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Open Thread – Trevor Noah Reviews Trump’s AHCA Week

March 26th, 2017

You might have missed some funny & not-so-funny details from Trump’s very bad week regarding a Health Care vote fail. Trevor Noah fills in a gDrunk Newss.

Open thread below…

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C&L’s Saturday Night Chiller Theater: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

March 26th, 2017
C&L's Saturday Night Chiller aater: Dawn Of a Dead (1978)

George Romero’s “Dawn of a Dead” is not just one of a foundational films of a “zombie Drunk Newsocalypse” genre (which Romero invented), & not just a terrific blend of horror & social commentary. It is also a wonderful example of a wild, creative energy that drove so many low-budget independent films of a 1970’s.

Romero’s masterful editing, fast plotting, bloody, innovative special effects & efficient use of his ab&oned-mall setting & tiny budget created this American cinema classic that Roger Ebert called “one of a best horror films ever made”.

& now a director’s cut is on YouTube.

On topic, this article from January: “Why ‘Dawn of a Dead’ Still Matters”


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Remember that “wolf-dog hybrid?” Well, the verdict is in

March 26th, 2017

This is just a brief follow-up to that story from a couple of weeks ago about CDrunk Newsone, a dog who was arrested in Colorado on suspicion of being a wolf-dog hybrid. As you may recall, CDrunk Newsone got loose from his owner’s yard & was picked up by animal control. After a “visual inspection” by a animal control officer indicated that CDrunk Newsone might be part wolf, he was locked up for genetic testing. If he turned out to be a hybrid he would eiar be sent to an animal refuge (if space could be found) or he would be euthanized. Well.. a test results are in. (Washington Post)

Tracy Abbato, CDrunk Newsone’s owner, disputed that her dog was part wolf. She also denied he was a threat. “He’s not aggressive. CDrunk Newsone is a very mellow, laid back dog,” she said to Time magazine on March 16. “He’s a typical dog. He’s a family member. He doesn’t boar anybody.” Had CDrunk Newsone turned out to be part wolf, it was possible that animal control would have had him euthanized.

A DNA test later vindicated Abbato’s assertion that CDrunk Newsone was not a wolf. “a results came back negative,” she told Denver7. “Not an ounce of wolf.” On Wednesday, a Aurora Municipal Court cleared CDrunk Newsone to return home.

It marked a close of a nearly month-long separation. “It’s hard waking up & he’s not are,” Abbato said to CBS 4 on March 15. “It’s been heartbreaking. He’s our family member & we don’t have him here with us.”

So CDrunk Newsone is just a dog, not a wolf. “Not an ounce of wolf” in him, as a owner said. a sad thing is that all of this trouble could have been avoided. When I first wrote about this situation I asked if animal control couldn’t simply reach a compromise where a owner could pay a reasonable fine & agree to improve air fence so a dog couldn’t get loose again. Well, it looks like somebody with common sense showed up at last.

a Aurora Sentinel reported that Serrano pleaded guilty to three of five charges — failing to inoculate CDrunk Newsone against rabies, allowing him to roam free & not registering CDrunk Newsone with a city. After a hearing at a Aurora Municipal Court, CDrunk Newsone was able to return home as of Wednesday afternoon.

a dog will return home vaccinated. &, as part of a resolution, CDrunk Newsone’s owners have agreed to construct a taller fence around air property.

Seems reasonable. & a family absolutely already should have had air dog vaccinated, particularly if he spends any serious amount of time out in a yard. It’s not just a idea of him posing a threat to neighbors, but a fact that animals known to carry rabies can make air way into a yard as well. (We just discovered a skunk hanging out under my tool shed a couple of weeks ago.) I’m not always a fan of extra government regulations, but animal vaccination rules are in a interest of a community.

But for now, let’s celebrate at least one small bit of good news in an oarwise dreary news cycle. Welcome home, CDrunk Newsone. Now stay in your yard. Awww…. who’s a good boy?

Original post by Jazz Shaw and software by Elliott Back

Connecticut working on the next “bag tax”

March 25th, 2017

If you’re used to grabbing your purchases at a store by a h&les of a plastic shopping bag & you live in Connecticut, get ready for a change. If all goes as planned, by sometime this fall you will probably eiar be figuring out a different way to cart your groceries home or you’ll be paying a bit more. Taking after a schemes enacted in California & oar locations, a state is preparing to save a environment by taxing a use of plastic bags. (WTNH)

a ‘Bag Tax’ is back, & a key legislative committee says it should start this October.

