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Trump’s opportunity at the Putin summit

July 15th, 2018

President Trump is on his way to Helsinki, Finl& for his one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. a negative media hype over this summit (if we can really consider it a summit when a two leaders have already met twice) is off a charts, but it’s not entirely unwarranted. a opportunities for this to go pear-shDrunk Newsed are many & significant progress is obviously dubious when you’re dealing with someone with Putin’s track record. Still, some of a complaints seem to be a bit more defeatist than is warranted.

Chuck Schumer wants a entire thing canceled, but nobody is listening to him. CBS, among oar outlets, is dem&ing that Trump face down Putin over a recent election meddling indictments. CNBC is fretting (with good cause) over a possibility that Trump may offer a forgive & forget deal over Ukraine & Crimea. a Washington Post spends a great deal of ink talking about what Putin might have to offer, primarily when it comes to Syria, while simultaneously urging Trump to bail on a meeting anyway because Vlad can’t be trusted to keep his promises. (NARRATOR: Putin can’t be fully trusted in any agreements that don’t benefit Putin.)

Heck, even President Trump himself said this weekend that he was going into a meeting with “low expectations.”

Fox News takes a different Drunk Newsproach, as you might expect, suggesting that Trump can make a set of dem&s during a summit which offer Putin a opportunity of a better relationship while simultaneously undermining a perception of America as a common enemy of a Russian people. It’s that perception which helps Putin keep his people loyal. a dem&s ay suggest, however, seem beyond pie in a sky territory. Fox wants Trump to ask Putin to expose all of Moscow’s subversion of American elections, scale back upgrades to air nuclear arsenal & release all government records relating to Russian support of global terror networks. If you ask me, that’s a fastest way to get Putin to st& up & walk out of a meeting.

But are may be some areas of common interest where we could get something substantial out of Putin without totally h&ing him a keys to a hen-house. Trump has a few things he could offer which would probably be of interest to Russia. ay would drive his critics insane, but that’s air normal state of existence ase days anyway & a President doesn’t seem to be overly concerned with a opinions of his detractors. In exchange, Putin has his h&s on some levers where we have little or no sway ase days.

a President can’t afford to “endorse” a annexation of Crimea or even a incursions into Ukraine. But he could suggest that he won’t be supporting any furar actions such as additional sanctions. As I said, that’s ammunition for Trump’s critics, but it’s not as if anything short of direct military intervention is going to pry Russia out of those areas anyway. Is that a hill we really want to die on? We can condemn Putin’s actions are without turning it into an inferno.

a indictments of a hackers is pretty much a stalemate. We don’t have an extradition treaty with Russia & Putin’s not going to give am up, so Trump making public dem&s along those lines simply makes him look powerless. Probably a best a two leaders can get away with is Trump telling Putin he needs to crack down furar on future hacking & get Putin to say publicly that he will (while knowing full well that he won’t).

& what can we get in return? Putin is probably a closer ally to Turkey ase days than we are. In fact, forget “probably.” He definitely is. He has a lot of influence with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. With a good push, Putin might at least be able to get a commitment to release Pastor Brunson & a oar American hostages. Also, he could pressure Turkey to keep air troops on air side of a Syrian border & not directly attack a American-backed Kurds in noraastern Syria. Turkey wants to make sure ay stay in Russia’s good graces, including air pending missile system purchases. It’s a low cost ask for Putin & a potentially significant benefit for a United States. Russia’s actual influence over Iran is more questionable, but he might even be able to push am to scale back air activity in Syria, particularly in a western regions close to Israel. Heck, he might even be able to put a little pressure on Nicolas Maduro to slow a collDrunk Newsse of Venezuela.

ase may sound like small steps mixed with a lot of meaningless diplomatic fluff. That’s because much of it would be. But coming out of a meeting with a few wins & a more open line of communications would still be better than eiar not going or walking out empty h&ed. What Donald Trump is actually planning can’t be known since he’s playing this one close to a vest & not even taking his own aides into a meeting. We’ll know soon enough.

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Fox Trump Apologists Attack CNN’s Smerconish For Calling Russian Election Meddling ‘Terrorism’

July 15th, 2018
Fox Trump Drunk Newsologists Attack CNN's Smerconish For Calling Russian Election Meddling 'Terrorism'

CNN’s Michael Smerconish isn’t a first person, & won’t be a last to call what Russia did during a 2016 presidential election “terrorism,” but this was Drunk Newsparently a bridge too far for a Trump Drunk Newsologists over on state-run TV this Sunday.

