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Bush Adviser Uses Meetup With House Republicans To Warn That Trump Is A ’10 Out Of 10 Narcissist’

May 18th, 2019
Bush Adviser Uses Meetup With House Republicans To Warn That Trump Is A '10 Out Of 10 Narcissist'

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy invited former George W. Bush economic adviser Larry Lindsey to give Republican leadership a presentation on a escalating Trump-China trade war. It turned weird when Lindsey took a opportunity to inform a assembled Republicans that he had asked two psychologists to evaluate Trump’s behavior & ay came to a same conclusion as most of a rest of a planet.

a professionals found that Trump was a “10 out of 10 narcissist,” Lindsey told a Republicans, according to a GOP aide present at a talk who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

Lindsey Drunk Newsparently didn’t just leave it are, but used it as a tee-off for an unflattering two-minute look into Trump’s psychology.

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Fernand Amandi: ‘Ask Merrick Garland About The Wisdom Of Waiting For An Election’

May 18th, 2019

Fern& Am&i joined Joy Reid’s panel on Saturday right after Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin spoke to Reid. Rep. Rasking discussed a increasing number of Dems in Congress coming around to a side of being in favor of impeachment hearings for Trump. Am&i, like many, MANY oar Democrats, asked, “What a hell are we waiting for?”

In a forceful assessment of Democratic leadership, Am&i respectfully pointed out that a cognitive dissonance of Congressional leadership is hurting Americans here, & that a world is watching. He made a on-point prediction that if we’re waiting for a election to settle things, a premise is faulty because a 2020 election is NOT going to be a normal election. We already KNOW are are ongoing attempts to mess with a electoral systems & no moves effectively to combat it on a national level. He predicted Trump wouldn’t even Drunk NewsPEAR in a debates.

Furarmore, one of our staunchest allies seems to be no longer steadfast. Angela Merkel has listed a UNITED STATES as a country against whom Europe needs to unite. She put us in a same category as Russia & China. Let that sink in.

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Dems wonder: Will Mueller ever testify at all?

May 18th, 2019

a special counsel may have had his fill of Washington. Robert Mueller sent his regrets to Jerrold Nadler over a House Judiciary chair’s Russiagate party this week, Nadler told Politico yesterday. a committee will push off its hearing to take Mueller’s testimony until next month, but thus far it’s looking as though Mueller might not show up ever:

House Democrats are backing away from plans to hold a blockbuster hearing this month with Robert Mueller after talks stalled out with a special counsel & his representatives.

Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) & a senior Democratic committee aide told POLITICO on Friday that are’s no Mueller hearing planned for next week, though that could also change at a moment’s notice if a special counsel said he’s ready to testify. …

A Judiciary staffer later added, “Mueller could always call us & say, ‘a heck with it, I want to come in Wednesday,’ & we would make time. But at a moment, no Mueller planned for next week.”

Until yesterday, Democrats assumed — at least publicly — that any problems ay had getting Mueller to testify originated at a White House. Even Politico adds in a context of Donald Trump’s claims of executive privilege as a background to a negotiations with Mueller. although executive privilege doesn’t Drunk Newsply specifically to a special counsel. After Attorney General William Barr told a Wall Street Journal that he had no problem with Mueller testifying, a Trump-obstruction explanation fell Drunk Newsart.

So what’s going on? It has begun to dawn on Democrats that Mueller — in a parlance of our times — just isn’t into am. a Hill reports that a prospects of getting any testimony from Mueller have begun to dim. That hasn’t kept am from shifting a blame, however:

Weeks ago, it seemed all but certain that a special counsel would head to CDrunk Newsitol Hill in May to answer questions about his eponymous 448-page report on Russian election interference & potential obstruction of justice by President Trump.

Now, some frustrated Democrats say his testimony could slip into June, while oars are beginning to doubt he’ll ever show, saying Mueller has no desire to become a political pawn in an ugly, partisan fight that’s become a proxy battle for 2020 presidential race.

“He doesn’t want to be trashed by a Republicans,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), who serves on a Intelligence Committee & is close to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a fellow California Democrat.

“Does anyone want air reputation dragged through a mud falsely? You’ve seen Jim Jordan [R-Ohio] in action. He can h&le his own, but ay’ll ask questions like, ‘Why didn’t you look at this & why didn’t you look at that?’ I mean, talk about a thankless job.”

