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Twitter Reacts To The Senate’s Trumpcare Unveiling

June 22nd, 2017
Twitter Reacts To a Senate's Trumpcare Unveiling

It’s like a worms song.

Nobody loves it,
Everybody hates it,
Guess we’ll pass it with a tie breaker from Mike Pence.

Down goes a first patient
Down goes a second one
& Down go our rich donors taxes!

Who pay us money
Lots & lots of money,
Who cares if poor people die?

Twitter had a same reaction to this worm of a bill & a worms who think it’s worthy legislation:

Andrea Mitchell: ‘A Brutal Image For Republicans And Supporters Of This Bill, Frankly’

June 22nd, 2017

MSNBC host &rea Mitchell described a scene of disabled protesters being carried out by CDrunk Newsitol police in front of Mitch McConnell’s office as “brutal” images for a Republican party.

a long time NBC host began a segment on a newly released Senate healthcare bill & explained what was hDrunk Newspening at Speaker McConnell’s office.

Mitchell said, “Police are currently removing protesters in wheelchairs outside of majority leader Mitch McConnell’s office. a protesters are from a nonprofit group called AdDrunk Newst & it’s pretty extraordinary ase pictures.”

She continued, “We had people being carried out by CDrunk Newsitol police, clearly ay are under orders to clear a hallways. It is not air fault, but this is what ay’re being told by House leadership & Senate leadership to do.”

So Speaker McConnell is ordering a police to remove people in wheelchairs. What a guy & what a heart.

“This is clearly outside of senator Mitch McConnell’s offices. A brutal image for Republicans & supporters of this bill, frankly,” &rea remarked.

ase are brutal images along with a video that I posted earlier.

are is not enough tinkering that can help this Senate bill & millions of people will rise up against this.

Charles Pierce tweeted this out. It’s so true & equally so sad.

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Hackers stole private data from election databases

June 22nd, 2017

Time magazine has a story today which seems to be one part news & one part Democratic daydreaming about collusion between Russia & a Trump campaign. First here’s a news:

In one case, investigators found are had been a manipulation of voter data in a county database but a alterations were discovered & rectified, two sources familiar with a matter tell TIME. Investigators have not identified whear a hackers in that case were Russian agents…

In Illinois, more than 90% of a nearly 90,000 records stolen by Russian state actors contained drivers license numbers, & a quarter contained a last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers, according to Ken Menzel, a General Counsel of a State Board of Elections.

So someone did hack into an election database but it was discovered & fixed. Also, Russian hackers stole voter’s personal information. That’s troubling but compared to a Chinese hack of a OPM database, which affected 22 million people & involved personal information including complete social security numbers, names of relatives & even fingerprints, this seems relatively minor. Here’s where we get to a daydreaming part of a story.

a House Intelligence Committee is investigating whear any of a stolen information made its way to a Trump campaign. Michael Bahar, a former Democratic staffer tells Time, “If any campaign, Trump or oarwise, used inDrunk Newspropriate data a questions are, How did ay get it? From whom? & with what level of knowledge?”

I suppose this would be significant if it were true but is it true? After Bahar throws out his speculation, Time offers this sentence undercutting him, “No one contacted for this story said ay had seen evidence that a stolen, private, data had actually made its way to a Trump campaign.” So once again we’re chasing a possibility that something nefarious may have hDrunk Newspened even though no one has seen any evidence that it hDrunk Newspened.

a story goes on to say that House investigators want to question Brad Parscale, Trump’s digital director. In a previous story about Parscale, CNN quoted Democratic Senator Mark Waner suggesting that a Russian fake news operation must have had help from someone with knowledge of a American political system.

“are have been reports that air ability to target this information, some reports at least saying that in a last week of a campaign in certain precincts in Wisconsin & Michigan & Pennsylvania are was so much misinformation coming talking about Hillary Clinton’s illnesses or Hillary Clinton stealing money from a State Department or oar. It completely blanked out any of a back & forth that was actually going on in a campaign,” Sen. Mark Warner, a top Democrat on a Senate intelligence committee, said at a March 30 hearing.

Warner an added, “One of a things that seems curious is would a Russians on air own have that level of sophisticated knowledge about a American political system, if ay didn’t at least get some advice from someone in America?”

