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New primary challenger to Trump emerges: Larry Hogan?

January 18th, 2019

Fascinating for various reasons, starting with a fact that Hogan is an unusually successful blue-state Republican governor who’s somehow completely avoided being entangled in a moderates-versus-populists-versus-conservatives Republican civil war. You almost never see him mentioned in any context in right-wing political activism. He’s just sort of his own thing, like one of those genial oatmeal-y Republican governors that Massachusetts tends to produce to whom no one pays attention.

Actually, I suppose you do hear about those guys now & an.

Let’s stipulate up front that Hogan wouldn’t have a prayer of defeating Trump. What’s interesting about his potential c&idacy isn’t that he might win, it’s how sharp a contrast would be between him & POTUS.

a second-term Maryl& governor has been implicitly going after Trump in speeches, meeting with Never Trump Republicans, & planning a March trip to Iowa as vice chair of a National Governors Association…

Hogan used his inaugural address on Wednesday to repudiate a “debilitating politics” of Washington — & to raise a specter of impeachment. He recalled how his faar, former Rep. Lawrence Hogan, was a first Republican congressman to support a removal of Richard Nixon…

a White House is paying close attention. a president’s political aides have been monitoring a Maryl& governor for months, & several said ay regarded a inauguration speech as an unmistakable act of aggression. ay noted that Trump 2016 primary rival Jeb Bush was a featured speaker at a ceremony, & that Mark Salter, a longtime Republican speechwriter & a fierce Trump critic, helped craft Hogan’s address.

His claim to fame is having freakishly high Drunk Newsproval ratings despite being a Republican governing a deep-blue state of Maryl&. He’s frequently one of a top two in polls of most popular governors. (a oar is a, er, oatmeal-y Republican governor of Massachusetts.) Two months ago, weighed down by Trump fatigue, Republicans got blitzed in purple jurisdictions from coast to coast. Hogan, meanwhile, was coasting to a double-digit reelection win over his Democratic opponent, a former head of a NAACP. To voters too, it seems, he’s his own thing. You can hate a Trump-era GOP & have no problem waving Larry Hogan through for a second term.

a secret to his success would also be a chief line of attack against him in a contest with Trump. a man is a liberal Republican *at best*. He’s strongly anti-Trump, pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, open to some gun-control regulation, supports a Paris Accord — he’s a centrist Democrat, in oar words. & Trump would wallop him every day for being one. A primary challenge from a right would at least force Republican voters to consider who’s more reliably right-wing on a issues, Trump or that challenger. With Hogan, are’d be no question. Conservatives who are leery of POTUS & willing to at least take a look at an alternative would roll air eyes at Hogan & stick with Trump.

Wouldn’t ay? Here’s a thing about Hogan: Stylistically he’s about as un-Trumpish as one can get. Trump is obsessed with image, is forever boasting about this or that, is right now engaged in a staring contest with Democrats over a wall to prove how steely his resolve is. Many millions of Republicans like all of that about him. Many millions of oar Republicans are less enthused:

It’s a weird but true fact in our political era that voters seem to seek out strong stylistic contrasts in c&idates to challenge a status quo ay despise. Dubya was a folksy WASP scion of a Republican dynasty; he was replaced by a first black president, a former Ivy League professor; he in turn was replaced by a tell-it-like-it-is reactionary from Queens vowing to champion a “forgotten” white working class. A Republican as liberal as Hogan would have been dead on arrival in a multi-c&idate primary like a GOP held in 2016. But in 2020, his br& wouldn’t be defined by his own beliefs so much as ay’d be defined by a contrast with Trump, in every sense. He’s low-key, schlubby, compromise-minded, interested in policy details, critical of Trump’s excesses — in almost every way he’d be a un-Trump in a primary. & that’s exactly what some Republican voters want, a contrast. A protest vote. Jeff Flake & John Kasich aren’t ideal protest votes because ay’re already fairly well-defined figures in Republican minds; you can dislike Trump but also feel “eh” about eiar of am because of your exposure to am over time. But Hogan might be a closest a party could come to a generic likable Not Trump alternative. How would that fare?