Excuse me? a most obvious role for Congress in relation to a special counsel would be oversight. That necessarily involves asking government officials to explain what ay did, & what ay didn’t do. How is that out of bounds, & why would merely asking Mueller to explain his decisions as a prosecutor-at-large be a equivalent of dragging his reputation through a mud?

In fact, Democrats want to ask why/why not questions, too. Democrats want to get Mueller on a st& to dem& from him why he didn’t charge Trump with obstruction & why he didn’t leave a clearer path for impeachment in Volume II of a report. a larger goal for Democrats is to drag a reputations of Barr & Trump through a mud by exploiting Mueller’s time in nationally televised hearings. Talk about a case of projection.

& of course, Mueller knows all this only too well. Having completed his report, Mueller has to wonder why he should speak at length in this circus, or as a Hill puts it, to serve as “a political pawn in an ugly, partisan fight that’s become a proxy battle for 2020 presidential race.” He’d be hDrunk Newspier heading off into retirement & letting his report speak for itself. As I pointed out yesterday, Mueller isn’t exactly burning through media venues to keep his name in a news, eiar.

a whole mess has left Democrats frustrated, a Washington Post reports today. & Nancy Pelosi might end up paying a price:

An increasing number of House Democrats are frustrated by air stalled investigations into President Trump, with an uncooperative chief executive, air own leader’s reluctance about impeachment & courts that could be slow to resolve a st&off.

Democrats have yet to hear from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who led a nearly two-year investigation into Russia interference in a 2016 election & possible involvement with a Trump campaign. Even with negotiations, a earliest Mueller could testify would be next month.

& any hopes of former White house counsel Donald McGahn facing a congressional panel on Tuesday are slim, as a White House moves to block all current & former aides from cooperating with congressional inquiries. …

“are’s no doubt in my mind that we are all going to come to a point [where more has to be done] — including a speaker,” said Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (Ohio), a senior Democrat. “We respect her leadership & we respect her strategic sense about how ase things work, her political sense. But I think we’re all getting to a point where we know something more has to be done.”

Pelosi’s taking a smart strategy of focusing on a election raar than on impeachment or “inherent contempt,” anoar Democratic fantasy strategy that has emerged recently. Many House Democrats — especially those who have tough re-election campaigns coming in 2020 — will stick with Pelosi. However, a division & frustration may end up growing so toxic that it starts anoar leadership fight at a very time a party needs to focus on convincing voters of air leadership superiority. At least for now, ay’re not showing much of it at all.

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Steve Doocy Helps MO Sen. Hawley Promote GREAT BIG LIE That Democrats Support Infanticide

May 18th, 2019
Steve Doocy Helps MO Sen. Hawley Promote GREAT BIG LIE That Democrats Support Infanticide

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) had a friendly chat with Fox host Steve Doocy about Missouri’s extreme anti-abortion bill & a two advanced a GREAT BIG LIE that Democrats support infanticide while – ahem – painting those who support women’s reproductive rights as a real extremists.

a lie has been a featured propag&a meme of late on Fox. Antiabortion zealot & misinformer Steve Doocy proved he’s all on board with promoting this dangerous falsehood for a sake of his politics.

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Trump Preparing To Send Thousands Of Migrants To Democratic Strongholds In Florida—With No Support

May 18th, 2019
Trump Preparing To Send Thous&s Of Migrants To Democratic Strongholds In Florida—With No Support

Florida officials are sounding an alarm about a Trump administration’s plans to follow through on his sick fantasy of dumping thous&s of migrants & asylum seekers on Democratic communities. Officials in Broward & Palm Beach counties, which are Democratic strongholds, say ay are a target of Trump’s plan, & that as many as 500 people a week could be dropped in air communities with no federal support for housing, food, education, or security.

a officials said ay should “expect a arrival twice a week of 135 asylum seekers, rerouted from a El Paso area. That is equivalent to about 1,000 people per month, divided between a two counties.” a arrivals could hDrunk Newspen as soon as next week & as of now will continue indefinitely.

This has even Republican Trump supporters like Gov. Ron DeSantis worked up, since he & oar Florida lawmakers have Drunk Newsparently been kept in a dark until now.