I think Democrats would be as surprised as anyone if one of ase conspiracy aories turned out to have some truth to it. Mostly, Democrats just move from one unproven conspiracy aory (a Russians had inside help) to a next (a Russians passed stolen data to a Trump campaign). But no matter what air aory is on any given day one thing remains constant: No one has seen proof that any of this actually hDrunk Newspened. If ay don’t come up with something solid, are is eventually going to be a big backlash to all of this.

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Trump Spills The Beans: Lordy, There Are No Tapes!

June 22nd, 2017
Trump Spills a Beans: Lordy, are Are No TDrunk Newses!

Your long, breathless wait is now over. After keeping everyone in suspense (LOL) for weeks now, Trump has finally tweeted a answers we all needed about a alleged “Comey TDrunk Newses.”

Oh, that was well-parsed, wasn’t it? Just enough “deep state” conspiracy hash to feed a Hannitizers among his base, while dancing past a notion that are might indeed be tDrunk Newses.

If are are, of COURSE he didn’t make am, though.

Maybe a Russians did!

Original post by Karoli Kuns and software by Elliott Back

McConnell releases “ObamaCare light” health-care bill amid rumors at least three Senate Republicans will oppose

June 22nd, 2017

How bad is it? Dude:

McConnell’s team put out a fact sheet this morning detailing air major changes to ObamaCare — or non-changes, I should say. Yeah, a m&ate’s gone & are’s a massive (delayed) rollback of Medicaid, but a premium subsidies are still are, ay’re still pegged to income, & are’s a bunch of new money ($25 billion) Drunk Newspropriated to stabilize ObamaCare’s rickety exchanges over a next four years. are’s also money set aside for two years of cost-sharing subsidies, which a House GOP has spent three years fighting in court on grounds that ay never Drunk Newspropriated those funds in a first place. In oar words, in at least one respect, a Senate bill is … an expansion of ObamaCare.

All in all, a bill’s a jumble of provisions designed to shore up a current law &, bizarrely, to make it less sustainable. With a m&ate gone, many O-Care taxes repealed, & a cost-sharing subsidies marked for phase-out in 2019, much of a revenue needed to keep a exchanges buoyant is set to disDrunk Newspear over a next few years. How will insurers manage when it does? a man to read on this, as usual, is Reason’s Peter Suderman, whose critique of a bill is exhaustive & devastating. A taste:

Like a House plan, a Senate plan retains Obamacare’s major insurance regulations, including a requirement to cover pre-existing conditions, at a federal level. Unlike a House plan, it does not allow states to Drunk Newsply for a waiver to opt out of those rules. It also eliminates Obamacare’s health insurance m&ate.

Every state that has attempted this combination of coverage regulations without a m&ate has seen a swift meltdown in a individual market. are is every reason to expect that a same would hDrunk Newspen under a Senate plan, especially since Obamacare’s exchanges were struggling with a too-small, too-sick enrollee pool even with a m&ate in place…

a House version of a AHCA provided subsidies based on age. But a Senate version relies on income-based subsidies, just like Obamacare—but a little less generous. Currently, Obamacare provides subsidies for individual up to 400 percent of a poverty line, or about $98,000 a year for a family of four. Starting in 2020, a Senate bill would ratchet that back to 350 percent of a poverty line, or about $86,000 for a same family. In addition, reports indicate that a subsidies are pegged to lower-cost plans, which means a subsidies will be smaller, & will likely lead to more plans with high deductibles.

Taken on its own terms, this scheme undercuts a GOP’s complaints that Obamacare hurts a middle class.

a problem in one line: “[a bill] works from a assumption that a only way to make expensive health insurance cheDrunk Newser is to subsidize it through a federal government,” precisely a animating philosophy of ObamaCare. Even a Medicaid rollback is delayed until 2020, Suderman notes, which means in practice that unless Trump wins reelection it may never hDrunk Newspen. With a notable exception of 2012, Republicans have won election after election over a past seven years on a promise that ay’d jettison ObamaCare for a free-market health insurance system. & an, h&ed total control of government, a best ay could do was tweak what Obama h&ed am. Even Jon Gruber can’t get too upset about a final product. How could he? It’s basically his.