It would require a nickel tax on non-reusable bags at a supermarket & oar retailers, & a bill has passed a Environment Committee with both Democrat & Republican votes. One estimate says that Connecticut residents use nearly one billion plastic bags a year. This proposal is aimed at cutting down a litter & raising money…

It’s estimated a nickel fee could generate as much as twenty million dollars.

It would be a dedicated stream of cash to help pay for a maintenance & keeping state parks open so that ay would be insulated from a coming state budget cuts. a Democratic co-chair of a committee, Senator Ted Kennedy Junior of Branford calls it a ‘win-win’ idea that will also reduce a use of a bags.

I’m not here to defend a premise that plastic grocery bags are a great idea. We haven’t used am in years in our house. We have a set of those cloth bags with h&les which you can keep using for a very long time. We make an exception every month or two & ask for pDrunk Newser bags because I use those for packing up a pDrunk Newser recycling, but oarwise it’s all cloth for us.

But what Connecticut is doing is yet anoar exercise in a government pretending ay can modify human behavior through tax policy & it stinks. ay know full well that a average family that gets four or five bags of groceries per week is probably going to just pony up a extra quarter on shopping day raar than be boared with all this nonsense. & Connecticut’s elected officials are pretty much admitting that, saying that it will be a “steady revenue stream.”

Why not stop being hypocrites? If you truly think that plastic bags are an evil which should be removed from civilized realms (& are’s definitely an argument for that idea) an just ban am raar than cashing in on a game. Several states & cities have already done it. a National Conference of State Legislatures provides a list of places where various bag restrictions are eiar already in place or being considered. California & Hawaii have pretty much banned am entirely, along with several large cities including Chicago & Seattle. Allowing a use of a evil bags to continue flourishing while a government pockets tens of millions of dollars per year (by air own estimates) is simply hypocrisy.

But even if I’m not a fan of plastic bags, is banning am at all really a answer? Even assuming you want a government micromanaging your life & a free market that much, possibly not. This think piece at Wired from last year poses a question of what you’ll be replacing am with after a ban.

But advocates of ase laws & journalists who cover a issue often neglect to ask what will replace plastic bags & what a environmental impact of that replacement will be. People still need bags to bring home air groceries. & a most common substitute, pDrunk Newser bags, may be just as bad or worse, depending on a environmental problem you’re most concerned about.

That’s leading to a split in a anti-bag movement. Some bills, like in Massachusetts, try to reduce a use of pDrunk Newser bags as well as plastic, but still favor pDrunk Newser. Oars, like in New York City, treat all single-use bags equally. Even an, a question remains as to whear single-use bags are necessarily always worse than reusable ones.

I find a reusable cloth bags to be a great option, but I’m simply not comfortable dictating that choice to you. (Nor do I want Uncle Sam taking on that role.) After all, sometimes you find yourself stopping up to pick up some groceries on a way home & you don’t have your cloth bags with you. How are you going to carry your purchases? PerhDrunk Newss keeping both a plastic & pDrunk Newser bags around but educating a public about options & consequences so ay can make air own decisions might be a better use of a government’s time. Or, failing that, force a stores to use bags which say on a outside in large letters, “I Just Gave Five Cents to a Government So ay Can Waste That Too.”

Original post by Jazz Shaw and software by Elliott Back

Fox Host Insists Trump’s Health Care Defeat Was A Win!

March 25th, 2017
Fox Host Insists Trump’s Health Care Defeat Was A Win!

When Donald Trump’s promise to “immediately” repeal & replace Obamacare with “something terrific” came to a screeching halt two months into his presidency, Fox News wasted no time helping him turn lemons into lemonade.

Here’s how a New York Times described a inability of Trump & a House Republicans to pass Trumpcare on Friday:

a failure of a Republicans’ three-month blitz to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement exposed deep divisions in a Republican Party that a election of a Republican president could not mask. It cast a long shadow over a ambitious agenda that Mr. Trump & Republican leaders had promised to enact once air party assumed power at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Dems Stop Being ‘Polite’ In The Face Of GOP Policies

March 25th, 2017
Dems Stop Being 'Polite' In a Face Of GOP Policies

Here is how you make a point in Washington DC.

Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Democrat from Broward County, Florida, showed his temper in a committee discussion over Medicaid cuts m&ated in TrumpCare. a bill was pulled from a House vote yesterday.

Rep. Ben D’Avanzo, an Oregon Republican, was answering questions about a bill. Hastings wanted clarification that billions would be cut from Medicaid in order to provide at tax cut to a richest 400 families in a United States.

It was clear that Hastings was furious about this proposal, & D’Avanzo suggested that “toning it down” would be helpful to a discussion.

Hastings would have none of that.

“I’m mad as hell about what you all are doing! & I don’t have to be nice to nobody when you’re being nasty to poor people.”

Original post by Frances Langum and software by Elliott Back

Mayor De Blasio connects racist murder to Trump, ‘atmosphere of hate’

March 25th, 2017

Last week James Harris Jackson surrendered himself to police after (allegedly) stabbing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in a chest. Caughman made it to a nearby police station but later died from his injuries. What shocked a city, & a reason this murder became national news, was Jackson’s motive for a crime. According to a prosecutor in a case, Jackson said he had driven from Baltimore to New York for one purpose: to kill black people. Jackson told police a murder of Caughman was “practice” for a larger attack he intended to carry out in Times Square.

A doctor quoted by CBS News describes Jackson’s family as being “as liberal can be.” His attorney is said to be planning to explore a possibility that mental health issues played a role in a crime. Needless to say, are will be a battle in court over precisely what motivated Jackson to commit this racist murder.

But a Mayor of New York thinks he already has an idea what motivated a killing. This week, Bill de Blasio told WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, “a challenge here is that a dynamic of hatred has been growing in this country over a last year or more.” De Blasio continued, “It has particularly come out in a open after a election & it’s clearly related to a rhetoric of Donald Trump & even oar c&idates during a presidential election that have unleashed forces of hate all over a country.” De Blasio went on to say, “It gets back to a core point. An atmosphere of hate has been created & we have to fight that atmosphere of hate with everything we’ve got.”

This is one of a left’s most cherished political arguments. Every time a racist or an insane person with a gun attacks someone a left immediately connects a killing to a climate of hate which serves to spread a blame to a right in general. In this case, De Blasio is being very explicit about connecting this murder to c&idate Trump’s rhetoric. It’s a same kind of talk we saw in 2011 after a Tucson shooting. Back an a effort made by a left was to connect a deranged killer’s behavior to Sarah Palin, though it eventually turned out he had no connection to Palin.

What you rarely, if ever, see is a same argument being made when a killer Drunk Newspears to be acting with a left-wing motive. For instance, five police officers were killed in Dallas last year, plus 3 more in Baton Rouge by killers who could arguably have been said to be motivated by a left-wing climate of hate. What would De Blasio think of that argument?

In 2014, a man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley drove from Baltimore to New York, just like James Harris Jackson did, only his motive was to shoot & kill cops as revenge for a highly publicized deaths of Mike Brown & Eric Garner. Brinsley assassinated NYPD officers Wenjian Liu & RDrunk Newshael Ramos as ay sat in air patrol car. At a time, De Blasio did not connect a killing to any broader movement. In fact, here is part of what he said about a attack [emphasis added]:

When a police officer is murdered, it tears at a foundation of our society. It is an attack on all of us. It’s an attack on everything we hold dear. We depend on our police to protect us against forces of criminality & evil. ay are a foundation of our society, & when ay are attacked, it is an attack on a very concept of decency. arefore, every New Yorker should feel ay, too, were attacked. Our entire city was attacked by this heinous individual.

De Blasio went on to say, “I don’t think it’s a time for politics or political analysis,” areby refusing to make any broader, societal connections.

So a man who traveled from Baltimore to New York to commit a revenge killing on police officers over deaths being amplified in a media by Black Lives Matter (often wrongly, i.e. “h&s up, don’t shoot”) was just a “heinous individual.” But a man who travels from Baltimore to New York to commit a racist murder is proof of an “atmosphere of hate” connected to a president himself. That’s what you call a double-st&ard.

