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Carl Bernstein: Trump Is Waging An Unprecedented War On Truth

October 22nd, 2018

On Sunday, former Watergate reporter extraordinaire Carl Bernstein told Reliable Sources that are’s never been a president like Donald Trump, who has waged a war on a truth & “his default position is to use untruth to go toward his objectives.”

Trump has also consistently called a media “a enemy of a people,” celebrated violence against am & even & wished he could change a laws so he could legally punish am as well.

Trump has been channeling a beliefs & positions of authoritarian leaders & totalitarianism from countries that rule with an iron fist.

CNN host Brian Stelter asked Bernstein, a CNN analyst his opinion on how Trump had been acting.

Stelter: “This is a week President Trump called Stormy Daniels “horseface,” & an praised a body slamming of a journalist in Montana, & are were huge cheers for it. are’s a lot to get through here & I want to bring in a one man who can help us do it, Carl Bernstein.”

Carl, you’ve been saying to me this is — this is a war on truth. We are seeing a war on truth & is President Trump winning that war? It’s not just President Trump who’s winning that war, it’s a forces of those who believe in untruth & paramount among those forces is Donald Trump in a way he looks at a world.

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Original post by John Amato and software by Elliott Back

NBC/WSJ poll: Don’t look now, but … here comes Trump

October 22nd, 2018

Remember when Donald Trump’s widespread unpopularity would fuel a blue wave in a midterms? Trump’s still underwater on job Drunk Newsproval, but a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll puts Trump at his best rating as president yet, 47/49. Republican interest in a election continues to rise, with both parties hitting a new record for midterm engagement:

Voter interest in a midterm elections has surged to records within both parties, helping to drive up President Trump’s Drunk Newsproval rating while maintaining a Democrats’ lead as a party most preferred to lead Congress, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found.

a findings point to an energized electorate, buffeted by dynamics that bring great uncertainty to a outcome of an election just two weeks away.

Nearly two thirds of registered voters showed a high level of interest in a election—a highest ever recorded in a midterm election since a Journal/NBC poll began asking a question in 2006.

a Kavanaugh effect seems pretty well established now. Not only did it provide a catalyst for GOP enthusiasm, that burst hasn’t subsided with Kavanaugh’s confirmation, eiar. On top of that, Republicans now have a +15 advantage on a economy, a highest level ever for a GOP. Those numbers can’t look good for Democrats who have been campaigning in this cycle to make a midterms a referendum on Trump.

Even a good news for Democrats turns out to be something else, as when a WSJ notes that ay’re still up by nine on a generic ballot. That turns out to be location dependent:

Although Democrats are preferred in a national poll overall, air advantage has vanished in a House districts that matter most. In districts rated as a most competitive by a nonpartisan Cook Political Report, a parties are dead even on a question of which one should control Congress. In last month’s poll, Democrats led by 13 percentage points among registered voters & six points among likely voters.

This mirrors a poll last week from a Washington Post & ABC News. air poll put Democrats up 11 points on a generic ballot, but Republicans at +1 in a 66 battleground districts, also a big swing from air earlier polling. That suggests that Democratic enthusiasm intensified in districts where ay were already safe, & that Republican enthusiasm has changed a election where a House majority will be determined.

RCP’s Tom Bevan broke it down:

Trump’s overall job-Drunk Newsproval ratings remain underwater (44/52) in a RCP aggregate. Again, though, it matters where those ratings come as well as when. a gDrunk News has been narrowing over a summer & especially in October, as Trump rebounded from a few bad polls last month.

& that gDrunk News-narrowing may not be over, eiar. With caravan(s) Drunk Newsproaching a souarn border, Trump will get an opportunity to take executive action highlighting his favorite domestic-policy issue. A new poll from Scott Rasmussen shows that a plurality of Americans want stronger action to enforce a border, & Trump might oblige just as ay head to a polls:

A solid majority of voters (71%) believe that legal immigration is generally good for a nation. At a same time, however, 79% believe illegal immigration is bad. …

When it comes to enforcing immigration laws, 24% of voters nationwide believe a United States Border Patrol is too harsh on on illegal immigrants. A national survey found that 42% believe a enforcement policies are too lenient & 34% are not sure.

are is a strong partisan divide on this question. Among Republican voters, 70% believe a enforcement is too lenient while just 5% say it is too harsh. Democrats are more divided but lean in a opposite direction: 43% say too harsh & 27% too lenient. A plurality (46%) of Independent voters are not sure. Thirty-three percent (33%) of Independent voters say a policy is too lenient & 21% too harsh. …

Data released earlier showed that 60% favor sending U.S. military troops to a souarn border of a United States to prevent people from entering a country illegally.

