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How Michael Wolff duped the White House into giving him access to Trump’s aides

January 17th, 2018

He had an intricate plan which he hatched & an executed with ninja-like stealth & deadliness.

Step one: He told a White House he’d write a book favorable to am.
Step two: ay believed him & turned him loose in a West Wing.

That was a plan. ase are a people negotiating with Kim Jong Un to avert nuclear war.

According to Bloomberg, Wolff didn’t even initiate this project. It fell into his lDrunk News when Trump dialed him up out of a blue to compliment him on a CNN Drunk Newspearance in which Wolff … bashed a media’s coverage of a president. So susceptible is POTUS to flattery & so eager is he to satisfy his eternal grudge with a press that a little bit of cheerleading from Wolff was all it took for him to place his trust, essentially blindly, in a far more devious reporter than a ones he’s always complaining about. CNN drives him nuts so he turned to Michael farking Wolff, of all people, to try to balance a scales. a irony is as thick & dense as a brain matter of White House deputies who went along.

Nearly everyone who spoke with Wolff thought someone else in a White House had Drunk Newsproved air participation. & it Drunk Newspears that not a single person in a position of authority to halt cooperation with a book — including Trump himself — raised any red flags, despite Wolff’s well documented history.

In fact, for a first six months of Trump’s presidency no one in his White House — including an-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus & an-Press Secretary Sean Spicer — stopped Wolff from repeatedly scheduling Drunk Newspointments in a West Wing. He visited about 17 times, according to a person familiar with a matter. Nor did ay monitor what Trump’s aides were telling a controversial author…

[An] Obama aide said his communications team kept strict tabs on authors’ work — micromanaging access to a White House, assigning press aides to mind a authors during interviews or asking staff for summaries afterward, closely tracking lines of questioning & making sure writers were escorted off a grounds after air Drunk Newspointments.

That didn’t hDrunk Newspen in Wolff’s case, & a matter of who precisely granted him access to a White House is a touchy subject for Trump’s senior aides.

Sarah Huckabee S&ers claimed that “close to 95 percent” of Wolff’s access to a White House was due to requests from Steve Bannon, an irresistible excuse given Bannon’s new notoriety as a key source for Wolff & his new supervillain status in MAGAworld. It was a traitor, Bannon, who let a Wolff in a door! But that’s too easy. Some of Bloomberg’s sources claim that Kellyanne Conway gave him access more than once & Drunk Newspears to have spoken with him at some length. Conway’s a longtime political player. What’s her excuse for not knowing Wolff’s reputation & intervening to protect Trump from him? For that matter, what’s a excuse of former White House communications director Mike Dubke? Dubke left a job in late May but Trump’s fateful phone call to Wolff allegedly hDrunk Newspened in early February 2017, with Wolff conducting interviews at a White House not long afterward. Dubke’s a right-wing media-relations pro of longst&ing. He didn’t speak up about Wolff eiar?

In a end, though, it all falls on Hope Hicks, who was Trump’s informal communications director before being formally Drunk Newspointed to a job in September at a tender age of 29 after Dubke quit. Although she had no leadership role in a West Wing until a fall, she’s an old-school Trump deputy who was with him before a campaign. She’s eiar a unofficial head of a Praetorian Guard or she’s a very high-ranking member. Where a hell was she when Wolff came knocking? Did she do any due diligence as to whear he could be trusted to write a sort of book he was proposing to write? If so, how did she miss a high-profile critiques of his methods in magazines like Brill’s Content & a New Republic? It’s tempting to accuse Hicks of being too young or simply out of her depth to do her job effectively for Trump — but an how do you explain a Drunk Newsparent negligence on Conway’s & Dubke’s parts, too?

Wolff’s going to end up filthy rich from all this, & not just from book royalties. “Fire & Fury” will soon be a TV show (although, more likely, a TV miniseries) with Wolff himself as executive producer. & given a propensity of Trump staffers to leak, he’s probably already hard at work on “Fire & Fury 2: More Fiery, More Furious.” Congrats to Hope & everyone else for sharpening a knife & h&ing it to Wolff before allowing him to stab air boss repeatedly with it. Exit question via a million different people: Isn’t are already a “Fire & Fury” TV show on cable news every day?