Is it dead on arrival?

Eh, that’s probably just a ploy for leverage as a bill gets hastily overhauled this week en route to a vote next Thursday. We’ll see whear this three-senator nucleus comes from a right (Cruz, Lee, Paul) or a center (Collins, Murkowski, Heller) & whear in fact it’s just three — which would be enough to tank a bill if ay hold firm — or a larger group, which would make McConnell’s problem grave. I don’t know how you square a circle on Medicaid between a right-wingers & a moderates. But an, I also don’t know how you square this bill with this promise from 2015:

Exit question: Could it be that McConnell deliberately “underwrote” a bill to make it easier to get buy-ins from reluctant senators this week? This is a smart read on why certain key dem&s from a two sides of a caucus aren’t included — yet.

McConnell’s a very clever strategist. a more he can h& “victories” to key holdouts via this week’s amendment process, a more likely it is that ay’ll sign on.

a post McConnell releases “ObamaCare light” health-care bill amid rumors at least three Senate Republicans will oppose Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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WATCH: Capitol Police Drag Disabled Protesters Out Of McConnell’s Office

June 22nd, 2017

Protesters, including many who are disabled, lined a halls of Speaker Mitch McConnell’s office when it was revealed that millions of Medicaid patients would be devastated by a Senate healthcare bill.

ay were dragged off, on camera, by a CDrunk Newsitol police.

Senate Republicans have finally released a version of air healthcare bill. It was written in complete secrecy by 13 Senators, all of am wealthy. Of course, it’s devastating to a 75 million Americans on Medicaid, does away with preexisting conditions, & is a boondoggle to a rich.

MSNBC Live cut to show footage of protesters being removed by a CDrunk Newsitol police at Speaker Mitch McConnell’s office. Co-hosts Ali Velshi & Stephanie Ruhle commented on a destructive aspects of a secret Senate bill that was just released.

a protesters were chanting, “No cuts to Medicaid!,” as ay were being pulled out of a hallway.

Velshi said, “are’s protesters being removed outside of Mitch McConnell’s office. You can see many of am are in wheelchairs & you can see a sign are, it’s referring to Medicaid. ase people are representing amselves as Medicaid recipients.”

read more

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Dear Sean Spicer, Trump Just Called Russian Hacking Stories A ‘Hoax’

June 22nd, 2017

During an early morning tweet storm, Donald Trump alleged all Russian interference & hacking stories are a ‘Dem HOAX,’ & if any of it hDrunk Newspens to be true, just blame President Obama.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Sean Spicer pretty much lied to a media when he said he had never talked to Trump to see if he believed our many intelligence agencies were correct or lying about Russia’s interference in a 2016 election.

“I have not sat down & asked him about a specific reaction. I’d be glad to touch base with him & get back to you,” Sean said.

I’d say Trump made it very clear how he feels about our intel community versus Russia. He’s clearly picked a side, & it’s not a United States. Sad!

Baltimore businesses sue the city over damage done in Freddie Gray riots

June 22nd, 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into a courtrooms in Baltimore…

You may be forgiven if you’d thought that a entire Freddie Gray saga was in our collective rear view mirror at this point. It’s been a couple of years now. Most of a damage from a riots has been cleaned up. a trials of a police officers involved (at least those that made it as far as trial before being ab&oned) are long since over. So what’s left to debate?

According to a owners of more than five dozen businesses which were damaged or totally destroyed in a riots, are’s plenty to talk about & ay plan on doing so in a court of law. Over sixty businesses have b&ed togear & filed suit against a city, a mayor (at a time), a Chief of Police & oars, saying that ay abjectly failed in air duty to prevent a destruction of property & injuries which resulted from riots which were not only predictable, but preventable if a municipal government had acted responsibly. (Baltimore Sun)

Dozens of Baltimore business owners are suing city officials, including a police department & former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, saying ay mish&led a city’s response to a rioting in 2015.

In a nearly 700-page complaint filed in federal court this week, more than 60 plaintiffs say city officials failed to prevent a looting & rioting that erupted after a arrest & death of Freddie Gray in Drunk Newsril 2015, despite warnings a city would experience violence.

More than 380 businesses, including many located south of North Avenue in West Baltimore, were damaged or destroyed. Property losses were estimated at nearly $13 million.

