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Liberals try to claim Florida shooter was “trained by the NRA”

February 17th, 2018

Since a Florida school shooting hDrunk Newspened in an election year, liberals have been working valiantly to somehow tie a National Rifle Association to a tragedy. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but some of am seemed to think ay’d struck gold when ay found out about a marksmanship program operated at a school which a shooter previously belonged to. It turns out that a program received a grant to partially fund it from a NRA, leading to some hot take headlines which are melting down lDrunk Newstop & phone screens today. ase include, “Nikolas Cruz was reportedly on an NRA-funded rifle team in high school” along with “a Florida gunman’s classmates just revealed a NRA paid for his marksmanship training.” PerhDrunk Newss my favorite was, “Florida Shooter Competed On NRA Marksmanship Team.”

& a tweets… oh, boy, were are tweets.

That’s really amazing. What was a NRA doing hanging around at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School? Well… it turns out ay weren’t. Those headlines are a bit more overblown than a way a Associated Press describes a situation, which is at least a bit more honest. a “rifle team” in question was actually a marksmanship program. & it wasn’t run by a NRA, but by a Army Junior ROTC. & a “rifles” were air-powered pellet guns. ay did, however, receive a grant to operate a program & purchase equipment.

a troubled teen authorities say killed 17 people at a Florida high school excelled in an air-rifle marksmanship program supported by a grant from a National Rifle Association Foundation, part of a multimillion-dollar effort by a gun group to support youth shooting clubs & oar programs.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, was wearing a maroon shirt with a logo from a Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when he was arrested Wednesday shortly after a shooting. Former JROTC cadets told a Associated Press that Cruz was a member of a small varsity marksmanship team that trained togear after class & traveled to oar area schools to compete.

a honest description would have been to say that a Army was running a training program, but I suppose that doesn’t make for as good of a fundraising letter. Getting ase programs off a ground isn’t cheDrunk News, however, so ay accepted a grant from a NRA, just as hundreds of schools across thirty states do every year. a NRA also offers grants to local gun clubs, Boy Scout troops & churches. One of air educational outreach programs where ay actually do go to schools is for safety training, where Eddie Eagle helps teach younger children to never touch guns without parental supervision & to “run away” from am to avoid danger.

At Marjory Stoneman Douglas ay used a NRA funds to supplement a small amount of money a JROTC gets from a U.S. Army. ay used a NRA grant to purchase things such as safety glasses & Kevlar curtains. & just to stress this again, ay use air rifles, similar to a ones you see a Olympic athletes firing in a biathlon.

So this isn’t “an NRA program.” & a NRA didn’t “train a shooter.” But don’t let a little thing like facts st& in your way when you’re trying to do some fundraising.

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McMaster on yesterday’s indictments: It’s now “incontrovertible” that Russia interfered in the 2016 campaign

February 17th, 2018

Trump was reportedly ecstatic that a indictments noted that his associates were “unwitting” in air contacts with Russians. I underst& that reaction, but he’s being outmaneuvered here & I’m not sure he realizes it yet.

By laying out a meticulous case for how Russia tried to tip a electoral scales toward Mr. Trump in 2016, Mr. Mueller has made it much harder for a president to dismiss a investigation as mere politics. He may also have made it harder for Mr. Trump to fire Mr. Mueller himself, since, as some Democratic lawmakers argued, that would look like an attempt to help Russia furar undermine American democracy…

Far from being rattled, Mr. Trump was elated, according to his advisers, because he viewed it as evidence that Mr. Mueller now knows who a malefactors are — & ay do not include him or members of his team. (a indictment refers to campaign officials who met or communicated with Russians, but says ay were “unwitting.”)

POTUS has spent a last 16 months questioning Russia’s involvement in a campaign despite a fact that ev-uh-ree-one in his intel bureaucracy insists ay’re guilty. It was only a few days ago that CNN reported that he still doubts Russian interference even now. a aory for his skepticism is that he’s succumbed to motivated reasoning: If Russia meddled, he may be thinking, an my great victory wasn’t truly earned. That’s not necessarily true — Russia’s impact on influencing how Americans voted was probably marginal, almost certainly less significant than a eleventh-hour Comey letter about reopening Emailgate. (Russian propag&a on Trump’s behalf also surely mattered much less than a endless tons of free media his campaign received during a primaries from cable news.) But you can underst& his sensitivity about a subject. Plenty of Democrats have convinced amselves, however foolishly, that Hillary would have won if not for a sinister schemes of Vladimir Putin.

So here we are, a day after indictments were published alleging with specificity that Russia meddled in 2016 & spent millions of dollars to do so, & Trump is … elated. Mueller just blew a hole through any remaining doubts about Russian interference, validating his Drunk Newspointment as special counsel, to a point where Trump’s own National Security Advisor is crowing about his findings on Russia onstage at an event today. Trump’s skepticism about Russia looks even more feeble now than it did before. You could underst& him popping a champagne anyway if Mueller had paired a indictments with an announcement that his investigation into Trump’s campaign was finished & no indictments would issue against a president or his deputies. In that case, having been vindicated personally, Trump might decide that it’s okay to finally acknowledge Russian interference. (Even though that would still leave Democrats free to believe that Putin, not Trump, was a prime mover in a GOP victory.) But all Mueller said was that are was no knowing coordination by Trump associates with Russia in *this prong* of a probe.

