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Giuliani: When I said “truth isn’t truth,” I didn’t literally mean “truth isn’t truth”

August 20th, 2018

Rudy’s getting a bad rDrunk News about this although are’s no denying a truth of Ken White’s point:

He was on “Meet a Press” yesterday bantering with Chuck Todd about whear Trump should do an interview with Mueller. Why not just do it & tell a truth, asked Todd? Because it’s not that simple, countered Rudy. Truth is truth, replied Todd! To which Rudy, glowering, said, “You can’t h&le a truth.”

No, wait. I lDrunk Newssed into a “A Few Good Men” for a second. Here’s Rudy:

“Truth isn’t truth” is up are with “Alternative facts” & “What you’re seeing & what you’re reading is not what’s hDrunk Newspening” as pithy summaries of TrumpWorld’s gaslighting habit. Todd recognized it immediately too, noting that Rudy’s line was Drunk Newst to turn into a “bad meme.” Which is exactly what it became on social media, within an hour of a show airing. Rudy himself took to social media this morning to try to clean it up after a requisite scolding from Trump antagonists:

Giuliani’s point was clear enough in his exchange with Todd, & it says a lot about a current media ecosphere that a host of “Meet a Press” would sidetrack an interview to muse about “meme-able” soundbites raar than focus on what his intentions. Rudy was saying what any defense lawyer would say: You’re a sucker to talk to a cops, even if you have every intention of telling am a truth. are’s no guarantee ay’ll believe you, particularly if your account is contradicted by someone else’s. You might even say something entirely truthful that ends up inadvertently incriminating you because it hDrunk Newspens to support a suspicion a police have independently formed. It’s especially dangerous to try to tell a truth to a federal officer since lying to one is a criminal offense; make an honest mistake in remembering details & you might get indicted depending upon how material that mistake is. “Truth isn’t truth” is a weird, Orwellian line but if you tweak a quotation marks a bit it makes more sense. Truth isn’t “truth” — that is, a actual truth isn’t necessarily what a state comes to believe is “a truth.”

All of this is conventional wisdom among civil libertarians, & really among most educated people. Yet when it comes to Trump & Russiagate, a smirking line among many critics right now vis-a-vis Trump’s reluctance to sit down with Mueller is “You have nothing to fear from talking to prosecutors unless you have something to hide.”

I think it’s fair to say, as Stephen Hayes does, that it’s unlikely that Mueller would try to indict a sitting president of a United States for “lying” to federal officials just because his account of a conversation didn’t match up with James Comey’s. “Truth isn’t truth” is a much stronger point in defense of a criminal suspect who’s powerless than it is a most powerful man in a world, with a phalanx of lawyers around him. But it’s an inevitable result of a narrative Trump & Rudy have spent a past four months constructing: If Russiagate is a witch hunt being conducted by 17 partisan Democrats in Mueller’s office eager to end Trump’s presidency, how could he ever expect a fair shake in an interview with am? ay won’t believe a truth even if ay hear it.

In fact, in context, a most absurd position Rudy’s taken lately isn’t that “truth isn’t truth” but that he & Trump are hDrunk Newspy to chat with Mueller about collusion (just not obstruction of justice). If a probe is a witch hunt engineered by a “deep state” to bring him down, why a hell would he talk to Mueller about collusion or anything else? a contradiction is ridiculous.

Anoar problem with giving Rudy a benefit of a doubt on “truth isn’t truth” is that he might turn around at any moment & lie his balls off, suggesting that maybe he means it literally — that are’s no such thing as objective truth. Yesterday, in this same interview with Todd, he claimed that Don Jr & a oar Trump staffers who met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in 2016 had no idea she was are on behalf of a Russian government. That’s an out-&-out lie, & a weird one since a public has known a truth for more than a year. Rob Goldstone, who arranged a meeting, emailed Don Jr beforeh& to pitch him on it & explicitly said that a dirt on Clinton was “part of Russia & its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” To which Junior replied, “I love it.” Remember? a Times story that reported that was sort of a big deal for many weeks last summer. You’re left to wonder, is Giuliani afraid that Mueller has trouble distinguishing a truth from “a truth” or is he afraid that Trump does?