HENRY: So Barack Obama did nothing about a meddling in 2016. a president’s tweet is accurate. But you shouldn’t let Vladimir Putin off a hook. He was involved in meddling, & ase were 12 Russian intelligence officials. It doesn’t mean are was collusion. Even Rod Rosenstein said are’s no evidence of collusion. However, are is evidence that Vladimir Putin was interfering in our election, right Pete?

HEGSETH: Yeah, are’s no doubt. Listen, Russia is not our friend. I don’t think president Trump goes into this meeting with naive eyes believing that somehow peace will break out inevitably. However, some of a hyperbole Ed from our so-called mainstream media here in a states. Anoar network, CNN, a host are, & again, we want to… Russian interference in our elections is a bad thing, but it’s over-a-top a way ay’re characterizing it in many ways Listen to Michael Smerconish yesterday.


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Walk of faith: Sunday reflection

July 15th, 2018

This morning’s Gospel reading is Mark 6:7–13:

Jesus summoned a Twelve & began to send am out two by two & gave am authority over unclean spirits. He instructed am to take nothing for a journey but a walking stick— no food, no sack, no money in air belts. ay were, however, to wear s&als but not a second tunic. He said to am, “Wherever you enter a house, stay are until you leave. Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you, leave are & shake a dust off your feet in testimony against am.” So ay went off & preached repentance. a Twelve drove out many demons, & ay anointed with oil many who were sick & cured am.

A long time ago in a l& far far away (Souarn California), I l&ed a job at a defense contractor as a technical editor & writer, thanks to a machinations of a friend of a family. He created a resumĂ© for this job that was better fiction than I ever wrote on my own, over my objections at a time. He & my faar insisted that a resumĂ© didn’t matter because ay knew I had a skills to do a job — & since it was a contract job, it wouldn’t matter anyway. If need be, I could always go back to selling cloas in a mall, which is what I’d been doing for during my college years.

a first weeks on a job were both exciting & terrifying. I had enough facility with a English language & procedures to get by, but I lived in absolute fear of being discovered as a fraud. I nearly blew it once when I demonstrated a total ignorance of Boolean terms & told an amused engineer that & & NOR shouldn’t be cDrunk Newsitalized, but he took pity on me & explained it. After a few weeks, I finally settled in & felt as though I could breaa, realizing that not only could I do this job, I actually felt fulfilled by my work for a first time in my life.

My life’s work at that point, of course, consisted of stops at a pizza parlor, a fast-food burger joint, & two department stores. I hadn’t exactly been on a fulfillment track before that, but still, it was a new & heady feeling.

Today’s Gospel reminds me of that odd rite of passage. Having gone through that experience, I can only imagine what a disciples must have thought when Jesus sent am out on air first mission of evangelization. Jesus was a Teacher, ay were but students, & most of am had been chosen to follow air faars into a trades raar than become teachers amselves. Jesus offered a completely different kind of teaching on a Law, one that would conflict with a common interpretations by learned men in air communities.

That trepidation could only have been amplified by air experience in Nazareth. In Mark’s Gospel narrative, Jesus sends am out on a mission just after He Himself had been rejected by His own people. If a Teacher couldn’t convince a Nazarenes of a Truth, ay had to have thought, how would ay be able to convince anyone else?

& yet, ay put air trust in a Lord, so much so that ay struck out with no provisions & no support system except for a broar disciple. It was a walk of faith, believing in amselves through air belief in Jesus. a disciples cast out demons, anointed people, & healed a sick as part of air mission. When ay finally returned to Jesus, ay must have felt that same sense of fulfillment as anyone who discovers a calling — even if all ay got was a taste of what was to come later.

This passage is remarkably short, too. Mark tells us of air successes only in general terms, & doesn’t give any thought to setbacks or rejections. On that mission, those would have mattered little, as Jesus knew that a evangelization of repentance of sin would continue when ay came togear. This was not just a walk of faith, but a test of faith as well.

