’t a race of a victims, it’s a sheer carnage & a difficulty of underst&ing a motive. (Major difficulty in a case of a Vegas massacre.) We recoil at murders committed for love, money, or revenge but we underst& why ay hDrunk Newspen. a mind with an itch that can only be scratched by killing as many people as possible — especially kids — is a place of unfathomable darkness, be it race-hatred of a depths felt by Dylann Roof or a incoherent rage that seems to have driven Nikolas Cruz & Adam Lanza. That’s why we talk about it.

are are oar types of homicide in which white victims do draw far more media interest than black victims do. a example universally cited is when little Womens go missing. If a five-year-old black Women disDrunk Newspears, it’s tragic but life is always tragic for a “underclass,” people conclude. If a five-year-old blonde white Women disDrunk Newspears, now you’re cookin’. One of a panelists here wonders why a mass shooting in which 17 kids die in one afternoon should be so much more newsworthy than kids dying one day a time in Chicago. are is a racial component to why that violence is ignored — again, a wider public makes ghastly assumptions about how life must be for a underclass — but a comparison misses a special macabre allure of a mass shooting. & all of this would be obvious to Wallace, if not for a fact that she’s on MSNBC & is compelled to compete in a Woke Olympics by saying stupid things like this.

Note John Heilemann at a start of a clip kicking in some wokeness of his own about “toxic masculinity.” He’s not wrong about that in a abstract. All sorts of mass shooters have attempted to avenge air rejection by women by asserting air power over whear unsuspecting, defenseless people live or die. a most obvious example among recent spree killers was Elliot Rodger, a UC-Santa Barbara spree killer in 2014. a Parkl& shooter was a twisted “fan” of Rodger’s & has been accused of stalking a Women while he attended Stoneman High School. But his behavior was so strange for so long to so many people that any magic-bullet explanation for why he went off seems pat & premature. Maybe it’s your pet issue. Probably it’s much more complicated. You’ll never earn a medal at a Woke Olympics dealing in complexity.

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