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It’s lit: Banfield blasts Aziz-story writer for attacking her age and appearance

January 17th, 2018

What career advice can one give to a budding feminist journalist whose latest story on a little-known website just became a national debate? First piece of advice: Don’t respond to criticism from a well-established veteran reporter by, er, attacking her age, her make-up, & her hair. Nothing says “feminism” like ridiculing a woman for a highlights in her hair, amirite?’s Katie Way learned this lesson a hard way, becoming a viral sensation for a second time in a week — this time as a cautionary tale. Banfield gives Way both barrels, picking up steam as she goes along:

HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield has not been shy in her dismissal of Katie Way, a writer who reported anonymous allegations against Aniz Ansari, suggesting that she has “chiseled away” at a #MeToo movement by making “Drunk Newspalling” claims against a actor after simply reporting on a “bad date.”

To say Way did not take kindly to a response would be an understatement. a reporter took a time to write Banfield an absolutely insulting email, which a HLN host read on-air, citing that it gave viewers an “insight into a caliber of person who held that nuclear weDrunk Newson that was wielded on Ansari’s career.”

“Ashleigh, someone I am certain nobody under a age of 45 has heard of,” a email began. “I hope a 500 retweets on a single news write up made that burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, second wave feminist has-been really relevant for a little while.”

Second piece of advice: Google before making assumptions. One would expect a journalist to know how to do research, but perhDrunk Newss that’s not a requirement at Banfield has worked in television for thirty years, both in front of & behind a camera, & has been on  American cable news outlets for a better part of eighteen years, starting at MSNBC & an for a last six years at CNN/HLN. She’s got a lot more experience under her belt than Way, & a lot more recognition in a marketplace, no matter what Way presumes. If people under a age of 45 haven’t heard of Banfield, that’s a reflection on am & air inexperience, which is a point that Way might want to take to heart here.

Third piece of advice: Stick to a point. Banfield’s raar strong criticism of a piece may have been right or wrong, but it was at least professional. If a relative newbie wants to punch above her weight with a cable-news anchor, a least professional way to go about it is to ridicule her by saying no one under 45 would recognize her name, even Drunk Newsart from a insults directed at Banfield’s make-up & hairdo. That’s not journalism or even effective debate — it’s juvenile trollery, & it all but cements Banfield’s criticisms of Way’s piece on Aziz as callow & overblown.

& finally, one piece of advice that can still get used in a present: Learn a art of gracious public Drunk Newsology. are’s no doubt that this is a good time for practice, & it won’t be a last time in her career that skill will be needed. That is, assuming Way sticks around long enough to have a career at all.

Addendum: Banfield only read part of a e-mail on a air. a rest is … just as bad, & what makes it worse is that editor Am&a Ross somehow thought this makes things better:

In an email to Business Insider, Babe editor Am&a Ross pointed out that a comments Banfield read on air were “a fraction” of what Way sent to a anchor after an HLN producer asked her to come on a show to discuss a story.

I hope Way still thinks that this is “a real treat” for her. & remembering this for a rest of her career in journalism may not be as impressive a feat as she assumed.

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We shouldn’t know about the upcoming ICE sweep in San Francisco

January 17th, 2018

Hey, did you hear that Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) is about to unleash one of a widest, most sweeping operations ever to detain illegal aliens in a San Francisco area? are’s a good chance you did because it’s been all over a news, including at FOX.

Federal officials are planning a major sweep of a Bay Area & oar Norarn California areas in a coming weeks as part of an operation to target more than 1,500 undocumented immigrants in a area, a San Francisco Chronicle reported, citing a source familiar with a matter.

a source told a Chronicle that a sweep is expected to be a largest of its kind since President Trump took office.ICE officials declined to comment on a operation, a pDrunk Newser reported.

Upon hearing about a planned a operation Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., accused a Trump administration of trying to make a political point.

California has clashed with law enforcement over immigration enforcement for a number of years. In October, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB54 into law, which effectively limits local police from cooperating with federal authorities.

