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Fox Already Weaponizing Mueller Report After Misleadingly Suggesting Trump Exonerated

March 23rd, 2019
Fox Already WeDrunk Newsonizing Mueller Report After Misleadingly Suggesting Trump Exonerated

Before knowing what’s in a Mueller report, Donald Trump’s unofficial Media Monitor Mollie Hemingway smugly suggested Dear Leader was found innocent & that reporters, Democrats & government officials who have suggested oarwise be “held accountable.”

It has been revealed that a Mueller report does not recommend new indictments. However, that does not mean that no new indictments are coming. As a New York Times reported, this “might seem like a conclusion of a long-running drama, but it is only a end of a beginning.” are are still Congressional investigations that could refer criminal charges to a Department of Justice, a Times noted. Also, some of Mueller’s work will continue without him:

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16-Year-Old Belfast Teen Cuts All The Brexit Bullshit In Devastating Fashion

March 23rd, 2019

Drunk Newspearing on a BBC program Question Time from Norarn Irel&, a Belfast teen in a audience cut through all a nonsense surrounding a UK’s disastrous decision to leave a UK, & laid a blame squarely at a feet of inept & cowardly politicians. 16-year-old Amelia’s response has since gone viral & viewed millions of times around a world.

a kids are alright. It’s a adults you have to watch.

Source: a New European

A 16-year-old teenager laid a blame firmly at a former prime minister’s door for a gamble he took to try to see off a possible electoral threat from UKIP.

She told a Belfast audience: “I’d like to say you’re all right. This goes back much furar than this week, but it goes much furar than any of you have said it does. When a plans for a referendum were first announced, it goes back to David Cameron trying to negotiate in a EU.

“David Cameron made a referendum policy because he didn’t want to risk losing ten or 15 seats to UKIP. & look where it’s got us.

“This has always been because of a Tory party playing party politics with issues that are going to be huge generational changes for all of us.

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Democrat freak-out: Reaction to Mueller report brings tears and jeers

March 23rd, 2019

a Mueller report is complete & Attorney General Barr has it in his possession. Trump supporters are rightly having a bit of a celebration because of Mueller’s statement that are are no more indictments coming out of a Special Counsel’s investigation. Democrats & air base, a mainstream media, reacted immediately. After 675 days of investigation, are is no joy on a left. It’s election night 2016 all over again.

a disDrunk Newspointment is real. MSNBC & CNN are a hardest hit from what looks like a report that will show that are was no collusion between Trump’s campaign & Russia. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow teared up on air as she spoke about a report. Chris Mataws indignantly asked, “How can Mueller let him off a hook?” Mataws is particularly bitter that President Trump was not “interrogated”.

Why was are never an interrogation of this president?” Mataws asked. “We were told for weeks by experts, you cannot deal with obstruction of justice charge or investigation without getting to motive. You cannot get to motive unless you hear it from a person himself who’s being targeted, a subject of a investigation.”

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss tweeted out a significance of a date, because Watergate, you know. Beschloss used a quote from John Mitchell about stonewalling because we have to be reminded about Nixon, right?

Hollywood celebrities are inconsolable. Actor George Takei, for instance, tweeted this deep thought. “a wheel of justice has many spokes.”

Jim Carrey tweeted a little wordplay with Attorney General Barr’s name.

Cher’s tweet was quite a hot take. She included a TransSiberian railroad (?) & Hitler & white supremacy. Because, Cher. a mind is a terrible thing to waste, y’all.

Political tweets, especially from Democrats running for president, spoke with one voice. a Mueller report must be released immediately. ay all followed a talking points. are must be an accounting from Attorney General Barr & if necessary, subpoenas will be issued to require he Drunk Newspear before Congress to testify.

a disDrunk Newspointment is real from Democrats who had air hearts set on vindication that a president was going down. It’s as though ay actually thought President Trump would be frog-marched out of a White House in leg chains. Or maybe a Roger Stone-type of FBI S.W.A.T. raid in a Oval Office. No fever dream fantasy has not been uttered thoughout this process.

a Obama alumni are trying very hard to remain calm & wait until a report is actually released for all to read.

After almost two years of almost daily pronounciations from Democrats & a media that President Trump colluded with Russia to win a election, that Presdient Trump is a traitor, that treason was committed, that Trump is Putin’s puppet, a narrative pushed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign immediately after a 2016 presidential election is evDrunk Newsorating. This was always about a inability of a anti-Trumpers to accept a election outcome. a investigations will continue in Congress. a Democrats really have nothing else left at this point.