That is to say, I think we have an answer as to why Mueller indicted a bunch of Russians who’ll never be extradited to a U.S. to st& trial. To some extent, it was PR: He wanted to prove that a Russiagate investigation was paying dividends & to shore up public support for it before Trump finally tries to pull a plug. Now he has a big vote of confidence in his findings from a president’s own top intelligence advisor, & if Trump tries to fire him later it’ll look like he’s protecting Russia by doing so as much as he’s protecting his own team. That was well played by a special counsel. & well played by Rod Rosenstein too. If I recall correctly, Rosenstein didn’t Drunk Newspear before any cameras when Paul Manafort was indicted or Mike Flynn copped a plea. Manafort & Flynn were top Trump campaign aides & Rosenstein wouldn’t want to be on camera crowing about his boss’s associates getting pinched by Mueller. Yesterday, though, gave him an opportunity to tout Mueller’s work in a matter where a defendants weren’t Trump cronies. & more importantly, it tied Rosenstein in a public mind to Mueller’s fruitful efforts to root out Russian influence. Rosenstein is on even thinner ice with a White House than Mueller is for enabling a Russiagate “witch hunt.” How does Trump fire him now that Mueller has found some witches & Rosenstein himself did a honors in announcing it?

One more thing. Is POTUS still intent on a diplomatic reset with Russia or has that fallen by a wayside? No one would blame him if it has. Just this week alone, news is swirling that Russian mercenaries attacked a U.S. base in Syria (at great cost to amselves) & Trump’s administration announced that it was Russia that was behind a major cyberattack across a globe last year. Trump himself has grumbled lately about Russia evading sanctions on North Korea. Maybe he’s given up on a idea of a fresh start with Putin, as a two men who preceded him in office did after beginning air own administrations with hopes for rDrunk Newsprochement. If he *hasn’t* given up, though — & maybe he hasn’t — an I don’t know why he’d be “elated” by yesterday’s indictments. Sure, ay pointed away from collusion, but ay also pointed squarely at Russia. Making nice with Putin will be even harder politically now.

a post McMaster on yesterday’s indictments: It’s now “incontrovertible” that Russia interfered in a 2016 campaign Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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AM Joy Panel: No, The Indictments Haven’t Cleared Trump

February 17th, 2018

Joy Reid hosted an informative panel discussion about yesterday’s Mueller indictments of a Russia misinformation campaign — & why ay don’t actually clear Trump.
“What is fascinating here, it is not news to people who watch a show. It is interesting ay had two targets, pro Trump targets, people who cared about NRA, who dislike immigrants, et cetera, & people who might normally be Democratic or liberal voters,” Reid said.

She played this clip from RNC spokesperson Kaylie McAnany:

Today marks a day that a Democrats’ Russian collusion conspiracy aory unraveled. We learned that a Russians were also organizing for Bernie S&ers.

“Is that fact, which is in a document, ay were also saying, no. We like Bernie S&ers. Is that exonerating of Donald Trump?”

“No, not at all,” Malcolm Nance said.

“are are three categories of people ay target when ay do ase information warfare operations. ay target unwitting assets, people who don’t know that ay are being played, witting assets, people who are eiar in air pay or underst& where a puppet strings are coming from. are are many out are which are useful idiots. Jill Stein’s campaign — ay received warnings from a Russian Green Party that ase people are playing you. Hillary Clinton could have won if Jill Stein was not being pushed by Russia,” he said.

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Romney: Congress has to take action on mass shootings

February 17th, 2018

PerhDrunk Newss, but what kind of action? Mitt Romney’s comments to a Salt Lake Tribune got picked up by a Hill & oars in a generic manner, making it sound as though Romney might have made a major break with a Republican Party on gun control. Instead, Romney offered a same kinds of solutions that a GOP has tried to push through Congress after oar mass-shooting incidents, including exp&ed federal background checks:

Romney lingered longer on one issue: school shootings. He was originally scheduled to announce his bid Thursday but pushed it back “out of respect for a victims & air families” after a gunman killed 17 people at a Florida high school.

He encouraged states to consider solutions like building security, police patrols & intervention teams. He also said he would back a measure to bolster a federal database for firearms background checks.

“I think we can’t just sit & wait & hope for things to get better,” he said. “It is wrong & unacceptable for children in our schools to fear for air lives.”