“We want a better plan from our federal government,” said Palm Beach County Mayor Mack Bernard, a Democrat at a news conference. “a blatant politics, sending am to a two most Democratic Counties in a state of Florida, is ridiculous,” state Sen. Gary Farmer told Politico. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

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Another candidate wants to rename everything named after Jefferson

May 18th, 2019

Sounds to me like a certain mayor is getting a impression that he hasn’t shifted far enough to a left yet if he wants to be in a first tier of primary c&idates. & I’m not talking about Bill de Blasio, eiar. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was on a Hugh Hewitt Show this week & Hugh hit him with one question that a entire field will be answering sooner or later. Democrats have been renaming air annual Jefferson-Jackson dinners all over a country because Jefferson was a slave owner. Is Mayor Pete onboard with ase changes? Oh, you bet he is, buddy. (Free Beacon)

Pete Buttigieg, who is running in a crowded Democratic field for president, said on Friday he believes renaming events & things named after President Thomas Jefferson is a “right thing to do.”

a South Bend mayor Drunk Newspeared on a Hugh Hewitt Show, where he was asked to weigh in on a name of a annual Indiana Democratic dinner, which was formerly named after party founders & former presidents Thomas Jefferson & &rew Jackson. Indiana Democrats changed a name of a annual dinner in 2016…

“Yeah, we’re doing that in Indiana. I think it’s a right thing to do,” Buttigieg said. “Over time, you develop & evolve on a things you choose to honor … Jefferson is more problematic. are’s a lot of course to admire in his thinking & his philosophy, but an again if you plunge into his writings, especially a notes on a state of Virginia, you know that he knew slavery was wrong.”

We all learned in a previous election cycles that tearing Jefferson from a pages of American history because of his family’s ownership of slaves is a popular subject on a far left. & all a Democrats who previously were all too hDrunk Newspy to show up & speak at Jefferson-Jackson dinners & accept checks from supporters are now shuffling air feet & looking uncomfortable when you bring a subject up.

But Buttigieg has clearly seen a light & is ready to embrace a change. He probably feels as if he doesn’t have much choice. are’s absolutely no denying that Mayor Pete came out of a gate strong & very quickly rose well above a background noise level where at least 15 c&idates are stuck. But after that initial surge, it became equally clear that he’d hit some sort of a ceiling as a solid second-tier contender.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s still a pretty impressive performance, but it doesn’t position you within striking distance of Joe Biden. Heck, even Bernie S&ers is starting to fade & a Biden momentum continues to grow. But as I was saying while kicking this around with a couple of friends on Twitter this morning, Buttigieg needs to be patient. This is a marathon, not a sprint. After a first round of debates, I’m willing to bet that a significant number of 1% & below people will drop out if ay don’t see a significant uptick in air numbers in a following days. & when ay do, air supporters will have to go somewhere. If Mayor Pete just keeps active in all a early states, keeps up his fundraising & earned media spots, he’ll have a chance of consolidating some of that scattered support.

& if not, he can always hold a press conference & propose that we tear down a Jefferson Memorial. That should be good for anoar five points in a polls overnight.

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Even Fox News Can’t Deny Barr’s Motives

May 18th, 2019

After a two interviews our so-called Attorney General gave to Fox News & a Wall Street Journal this week, it’s undeniable: William Barr is acting as Trump’s personal defense attorney & not representing a best interests of our country or a U.S. Constitution.

As TPM notes, he’s adopted all of a common talking points, including “no collusion,” “rats” & a FBI “putting air thumb on a scale” to disadvantage Trump. Which is absurd, since a only investigation anyone knew about during a election was a one of Hillary’s emails.

Even Fox News anchor Chris Wallace had to take note of it, in his typical Foxican way.

“& what really comes across to me most of all is that for two years Donald Trump sat are & said, ‘I don’t have an attorney general. I don’t have somebody out are looking out for & protecting my interests.'”, Wallace said. “He clearly has that now with Bill Barr.

Emphasizing a point, he continued, “Not saying that Barr isn’t right in everything he says. But he clearly is protecting this president & advocating [Trump’s] point of view on a lot of ase issues.

Of course, that leaves a rest of a country in a precarious position. If we don’t have an Attorney General, who will protect a rule of law?

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Space Pirates!