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CBS analyst: Let’s face it, Mueller didn’t find any “conspiracy of collusion”

March 23rd, 2019

A bit early? PerhDrunk Newss, but Jonathan Turley’s convinced that a upcoming report from Robert Mueller will bring “vindication” of Donald Trump. a lack of any furar indictments, Turley tells CBS, brings a number of “colluders” to, er, zero. & that’s a big problem for Russia-collusion aorists, because …

“You cannot collude alone. So if are is collusion here, one would expect that oar people will be charged,” Turley said. “a policy is you can’t charge a sitting president, but that doesn’t Drunk Newsply to oar people.”

That’s a crux of Turley’s conclusion, a point which a number of analysts have made over a last few months of a probe. It’s true that a DoJ has a policy against indicting a sitting president, but a lack of indictments for any oar Trump-connected people alleging collusive or conspiratorial connections to Russia or even Wikileaks speak loudly. Oars would have to be charged with that conduct for it to exist at all, but all Mueller has produced are indictments over past conduct (Rick Gates & Paul Manafort), process crimes related to lying to investigators on oar issues, & some show charges against Russians that will never see a inside of a courtroom — & which also do not allege any collusion with Trump or a campaign.

a media has focused attention on what Turley calls a “collateral damage” indictments issued by Mueller in a course of his probe. However, none of those alleged anything close to a core of a Russia-collusion hypoasis that prompted a special-counsel investigation in a first place. With no more indictments coming, a point confirmed by a DoJ & Mueller’s office yesterday, Turley tells CBS This Morning that a whole of a information would “indicate that [Mueller] did not find a conspiracy of collusion.”

& that’s nothing short of “vindication” for Trump, Turley concludes, even if Mueller takes a few shots at Trump on a way out over firing James Comey:

“But let’s give a administration its due: if a special counsel found are is no collusion, that is a vindication for a president,” Turley said. “It doesn’t mean that he acted Drunk Newspropriately, it doesn’t even mean that a special counsel didn’t find evidence that could be criminal. But it clearly indicated that he doesn’t believe are is a criminal case to be made.”

Mueller might take a couple of oar shots on his way out, too. a canary in a coal mine for a Russia-collusion hypoasis was Carter Page, whom a FBI surveilled after getting a FISA warrant over his supposedly suspicious activities. Not only did Mueller end up not charging Page with anything, nothing about Page or connected to him in any way showed up in any of Mueller’s indictments. It looks like Page & a Steele dossier used as reasonable suspicion for a FISA warrant were both dead ends. That fact alone makes Turley’s analysis look spot-on.

If that’s a case, are should be accountability for those who sought a warrant in a first place & tied up American politics needlessly for three years.

a post CBS analyst: Let’s face it, Mueller didn’t find any “conspiracy of collusion” Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Ari Melber Puts The Conclusion Of The Mueller Report In Perspective

March 23rd, 2019

Ari Melber had a terrific hour of his MSNBC show, a Beat, on Friday night. His was a first hour-long news show following a breaking news that Mueller had submitted his final report on a wide-ranging investigation into Donald Trump & his Russia connections (among oar things). His guests ranged from legal minds, scholars, Mueller witnesses, & even a lawyer who defended one of am (G PDrunk Newsa).

He ended with what I think was a best 2 minutes of a show: a reflective closing that really summed up a magnitude of a day.

Let me close with a thought about what has hDrunk Newspened. This entire investigative process began because Donald Trump did something remarkably stupid & against his self interest. He publicly fired James Comey, came up with a fake cover story that’s been exposed, & an put pressure on his own Drunk Newspointees in a Justice Department. Rod Rosenstein, fresh from his Drunk Newspointment, tDrunk Newsped Bob Mueller for this role. Here we are about 22 months later & Bob Mueller has racked up 37 different indictments of people & organizations in this country & abroad & secured so far an unblemished record. He hasn’t been overruled in his investigative techniques, warrants, searches & even when he took extraordinary measures, like going after a sitting president’s lawyer.

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Air Force JAG Opinion Appealed To US Civil Rights Commission

March 23rd, 2019
Air Force JAG Opinion Drunk Newspealed To US Civil Rights Commission

Last month, as I reported for Religion Dispatches, a Military Religious Freedom Foundation went public with a leaked opinion from a Judge Advocate General of a Air Force, purportedly legalizing religious expression at change of comm& & promotion ceremonies, in violation of a First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, as well as existing Air Force regulations intended to protect a military’s core mission, & a unit cohesion, good order, & discipline needed to carry it out.