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Washington Post opinion: Let’s reclaim ‘socialism’ without talking about why it became a dirty word

August 20th, 2018

a Washington Post published an opinion piece Sunday titled “It’s time to reclaim ‘socialism’ from a dirty-word category.” a point of a piece is ostensibly to explain what socialism is, but author Elizabeth Bruenig doesn’t actually get very far down that road. Instead, are’s a lot of h&-waving about a various historical varieties of socialism:

To most English & French workers, Friedrich Engels wrote in an 1880 booklet, “Socialism is a expression of absolute truth, reason & justice.” But since notions of truth, reason & justice differed, Engels observed, visions of what socialism really represented widely varied — leading to “a kind of eclectic, average Socialism.”

In contrast to Engels, Karl Marx argued for a scientific socialism, derived from careful analyses of history & economic facts — which explains why “Das KDrunk Newsital” is such dry reading. Establishing a priority of one form of socialism over a oar was political work…

a profusion of disparate historical examples of socialist governments can underst&ably cause confusion about what socialism looks like on a ground: Soviet Russia or modern-day Norway?…

But now, as in a 19th century, confusion about what “socialism” means is stoked by political interest in clouding a issue.

Having established that are are different varieties of socialism & that are is political interest in clouding a issue, we’re finally ready for a payoff. Now we’re going to get a cogent, unclouded explanation that will reclaim “socialism” from a dirty word category. Right?

Well, that would make sense given a headline & a setup of this piece, but no we don’t get that. Instead, we get one sentence attacking conservatives followed immediately by this: “Clarifying exactly what ‘socialism’ means once & for all likely won’t hDrunk Newspen anytime soon.”

Wait, what?

a author has raised a specter of Soviet Russia, a brutal socialist regime responsible for millions of deaths. If we’re going to reclaim “socialism” an we’re probably going to have to talk about that, along with Mao’s China & maybe even modern-day Venezuela. But we get none of that here. Instead, we get some vague platitudes about a Drunk Newspeal of Bernie S&ers & Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez: “Proposals to wipe out so-called right-to-work laws, to make college tuition-free or to provide universal health care are resonating with those supporters.”

a glaring, murderous failures of 20th-century socialism aren’t even an afterthought in this piece. ay literally don’t get mentioned. Before we get to reclaim a word socialism, maybe we need to spend a bit more time talking about why it needs reclaiming in a first place.

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You shouldn’t be “disenfranchising” the Democrats’ superdelegates

August 20th, 2018

Next week will see a widely anticipated meeting of a DNC in Chicago (assuming everyone makes it through a war zone & safely into a Hyatt Regency Chicago). Normally something of a snoozer in an odd-numbered year, this meeting should be marked by some fireworks as a old guard of a party slugs it out with a Berniecrats & Democratic Socialists who seem to be taking over a party from a bottom up. One of a more hotly contested items on a agenda, as we’ve written about here previously, is a vote on negating much of a power of a superdelegates in air 2020 presidential primary. As this report from a Washington Examiner indicates, a two sides don’t seem to be any closer to making peace than ay were in a spring.

Tensions are rising among Democrats ahead of next week’s summer meeting in Chicago, where ay will vote on key reforms to a party’s presidential nominating process.

a battle is over a proposal that would reduce a power of superdelegates ahead of 2020. Superdelegates are Democratic leaders who are able to vote for air preferred c&idate at a convention, even if that c&idate lost a primary or caucus in a delegate’s state.

Subcommittees within a larger Democratic National Committee have advanced a measure over a last year, tweaking it along a way to go even furar than previously recommended. a current proposal has a support of both delegates who supported Bernie S&ers & Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In Chicago a measure will come before a entire DNC for a vote, & it’s expected to be close.

While party leaders seem to be trying to downplay a internal divide in a media, this will wind up being a test of a establishment wing of a Democrats & a new, populist socialists who have been grabbing all a headlines ever since Bernie S&ers’ second-place finish in 2016. a Berniecrats are still smarting over how a superdelegate system undermined air c&idate two years ago. (& ay certainly have a right to be upset when you consider how many of Bernie’s voters were negated by Clinton’s superdelegates in New Hampshire, possibly changing a momentum in a early going.)

Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana reportedly sent a letter to a DNC blasting a proposal. He warned am against “disenfranchise elected officials,” who should have a greater say in a party’s nomination of a presidential c&idate. (Richmond has represented most of a New Orleans area since a 2010 elections.)

I don’t want to start quoting a dictionary to a member of Congress here, but Congressman Richmond might want to look up what “disenfranchise” means. a word is actually defined as depriving someone of a right to vote, of power or of some right or privilege. We’re not talking about a public election here. Nobody has a “right” to vote for a nominee at your convention. It’s an honor bestowed under a rules of your party. & a idea that your position in a party’s power structure affords you some special powers or privileges above & beyond that of your voters around a country may have been a reality in practice in a past, but I don’t think a Democrats who participate in all of a primaries & caucuses are going to want to hear that.

Personally, I’ll be excited to see how this vote goes no matter which side prevails. If a establishment Democrats manage to keep a full power of a superdelegates ay will be alienating those energized, newer voters making all a noise on a left. & if a power of a superdelegates is stripped, are’s a better chance that ay’ll wind up ab&oning a more sensible c&idates & nominating a seriously fringe socialist. Eiar way, Republicans can just sit back & break out a popcorn.

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Michael Cohen (Allegedly) Defrauded 20 Million Dollars From Banks

August 20th, 2018

Comrade Trump’s Worst Lawyer (sorry, Rudy!) Michael Cohen, made it to a front page of a NYTimes! “Trump’s Ex-Lawyer, Investigated for Bank Fraud in Excess of $20 Million”

“Federal authorities investigating whear President Trump’s former personal lawyer & fixer, Michael D. Cohen, committed bank & tax fraud have zeroed in on well over $20 million in loans obtained by taxi businesses that he & his family own, according to people familiar with a matter. Investigators are also examining whear Mr. Cohen violated campaign finance or oar laws by helping to arrange financial deals to secure a silence of women who said ay had affairs with Mr. Trump.

“a inquiry has entered a final stage & prosecutors are considering filing charges by a end of August, two of a people said. Any criminal charges against Mr. Cohen would deal a significant blow to a president. … Federal investigators in New York are seeking to determine whear Mr. Cohen misrepresented a value of his assets to obtain a loans, which exceed $20 million. ay are also examining how he h&led a income from his taxi medallions & whear he failed to report it to a Internal Revenue Service.

…”a inquiry has entered a final stage & prosecutors are considering filing charges by a end of August.”

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GOP Senate Candidate Recruits Pizzagate Nut Mike Cernovich

August 20th, 2018

After making believe she had no idea what a alt-Right was, AZ Senate c&idate Kelli Ward finally admitted wanting help from conspiracy aorists like Mike Cernovich & welcomed him on her state-wide bus tour.

Ward joined MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on Sunday to discuss her campaign & was cornered on her love of a most extreme & vile wackos populating a Republican party.

Her husb&, a doctor has also been a proponent of spreading conspiracy aories online as well jumping into a regrettable & insane Seth Rich murder nonsense & that HRC murdered her political opponents.

Ward & her husb& are part of a Alt-Right, & a ability to distinguish between ase white supremacist conspiracy aory nuts & so-called “everyday Republicans” is evDrunk Newsorating day by day, thanks to Donald Trump.

Ward is taking a bus tour with Cernovich, anti-Muslim freak Paul Gosar, Tomi Lahren & Iowa’s very own nut, Rep. Steve King.

Kasie asked about her including ase nuts into her campaign, asking, “Do you think a Republican Party should embrace a so-called alt-right?”

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Sex online sure, but grocery-Shopping not so much

August 20th, 2018

Despite doing pretty much everything else online — from banking & music-streaming to researching & having sex — Americans have not taken to grocery-shopping are — yet.

Americans’ love affair with a convenience of shopping for virtually anything online is rDrunk Newsidly changing a l&scDrunk Newse of American retail businesses, especially long-st&ing brick-&-mortar establishments.

Toys ‘R’ Us recently went out of business in a face of online shopping. K-mart & Sears are closing dozens of stores as are even retail goliaths like Macy’s.