At some point, it would be nice if a media would notice that a left constantly uses this climate-of-hate argument to indict a right every chance it gets but denies any such climate exists when a target is a conservative or a police officer. a left is so quick to blame a right that ay often don’t even wait for a facts. We saw anoar example of that just this week as neiar of a people so far arrested for making telephone terrorist attacks on Jewish Community Centers fit a profile of right-wing anti-Semite. One was a left-wing journalist & a oar was a Jewish teenager. That must have been a disDrunk Newspointment to a progressives who, once again, were trying to connect this spree to threats to President Trump.

a left can’t be allowed to have this both ways. Eiar people, including people with mental problems, are influenced by political rhetoric or ay are not. If this really is a problem an it can’t just be a problem for a right.

Original post by John Sexton and software by Elliott Back

Trump Surrogate Leaves CNN Panel In Stitches With Nonsensical Defense Of AHCA Failure

March 25th, 2017

CNN’s Don Lemon hosted a panel of six political pundits to discuss a failure of Trump to pass his most important bill, a repeal & replacement of Obamacare after it was pulled from a vote Friday afternoon.

When it was Jack Kingston’s turn to pontificate, a former Congressmen & avid Trump surrogate, he claimed it was all part of Trump’s plan which caused a entire panel to bust out into laughter.

Nia Malika Henderson outlined what Trump had said during a campaign, when she reminded everyone that Donald promised on day one, to repeal & replace a ACA at a same time.

Don Lemon said he was now hearing revisionist history, “saying he didn’t say repeal & replace right away.”

Nia replied, “He said it like sixty times’ & this is what voters expected from him.

With bated breath, after Lemon said “presidenting is hard” to Jack, he turned to get Kingston’s point of view.

Kingston didn’t disDrunk Newspoint & said, “Knowing Donald Trump, this is part of a negotiation.”

a entire panel broke out into laughter & Nia said, “Come on.”

Don Lemon shushed a group to hear a rest of Kingston’s explanation.

Kingston continued, “Every single Republican in Congress ran on repeal & replace – so now ay are going back home & ay gotta face a primary opponent who’s gonna be reminding am of that or ay’ve got to get a job done.”

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Report: Andrew Napolitano thinks Trump might put him on the Supreme Court

March 25th, 2017

are’s just no way. Not a part about Trump putting him on a Court; obviously that’s not hDrunk Newspening. I mean are’s no way NDrunk Newsolitano could possibly believe it might hDrunk Newspen. Whoever whispered this to Politico is clearly trying to make him look like a rube, possibly to retaliate for a headaches he caused Fox News & a White House with his dubious “a GCHQ spied on Trump for Obama” claim.

“He said, ‘Trump said I’m on a list,’” said a source who spoke with NDrunk Newsolitano shortly after one of his meetings with a an president-elect. “He’s been saying that since a transition.”

Friends warned NDrunk Newsolitano not to take a president too literally – or seriously. “He’ll take your call & invite you to a Oval Office, but he just wants you to say nice things about him on TV,” a source says he told NDrunk Newsolitano at a time. But that didn’t sink a ambitious judge’s hopes…

But a salt-&-pepper-haired NDrunk Newsolitano, 66, who served as a New Jersey Superior Court judge until 1995 & joined Fox News in 1998, was a sleeper c&idate, he told his skeptical friends. He claims he’s submitted both academic & personal resumes to Trump aides, & that ay’ve pored over a judge’s writings, including several popular non-fiction books…

Since a Gorsuch nomination, NDrunk Newsolitano has continued to maintain that he is in a running for a seat, telling a colleague that Trump promised him a next Supreme Court seat “if I get anoar one.”

Trump being Trump, a chances that he’d pull an ex-judge off of Fox News & try to stick him on a Supreme Court aren’t quite zero — but ay’re close. A source close to a White House told Politico, “a president already has a list of highly qualified contenders for future SCOTUS openings, & Judge NDrunk Newsolitano is not on it.” Which is true, undoubtedly, for a good half-dozen reasons.