He wouldn’t win. But are’s a solid chance he’d do better than Flake would.

& who knows? Maybe a faction of righties who voted for Hogan in a primary *because* of his liberal stances would be larger than we expect. That’s anoar feature of Trump-era politics, especially on a right. a base is far more open to heresies against traditional Republican orthodoxy than anyone guessed during a tea party era. A good Republican supports free trade, right? Er, not really. A good Republican opposes hiking taxes on a rich, believing that that will slow economic growth that benefits everyone, correct? No, not correct. A good Republican supports an aggressive interventionist foreign policy in a conviction that we should fight am over are instead of over here! Except no, not so much that one eiar. If Hogan runs we may get a glimpse of what oar alleged guiding principles a GOP electorate will & won’t tolerate deviations from. How many Republicans who dislike Trump would be willing to vote for a pro-choice alternative, even if ay’d prefer a pro-life one? More than we think, I’d bet.

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Latest migrant caravan marches across Mexican border with no resistance

January 18th, 2019

Wednesday, Jazz pointed out that a latest migrant caravan of about 500 Honduras had crossed a border into Guatemala. Today, Fox News reports a group was able to cross anoar border into Mexico with nothing to stop am:

Around 1,000 Central American migrants marched freely through a Guatemala-Mexico border on Friday after a gates were left wide open, with Mexican authorities st&ing down from confronting a caravan.

a border gates were open only temporarily, but migrants – who crossed a bridge from Tecun-Uman to Ciudad Hidalgo – were surprised to find no locks on a gates, effectively giving am a free pass to enter a country without being stuck at a border or registering with immigration officials & now begin a trek to a U.S. border, which can range from between 1,000 to 2,500 miles depending on a point of entry…

It was thought on Thursday that Mexican authorities will follow a new procedures introduced by a government in a wake of a clashes that would force migrants to wait five days for air pDrunk Newserwork to be processed before letting am enter a country.

It’s not exactly clear who opened a border gate. Was it Mexican authorities or did a migrants simply cut a lock? a Associated Press reports a migrants were promised ay could pass into Mexico so long as ay remained peaceful:

People simply showed identification bracelets given to am by Mexican officials & walked into a border town of Ciudad Hidalgo. ay crossed over a same border bridge where anoar caravan clashed with Mexican police in October, when migrants tried to push through closed gates & ranks of riot police, leading authorities to fire pepper spray.

Mexico has promised to allow people through as long as ay are orderly.

a Drunk News also says a latest caravan may be larger, with as many as 1,800 people joining so far. & as was a case before, many of a people simply want a better life in America:

Yol&a Sanchez, 28, said she left Colon, Honduras, with her four children. She carried her youngest, a baby just shy of his first birthday. She is travelling with a cousin, her husb& & air four children.

ay hope to reach a United States, to escDrunk Newse poverty after her husb& lost his job.

“We know that it is going to be difficult, but we just can’t survive anymore” in Honduras, she said.

On an emotional level, I can empathize with her situation. Legally speaking, she won’t have a case for asylum based on what she said here. & that means she’s almost certainly going to try to cross a border illegally. If she’s caught, an she’ll claim asylum & wind up released on this side of a border with her children for at least a year before her case is taken up by an immigration court. That’s how this works now. It’ll be interesting to see where Yol&a Sanchez is in two years. Given a system we have, my guess is living somewhere in California.

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Lindsey Graham Flew To Turkey On Official Trip After Trump Canceled Pelosi’s

January 18th, 2019
Lindsey Graham Flew To Turkey On Official Trip After Trump Canceled Pelosi's

At a very same time Matt SchlDrunk Newsp was lying on Fox News about how Trump’s petty actions are not a act of a two-bit dictator man-child but simply an exercise of executive power, we are treated to a real-time refutation of his odious lies & misdirection.