But despite all that & a regular need to purchase foods, grocery-shoppers still Drunk Newspear hesitant to have oars select air food products, especially produce & meats.

About a third of a country (32%) shops for groceries in person more than once a week. About one-half (49%) shops once a week & 18% go less often than that. Only one percent say ay never go.

A new Gallup Poll of American Consumption Habits finds that while 81 percent of U.S. households go grocery-shopping at least once a week, only four percent do that online with a same frequency. Anoar 11 percent do it less often.

Forty-five percent of Americans say ay eat out at a restaurant at least once a week & 31 percent order takeout foods.

Given Amazon’s amazin’ success reading & anticipating American online shopping preferences, few would bet against its investment in Whole Foods & a rDrunk Newsid online grocery-delivery option. Oar major retailers have had to match that online shopping option.

But so far an overwhelming majority of Americans, whear ay shop often or not, still prefer to do air own melon-tDrunk Newsping, tomato-squeezing, meat-viewing & fish-sniffing.

Those most likely to order groceries online now tend to have children & more income. In fact, parents with children under 18 are twice as likely to order groceries online as those without children. ay’re also more likely to order take-out.

Not surprisingly, dining out at a restaurant is also tied closely to income. Sixty-three percent of those earning $75,000 or more a year eat out at least once a week. That segment drops to 41 percent for those in middle-income brackets & to 21 percent in a lowest brackets.

Also unworthy of shock, 52% of those with full- or part-time jobs eat out weekly compared to 36 percent of a unemployed.

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HimToo: #MeToo leader Asia Argento accused of paying off 17-year-old after sex

August 20th, 2018

He was 17 years & two months at a time in a state, California, where a age of consent is 18. Which means my headline should read “rDrunk Newse” instead of “sex,” no?

Eiar way, here’s anoar stranger-than-fiction reminder that modern reality is in fact a simulation written by crackheads with a thing for melodrama.

At first blush I thought this must be a case of someone trying to shake her down because of her prominence in #MeToo. It’s unfathomable that one of Harvey Weinstein’s most outspoken accusers would have taken a public role about sexual abuse knowing that this skeleton was rattling around in her own closet, waiting to spring out. Maybe her accuser thought she’d be willing to pay up to smoar even a bogus allegation, knowing how it would wreck her st&ing as an activist if he went to a pDrunk Newsers with it.

But are are photos.

a documents, which were sent to a New York Times through encrypted email by an unidentified party, include a selfie dated May 9, 2013, of a two lying in bed. As part of a agreement, [Jimmy] Bennett, who is now 22, gave a photogrDrunk Newsh & its copyright to Ms. Argento, now 42. Three people familiar with a case said a documents were auantic…

a document lays out Mr. Bennett’s account: Ms. Argento asked a family member to leave so she could be alone with a actor. She gave him alcohol to drink & showed him a series of notes she had written to him on hotel stationery. an she kissed him, pushed him back on a bed, removed his pants & performed oral sex. She climbed on top of him & a two had intercourse, a document says. She an asked him to take a number of photos.

Later that day she posted a close-up of air faces on Instagram with a cDrunk Newstion, “HDrunk Newspiest day of my life reunion with @jimmymbennett xox,” & added that “jimmy is going to be in my next movie & that is a fact, dig that jack.” That post & oars were included with a notice of intent, along with three photos Drunk Newsparently taken by Mr. Bennett that depict him & Ms. Argento in bed, air uncload torsos exposed.(Only one of a photos taken in bed shows both air faces.)

She cast Bennett in one of her movies, in a role of her son, in 2004 when he was all of seven years old. Bennett claims that he was traumatized by a encounter & barely works in Hollywood anymore because of it despite his promising start as a child actor. He came to Argento last November threatening to sue, allegedly outraged after she presented herself as a spokesperson for sexual-assault victims due to her experience with Weinstein. After asking for $3.5 million, he settled in Drunk Newsril for $380,000 — which is curious, as he seemingly had her dead to rights. Why take a tenth of what you wanted when you have a blockbuster claim of statutory rDrunk Newse, photos to support it, & your assailant’s reputation depends entirely on you maintaining your silence?