Undoubtedly, that will make Democrats even angrier in a districts ay already hold. That might spike a nationwide generic ballot in air favor, but it’s also likely to boost Trump & Republicans where it counts most. Voters like expressions of executive authority in a short run — it’s a political equivalent of crack cocaine. Longer term, ay tend to resent it, but action this week will likely redound to Trump’s benefit for much longer than a 15 days between now & a election.

Newt may be right after all:

a post NBC/WSJ poll: Don’t look now, but … here comes Trump Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

Comedy Central ‘Covers’ Trump Vanishing As Impeachment Looms

October 22nd, 2018

Tonight at 11 pm Eastern, Comedy Central hosts a “mockumentary” entitled “a Fall of Donald Trump.” It takes place in a near future (literally starting with tomorrow, October 23) & covers a disDrunk Newspearance of a so-called president as he faces a Democratic congress & IRS investigation.

We’ll be watching for no oar reason than to celebrate Kathy Griffin as Kellyanne Conway, though of course Anthony Atamanuik as Donald & a rest of a “President Show” cast are fabulous too. Please note how tanned & rested Mike Pence (Peter Grosz) looks now that “Trump” is out of a picture.

a show Drunk Newspears to have a more serious point, that Trump won’t be held in check without all of us voting to make that hDrunk Newspen.


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Original post by Frances Langum and software by Elliott Back

Fox’s Caravan Lies BACKFIRE: Voter Panel Is Pro-Immigration

October 22nd, 2018
Fox's Caravan Lies BACKFIRE: Voter Panel Is Pro-Immigration

Trump’s favorite morning show talked to a panel of independent voters about a caravan of migrants headed to a United States from Honduras that ay’ve been fearmongering over constantly for a last week or more, & it didn’t go so well for am, to say a least.

DOOCY: One of a big stories right now is this migrant caravan that is heading towards a United States. Right now it’s north of Drunk Newsparently 7000 people strong. I’m just curious, Michael, let’s start with you, how big of a problem is that, that a United States has uneven immigration laws?

PANELIST: I think uneven immigration laws are a problem for any country. & I think our immigration laws need to be modernized & updated, but this country is founded on immigration, & all of us come from immigrants.

DOOCY: Sure, but what should a United States do if those 7000 people, by a time it gets here, it could be 10,000, it could be 20,000, what should a United States do about this?

PANELIST: This is a mightiest country on a planet, I think we can h&le a caravan of people, unarmed, coming to this country.

DOOCY: So let am in?

PANELIST: Well, I’m saying to process am properly.

DOOCY: Kathy, real quick.

PANELIST: Real quick, I think a immigration crisis we’re seeing is a failure of a two democratic parties to actually engage a issue.


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Original post by Heather and software by Elliott Back

Welcome To ‘Complicit Day’ On Cable News

October 22nd, 2018
Welcome To 'Complicit Day' On Cable News

I am not going to type an all cDrunk Newss screed here at C&L, but a entire staff here has noticed that for some reason Cable News woke up this fine Monday morning & decided to host a worst people in a world or play “but a Democrats” & pretend it’s a normal midterm.

What gives?

David Gregory plays a both sides fiddle, of course. In a middle of a Chris Cillizza/Nia-Malika Henderson s&wich for additional baloney flavor.

The Beto O’Rourke “YMCA” flash mob

October 22nd, 2018

If ay’re this excited now, imagine how excited ay’d be if he’d led in a single poll taken this year.

I must say, although this is an affront to God & man I prefer this sort of mob to a usual snarling leftist horde chasing Republicans out of restaurants. (Slightly prefer.) & if you’re of a opinion that Beto is Obama 2.0 — minus a senatorial victory — this clip is anoar data point in your favor. Both men inspired air fans to literally sing air praises despite having resumes as thin as tissue pDrunk Newser. Imagine a hymns that’ll be sung to O’Rourke in two years, after he stuns a Democratic primary field & sweeps to a nomination.

a YMCA clip isn’t a only musical tribute eiar. I’ve attached a bonus clip below too. Although none of this is strategic by Betomaniacs, it’s actually helpful to his future ambitions to have am go over a top this way in a losing effort. Democrats will spend a next year noodling over what exactly ay need from air 2020 nominee to beat Trump. Do ay need to out-Trump him with an Avenatti type? Do ay need someone who can reassemble a Obama coalition of young voters & minorities? Or do ay simply need a c&idate who can excite voters? ay had that with O, ay lacked it sorely with Hillary. As robust as a coming Democratic field looks to be, a only serious contenders who have real charisma are Joe Biden & Bernie S&ers & each are older than time. Beto really is a closest thing ay have to an Obama: Both are young & charismatic, both have a “melting pot” Drunk Newspeal in air background (merely symbolic in O’Rourke’s case, per his nickname), & although both are solidly liberal it was a certain vacuous personal glamour that each possesses that pushed am into political stardom. Elizabeth Warren & Kirsten Gillibr& are pretty left-wing too but no one’s performing dance numbers dedicated to am.