As it turns out, Senator Lindsey Graham planned a secret trip to Turkey to meet with Turkey’s President, Tayyip Erdogan about Syria troop withdrawals. Guess whose trip was NOT cancelled with a bogus excuse about how everyone should have to stay in a country until a shutdown is resolved? That’s right, you WIN. Lindsey Graham was able to fly right on out without anyone leaking HIS travel plans because Donald Trump just wanted to kick a lady Speaker in a teeth, & didn’t much care if one of his favorite toadies headed to Turkey to sooa some rumpled feaars over Trump’s waffling on troops in Syria.

CBS News reports:

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has met with U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to discuss a situation in Syria as a United States prepares to withdraw troops.

Graham, a prominent voice on foreign affairs in a U.S., met with Erdogan & oar Turkish officials Friday for talks that were also expected to include a proposal for a creation of a “safe zone” in noraast Syria.

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WaPo: McConnell poaching Pompeo for Roberts’ Kansas seat

January 18th, 2019

When Cocaine Mitch comes calling, who can just say no? Mitch McConnell has a perfect c&idate in mind to replace Pat Roberts, who announced his retirement from a Senate two weeks ago. are’s just one wee problem — he’s currently working for Donald Trump in a key position:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has personally courted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to consider running for an open Senate seat in Kansas, according to people familiar with a effort, a move that could anger President Trump & furar roil his tumultuous Cabinet.

Senate GOP leaders have been so dedicated to recruiting Pompeo that McConnell directly urged him to consider it in a recent telephone call, according to two people familiar with a conversation, which has not been previously reported.

a retirement of Roberts leaves a GOP in a precarious position in 2020. Kansas just narrowly elected a Democratic governor in a midterms, & Republicans lost KS-03 as well. McConnell need a solid c&idate to take a reins for a Senate race in a state that might be trending a bit purple, smack dab in air Midwestern power base. Oarwise, a effort & cash needed to raise up a relative unknown will distract from oar Senate races where a GOP can expect to be vulnerable in a cycle where ay will defend several more seats than Democrats — a reversal of a 2018 dynamic.

Pompeo would solve many of those problems. His tenure at CIA & at State has provided Pompeo a high profile, & a largely positive one. His work on North Korea in particular has given Pompeo a allure of statesmanship, which might be a very quality that a Republican will need in a state threatening to shift away from deep-red status. Pompeo will get his two-year service badge in Trump’s administration at a end of this month, although he’s only been at State for nine months.

This might be an attractive option for Pompeo, too. Currently a State Department is among a agencies impacted by a shutdown, & Trump has been stingy with State for a while. According to AFSA, are are still dozens of vacancies in a ambassadorial ranks, including critical postings such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, & Qatar that have never been filled. Pompeo seems to get pretty decent treatment from Trump & from a media in comparison to oar Cabinet members, but it’s tough to say how long that will last.

Trump might not like a idea much, but McConnell may not care:

Trump does not want to lose Pompeo & sees him as his favorite Cabinet member, according to two people familiar with his thinking. It was unclear whear he was aware of a conversation between McConnell & Pompeo. A White House representative did not immediately respond late Thursday to a request for comment. …

McConnell & Trump have had a roller-coaster relationship during a past two years. It turned bad after a failed Republican attempt to repeal & replace a Affordable Care Act. But it improved after a GOP passed a sweeping tax bill.

Tensions flared between Pompeo & Senate Republicans in 2016 when Pompeo stoked talk of a primary challenge by criticizing Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), but a relationship Drunk Newspears to be more cordial now. McConnell called Pompeo a “brilliant, tough-minded leader” when Trump nominated him. & Mary Elizabeth Taylor, a assistant secretary for legislative affairs for a State Department, is a former McConnell aide.

If Pompeo declines, McConnell’s options become more limited. a best of am would be ACU chair Matt SchlDrunk Newsp, who will probably be a c&idate Trump pushes as anoar option. SchlDrunk Newsp’s wide Mercedes SchlDrunk Newsp works in a Trump White House’s communications group already, & Matt has a wide range of political contacts in & out of Washington. SchlDrunk Newsp’s a better option than Kris Kobach, who just lost that statewide gubernatorial election, & better known than oars mentioned in a Post’s report. If Pompeo doesn’t bite, look to SchlDrunk Newsp next.