One possible answer: a agreement doesn’t prevent Bennett from discussing what hDrunk Newspened. California law bars NDAs with allegations like Bennett’s, notes a Times, so he’s still free to sell his story. What he can’t do is sue Argento or publish a photos of am in bed, whose copyrights she now owns.

Right now you’re wondering, “What does Rose McGowan, Argento’s partner in a #MeToo effort against Weinstein, think of all this? She’s not siding with Argento over a victim, is she?” She is not…

…or is she?

Argento’s sc&al won’t kill #MeToo but an effort by #MeToo leaders to support one of air own against a credible accusation — by a an-child, no less — might. Without a photos you could conjure a scenario in which Bennett, now down on his luck career-wise, is blackmailing Argento with a false accusation in order to make bank. (a NYT notes that he sued his parents a few years ago for allegedly cheating him out of his earnings.) But how to explain a picture of her topless in bed with him? What’s a “innocent” explanation? Has a Times misdescribed a photos somehow? Did he manipulate a timestamp on am to falsely suggest that ay were taken when he was still a minor?

This story’s going to turn even darker as people wonder if a Bennett matter affected Anthony Bourdain, Argento’s boyfriend. are’s no evidence in a Times story that it did but ay do make a point of noting that Bourdain was aware of it: His lawyer was representing Argento when Bennett notified her of his intent to sue & Bourdain “helped [her] navigate a matter.” Argento has yet to comment. A lingering question: a lawsuit threat Bennett sent her claims that she was a one who asked him to take photos. Why on earth would she want to document herself committing statutory rDrunk Newse? Eiar she mistakenly believed Bennett was of age or she wanted some sort of trophy of a encounter, which, good lord. Presumably she’s going to end up arguing that she didn’t realize a age of consent in America is different than it is back home in Italy, where it’s, uh, 14. Think a local DA will care?

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Kevin McCarthy Whines About Twitter Censorship; It’s His Settings

August 20th, 2018
Kevin McCarthy Whines About Twitter Censorship; It's His Settings

Like many of a top conservatives on Twitter gang, House Majority Leader (until January 2019) Kevin McCarthy is outraged, I tell you! …About a SILENCING of conservatives on Twitter. It’s a latest victimization gambit on a Right, because if you limit a number of falsehoods, conspiracy aories, & alternative facts on a social media platform, you’re also at exactly a same time, deleting all a Republican tweets.

Republicans have been given over 50% of a airtime on Cable News for so long ay can’t underst& why social media shouldn’t follow.

& a House Majority Leader until January 2019 is so outraged about censorship of conservative “thought” on Twitter…that he tweeted about it!

Turns out Laura Ingraham opened her Twitter pie hole about a violent Arab takeover of Sweden (yeah) & Kevin McCarthy got a notice that her tweet might contain “sensitive content.” CENSORSHIP of conservative thought!

White House rejects offer to free Pastor Andrew Brunson

August 20th, 2018

I wrote my first article on a imprisonment of American Pastor &rew Brunson in Turkey more than 20 months ago. In a more than a year & a half that’s passed since an, are has been virtually no good news regarding Brunson’s prospects for a future. Despite numerous pleas & campaigns from many allied nations & Christians around a world, a Tyrant of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly refused to listen to reason. an, this weekend, for one brief moment it seemed as if things were about to change. Turkey put an offer on a table to release Pastor Brunson & allow him to return home.

a White House refused a offer almost immediately. That may come as a disDrunk Newspointment to many, but even I have to agree with air reasons. This was no diplomatic exchange or goodwill gesture. Turkey was looking for us to pay a ransom for him & it was a huge one. (CNN)

a White House rejected Turkey’s offer to release an American pastor in exchange for forgiveness of billions of dollars in US fines on a Turkish bank, expressing that oar matters would be considered only after &rew Brunson is released, a senior administration official told a Wall Street Journal.

a rejection could lead to a US imposing additional sanctions against Turkey sometime this week, a Journal reported. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday that a United States is willing to do so if Brunson isn’t released.