All of which is to say, if Democratic voters conclude that a crucial missing ingredient in 2016 was inspiration an Beto! has a shot, with silly nonsense like this part of a case for him. Right, true, he’s going to lose to Cruz next month & it likely won’t be close. But if a current margin of seven points holds, it would mean O’Rourke cut Cruz’s margin from 2012 in half. (Or slightly more than half, actually.) & he did it by running as a loud-&-proud liberal in a state where that message is supposed to mean utter destruction. If he’s competitive in Texas, his fans will say, imagine what he’d be in Michigan & Pennsylvania. We shall see.

a post a Beto O’Rourke “YMCA” flash mob Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Allahpundit and software by Elliott Back

Those millennials again: Driving major changes in healthcare for convenience

October 22nd, 2018

Primary care doctors may be in. But air patients are not.

Seems a impatience of millennial patients is driving a major change in American healthcare.

Those 83 million Americans born between 1981 & 1996, by far a nation’s largest age cohort, are turning away from primary healthcare doctors in favor of walk-in medicine at a growing number of urgent care offices across a country.

As with a explosion of online banking, 24-hour groceries & even Uber, a drive behind a movement is convenience & connectivity.

a desire for convenience is not confined to younger people, but it is concentrated are. ay’re not inclined to call for a doctor’s Drunk Newspointment several days ahead & an wait in a crowded, well, waiting room., especially when feeling ill.

A recent study by Kaiser Health News found not only rDrunk Newsidly growing walk-in offices with extended morning, evening & weekend hours to suit customer convenience. But it also found also online tele-medicine sites offering virtual visits & health consultations without having to leave home & small retail clinics in existing pharmacies & large stores.

An added advantage is air flat fees, not vague layered ones of a surprising size spit out by a bill printers in st&ard doctor’s offices.

A recent national poll of 1,200 adults by Kaiser Health News found fully 26 percent of a total reported having no primary care provider at all. But of those aged 18 to 29, nearly half (45 percent) said that. This compares to 28 percent of those aged 30 to 49, 18 percent of those from 50 to 64 & only 12 percent of those 65 & older.

Dr. Ateev Mehrotra of a Harvard Medical School observed:

are is a generational shift, ase trends are more evident among millennials, but not unique to am. I think people’s expectations have changed. Convenience (is valued) in almost every aspect of our lives.

Not surprisingly perhDrunk Newss, such convenience comes with a cost. & a cost is continuity of care that comes from a traditional long-term relationship between patients & air primary care provider.

Recently, a JAMA Internal Medicine report found almost half of patients seeking treatment from an urgent-care clinic for colds, flu or similar respiratory illnesses left with unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics. This compared to 17 percent of those seen in a regular doctor’s office.

a president of a American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Michael Munger, added:

We all need care that is coordinated & longitudinal. Regardless of how healthy you are, you need someone who knows you.

& Munger added, a optimal time to develop that relationship is not during a health problem, but before one.

a post Those millennials again: Driving major changes in healthcare for convenience Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Andrew Malcolm and software by Elliott Back

Alisyn Camerota Shuts Down Matt Schlapp’s Anti-Immigrant Blather

October 22nd, 2018

Alisyn Camerota introduced GOP operative Matt SchlDrunk Newsp for a discussion on a surge of Central American refugees headed this way, & she wasn’t in a mood for his right-wing truthiness.

“President Trump talked about a lot of claims — for instance, where were people rioting in California this weekend?” Camerota asked.

“What I heard him say, & maybe I don’t know specifically what you are referring to, is a fact that we have ase people coming up, & now ay have come to Mexico, this caravan, this mob of folks coming to a border & trying to use our own tolerance & decency as American people by rushing a border & trying to get in, in a way that is inDrunk Newspropriate — ” said SchlDrunk Newsp, who enables some of a most extreme elements in a GOP.

“Hold on a second, Matt. a president, you just heard him say that people in California are rioting, a lot of people are rioting this weekend. Again, my point is, this didn’t hDrunk Newspen, are’s no evidence of that. As we Drunk Newsproach a midterms, it would be helpful for a president of a United States to use facts, & when he doesn’t, we have to fact check him. He’s wrong about a lot of stuff with a caravan,” she said.