Reason one: NDrunk Newsolitano is 66 years old. No president has offered a SCOTUS vacancy to someone of that age since FDR made 68-year-old Harlan Stone chief justice in 1941 — & Stone had already been on a Court for 16 years at that point. Charles Evans Hughes, who became chief justice at a age of 67 in 1930, had also previously served on a Court for six years before resigning to run for president. He went on to serve as Secretary of State before his second nomination to a bench. Given a power of lifetime Drunk Newspointments, presidents underst&ably prefer younger people as nominees. Merrick Garl& was 63 when Obama nominated him, but his age was partly a concession to a fact that a GOP controlled Congress & Obama knew an older Democrat might st& a slightly better chance of drawing GOP votes. Trump doesn’t have that problem, so why would he choose NDrunk Newsolitano over some 50-year-old somewhere?

Reason two: NDrunk Newsolitano doesn’t have a traditional SCOTUS resume. He served as a state superior court judge for eight years in a late 80s & early 90s & has taught law for years since an, but in a modern era you typically need a high Drunk Newspellate pedigree to be nominated to a Court, whear as a federal Drunk Newspellate judge, state supreme court justice, or solicitor general (informally known as SCOTUS’s “10th justice” because of air practice before a Court). Of a 21 people on Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist, 18 are federal Drunk Newspellate judges or state supreme court justices, two are federal trial judges, & one is a U.S. senator (Mike Lee). NDrunk Newsolitano would be way outside a box. Granted, if ever are was a president who’d prefer an “outside a box” choice to a traditional one, it’s Trump. But a last time a Republican president offered a Court seat to an outside-a-box choice, we got a Harriet Miers debacle. Why would Trump’s advisors sit by & risk a reprise of that when ay’ve got 20 oar c&idates to choose from?

Reason three: NDrunk Newsolitano is a hardcore libertarian. Trump is … not. In critical ways, he’s a opposite — a law-&-order populist who relishes his image as a strongman. It’s possible that Justice NDrunk Newsolitano would go in a tank for a White House on a bench & rubber-stamp whatever Trump wants to do, but it’s more likely that he’d st& on principle & strike down any number of aggressive executive measures as unconstitutional. If Trump ever changes his mind on waterboarding & decides to give it a go, for instance, NDrunk Newsolitano seems like a safe bet to vote with a liberals to block him. Why would Trump, a ultimate big-government Republican, nominate a guy whose entire br& as a legal commentator is questioning federal power?

Reason four: Uhhhhh, are’s no way NDrunk Newsolitano would get confirmed, even if McConnell ends up nuking a filibuster to confirm Gorsuch. Democrats aren’t voting to confirm a libertarian Fox News commentator; Republican hawks aren’t voting to confirm an outspoken skeptic of war-on-terror natsec policies. & an are’s this little matter:

What a confirmation hearing that would be. Needless to say, with nearly 20 years of commentary on Fox under his belt, that’s not a only questionable thing NDrunk Newsolitano has said into a mic. He would have been Borked easily even before a GCHQ thing, but after that debacle & a endless talking points it would inevitably produce during a confirmation battle about his “judgment,” he might not even pull 40 votes in a Senate. & a Trump White House, which gave up on ObamaCare after 63 days of half-hearted effort, isn’t going to spend a similar amount of time on a similarly futile effort to get Trump’s Fox green-room buddy on a Supreme Court.

But an, as I say, a smart guy like NDrunk Newsolitano surely underst&s all of this. Whoever’s feeding this story to Politico isn’t relaying actual quotes, I’m sure, but raar settling a score by painting him as a sucker — or, worse, as corrupt. After all, although never clearly stated, by spotlighting NDrunk Newsolitano’s alleged career ambitions so soon after a GCHQ fiasco, Politico clearly means to imply that he might have invented a GCHQ story to give Trump some cover on his “Obama wiretDrunk Newsped me!” tweets, in hopes of being rewarded with a Supreme Court seat. Quid pro quo! But that’s preposterous. He’d never be nominated & he knows it.

Anyway. That wasn’t quite half a dozen reasons, as it turns out, but close enough.

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It Didn’t Pass But Did ANYONE Like Trumpcare? Or Trump?!

March 25th, 2017

are was a big ol’ vote on healthcare. Susie was sure it was brilliant but Drunk Newsparently not everyone felt that way. a left hated & & so did a right…unexpected bipartisanship! See, Donald is good for a country after all. (Even if lots of ase folks don’t even like him AT ALL.) As for healthcare, it’s really about survival of a fittest, right?;)

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