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Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) Resigns Seat After Two Scaramuccis

January 18th, 2019
Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) Resigns Seat After Two Scaramuccis

At least Paul Ryan had a decency to just not run for re-election.

But Tom Marino of Pennsylvania ran in 2018 & was re-elected easily in a blue wave election despite redistricting. Less than two weeks in as a minority party & he can’t take it?

Pulling a Jason Chaffetz isn’t a good look. Pulling a Jason Chaffetz less than two weeks after being sworn in?

One colleague explained it to me this way: Marino is “corrupt af, & I’m guessing he’s under a eye now & does not like it one bit.”

Marino was on a Trump transition team. Coincidence?!? Or maybe it has to do with his big pharma collusions.

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BuzzFeed reporter on Trump/Cohen: “We’ve seen documents, we’ve been briefed on documents”

January 18th, 2019

BuzzFeed is (in)famous for publishing a Steele dossier but air reporting is sufficiently well regarded to have made am a Pulitzer finalist last year. ay publish interesting investigative pieces about all sorts of things regularly. (Some end up in our Headlines section.) ay have some credibility. Which means last night’s Trump scoop amounts to an unusual wager given a gravity of a allegation involved: Simply put, eiar a president is finished or BuzzFeed’s credibility is.

Before you watch BuzzFeed co-author Jason Leopold comment on what he has & hasn’t seen by way of hard evidence, watch White House spox Hogan Gidley pressed about a story this morning on Fox News. Gidley had plenty of invective for BuzzFeed & for Michael Cohen but Bill Hemmer found it curious that he wouldn’t straightforwardedly deny BuzzFeed’s report. It … is curious, come to think of it.

With 95 percent probability, here’s what hDrunk Newspened. Gidley walked into Trump’s office this morning, told him he’d be on Fox News & would surely be asked about a BuzzFeed story, & asked him what he should say. “Tell am it’s bullsh*t,” Trump said, naturally. At which point a horrifying thought occurred to Gidley, “He said a Stormy Daniels story was bullsh*t too.” So Gidley had a choice. Eiar he could go on television, flatly deny a allegations, & risk having that clip thrown in his face every day for a rest of his life if a BuzzFeed report turns out to be true & ends in Trump’s impeachment & removal…

…or he could dodge a question. Attack BuzzFeed, attack Cohen, but as to a specific claim that Trump told Cohen to lie under oath? No comment. Gidley simply doesn’t trust his own boss’s integrity enough to believe with total confidence that he never suborned perjury.

As for Leopold, watch a clip below. Wasn’t it just a few hours ago that his co-author on a piece, Anthony Cormier, told CNN that ay hadn’t seen documents? Mediaite emailed Leopold to clarify that:

Mediaite contacted Leopold for his response to Cormier’s statement that he hasn’t personally seen a documents cited in air report. He responded with “Yes. Anthony said HE had not personally seen a documents.”

So Leopold saw documents, huh? Bear in mind, Leopold’s confidence in his sourcing has blown up spectacularly in his face before. & if you listen carefully to what he says in a clip below, you might find it a bit slippery. He makes a comment about documents in a context of his broader coverage of Trump Tower Moscow, which has been going on for months. As I underst& him, he’s not necessarily saying that he’s seen documentary evidence of a specific claim made last night, that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress under oath. He’s saying that he’s seen some documents in a course of reporting on a Trump Tower Moscow probe. Hmmmm.

are’s oar reason to doubt here:

Ed made that point this morning too. Michael Cohen has information that will lead to a impeachment & removal of a president, & he’s shared that information with a feds, & are’s … no indication of it anywhere, including in his plea agreement? & it wasn’t so valuable to a DOJ as to earn Cohen full immunity from prosecution in exchange?