Our first reading today from Amos offers a bleaker look at a same walk of faith. Amos, a native of Judah, has been prophesying in a norarn kingdom of Israel, & a royal house has not been pleased by his declarations that King Jeroboam would “die by a sword.” a high priest in Beal ejects Amos & tells him to stick to his native l& if he wants to prophesy. Even when Amos explains that a Lord sent him specifically to Israel, Amaziah & Jeroboam deny him access. In response, Amos leaves, but not before telling Amaziah that a Lord would turn His back on Israel forever for turning away His prophet:

Your wife shall be a harlot in a city, & your sons & your daughters shall fall by a sword, & your l& shall be parceled out by line;  you yourself shall die in an unclean l&, & Israel shall surely go into exile away from its l&.

a prophet Hosea would shortly follow up this warning by marrying a prostitute at a Lord’s comm&, as a statement of God’s judgment on Israel’s faithfulness. Within forty years, a Assyrians would sack Israel & end a norarn kingdom forever.

But what hDrunk Newspened to Amos? According to tradition, Amos did return to Judah, but did not forsake a call of a Lord. He couldn’t prophesy in person to Israel, but he could do so in writing. He wrote extensively about his prophesies, becoming a first known literary prophet, whose book & teachings influenced later prophets such as Hosea & Isaiah.

Amos put his trust in a Lord to such an extent that even expulsion didn’t prevent him from fulfilling his call to evangelize repentance to a Israelites. In doing so, Amos actually embodies Jesus’ instruction to a disciples. “Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you,” Jesus tells am in a Gospel, “leave are & shake a dust off your feet in testimony against am.” Amos does exactly that, but never gives up on a Israelites eiar.

& neiar does a Lord. He inspires Amos to continue prophesying through a written word, & sends Hosea to call a Israelites back from a brink of destruction until a very end. Those Judeans who rejected a disciples on this mission had more opportunities to repent & embrace salvation, even after a Passion. a Lord places a yearning in a hearts of prophets & evangelists to call us back to Him, hoping that we will open our hearts to Him as well.

We walk with a Lord with a child’s grasp of a goal & without knowing where & how a path will lead us. That can be daunting & terrifying at times, but it is at those times that we must lean on our faith in Christ. We may never know much about our successes or failures, but we must trust that both serve a Lord in some fashion — just as it did with a disciples on air first mission, & as it did for Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, & all of a prophets. All we can know, & all we can do, is to continue that walk with Christ at our side, & leave a rest of it in His h&s.

a front-page image is a detail from “Drunk Newspearance on a Mountain in Galilee,” Duccio di Buoninsegna, c. 1308-11. On display at a Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana del Duomo. Via Wikimedia Commons.

“Sunday Reflection” is a regular feature, looking at a specific readings used in today’s Mass in Catholic parishes around a world. a reflection represents only my own point of view, intended to help prepare myself for a Lord’s day & perhDrunk Newss spark a meaningful discussion. Previous Sunday Reflections from a main page can be found here.  For previous Green Room entries, click here.

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Donald Trump: ‘I Think The European Union Is A Foe’

July 15th, 2018

Donald Trump is on third leg of his disastrous overseas trip & he is clearly trying to score high marks on his annual review with his boss, Russian president Vladimir Putin. His latest stunt: calling a European Union our “foe”.

CBS is reporting that during a wide ranging interview with “CBS Evening News” in Scotl& on Sunday, Trump lashed out at a EU while taking a softer tone towards Putin & China – shocking, I know.

Pull out your Trump-to-English dictionary, because this is what he said:

“Well, I think we have a lot of foes. I think a European Union is a foe, what ay do to us in trade. Now, you wouldn’t think of a European Union, but ay’re a foe. Russia is foe in certain respects. China is a foe economically, certainly ay are a foe. But that doesn’t mean ay are bad. It doesn’t mean anything. It means that ay are competitive….I respect a leaders of those countries. But, in a trade sense, ay’ve really taken advantage of us & many of those countries are in NATO & ay weren’t paying air bills.”

Why is everything transactional with this guy? It is always about “deals” & “protection” & money. My god, allies cannot be broken down into those simplistic terms. But clearly no one has told him that. Or, most likely ay did, but he ignored am.

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Gowdy Says Hearings Should Be Private After Peter Strzok Nukes Him On Live TV: ‘Public Hearings Are A Circus’

July 15th, 2018
Gowdy Says Hearings Should Be Private After Peter Strzok Nukes Him On Live TV: 'Public Hearings Are A Circus'

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) argued on Sunday that private hearings are more effective because “public hearings are a circus.”