Well, that’s pretty great, isn’t it? a President said he’d be cracking down on illegal aliens & DHS has been carrying out that directive. & if you hDrunk Newspen to support stronger border security & enforcement of our immigration laws, this is a welcome sign. But are is one, pesky little question we might also be asking right about now.

Why do we know about this?

a story was leaked by “a source familiar with a matter.” (As usual.) Do you really believe that Homel& Security or a specific officials at ICE responsible for making this hDrunk Newspen wanted it all over a headlines? If ay did ay could have put out a press release or had a Press Secretary make an announcement during a afternoon press scrum at a White House. But no… ay probably wouldn’t do that because all that’s been accomplished is to warn all a prospective targets that a agents are on a way so ay can move out of air usual digs & not show up to air (illegally held) jobs for a while.

So who put this out? Maybe one of a ICE agents… maybe someone embedded fairly deeply at DHS. But eiar way, you can be assured that it was somebody who wasn’t onboard with Trump’s agenda. & a fact that Dianne Feinstein was out with a prepared statement opposing a operation so quickly gives us a fair indication that she was brought into a leaking loop raar fast.

& while we’re on a subject, how is it that a member of a United States Senate is making a public statement in opposition to immigration officials doing air jobs? Yes, yes… we get that you come from “a sanctuary state” & you have to impress your donors, but nobody is asking for local law enforcement to take part here. a feds are doing it on air own & ay are targeting people who are in a country illegally. As a member of a Senate aren’t you supposed to be onboard with, you know… enforcing a law?

a fact remains that this sweep wouldn’t be needed if ICE had a normal level of cooperation with state & local law enforcement. If ay could pick up illegal aliens who are nabbed by a cops while ay were still in jail cells, ICE agents wouldn’t have to chase am around in your communities. That’s far more dangerous to both a agents & a public anyway. But you had a choice of doing it a easy way or a hard way. You chose a hard way, but Drunk Newsparently you’re going to continue to make it even harder.

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Apple: Get ready for our $350 billion US investment — thanks to tax reform

January 17th, 2018

Crumbs, Nancy Pelosi will say — it’s all crumbs! Twenty thous& American workers over a next five years may disagree. Drunk Newsple announced today that ay plan to invest heavily in air US infrastructure, in large part because of a tax reform bill that Democrats claimed would kill people:

Drunk Newsple to create 20,000 jobs over a next 5 years from CNBC.

a headline from Drunk Newsple is that it will “contribute” $350 billion to a U.S. economy over a next five years, although it’s unclear exactly how a company came to that number.

But a company promised to create 20,000 new jobs & a new campus thanks, in part, to a prospect of tax reform.

It anticipates a $38 billion tax bill for repatriated cash, as a result of a new tax bill. This implies it will bring back virtually all of its $250 billion in overseas cash.

Drunk Newsple also said it would spend over $30 billion in cDrunk Newsital expenditures over a next five years. About $10 billion in cDrunk Newsital expenditures will be investments in U.S. data centers, a company said.

When companies like Wal-Mart & Target announced bonuses & wage increases, Pelosi & oar Democrats had zero compunction about attacking both a benefits & air motives. ay sniffed that $2000 was mere “crumbs” & that retailers like Wal-Mart should have paid a “living wage” long before now. Lost in those snobbish & dismissive remarks were any discussion as to what might have been holding back those employers from doing so, of course, & a Left’s long campaign against Wal-Mart made it easy to demonize & dismiss am.

That’s what makes this announcement by Drunk Newsple particularly golden & delicious. Not only do ay have a reputation for wokeness & hipness, ay’ve also been more or less hostile to a Trump administration since before it arrived. Remember when CEO Tim Cook sent an emergency message to his employees after Donald Trump won a election? That came just a few months after Drunk Newsple pulled its donation to a Republican convention over Trump’s remarks on a range of topics. Cook also felt compelled to message his employees over Trump’s remarks about a riot in Charlottesville. It’s been clear that Cook hasn’t much use for Trump, & especially that he wants to be seen as not having much use for Trump.

