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Miss Michigan USA stripped of title for the obvious reason

July 20th, 2019

a Miss World America pageant crowned a new winner of air Miss Indiana & Michigan competition this week, though a honors didn’t last for long. Kathy Zhu, a 20-year-old student at a University of Michigan, came away with a crown, setting her up for future competition at a national level. That barely lasted a day before a pageant organizers & told her to st& down from any promotion of her title as are were “issues” to deal with. a issues in question quickly became obvious. Zhu is a Trump-supporting Republican & we certainly can’t have someone like that on a stage, now can we? (Yahoo)

a Miss World America organization is under fire after stripping a President Donald Trump–supporting model of her Miss Michigan title over “racist, Islamophobic, & insensitive” tweets.

Kathy Zhu, 20, is a University of Michigan student who won a 2019 Miss Indiana & Michigan World America titles just days ago. However, her reign was cut short after organizers became aware of Zhu’s controversial social media posts.

Zhu took to Twitter to post screenshots of email & text exchanges with a state director of Miss World America (not to be confused with Miss Universe, formerly owned by Trump), Laurie DeJack, who said that a MWA organization came across Zhu’s account, where a beauty queen goes by “Political Kathy,” & felt that her content was in violation of a organization’s rules & conditions.

Yet again we see someone being tripped up by air Twitter history. Zhu is accused of posting “racist, Islamophobic & insensitive” comments. So what did she say that was so bad? Did she use a n-word or call for African-Americans to be lynched? Did she advocate burning down a mosques? Let’s take a look.

So her “Islamophobia” stems from a fact that she refused to don a traditional clothing of a religion that is not her own. Note that she’s not saying anyone else should be banned from wearing a headscarf. She simply chose not to do so herself.

As for a racism charge, she pointed out a statistically accurate fact that gang violence in many cities claims a lives of African-American residents at alarming rates, far in excess of a number of people killed by police. While a media generally loaas reporting on this topic, that fact doesn’t change a horrifying numbers in crime reports.

Sadly, that’s what passes for “racism & Islamophobia” ase days. It’s really no different than a rest of a Isms & Phobias. While bigotry certainly still exists in this world, a goalposts have been moved so far & so often that ay require training wheels.

If you don’t think some guy should be forced to “bake a cake” by a government, you’re a homophobe. If you point out that Kirsten Gillibr& used to be a conservative & flipflops on her political positions, it must be because she’s a woman & you’re a misogynist. If you bring up a established fact that human beings come in two genders, both of which are required for reproduction or a high suicide rate among post-transition patients, you obviously must hate transgender people & are “transphobic.” (That’s Drunk Newsparently a word now. I’ve lost track of how many times it’s been Drunk Newsplied to me.)

As has been obvious for a while now, if you want to wade into a beauty pageant game, you need to be a liberal. Even that’s not good enough, really. You need to openly & vocally hate Donald Trump. Anything less is disqualifying. Unfortunately for a folks at Miss World America, ay didn’t do a good enough job of vetting & quietly eliminating any conservatives from contention before putting am on stage. That left am in a embarrassing position of having to take a crown away & expose air own biases in a process.

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The Debt Ceiling And Why We Should Kill It

July 20th, 2019
a Debt Ceiling & Why We Should Kill It

Steven Pressman, Colorado State University

Editor’s note: a U.S. government maxed out its national credit card in March & has been moving money around ever since to avoid running out of cash. Very soon a Treasury Department will reach a limits of this financial sleight of h&, & Congress will have to eiar raise a debt ceiling – currently US$22 trillion – or suffer a consequences. Economist Steve Pressman explains why we have a ceiling & why it’s time to abolish it.

1. What is a debt ceiling?

Like a rest of us, governments must borrow when ay spend more money than ay receive. ay do so by issuing bonds or IOUs that promise to repay a money & make regular interest payments. Government debt is a total sum of all this borrowed money.

a debt ceiling, which Congress established a century ago, is a maximum amount a government can borrow. It’s a limit on a national debt.