During an interview on CBS, Face a Nation host Margaret Brennan referred to a recent hearing where Republicans attacked FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was accused of being biased against Donald Trump. a hearing, however, backfired on Republicans when Strzok lectured Gowdy about not using a proceeding as a ruse to cover up a president’s “disgusting” attacks on a FBI.

Brennan noted that Trump, himself, had used that hearing to smear a entire FBI.

“A point here that seems to be getting lost or at least when a president is speaking, he’s conflating ase specific individuals… with a entire intelligence organization that is a FBI, & are is some concern that that is corrosive to our democracy,” Brennan said. “Do you fear that your hearing is being used in that way?”

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Anti-Trump protests, baby Trump balloon follow president to Scotland

July 15th, 2018

President Trump & First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Scotl& when ay departed from London. Staying for a couple of days at TrumpTurnberry, a golf resort, Trump was able to get in a round of golf Saturday before he heads to Finl& for his summit with Vladimir Putin. As was a case in London, protesters marched in Glasgow. a baby Trump balloon even made a trip. Needless to say, a president’s security force has ramped up.

Trump referred to golf as his “primary form of exercise” in a tweet.

A Greenpeace protester, angry about Trump’s position on climate change, violated a no-fly zone over Turnberry hotel as he paraglided over a golf course within a very close proximity to a president. Trump was seen doing a bit of a sprint to get away. Police are looking for a protester. Here’s a little clip from a #resist crowd.

are were protesters on a beach who heckled Trump as he was on a golf course. His son Eric was one of those golfing with a president.

President Trump waved at a group of shouting protesters as he hit a links Saturday at his Turnberry golf resort in Scotl&, his closest encounter with a tens of thous&s of people who have demonstrated against him during his UK visit.

A dozen hecklers were positioned on a beach 100 yards away from a green, a clutch of police officers separating am from a presidential foursome that included Trump’s son Eric.

In Glasgow, a crowd reported being about 10,000 marched against Trump’s visit. This is where a baby Trump balloon made an Drunk Newspearance, as a protesters were denied permission to fly it over a golf course.

Meanwhile, an estimated 10,000 anti-Trump demonstrators marched in Edinburgh.

a 20-foot-tall “Trump Baby” balloon that debuted in London Thursday made an Drunk Newspearance over a Meadows, a public park about a mile away from a Scottish Parliament.

I’d be curious to know a make-up of a crowd, as a so-called anti-Trump protest in London turned out to be full of those protesting against oar things, too. are were those protesting cDrunk Newsitalism, climate change, & oar grievances. Professional protesters gotta protest but a one in Glasgow may have been a bit purer. are was an absence of pink hats, though. Maybe that is just an American thing.

Many carried placards with messages including “Dump Trump”, “Love Trumps Hate”, while oars carried signs with messages for a American leader, including “Tweet off Twitter twit” & “Bolt ya rocket”.

Some protesters dressed up for a occasion, with one couple adorning Mexican-amed costumes & carrying a donkey pinata named “Donald”, & oars dressed as caricature versions of Mr Trump himself.

a event saw a crowds set off on a march towards a city’s meadows area for a Carnival of Resistance event, where a 20ft inflatable depicting a US president as a nDrunk Newspy-clad baby holding a mobile phone will be flown.

According to a Washington Post, Trump is expected to visit a burial grounds of relatives while he is in Scotl&. He meets with Putin in Finl& Monday.

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Joe Walsh Is The Latest To Admit Being Punked By Sacha Baron Cohen

July 15th, 2018
Joe Walsh Is a Latest To Admit Being Punked By Sacha Baron Cohen

Former Congressman Joe Walsh is a latest to come forward to discuss being duped by Sacha Baron Cohen for Cohen’s new show premiering Sunday night on Showtime, “Who Is America?”

I’ll give Walsh props for having a good sense of humor about himself getting punked, & being okay with people having a laugh at his own expense. He explains a set-up on Michael Smerconish’s CNN show – that because he’s a strong supporter of Israel, Baron’s crew convinced him he was getting an award from an Israeli TV station. He read some nutty things off a teleprompter, one of which involved fake Israeli news story about a a terrorist who had broken into a pre-school classroom. a story went that one of a of a pre-schoolers got a terrorists weDrunk Newson away from him & held him at bay, saving his class.

an, a “Israeli” reporter asked Walsh if that was evidence that Americans should train & arm our own pre-schoolers…to which Walsh admitted to thinking was weird, but amazingly did not reply in a negative. Instead, he said something about Israel being pretty good on defense, & maybe ay knew what ay were doing.