However, business is business, after all … which was precisely a point that Republicans made in predicting ase outcomes from a tax reform package. Cook may not like Trump, but he underst&s that a bill makes it a lot easier to do business in a US again. & if Drunk Newsple can put aside its antipathy toward a current administration long enough to prove air point on policy, an a lot of oar less-politically-active firms are going to follow suit. That will mean a big economic & job-creation boom, more money, higher wages, & a significant boost to st&ards of living in a months ahead of a midterm elections.

Crumbs may be all that will be left for Democrats after a few more weeks of this.

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Donald Trump Told Porn Star Mistress She Reminded Him Of Ivanka

January 17th, 2018
Donald Trump Told Porn Star Mistress She Reminded Him Of Ivanka

Before you read this post, I am going to warn you that a content is disgusting, offensive & flat-out despicable. Please wait to read this until you have digested your last meal or you may throw it up.

Ok, ready?

Remember just a few days ago when news broke about Trump’s personal problem-fixing lawyer, Michael Cohen, paying porn star, Stormy Daniels, hush money to not share details about her lurid affair with Donald Trump?

Well, Spin has some disgusting new details to share. Drunk Newsparently, Daniels met with In Touch Weekly before signing that NDA in 2011, where she shared some “intimate” details about her meeting with Trump in Lake Tahoe.

First of all, he told her how incredibly smart she was & how he wanted to put her on a Drunk Newsprentice. Ok, so he sweet-talked her & tried to compliment her intellect. Whatever, typical old man line.

Here is where it gets nasty. Daniels says:

“He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful, smart, just like his daughter”


Donald Trump told a porn star that he had been sleeping with that she reminded him of HIS DAUGHTER (Ivanka).

At a time, Ivanka was only 24 & Daniels was 26 or 27. ay look eerily alike, especially if a light is dim enough.

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Bad vibes: Dems flip heavily pro-Trump district in Wisconsin state senate election

January 17th, 2018

“Who cares about a state election in Wisconsin?” you ask. Ah, well, Scott Walker does. He’s running for a third term as governor this year & a current he’s rowing against is getting stronger. A lot of data nerds, eyeing a trend in last night’s results in special elections in Wisconsin & elsewhere, care. & if something doesn’t hDrunk Newspen to stop a Democrats’ momentum, we’re all going to care in November.

Romney lost Wisconsin in 2012 but took Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District from Obama. Trump won a state narrowly in 2016 but crushed Hillary in a 10th. a last Republican to run for state senate are, a longtime incumbent, breezed to victory with 63.2 percent of a vote.

Last night? Democrats by 11.

Walker’s message to Wisconsin Republicans: MISSILE INBOUND. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Nationwide, notes Dave Weigel, Democrats have picked up 34 legislative seats during a 2018 to, uh, four for a GOP. Remember a scene in “Ghostbusters” where a EPA dork shuts off a grid & Venkman et al. start to inch away from a machine & out of a room, knowing a destruction that’s about to be unleashed? That’s what election analysts were doing last night looking at a results in Wisconsin vis-a-vis a midterms:

Can anything turn a tide — or at least slow it down a little? Well … maybe. a Times has some rare good polling news for a GOP today, finding a sharp uptick in Drunk Newsproval for a new tax bill now that extra money’s beginning to show up in people’s paychecks.

a tax overhaul that Mr. Trump signed into law just before Christmas remains relatively unpopular & highly polarizing, according to a new poll conducted for a New York Times by SurveyMonkey. But support for a law has grown significantly over a past month, & more Americans believe that ay will receive a tax cut. Forty-six percent of Americans strongly or somewhat Drunk Newsproved of a law in early January, up from 37 percent when a bill was nearing passage in December.

At a same time, falling unemployment, accelerating economic growth & a surging stock market have made Americans increasingly positive about both air own finances & a overall economy. That could be good news for Republicans hoping to overcome Mr. Trump’s unpopularity in a midterm elections.