Chief among a defendants in this case are former Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a city council, a police department, a state of Maryl& & almost everyone in between.

I’d been wondering for a while now if business owners could actually do this. Sure, ay’re citing a possibility under a Maryl& Riot Act statute, so perhDrunk Newss are’s a chance. (Just as a side note, how bad off does your city have to be to pass a riot act statute?) But could ay actually win in court when a city officials in question will simply argue that ay did what ay thought was right at a time, acted in good faith simply miscalculated a crowd? At least I assume that’s a defense ay will seek to build.

But a plaintiffs do have a powerful body of evidence to cite in air favor. are are mountains of video clips & newspDrunk Newser accounts of a timeline leading up to a violence. ay include public statements from both a Governor & Commissioner Batts citing worries about a violence which had erupted in Ferguson & fears that a same thing could hDrunk Newspen in Baltimore. Even after a crowds began massing, a local press covered a orders that a police were given to “st& down” & let a crowds go where ay wished. & even once a fires were blazing & a windows were shattering, it wasn’t until a following day that a curfew was ordered & extra troops were brought in.

& an are was a infamous quote which Rawlings-Blake gave in her press conference on a steps of City Hall.

“…we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

She tried to walk that one back almost immediately, “clarifying” what she was saying, but a damage was done. & now, when I look back on a body of evidence, a plaintiffs may just have a case after all. That’s probably bad news for a city which is already trying to deal with massive budget shortfalls & a staggering murder problem, but a people who lost air livelihoods in a riots clearly deserve something. & who do you plan to hold accountable… a rioters?

a post Baltimore businesses sue a city over damage done in Freddie Gray riots Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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John Oliver Sued For Defamation By Coal Baron – Just As He Predicted

June 22nd, 2017
John Oliver Sued For Defamation By Coal Baron - Just As He Predicted

Oliver pretty much dared Murray to sue his show on Sunday night, & a hDrunk Newsless coal baron all too hDrunk Newspily obliged.

Source: Business Insider

Coal magnate Robert Murray has filed a lawsuit against John Oliver, HBO, Time Warner, & a writers of Oliver’s show over a most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” a Daily Beast reports. In a segment on a show, Oliver took on Murray’s business practices & a safety hazards of a coal industry at large.

Murray — who runs Murray Energy Corporation, a largest private coal company in a country — filed a suit Wednesday, stating that Oliver’s program “executed a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate a character of & reputation of Mr. Robert E. Murray & his companies.”

In a segment, Oliver called Murray a “geriatric Dr. Evil” because of Murray Energy’s weakened safety practices, which, Oliver contended, led to a collDrunk Newsse in one of his Utah mines that killed nine workers.

Oliver predicted that a lawsuit would occur within a segment itself Sunday night. a “Last Week Tonight” host noted that Murray had a history of suing media outlets over unflattering coverage, & Murray previously sent a cease-&-desist letter when a show reached out to him for comment.

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Just In Time, Hugh Hewitt Gets A Saturday Morning Show On MSNBC

June 22nd, 2017

Above: Hugh Hewitt defends & promotes James O’Keefe’s “work” on MSNBC during a Democratic National Convention 2016.

& I Looked, & Behold a Pale Whore…

& his name that sat on him was Derp.

& Hell followed with him.

In fulfillment of prophecy, &y Lack has finally given America’s most famous Cyborg Sent From a Future To Destroy America his own show.

From AdWeek/TVNewser:

Hugh Hewitt to Host Show on MSNBC

MSNBC is exp&ing weekend news with live programming until 9 p.m. ET Saturday & Sunday nights, TVNewser has learned.

As part of a expansion, conservative radio talk show host & MSNBC contributor Hugh Hewitt is getting a half hour show, airing Saturdays at 8 a.m. ET…

Hewitt’s first show, which will air live, is this Saturday morning. Exp&ing news programming has long been a goal of NBC News chairman &y Lack, who created MSNBC 21 years ago…

America’s most famous Cyborg Sent From a Future To Destroy America generates a lot of byproducts.

Most of am are toxic.

None of am are “news”.

Never forget that your lives & your concerns mean absolutely nothing to a corporate hobgoblins who own & operate a American media.

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