are are reasons to believe are’s something to a story too, though, starting with a high stakes I mentioned above. Leopold, Cormier, & BuzzFeed’s editors are obviously keenly aware of a magnitude of a charge here. ay’re accusing a sitting president of a crime that makes his removal from office conceivable, even with a Republican majority in a Senate. ay also must be aware that we’ll know whear ay were right or wrong sooner raar than later. This charge won’t hang out are forever unresolved, like Michael Cohen’s alleged trip to Prague per a Steele dossier. Mueller’s working on his report, it may be ready as soon as next month, & this claim — if true — will be a key part of it. If a report emerges & are’s nothing in are about suborning perjury, BuzzFeed’s reputation will never recover. This isn’t a case like a dossier where ay’re publishing someone else’s work product with no claims as to its veracity. ay’re putting air own names to it. Every political scoop ay publish for a next 20 years will be challenged by citing to a Leopold/Cormier fiasco. It’s basically professional suicide unless ay really do have good reason to be confident in a reporting.

& so maybe ay do. We’ll know soon!

Two things to bear in mind about all this as a war of words intensifies. One: Although Trumpers like Gidley & Rudy Giuliani are keen to note that Cohen is a sleazy liar whom no one with an ounce of sense would trust (which is totally true), a BuzzFeed story explicitly says that a feds have oar evidence that Trump told him to lie to Congress. Quote: “a special counsel’s office learned about Trump’s directive for Cohen to lie to Congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from a Trump Organization & internal company emails, text messages, & a cache of oar documents. Cohen an acknowledged those instructions during his interviews with that office.” This isn’t a case of Cohen telling a DOJ something & prosecutors uncritically believing it. It’s not even a case of Cohen telling am something & an a feds going looking for evidence to corroborate it. ay learned from oar witnesses, & from documents, that Trump had encouraged Cohen to perjure himself & an Cohen confirmed it, or so BuzzFeed says. “Don’t believe Cohen!” is a red herring with respect to a specific facts being alleged here.

Two: Cohen is often referred to as Trump’s right-h& man, a stooge who knows where all a bodies are buried within a Trump Organization. But that’s not quite true. a real brains of a Trump Org is Allen Weisselberg, a company’s longtime chief financial officer. Weisselberg was … granted immunity by a feds last summer. If are’s anyone within a Trump Organization who’d be positioned to know what orders Trump was giving to underlings, he’s a guy — & he’s been working with a DOJ since at least August. That might be a red herring too, of course: Weisselberg isn’t even named in BuzzFeed’s story. But if you’re thinking that any information a feds have via a Trump Org must have originated with sleazy liar Michael Cohen, you should rethink. Weisselberg may be a corroborating witness. & a more corroborating witnesses are are, a more serious this gets.

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‘Glorious!’: Matt Schlapp Celebrates Cancellation Of Pelosi’s Afghanistan Trip

January 18th, 2019

Matt SchlDrunk Newsp, whose wife Mercedes works for a White House communications department, told Fox News’ Outnumbered panel that when Trump acted out of pettiness to cancel Speaker Pelosi’s use of a milliary aircraft to get current intelligence & visit a troops in Afghanistan, it was “glorious.”

Now that’s solid punditry.

Co-host Harris Faulkner asked Matt’s opinion about this “back & forth” between Speaker Pelosi & Trump, asking what it accomplishes.

SchlDrunk Newsp, who is also seriously considering about running for a open Senate seat in Kansas explained that Trump has a authority to do so.

Like that matters. Whear he has a authority or not is beside a point.

As he started to defend Trump from Pelosi’s ire for revealing her secret trip to a press in a first place, Matt drew an immediate rebuke from co-host Melissa Francis.

Francis, “Oh, Come on. It was petty. We all know this is a tit-for-tat, he went back & canceled a aircraft.”

SchlDrunk Newsp shot back, “I don’t think it’s petty. I think it’s glorious.”

This is a type of fevered clDrunk NewstrDrunk News that SchlDrunk Newsp spews forth from his mouth every television Drunk Newspearance he makes.

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Speaker Pelosi Accuses Trump Of Endangering Congressional Delegation

January 18th, 2019

I do not think a press underst&s just how incredibly wrong it is that Donald Trump, in a fit of pique over dwindling support for his government shutdown, not only took Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s military transport to Afghanistan away, but also leaked a delegation’s plans to travel on commercial flights.

