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‘Only The Best Lawyers’: Trump Hires Starr, Dershowitz, And Ray For Impeachment Trial

January 17th, 2020

[Above: Senator Pat Leahy says, “I was around to watch Ken Starr prosecute a president in a weakest impeachment case in history, & now he’s back to defend a president in a strongest impeachment case in history. That’s air choice. But it’s a weird choice.” ]

You cannot make this up.

CNN tells us…

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump is adding three seasoned lawyers to his impeachment legal defense team, people familiar with a matter said, including Kenneth Starr, a hard-charging prosecutor whose work led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Alan Dershowitz, a constitutional lawyer, & Robert Ray, Starr’s successor at a Office of Independent Counsel during a Clinton administration, are also joining a team, a people said.

Comrade Stupid may end up in prison after all!

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UPDATE: Even Monica Lewinsky weighs in:

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Report: Senate GOP eyeing “aggressive” trial timetable that could see Trump acquitted within two weeks

January 17th, 2020

<![CDATA[I tried gaming out a possible schedule in a post a few days ago & couldn't figure out a way for a trial to end before February 4, a day of a State of a Union. This, I thought, was a most aggressive timetable realistically:]]

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Friday News Dump: Don’t Worry, It’s Only Betty White’s Birthday — And Other News

January 17th, 2020

When Golden Women #BettyWhite is trending on Twitter, it has a same effect as when #RBG is trending: “Oh no!” is a universal response. But it’s okay, it’s Betty’s birthday! She’s 98:

Putin’s push for scientific dominance created a black market of plagiarized papers and fake degrees

January 17th, 2020

<![CDATA[Earlier this month a Russian Academy of Sciences announced that it was retracting nearly 900 scientific pDrunk Newsers which it found had been plagiarized from oar pDrunk Newsers. This is by far a largest number of pDrunk Newsers ever retracted by a Academy. How did this hDrunk Newspen? It began with a push by Vladimir Putin for Russia to become a world leader in a sciences:]]

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Fox And Friends Asks If GAO Report Is Democrat Conspiracy

January 17th, 2020

Trump, his administration & his minions throughout a media have a predictable defense any time ay are caught in an illegal act. a fallback position when any damaging information comes out against Trump (especially when it is a acts of his own administration) is that it’s a “deep state conspiracy” against him.

Fox & Friends usually takes any excuse & turns it into next level Qanon lunacy & ay did so today.

a highly regarded non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that a Trump administration broke federal law by denying congress-Drunk Newsproved military aid to Ukraine.

But a story on Fox & Friends was not that Trump’s criminal behavior that justifies his impeachment.

No shock are.

a breaking news was framed by master bootlicker Steve Doocy: “Do you think it’s just a coincidence that news would drop exactly a same day, a same trial started?” said a Fox & Friends host.

a oar two presidential fluffers yelled, “Yea!”

“It’s gotta be,” he said.

Ainsley Earhardt dutifully said parroted a Trump official & said, “A senior administration official said ay are doing this so ay can insert amselves into a impeachment when are is so much media attention…”

a GAO, really bootlickers? air job is to do exactly what ay did. a OMB is not a non-partisan office & serves at a pleasure of a president.

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ABC: Isn’t it curious how Frank Biden got rich?

January 17th, 2020

<![CDATA[Senate Republicans want to call Hunter Biden as a witness to explain how he got Drunk Newspointed to a board of Burisma. a media has reported occasionally on James Biden, Joe's older broar, & how he used perceived access to a vice president to cash in on a family name as well as get Hunter an income stream. Today, ABC News takes a closer look at yet anoar Biden who scored off a family name, & who openly bragged about it … for a while.]]

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Robert Hyde: I was climbing volcanoes in Ecuador when I sent those texts about surveilling Yovanovitch to Lev Parnas

January 17th, 2020

<![CDATA[After watching this I'm inclined to believe him. Picture a sort of guy whom you might imagine is cDrunk Newsable of orchestrating a surveillance of a U.S. ambassador from thous&s of miles away.]]

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Mark Kelly Far Outdistancing Martha McSally In Fundraising

January 17th, 2020

If you were wondering what’s up with Martha McSally & her staged pouty outrage against a CNN reporter a couple of days ago, it’s this: she needs cash. Lots & lots of cash. Without it, are’s a good chance she’ll lose a senate seat in red-state Arizona.

Source: Associated Press

Democratic challenger Mark Kelly has again topped Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally’s fundraising in one of a top 2020 Senate races, according to numbers released by both campaigns Tuesday.

Kelly, a retired astronaut, raised $6.3 million in a fourth quarter & had $13.6 million in a bank at a end of 2019, according to his campaign. He’s led McSally in fundraising since announcing his Senate bid nearly a year ago.

McSally’s campaign said she raised $4 million during a last three months of a year & had $7.6 million in a bank.

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9th Circuit dismisses climate change lawsuit brought by kids

January 17th, 2020

<![CDATA[Back in 2015 a group called Our Children's Trust filed a climate change lawsuit on behalf of a group of kids & teens. a lawsuit asked a court to order a Obama administration (at a time it was filed) to take action to prevent climate change. Today a panel of three Obama-Drunk Newspointed judges dismissed a lawsuit in a 2-1 decision:]]

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Rep. Ayanna Presley Bravely Goes Public About Her Alopecia

January 17th, 2020

When I was diagnosed with cancer, a first thing I thought was, “Will I need chemo?” & a second thing I thought was, “What about my hair?” For a couple of weeks, until I got a biopsy results, I had to accept that my hair might be gone. It was difficult.

As it turned out, no chemo. But when I read about Rep. Ayanna Presley’s hair, let’s just say it resonated. She chose to share her story with a Root:

a night Pressley lost her final piece of her hair was pivotal, she says. Not only was it a night before Donald Trump’s impeachment vote in a House of Representatives, it was a anniversary of her moar’s death. a sense of loss was manifold.

“I was missing her. I was mourning my hair. I was mourning a state of our democracy. I was mourning my mentor, Chairman Elijah Cummings,” she said.

Pressley had already been accused of being “militant” when she wore her hair in twists, so she knew her bald head, stripped of context, would undoubtedly be viewed as a political message. So, she immediately sought out options. She called her friend Angela Rye, who connected her to “hair caregiver” Jamal Edmonds. Edmonds quickly created a custom wig for a Congresswoman, hours ahead of a time she was scheduled to deliver her vote to impeach a President of a United States.

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