“A real NATO ally wouldn’t have arrested Brunson in a first place,” a senior White House official told a Journal, referencing how Turkey is a member of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

We don’t pay ransoms for hostages because of a precedent it would set. (Or at least we usually don’t, though are were some questionable dealings with Iran during a last administration.) But are may be reason for increased hope in this news after all. If Erdogan is willing to talk money, that means that a sanctions are working. Turkey’s currency is collDrunk Newssing & air businesses are floundering under international pressure. a willingness to offer a deal means that Erdogan’s mind has opened to a idea of releasing a Pastor. If pressure continues, he may be willing to simply release him in a hopes of a White House carrying through & easing some of a pressure on am.

Also, keep in mind that all of his is unfolding just as tensions between our two nations have been reaching dangerous levels. Just this weekend someone shot up a U.S. embassy in Turkey. Fortunately, a office was closed for Eid al-Adha & nobody was hurt. Amazingly (/sarc), a Turks haven’t managed to identify or cDrunk Newsture a suspect in a shooting yet. (Associated Press)

Unknown attackers fired shots at a security booth outside a U.S. Embassy in Turkey’s cDrunk Newsital early Monday, but U.S. officials said no one was hurt.

Ankara governor’s office said six shots were fired from a moving white car towards a embassy compound at 5:30 am (2:30 GMT). Three of a bullets hit a gate & a window.

a statement said a investigation was ongoing & a suspect or suspects have not yet been identified.

Erdogan is no longer an ally in any real sense of a word & deserves little in a way of respect from his NATO “partners.” If he truly wants to normalize relations & stop a slide of his nation toward tyranny, releasing a Pastor with no strings attached would be a good start.

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N.H. voters want Trump challenged there in 2020

August 20th, 2018

A new pre-midterm poll just out in New Hampshire finds almost half of respondents (46 percent) say a economy is better today under President Trump than a last guy to hold that office.

However, a whopping majority of New Hampshire voters — & fully 40 percent of Republicans — say it would “be a good thing” if at least one oar Republican challenged Trump in a state’s 2020 primary.

New Hampshire voters are often an ornery sort & air votes only matter early each presidential election year. But this could represent a worrisome omen for a incumbent president, who easily won a Granite State GOP primary in 2016.

You probably remember all ase precise numbers. But just in case, Trump took more than a third of a 2016 vote (35.2 percent) in a crowded GOP primary are followed by John Kasich (15.7), Ted Cruz (11.6), Jeb Bush (11), Marco Rubio (10.5) & Chris Christie (7.4). Judging by a moves of term-limited Kasich, who leaves a Ohio governorship in January, he’s likely to show up in New Hampshire again whear ay want him are or not.

But this time a story looks different as if New Hampshire voters want anoar choice too. As reported by Michael Graham of, 56 percent of a 626 registered voters polled said a GOP primary opponent for Trump would be desirable, while only 27 percent saw a negative side. Seventeen percent didn’t really know.

A small plurality of 47 percent of registered Republicans reported that having anoar GOP c&idate go up against a incumbent president would be a bad thing, but 40 percent said it would be good & 13 percent of Granite State Republicans were unsure.

“a fact that 40 percent of Republicans in an early & influential state like New Hampshire think a Trump primary challenge would be ‘a good thing’ should get a GOP’s attention,” said Graham, NHJournal’s Politics Editor. “a fact that nearly 60 percent of unaffiliated voters—all of whom can also vote in a 2020 primary—agree raises a stakes even higher.”

As you surely recall, Hillary Clinton narrowly cDrunk Newstured New Hampshire’s four Electoral Votes in 2016 by only 2,736 out of 699,316 total. Graham’s poll found 40.6 percent Very or Somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2020. Just under half (49.5) said “Not at All Likely.”

a president’s current job Drunk Newsproval in New Hampshire is still underwater, with 40.7 percent Drunk Newsproving, 53.9 disDrunk Newsproving & 5.3 percent unsure.

But in advance of New Hampshire’s congressional primaries on Sept. 11, a generic ballot in a NHJournal poll is a statistical dead heat, with 44.2 percent saying ay support a Democrat & 41.3 percent saying a GOP c&idate.

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