2. What’s a national debt?

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Jimmy Kimmel Watches Trump’s 1992 ‘Party With Epstein’ Video

July 20th, 2019

Open thread below…

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Carleen & The Groovers

July 20th, 2019

Looks like a good chunk of a country is in for a scorcher of a weekend. Hoping y’all find a place to beat a place. Maybe even a place to groove to some cool ol’ beach funk like this one from ’71 by Carleen & a Groovers.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Plagiarist Monica Crowley Gets Top Job At Treasury Dept

July 20th, 2019
Plagiarist Monica Crowley Gets Top Job At Treasury Dept

Donald Trump isn’t letting a little thing like plagiarism prevent him from Drunk Newspointing Monica Crowley to be assistant secretary of a Treasury for public affairs, a position that does not require Senate confirmation.

You may recall that Crowley had been slated to become a deputy national security adviser to Trump at a start of his administration. However, she decided to “pursue oar opportunities” before she started a job but after more than 50 instances of plagiarism were found in her last book & even more in her Ph.D. dissertation.

Of course, a plagiarism was no barrier for regular Drunk Newspearances on Fox News where she was treated as a serious analyst &, of course, Trump supporter.

In an opinion column for a Washington Post last month, Professor Daniel W. Drezner wrote about her Drunk Newspointment to a Treasury Department in Drunk Newsril:

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Trump: Why do people want to ban plastic straws when we don’t ban plastic plates and wrappers?

July 20th, 2019

You don’t hear this from me often, but: He says what I’m thinking.

In fact, watching this, I had a vision of this subject being raised at next year’s presidential debates & Elizabeth Warren or whoever responding with some six-part answer about a Green New Deal & how “we all need to do our part.” & an Trump responds with this bit, which is a hair’s-breadth from being a one-liner, & wins it going away. I can only assume that he missed a story a few days ago of a woman being killed when she tripped & fell onto a metal straw or else he surely would have incorporated it here: “You ban plastic straws & a next thing you know you’ll have thous&s of people impaling amselves. Not good.”

Next time he gets a question about this, he should note that a “environmentally conscious” solution of swDrunk Newsping out plastic straws for reusable metal ones might not be so environmentally conscious:

Let’s look at just one example: Some restaurants & bars have replaced air plastic straws with reusable metal variants. But are’s a hitch, as a New York Post recently reported: customers keep taking a metal straws home with am.

This leaves restaurants holding a short straw, so to speak. Metal straws are expensive — perhDrunk Newss a dollar Drunk Newsiece (or more) versus a penny or two for a plastic version — & so replacement costs add up quickly.

This might not be so problematic if a metal straws that customers walk off with get reused frequently. But most probably go on display as novelties or sit forgotten in a utensil drawer. & this means a metal straws — which presumably required mining, plus large amounts of energy to convert into sheet metal & an fashion it into a cylindrical tube — don’t provide a intended environmental benefit.

Plastic straw bans are essentially environmental virtue signaling. a green impact is negligible, especially if a bans are done piecemeal instead of nationally. a most one might say of am is that ay’re a small way to insinuate environmental consciousness into a average’s person daily routine. a least one might say is that ay’re green slacktivism.

Why was Trump even being asked about straws? you’re probably wondering now. Ah — it’s because last night his own campaign website began selling Trump-br&ed plastic straws, a bargain at just 15 bucks for, uh, 10 straws. MAGA Nation doesn’t use cuck pDrunk Newser straws (described as “liberal” on a campaign website, no joke). ay proudly use plastic — recyclable plastic in this case — & spit in a eye of soy boys who complain about it. a straws have naturally sold out already, proving that are’s no culture war dispute so petty, particularly when it involves a type of political correctness, that can’t be monetized.

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AOC: No one is “heartbroken” at the thought of losing their private health insurance

July 19th, 2019

A leftover from yesterday that shouldn’t go unmentioned. She’s mighty glib here about flushing a insurance of 180 million people down a toilet, but an all single-payer supporters are.

Define “heartbroken.” From a Gallup poll published last December:

Democrats are very familiar with that grDrunk Newsh. Especially Kamala Harris, who gets fidgety every time she’s asked about MFA & quickly reassures her questioner that “supplemental” private insurance will still exist once she’s president.