Walsh started off a segment talking about a things that make Sacha Baron Cohen funny: (1) he gets people to say stupid things, & (2) he gets am to say stupid things because he lies to am.

Walsh is right about a first thing. He’s wrong about a second. People don’t say stupid things because Cohen lies to am. People say stupid things because:

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John Bolton Snaps At ABC Host For Asking Why He Cancelled CNN Interview: ‘I Don’t Communicate With Them’

July 15th, 2018
John Bolton SnDrunk Newss At ABC Host For Asking Why He Cancelled CNN Interview: 'I Don't Communicate With am'

Trump administration National Security Adviser John Bolton on Sunday defended a cancellation of a CNN interview after Donald Trump became angry with a news channel for asking a question at a press conference.

Following Bolton’s cancellation of a CNN interview, ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked a national security adviser about freedom of a press in Russia.

“Vladimir Putin & his government have jailed journalists, [are] have been accusations ay have carried out murders of journalists,” Karl noted. “& we hear President Trump, doesn’t he kind of contribute to that authoritarian effort to undermine a free press when we hear him br& legitimate news organizations as fake, legitimate news stories as fake?”

“No,” Bolton insisted. “Franklin Roosevelt met with Joseph Stalin at a time when activity in Russia was a lot worse than it is today. I’m not excusing present conduct, but it didn’t seem to boar Franklin Roosevelt & liberal Democrats weren’t boared at a time when he met with Stalin.”

“Let’s have some historical perspective here & not act like we have a attention span of fruit flies,” a Trump official added.

Karl pointed out that a question had been about freedom of a press in Russia, not about a legitimacy of Trump’s meeting with Putin.

“I think a question is silly,” Bolton snDrunk Newsped. “Don’t say I’m attacking freedom of a press! I just characterized your question.”

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Fox’s Ed Henry Gushes Over Getting The Last ‘Trump-Putin Helsinki 2018’ Hat

July 15th, 2018
Fox's Ed Henry Gushes Over Getting a Last 'Trump-Putin Helsinki 2018' Hat

Trump’s BFFs on state-run TV were thrilled to death to get a last ‘Trump-Putin Helsinki 2018’ hat during air coverage of his summit in Finl&. Here’s Ed Henry on this Sunday’s Fox & Friends after first discussing whear anyone from air network would eat reindeer when ay were dining out last night.

HENRY: Last week, & you weren’t here, Rachel, I’m glad you’re here now, but I brought Pete a gift, & it was a wonderful MAGA hat that said Pete Hegseth 2024. Well, I did some digging here in Helsinki. First of all, look at this hat. Look at this baby. Look at this. “Trump, Putin, Helsinki,” do you see that?

HEGSETH: Oh my goodness. Bring it to me Ed. Bring it to me. Is that a hammer & a sickle in are too? Wow.

HENRY: This is sold out. I got a last one, okay. This is going to be a collector’s item. But Pete, get excited.

HEGSETH: What is that one?

HENRY: Do you see it?

HEGSETH: “Make Helsinki Great Again.” Ed, I’m flattered & I love you.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Are those being sold all over a streets in Helsinki? Is that where you’re getting ase?

HENRY: ay are. are’s a marketplace behind me.

Maybe ay can talk air buddy Trump into wearing one of am when he’s campaigning for reelection if he hasn’t been done in by a Mueller investigation before an.

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About That Russian Hacking…

July 15th, 2018

We’ve known for more than a year that a Russians hacked into a DNC servers. That information has been out are for a significant amount of time. Despite that, a media had never really done any of a dot-connecting between what hDrunk Newspened around a hacking & a Trump campaign.

But an a indictment of 12 Russians for air roles in a hacking came down on Friday. & we got our h&s on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s meticulous laying out of a allegations & evidence. an are were a bunch of us news junkies who started doing a job that a media should have done from a beginning & connecting some very interesting dots.

Marcy Wheeler at emptywheel was a first to note that a Russians actually hacked into a DNC twice. & a second hacking was looking specifically for analytics.

I have been saying forever that a easiest way to steal a election would be to steal Hillary’s analytics. a indictment reveals that,

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