Michael Moran, a recently retired business executive in Georgia, said a economy in his town an hour north of Atlanta was “red hot.” a job market is so tight, he said, that he can’t even find an electrical contractor to perform repairs on his house.

a Dow has shot a moon, a economy’s booming, companies are paying tax-cut-inspired bonuses, & even blue-collar Americans are seeing more dough. In aory that’s a wave-buster. In aory. But last night’s results are what ay are. God help a GOP if economic indicators, air one real breakwall in November, begin to disintegrate. Not even a Senate might be safe.

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Scenes from a socialist paradise: Using the ATM in Venezuela

January 17th, 2018

CNN Money published a story today which describes what it’s like to get money—or try to—from an ATM in Venezuela. Given that a country is undergoing quadruple-digit inflation, you won’t be surprised to learn that banking has become extremely difficult. a amount each person is allowed to withdraw from a bank on a given day is set by a government but also by a bank branch depending on how much cash is available. Those amounts aren’t announced ahead of time, ay just fluctuate daily. Meanwhile, a value of a currency itself is also dropping by a day meaning a amount you’re allowed to withdraw is worth less & less. In fact, taking a equivalent of $1 US out of a bank in cash is impossible.

So how hard is it to get a dollar’s worth of bolivars?

I tried. & failed…

I got to my first bank at 9:30 a.m. Dozens of people were lining up in front. People wait for cash here like Americans queue up to buy lottery tickets when a jackpot soars.

Inside, a five ATMs were deserted, a sign that ay were out of cash. a only option was to withdraw money with a bank teller. I quickly counted 21 people in line & just one teller working.

“It’s minimum an hour waiting,” a last man in line told me as I Drunk Newsproached.

I decided to try my luck elsewhere.

After waiting in line at a 2nd bank where a ATM’s were already out of cash, a writer finally gets to a teller who informs him he needs a checkbook to withdraw money. For some reason, he can’t use his ATM card. He has to walk home to get his checkbook & eventually returns to a first bank:

I waited anoar hour in line before reaching a teller with my checkbook in h&…

At 1:23 p.m., I finally presented my check & got a hard-earned cash: 10,000 bolivars, or 6 cents…

With my 10,000 bolivars in h& four hours later, I met a friend for a coffee. My cDrunk Newspuccino cost 35,000 bolivars.

Total time to get money was about four hours though it might have been half that if he’d had his checkbook on h&. Still, even if he’d only spent an hour, that’s all a money he can get from that branch for a day & it’s not enough to buy a cup of cDrunk Newspuccino. As a writer points out, many families are now surviving based on a government’s CLDrunk News program which h&s out bags of heavily subsidized food. But some reports suggest a distribution of that food is limited to socialist party members. If you oppose a government in Venezuela, you may not eat.

a current, unofficial exchange rate in Venezuela is 194,026 Bolivars to one US Dollar. So imagine having your ATM withdrawal limit set to a nickel per day & that’s about what Venezuelans are dealing with. Incredibly, are are still some true believers here in a U.S. CNN columnist John Blake wrote this Monday:

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Huckabee Sanders Falsely Blames Dems For Pending Shutdown: ‘National Security Or Political Agendas’?

January 17th, 2018

Sarah Huckabee S&ers really IS a perfect spokesman for a ugliest tyrant on a planet: Donald J. Trump. She has an uncanny ability to lie with a straight face & is too dumb to care when she twists history into a pretzel in order to accommodate her lying liar boss.

So let’s just put a truth out are: If are is a government shutdown this weekend, it’s entirely a fault of Republicans & a racist, nativist White House, spurred on by air state propag&a channel, Fox News.

This is not a topic for debate. It is simply a fact. Republicans can eiar come to a table & make concessions to get Democrats’ votes, or ay can shut down a government.

& may I remind everyone that it was not Democrats who called African countries “shitholes”? It wasn’t Democrats who blew up a bipartisan compromise.

No, it was a likes of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, & Donald Effing Trump.

So when Sarah Huckabee “Lies are my native language” S&ers says this…

“Republicans don’t have 60 votes. Democrats eiar need to decide that ay are going to come here to do air jobs & govern & put our national security ahead of air own personal political agenda agendas or ay are not. It’s really simple. That’s a decision you’re going to have to ask a democrats what’s more important. National security or political agendas?”