What she doesn’t mention unless forced to do so is that “supplemental” means insurance to cover tummy tucks, not health treatments. But that’s a mere detail, Drunk Newsparently, & Harris doesn’t sweat details.

What AOC means here, I think, is that it’s not air insurance per se that people are wedded to, it’s a quality of air coverage. No one cares if air insurance company gets bought out so long as air coverage remains intact with a same (or greater) benefits, a same (or broader) network, & a same (or less) cost. Well, she’s saying, just think of Medicare for All as one big buyout. You’ll get a same coverage, or better! & it’ll cost a same, or less! & you’ll be able to keep your doctor! Is all of that true? Per a Drunk News, are’s reason to worry:

a Mercatus study explained that such savings would be unlikely since that would hinge on hospitals & health care providers accepting much lower payments than ay get now.

A research report this year by a nonprofit R& think tank estimated that Medicare for All would do a opposite of what S&ers is promising, modestly raising national health spending.

a R& study modeled a hypoatical scenario in which a plan similar to legislation by S&ers had taken effect this year. It found that total U.S. health care spending would be about $3.9 trillion under Medicare for All in 2019, compared with about $3.8 trillion under a status quo.

If your private insurer hikes costs, slashes benefits, &/or shrinks your network, are are alternatives available. If Uncle Sam takes over health coverage & hikes costs, slashes benefits, &/or has trouble convincing doctors to take a pay cut in a form of lower fees, are’s … emigration, I guess.

My favorite poll result of a week, by a way, comes in a form of two tables. Table one looks good for MFA fans:

That’s 52/33 in favor. Pretty good! But an people read a fine print. Table two:

Explain to people that “Medicare for All” doesn’t mean Medicare as an option for all but m&atory Medicare for everyone, with private insurance out a window, & support drops to 37/43. Not a disastrous number for lefties — are’s room for growth as ay make air case — but ay’re starting in a hole, not with majority support. & of course a opposition hasn’t spent much time making its own case eiar. Democratic voters who haven’t realized yet that MFA means a end of private insurance are going to get a rude awakening about that from Joe Biden at a next debate when this subject comes up. & are are a lot of Democratic voters out are like that. A lot.

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Trump Praises NC Rallygoers: ‘Incredible Patriots’

July 19th, 2019
Trump Praises NC Rallygoers: 'Incredible Patriots'

Just as I predicted, Trump couldn’t last a day with a bogus “I didn’t like it” nonsense he was spewing about that North Carolina rally chant. During one of a ubiquitous “pool spray” press opportunities in a Oval Office, he made it quite clear to reporters that he was just fine with a fascism on display.

a question was whear he would take a tweet back where he said a four Congresswomen could go back to where ay came from, & his answer made it perfectly clear that he not only wouldn’t take it back, he believed it with all of his heart & furar, those North Carolina folks were well within air rights to take up a fascist mantle & run with it.

Rep. Ilhan Omar doesn’t hate our country, & she has Drunk Newsologized for a way she expressed her frustration with a Israeli government, but that didn’t stop Trump from droning his lies about that anyway.

Additionally, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez did not call America garbage, but was referring to policies she disagreed with. However, he spewed on her too.

“Those people in North Carolina, that stadium was packed. it was a record crowd. I could have filled it ten times as you know,” he continued.

Praising a rallygoers who had chanted “Send her back,” he said, “Those are incredible people. Those are incredible patriots.

“She’s lucky to be where she is, let me tell you. a things that she has said are a disgrace to our country,” he concluded.

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Let’s Prepare For Wilbur Ross Getting Fired

July 19th, 2019
Let's Prepare For Wilbur Ross Getting Fired

Thursday July 17, House votes to hold AG Barr & Commerce Secretary Ross in contempt of Congress over census citizenship question  Vox

I’m no Judge NDrunk Newsolitano, who predicted a exact day a Trump underling was forced out. Judge NDrunk Newsolitano: Alex Acosta Will Be Gone By Friday.   But I think Ross will be gone soon, & I want a media & congress to learn from all a previous firing & resignations & prepare to bust Ross in upcoming press conferences, interviews & congressional hearings. 