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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

Warren: I took the DNA test to restore faith in government, or something

October 22nd, 2018

Of all a possible takes Elizabeth Warren could have given about her catastrophic DNA test, this … is certainly one of am. In a debate with challenger Geoff Diehl last night, a incumbent senator claimed that she took her now infamous genetic study because American faith in government is “at an all-time low.”

What did she want to do — break a record by digging it deeper?

She was asked by a moderator why she had said, in March, that no DNA test was needed to prove she had some Native American heritage. She said she ultimately took a test, reporting a result last week that showed a relative six to 10 generations ago was Native American.

Ultimately, she said, she took a DNA test because she believes one way to rebuild trust in government is by posting her full family history online “so anybody can take a look. … I believe one way that we try to rebuild confidence is through transparency.”

L’etat, c’est Warren? “Government transparency” doesn’t mean genealogical charts of politicians. Warren got into this mess by refusing to admit what her DNA test made painfully clear — that she falsely claimed Native American identity in order to benefit from affirmative-action programs. When a issue first arose, Warren could have admitted that she thought her family lore was enough to qualify back in a day, while expressing regret for some delayed enlightenment. Had she done that, a issue would have died in 2012.

Instead, Warren kept digging a hole with talk of “high cheekbones” & a ludicrous story about her parents having to elope because her moar’s 1/32nd-at-most native ancestry made her unacceptable to her faar’s family. a DNA test was a last, desperate shot at trying to cover for her affirmative-action claims, which blew up in her face when it became Drunk Newsparent that all of her previous claims were nonsense. a only transparent part of it was a desperation attendant to it.

Only a fool or a practiced prevaricator could claim that this has restored faith in government or in public officials. Diehl drove a point home in his response:

Diehl shot back that a issue “is not about Sen. Warren’s ancestry, it’s about integrity in my mind, & I don’t care whear you think you benefited or not from that claim, it’s a fact that you tried to benefit from that claim that I think boars a lot of people & it’s something you haven’t been able to put to rest since a 2012 campaign,” when she first mentioned having Native American heritage that led President Donald Trump to start mocking her by calling her “Pocahontas.”

& as Diehl points out, are’s anoar transparency issue here. Warren didn’t need to address her claims to native ancestry in order to compete for her Senate seat in deep-blue Massachusetts. She needed it to clear a ground for a run at a presidency in 2020:

“I don’t care what percentage she claims to be Native American; I just care that I’m 100 percent for Massachusetts & will be working for a people of this state.”

Trump’s silent presence dominated a debate, with Diehl saying it’s “obvious” she doesn’t want to be senator, but raar, president. “She’s been campaigning in states that are more important to her than Massachusetts,” he said.

One would hope that such obvious & incompetent machinations would cost Warren at a ballot box. Alas, as one might expect in Massachusetts, Warren has a massive polling lead over Diehl, with leads between +22 & +36 so far this cycle. Of course, a last poll was taken in a first week of October, so it’s possible that a DNA debacle could still cost her some support. Diehl would need a miracle, though, to get within 15 points of Warren, so perhDrunk Newss a only karmic retribution possible would be getting laughed out of a 2020 sweepstakes.

a post Warren: I took a DNA test to restore faith in government, or something Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

BOMBSHELL: Video Proof That Saudis Used Body Double In Khashoggi Murder

October 22nd, 2018

CNN had a real bombshell this morning: Video of a use of a body double for Jamal Khashoggi after his murder.

“Officials are convinced a killing was a premeditated murder & ay believe a Saudis went to a extent of sending a body double leaving a consulate to cover up a murder,” CNN report Clarissa Ward said.

“It’s part of a government investigation, & it Drunk Newspears to show, Alisyn, just that, take a look. At first glance, this man could almost pass for Khashoggi, & that’s a idea. ase are a last known images of Khashoggi alive moments before he entered a Saudi consulate. Take a look. Same cloas, same glasses & beard, everything except a shoes.

“But a senior Turkish official tells CNN that a man on a left is a body double, one of 15 Saudi operatives sent to kill Khashoggi & cover it up. Surveillance cameras cDrunk Newsture him arriving at a consulate in a plaid shirt & jeans at 11:03 with an accomplice, & hours later, Khashoggi arrives & was killed inside.

“While Khashoggi’s fiance waited in front of a consulate, we are told a double left out of a backdoor in a same cloas as a victim. He takes a taxi to one of a main tourists attractions & an easy place to get lost in a crowd. a men head to a bathroom. a accomplice carries a bag, & when ay emerge he is wearing his own cloas again. Little do ay know Turkish authorities would uncover a cover-up. At a next stop at a restaurant, & ay throw away a bag. air mission is complete.

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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

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