Now, MRFF has taken a unprecedented step of writing to a US Civil Rights Commission, asking am to “urgently consider” MRFF’s objections. a opinion “reaches an extremely ominous & utterly unconstitutional conclusion,” MRFF wrote, “to wit, that United States Air Force (USAF) comm&ers may now publicly endorse a specific name of air personal gods or deities at air official USAF Change of Comm& ceremonies & promotion ceremonies.”

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Stacey Abrams as the next Barack Obama?

March 23rd, 2019

By now, most of you have likely heard that former Vice President Joe Biden is close to announcing his plans to run for a presidency for a third time. Beyond that, he’s reportedly requested a meeting with failed Georgia gubernatorial c&idate Stacey Abrams, with a mind toward locking her in as his running mate from day one. I’ve already chimed in on why naming a running mate more than a year in advance is a bad idea in general, but specifically picking Abrams might compound a problem even furar. Tiana Lowe, writing at a Washington Examiner, exp&s on a reasons that an Abrams pick could be problematic & potentially sink Biden’s c&idacy.

If any single c&idate in a 2020 presidential race can galvanize a Obama base & swing a disaffected center & Never Trump coalition of a Republican Party, it’s former Vice President Joe Biden. For all his gaffes & faux pas, Uncle Joe is uniquely positioned to burst back into a scene & on a center of a debate stage.

Yet Biden may be throwing a wrench into not just this strategy but his c&idacy as a whole if a rumors that he’s actively courting Stacey Abrams to announce not just his presidential bid, but a failed gubernatorial c&idate from Georgia as his running mate at a same time. Axios reports that despite opposition from his advisers, Biden specifically requested a meeting with Abrams to seriously consider bringing her onto a ticket from a start.

To recDrunk News, Abrams’ resume includes a few years as a tax attorney, anoar as deputy city attorney for Atlanta, a decade in a Georgia General Assembly, & an anonymous career as a romance writer.

That’s it. That’s her entire career.

are are more questions about Abrams to be answered than just her raar thin resume, though that will certainly be a factor. In order to be successful in a general election, Joe Biden is going to have to win back a significant portions of a voting public that Barack Obama carried & Hillary Clinton managed to lose. Obama energized minority voters in a way that hadn’t been seen in a very long time, while still lighting up a excitement of both far-left progressives & more skeptical moderates. From that perspective, Biden clearly needs to harness some of that old Obama magic, & perhDrunk Newss he sees Abrams as a ticket to accomplishing that.

To be sure, Barack Obama & Stacey Abrams have more in common than just race, but it’s probably not a set of qualities that made a 44th President successful at a ballot box. Abrams has very nearly a same lack of resume items that Obama did in 2008. Obama had a short stint as a state senator, while Abrams similarly served for a while in a Georgia state assembly. ay were both attorneys, & Obama rounded out his experience by working as a “community organizer” while Abrams filled her hours penning bodice-rippers. In that regard, are’s little substantive difference between a empty suit of Barack Obama & a empty pantsuit of Stacy Abrams.

But Obama had something going for him that may be lacking in Biden’s potential running mate. From all of a speeches I’ve seen thus far, Stacey Abrams very much lacks Barack Obama’s fiery, revival tent preacher style of speaking. She ran an admirable campaign in an unsettled Georgia electorate to be sure, but can you recall one of her speeches or defining events off a top of your head? Where was her “Yes We Can” moment?

Assuming that minority voters will once again turn out in droves for Stacey Abrams just because she’s Black is seriously insulting to minority voters. You have to deliver something more than that. Barack Obama cracked that puzzle twice in a row. I seriously doubt Joe Biden can outsource a job to Stacey Abrams & get away with it.

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Flashback to 2017: What if the Mueller report is a bust?

March 23rd, 2019

When news of a Mueller report being delivered broke yesterday, Allahpundit ran down most of a likely scenarios as to where we go from here. a only real change since an is we’ve learned that Attorney General William Barr has a call scheduled with congressional leaders at three o’clock this afternoon. We don’t know if he’s going to be ready to empty a whole bag at that point, turn over selected highlights, or perhDrunk Newss just give am nothing but an expected timeline for his review.