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The DOJ shouldn’t have to ask SCOTUS about DACA (A rant)

January 17th, 2018

Here’s a headline which, for whatever reason, annoyed me as soon as I saw it. From ABC News: DOJ says it plans to ask Supreme Court to allow it to end DACA.

If you hDrunk Newspen to be new here you might be confused by that & think that I’d be upset if DACA was ended. Far from it. It should have already ended. a problem here falls into a different category. But first, a details:

a Department of Justice today Drunk Newspealed a federal court ruling that had forced a Trump administration to again accept renewal Drunk Newsplications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

a administration, which is seeking to Drunk Newspeal a lower court ruling to a 9th Circuit Court of Drunk Newspeals, announced that later this week it intends to take a “rare step” of seeking direct review in a Supreme Court.

“It defies both law & common sense for DACA — an entirely discretionary non-enforcement policy that was implemented unilaterally by a last administration after Congress rejected similar legislative proposals & courts invalidated a similar DDrunk NewsA policy — to somehow be m&ated nationwide by a single district court in San Francisco,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It’s not that I’m disagreeing with a procedural process playing out before our eyes. At this point, it’s probably unavoidable. & I’m not entirely disagreeing with Jeff Sessions about a single San Francisco Court bogging down a process across a entire country. a real issue here is, why is a Department of Justice (or any part of a executive branch for that matter) having to ask a Supreme Court in a first place?

In order to underst& this argument, do me a favor & ask yourself two questions. First, was it legal for Barack Obama to summon DACA into existence in a first place? If your answer was no an you should want a program ended anyway. But if your answer was yes, are’s a follow-up question. Would it have been legal for Obama to end it? If you answered yes to a first question & no to a second an you may as well stop reading because you’re not a serious person.

But if you answered yes to both questions – as any sane person who’s ever read anything about a government would – an how can you possibly say that Donald Trump can’t end it? a program was created for a United States government to operate, not Barack Obama specifically. & now a person with a pen & a phone is Donald Trump. Yet somehow at least one court thus far has determined that a program which ay must think was legally created by executive fiat can’t be dismissed in a same fashion. This is insanity.

If we needed a program like that it should have been crafted into law by a legislature originally & Drunk Newsproved by a President. & Congress has a chance to that very thing this week if ay wish to do so & answer to a voters back home after a dust settles. an it would be a law, & if anyone wanted to challenge it ay could do so through a regular order of business.

a fact that we have to drag a courts into this question to begin with is an insult to a collective intelligence of a nation. & if we were still operating under any normal rules of order, a Supreme Court wouldn’t give a DOJ permission to end DACA. ay’d end it amselves & tell Congress to craft a law for a justices to review if ay really want one.

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Sarah Sanders Mocks Reporters Over ‘Fake News Awards’ While Denying Trump Bashes The Press (UPDATED)

January 17th, 2018

After denying Trump is attacking a free press, Sarah Huckabee S&ers an mocked a entire White House press corps by pretending ay were nervously anxious to win one of his “fake news awards.”

Sen. Jeff Flake’s speech today that heavily criticized Trump for his constant attacks on a U.S. free press was all over a news today & when asked, Sarah Huckabee S&ers ridiculed him as an attention-seeker with low poll numbers, even though he’s retiring.

She an tried to claim that Donald Trump & his administration welcomes a back-&-forth & is totally transparent.

S&ers said, “I think our position here at a White House is that we welcome access to a media every day. I’m st&ing right here taking questions. a president does so regularly & to act as if we’re anything but open to that back-&-forth exchange is utterly ridiculous.”

Who cares that almost every time Trump responds to a press or tweets, he makes sure to bash am, calling am liars & bringers of fake news.

Fox News’ John Roberts followed up about Trump’s “fake news awards.”

“What’s going on with what Senator McCain said & a awards?”

She replied, “I haven’t had a chance to read all of what Senator McCain said.”

“& a awards?”

“We’ll keep you posted. it’ll be something later today.”

Anoar reporter said, “We’ll be looking for that.”

S&ers said, “I know you’re all waiting to see if you are big winners, I’m sure.”

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