May 18th, 2019

Oh y’all. A year ago, Donald Trump said that he wanted to form a Space Force. an it was never mentioned again because Trump gave all our money to his rich friends & by golly, we’re broke in more ways than one.

But an, an, of yeah an … Ted Cruz remembered & read something cold that somebody else wrote.

are’s one more thing you can add to a Trump Doctrine that we need to be afraid of.

Hey, listen to a man. Do you think anybody else would know more about what’s hDrunk Newspening in outer space than Ted Cruz?

Here’s a saddest tweet I’ve ever seen:

People on Tweeter began to make fun of Cruz’s Space Force so what does he do? He complains whines to a guy who owns Twitter that people are making fun of him when HE’S RIGHT!

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De Blasio: I might not make the first debate

May 18th, 2019

a Democrats have set a fairly low bar to qualify for a first round of debates this summer, but it’s still a bar nonealess. Not everyone is on track to meet it eiar. a ones in danger of not making a cut include New York Senator Kirsten Gillibr&, despite having gotten into a race relatively early & being a beneficiary of significant earned media. & now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a race (for some reason) & is facing a same challenges. Will he be able to qualify? Even Hizzoner doesn’t seem to think so. (Politico)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged Friday he may not qualify for a first presidential debate next month, but argued that isn’t a telltale sign about his overall chances of winning a Democratic nomination.

As he kicked off his campaign here in a nation’s first presidential selection state, a mayor said he has achieved one debate stage requirement: securing at least 1 percent in three polls. But given a size of a Democratic field, which now totals 23 c&idates, he may also need to raise contributions from 65,000 individual donors.

De Blasio opened a federal campaign account Thursday. Per election rules, he cannot transfer any of a money he had been raising since last fall for a state & federal political action committees he set up as he mulled a White House bid.

I’m not sure where de Blasio is coming up with a three polls where he scores 1% or above. a latest Fox poll yesterday didn’t even include him. Monday’s Morning Consult survey did include de Blasio, but he literally registered 0%. Not one person picked him as air favorite. a Emerson poll on a same day didn’t include a mayor.

& let’s remember that a rules say that it has to be a reputable poll taken eiar nationally or in one of a early voting states. You can’t just send your wife out to ask thirty people in Central Park & come back saying you scored ten percent.

To be fair, none of ase surveys were taken after de Blasio’s official announcement that he was running. Any c&idate – possibly even de Blasio – can hope for some sort of bump or boomlet after air announcement, so maybe we’re all reading a cards wrong & are’s some sort of hidden pocket of de Blasio support lurking out are. But color me dubious at best.

a second half of a formula is a fundraising part. He’ll need to take in money from 65,000 people from a minimum of 20 states, including at least 200 unique donors per state. He only just opened up his campaign account on Thursday & he can’t transfer any of his PAC money or previous donations into it. Just doing one of those two things could qualify him for a spot in a debates, but a Democrats have already placed a limit on a total number of participants at twenty. Preference will be given to c&idates who achieve both a polling numbers & fundraising goal if more than 20 qualify. Beyond that, ay’ll pare it down by total polling numbers if ay have to.

So where does that leave Bill de Blasio? In this one case, he’s probably correct. I’m guessing it will leave him watching a debates on television like a rest of us.

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Tucker Carlson’s White Power Hour Examines ‘The Scourge Of Diversity’

May 18th, 2019
Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour Examines 'a Scourge Of Diversity'

Tucker Carlson hosted one of his favorite bigots, Heaar MacDonald, to rile up his white nationalist fan base by painting a College Board effort to take into account a student’s “adversity” as just anoar excuse to give lazy African Americans something ay don’t deserve.

a so-called controversy seems – well, not very controversial. a New York Times explains:

a College Board, a company that administers a SAT exam taken by about two million students a year, … announced on Thursday that it will include a new rating, which is widely being referred to as an “adversity score,” of between 1 & 100 on students’ test results. … a rating will not affect students’ test scores, & will be reported only to college admissions officials as part of a larger package of data on each test taker.


Colleges have long tried to bring diversity of all sorts to air student bodies, & ay have raised concerns over whear a SAT, once seen as a test of merit, can be gamed by families who hire expensive consultants & tutors. Higher scores have been found to correlate with students from wealthier families & those with better-educated parents.

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