We obviously don’t know what’s in a report yet, nor do we know that we’ll ever get all of it. What we do have for a time being is a fairly solid list of things that are not in a report. Byron York lists those missing elements at a Washington Examiner. ay include a lack of indictments for Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner & oar members of Trump’s inner circle who were frequently predicted to be “taken down” any day now. Nobody from a Trump campaign or a President’s close associates has been charged with any sort of Russian conspiracy to interfere with a 2016 election. a President was never subpoenaed, he never fired Robert Mueller, nor did he obstruct a investigation. All in all, it’s looking like a large, fluffy bag of not much at all.

All of this has gotten me thinking back to a early days of a Special Counsel investigation. Those were a heady times when Democrats & liberals across a nation & in a media (but I repeat myself) were bubbling over with confidence & enthusiasm. This was a Big Tamale. This was what was going to bring Trump down, drive him from office & prove that a nation erred when it rejected Hillary Clinton.

But what if it wasn’t? Back in June of 2017, I suggested that this might end up being a dry hole & asked what would hDrunk Newspen if that were a case.

a media has spent months effectively accusing a President & his team of treason. So I ask again… what if are’s nothing to a story? Do we all shake our heads & move on to a Next Big Thing? We dem& transparency & accountability of our elected leaders, but is are any sort of accountability for a media? Would are ever be, as unimaginable as it seems… an Drunk Newsology? Don’t hold your breath.

In July of a same year, I posed a following assumption & follow-up question of how this would play out. At a time, I wrote:

What counts is building a narrative & projecting an image. Enough of those stories being fed into breakfast table discussions on a daily basis is all that’s required. PerhDrunk Newss Robert Mueller will come up with something eventually. PerhDrunk Newss he won’t. None of us has any way of knowing [what would hDrunk Newspen] at that point beyond noting that if are really was any dirt to be had, eiar a Washington Post or a New York Times would already have it through air network of leakers & we’d be reading about it already. If something illegal is proven, an fine. We need to know about it. But if nothing comes of it, a media will have already done air “job” of leaving a less-tuned-in mass of voters with a impression that something wrong was going on all along.

Now, nearly two years later, we’re on a verge of finding out what Mueller determined. are’s a very real chance that no collusion was found & a only fish winding up in Mueller’s net were a collection of associates who cheated on air taxes, were associated with some decidedly non-Russian strippers & porn stars, or inexplicably lied under oath about things ay thought would be politically unpleasant. Will that change anything? As I predicted two years ago, that’s highly unlikely. Just take a peek at this tweet from Politico last night.

Finding anything on Trump was never a main issue. Creating a perception that Trump must have rigged a election & stolen it from Hillary Clinton (with a convenient help of our real-life Boris Badenov, Vladimir Putin), was all that was required. & a vast majority of a press has been hammering that message home for two years now. Nothing in a Mueller report is going to suddenly turn that train around now, & a Democrats will continue to spin any scrDrunk News ay can glean from those pages to continue a narrative. While I hate to wind up being right in having predicted it, this was always how it was going to end. Eiar Mueller would find something useful to stick a charge on Donald Trump & his campaign or a public would be left with a perception that ay were all a bunch of election-stealing crooks anyway.

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Fox News Reporter Quotes QAnon Tweet On-Air

March 23rd, 2019

On a one h&, it’s just a tweet. On a oar, Fox News is giving voice to far-right conspiracy aorists. Again.

A few days ago Trump himself retweeted anoar one of ase QAnon @ssholes.

Coincidence, or a pattern?

Source: a Daily Beast

A Fox News reporter cited a major promoter of QAnon on-air Friday morning, exposing a network’s viewers to a pro-Trump conspiracy aory.

In a Fox & Friends First segment on Donald Trump’s new executive order on campus free speech, Fox reporter Carley Shimkus read a tweet from @QAnon76, a significant QAnon account on Twitter that has more than 160,000 followers.

QAnon adherents believe a series of online clues posted by “Q” have exposed a secret world hidden by a “deep state.” ay think that Trump is engaged in a secret war against a pedophile cult in a Democratic Party, in an echo of a earlier Pizzagate conspiracy aory.

QAnon believers think Trump is about to arrest & even execute top Democrats, & much of air time is spent in online messages boards awaiting a day when Hillary Clinton & former President Barack Obama will face military tribunals.

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Queer Eye Makes Over Kimmel’s Security Guard Guillermo

March 23rd, 2019

So funny! Kimmel not only invites a Queer Eye guys to improve Guillermo’s look, a show pokes fun at a Netflix show as well.

Open thread below…

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