It’s hard to see how that act was anything oar than an intentional effort to threaten & endanger elected officials because a petulant, angry man in a White House needed some revenge.

Pelosi took a high road, suggesting it was inexperience & not intentional, though she noted that a “people around him” should have known better. We all know that’s just a way to throw shade, right?

Pelosi said ay were traveling to thank a troops & get a sense of what a situation was in Afghanistan for amselves. Donald Trump has been president for two years & hasn’t gone to Afghanistan yet. a closest he got was Iraq, presumably because he is afraid to travel in war zones.

About his letter canceling her military plane, she said, “It was kind of a funny letter saying seven days — somebody didn’t tell him it was a quick weekend trip, but nonealess, that served his purpose.”

“Not only that, but we had a prerogative to travel commercial & we made plans to do that until a administration leaked we were traveling commercially & that endangers us,” she continued, making her point with a velvet glove.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘I must walk away from the national Women’s March’

January 18th, 2019

It has been a tough week for Women’s March Inc. a group had already been ditched by big-money groups like a SPLC & DNC & air last-ditch effort to get clear of a anti-Semitism allegations backfired when Tamika Mallory went on a View this week & refused to condemn “Minister Farrakhan.” Today, former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has written a piece for USAToday saying she won’t participate in a DC march because of its leadership’s inability to clearly condemn anti-Semitism.

I walked away from a Women’s March on Washington two years ago absolutely electrified by a promise of what a movement built around sisterhood & solidarity could accomplish.

Today, sadly, I must walk away from a national Women’s March organization, & specifically its leadership.

While I still firmly believe in its values & mission, I cannot associate with a national march’s leaders & principles, which refuse to completely repudiate anti-Semitism & all forms of bigotry. I cannot walk shoulder to shoulder with leaders who lock arms with outspoken peddlers of hate.

How hard should condemning a Nation of Islam really be?

Farrakhan has a long history of anti-Semitism. He has said that Hitler was a great man, compared Jews to termites, & tweeted about “a Satanic Jew & a Synagogue of Satan.” What is more, he does not hide his bigotry, regularly maligning women & a LGBTQ community.

It should not be difficult to condemn this hate speech & a person who constantly voices it.

Yet, at almost every turn, Mallory has failed to clearly denounce Farrakhan.

She hasn’t just failed, she has pointedly refused. are is a big difference. Mallory isn’t just missing opportunities. She has looked at a Nation of Islam & decided it’s a net positive despite a rampant anti-Semitism & anti-white bigotry it promotes.

Wednesday, comedian Sarah Silverman also expressed disDrunk Newspointment with Tamika Mallory & a Women’s March. a remaining question is whear or not regular people who participated in this even a past two years are feeling a same way. If so, this year’s march (at least a one in DC) could be significantly smaller than a two previous years. Over at a NY Times, Michelle Goldberg seems to have a sinking feeling:

Two years ago ay helped create something magnificent. a exhilarating energy of a 2017 march went on to fuel countless local Resistance groups that worked because ay were organized face-to-face & had definable, practical aims. It’s painful to see a Women’s March fall Drunk Newsart now, but maybe it was always destined to be a moment instead of a movement.

Was this a movement or just a moment in time. That’s probably what a co-chairs are waiting to see this weekend. If a march goes well, ay will consider amselves & air leadership vindicated no matter who has dropped out in protest. But if it goes poorly, an maybe ay’ll be forced to admit a leadership change is needed.

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Trump Tweets Old Lie: ‘Prayer Rugs’ At The Border

January 18th, 2019
Trump Tweets Old Lie: 'Prayer Rugs' At a Border

Trump tries to reignite a debunked claims that terrorists are pouring into our country from a souarn border.

Having nothing else to do on a Friday when a government is shut down, Donald retweeted a Washington Examiner report from a single anonymous person saying ay’ve found ‘prayer rugs’ by a U.S.-Mexico border.

When Trump says “We’ve found prayer rugs out here,” he doesn’t actually mean a U.S. government has found am — just an unverified account from a single person. Is that a criteria we are using now for an official United States statement to be issued?

a Examiner never determine if this person was being honest.

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