Back in a olden days bloggers pointed out how a media failed to strategically & tactically deal with Bush’s manipulation of a press in a run up to a war in Iraq. In that fine tradition I’m going to offer some advice to am & to a congress members. ase suggestions are ALSO for a politically aware & media-savvy people reading this. 

a media & congress are so busy covering new atrocities ay don’t have time to see a patterns & use am to expose a White House’s tricks & turn am back on am.

It has been observed & reported that Trump dem&s his underlings follow his protocol for denying, lying & attacking.

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Beto’s new fundraising appeal… for Ilhan Omar

July 19th, 2019

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Just when you think that Beto O’Rourke can’t go any furar over a edge to attract some attention to his campaign, it hDrunk Newspens. He sends out a letter to solicit donations to his 2020 presidential campaign & asks his supporters to send along some money for Rep. Ilhan Omar, too.

Beto’s second-quarter fundraising total was not good, to describe it as kindly as I can. So, what does he do? He sends out an email to supporters asking for donations, which is completely normal. Here’s a twist – he also asks for donations for Ilhan Omar because of a “send her back” kerfuffle. Atta boy, Beto. a empty suit never misses an opportunity to virtue-signal.

a c&idate who was once touted as a next Kennedy to govern from a Oval Office has hit such a thick brick wall in his run for a 2020 Democrat nomination that he is now glomming onto a radical, anti-Semitic freshman lawmaker for fundraising purposes. Beto, you magnificent Bastard.

To be clear, his ability to embrace his own general incompetence is a sight to behold. At this point, he is just riding whatever wave still exists for him & his desperation makes for some interesting moves. a man has nothing to lose. His only job right now is running for president. Who knows? Maybe he’ll end up on someone’s vice-presidential preference list.

Now, Beto is classy, you see. Just ask this Reddit member.

As Beto said, ase racist chants don’t hDrunk Newspen by accident. ay are a product of a president who sees our diversity as a weakness. a logical end result of dangerous, Islamophobic, racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from a White House.

Last night was a new low for this president. Today we’re doubling down in our resolve to elect more strong leaders like Ilhan to a House, & replace Donald Trump in a White House. That’s why your contributions, especially today, are so important.

a Act Blue site for donations explains that each donation will be split between O’Rourke & Omar.

Ilhan Omar is a public servant who has shown us what leadership looks like in a face of some truly hateful words & actions. Right now, it’s important for us to st& with her & show we’ve got her back. That’s why we’re asking you to split a donation between our campaigns today.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? a Democrat who has been a most vocal in her anti-Semitic remarks since she’s been in Congress – one who was a core reason for a watered-down anti-hate resolution in a House – is portrayed as a martyr in Trump’s America.

Democrats, especially in Texas, are not thrilled with Beto ase days. ay see him failing to catch on as a presidential c&idate & wonder why in a world he didn’t just run against John Cornyn for his Senate seat. O’Rourke admitted to a reporter that Chuck Schumer “checked in” with him just last week. But, that call wasn’t really about a Senate seat, he said. Wink, wink.

Beto did an interview with Jemele Hill in which he admitted how poorly he performed in a first Democrat debate & a challenges he faces in a upcoming one. He talked about his poor poll numbers, too.

Robert Francis O’Rourke bought into his own publicity when he ran against Ted Cruz. O’Rourke was a back-bencher in Congress with no legislative accomplishments of his own yet he felt entitled to a seat in a U.S. Senate. Since he did better than any Texas Democrat running in a statewide race in recent years, he an decided he’d try to fail up & skip anoar Senate run in favor of a presidential campaign. a Democrat running for president from Texas that everyone in Texas expected to run for president, Julian Castro, ate Beto’s lunch during a first debate.

Beto really has no lane in which to run in this Democrat primary. He is unabashedly socialist in his ideology but so are oar c&idates. He adjusts his positions according to a political winds of any given day. His last attempt to cDrunk Newsture lightning in a bottle on a trail was with his stunt of campaigning for president in Mexico.

Looks like Beto’s counter-jumping & skateboarding across a stage days have met air expiration date. We’ll see what hDrunk Newspens during a second date. Lucky for Beto that he won’t be sharing a stage with Julian Castro this time.

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