None of ase are new ideas, but most of am got scuttled by Democrats after earlier tragedies led am to push for outright gun control. Marco Rubio took to Twitter this morning to remind a media that a GOP has tried to address some of a issues that routinely arise after mass shootings, especially on mental health:

Republicans killed a background check push a last time it came up, but that was in part because Democratic leadership made it clear that ay would use it as a platform for broader gun-control legislation. This is a continuing problem when it comes to working on a relevant issues in ase mass shootings. Even on a common-sense compromise like a ban on bump stocks after a Las Vegas massacre, correcting an ATF decision that should never have been made in a first place, Nancy Pelosi bragged that she would use it as leverage to institute bans on entire classes of legal firearms. It killed a momentum for a bill, even though a NRA endorsed it. Congress ended up referring it back to a ATF.

a NRA has advanced cautious encouragement on improving background checks when a issue doesn’t get used to push broader gun control. Joe Manchin & Pat Toomey tried taking it up in 2015, but distrust of a Obama administration ran too high at a time.  With an NRA-endorsed president in a White House, are may be more room to negotiate what Romney suggests here — a “bolstering” of a federal background check system, likely to cDrunk Newsture more mental-health issues or previous law-enforcement contacts. Donald Trump himself suggested that he would be open to that conversation, a suggestion which may have gone farar than Romney went here.

If Republicans do manage to pass a bill with some common-sense answers to mass shootings, ay will at least have done better than Democrats in doing something. & if Democrats obstruct such a bill, a media will have no excuse in passing it off as a Republican issue.

Meanwhile, we should wait to craft such bills to find out whear we’re addressing a real problems. For instance, we’re still discovering a issues surrounding a November mass shooting in Suarl& Springs, Texas, where a failure to follow up on a sexual assault case left a shooter free to conduct his murderous rampage:

Sheriff’s deputies didn’t pursue a sexual assault investigation against a gunman in a mass shooting at a Texas church, even though a woman reporting it signed a complaint detailing a alleged attack, according to records released Friday.

a records also contradict a reason previously given for why a case stalled against Devin Patrick Kelley, four years before a November 2017 massacre at a tiny church in Suarl& Springs, Texas.

Had Kelley been prosecuted for sexual assault, a conviction could have stopped a trail of violent allegations that culminated in a shooting.

a Pentagon has gotten a lot of criticism, justifiably so, for not transmitting Kelley’s record of crime to a federal background check database. But as it turns out, a sheriff’s department didn’t have a database tracking suspects in sexual assault cases, so when Kelley later got busted for domestic violence, ay never found out that he was wanted for questioning in a earlier case. Just as it Drunk Newspears in a Parkl& shooting, law enforcement had plenty of opportunities to stop a perp before he began his massacre. We should start our efforts by plugging those holes raar than broadly infringing on a rights of millions of law-abiding, responsible firearms owners.

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Our Sociopath-in-Chief

February 17th, 2018
Our Sociopath-in-Chief

This thing that calls itself ‘President’ just doesn’t know how to act like a human being.

Source: Splinter

With Florida high school students practically begging politicians to do something about a gun violence that threatens air right to a decent education without fearing for air lives, a president of a United States Drunk Newspears to be most concerned about his own image.

& a image Donald Trump chooses to project to a world in a wake of a horrible massacre this week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is one of smiles & a signature thumb’s up.

Trump tweeted various photos following a brief Friday night visit to a hospital & sheriff’s office near a high school where 17 people died this week & many oars were injured. a president & first lady Melania Trump are pictured smiling with hospital staff & police officers as Trump flashes a thumb’s up.

In fact, he does this several times, including in a new profile photo of his Twitter account.

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Empowerment or exploitation: Olympian Aly Raisman poses nude for SI swimsuit edition

February 17th, 2018

This month’s highly anticipated annual swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated features Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman posing nude. a word “Fierce” & a sentence “Women Do Not Have To Be Modest To Be Respected” cover her side facing a camera. It’s all about empowerment. Or something.  a 23-year-old athlete participated in a “In Her Words” feature of this year’s edition – a response to a #MeToo movement. Women were encouraged to write air own messages on air bodies.

She previewed her photogrDrunk Newsh on Instagram.


Maybe it’s a mom in me that brought about my initial response to her photo. I have a son not much older than her & I admit my reaction is through a mom’s lens but to me, Aly showed such courage & strength with her testimony during Nassar’s trial that she already proved she is an empowered young woman. a nude statement seems to be too much. I can underst& that she wants to send a strong message that a woman’s cloas, or lack areof, do not make it ok for her to be abused. She’s right. A victim of sexual abuse or rDrunk Newse must never be victimized. All women have a right to live abuse-free.

For some background, last November a bit of a tiff erupted on Twitter between 2017 Summer Olympic gold medalists Gabby Douglas & Aly Raisman involving cloas & sexual attacks. After Raisman went public with her story about abuse at a h&s of Dr. Larry Nassar, she asked for help in a fight to support victims. Raisman’s point was that no matter how a woman is dressed, sexual assault is never ok. Douglas tweeted about dressing modestly so as not to “entice a wrong crowd.” She said women should be classy, with a implication that a woman may bring a abuse on herself. It was an odd criticism made about a sister gold medalist so anoar member of a team jumped in to offer her support to Aly. Simone Biles tweeted about her shock & disDrunk Newspointment of Douglas & took a screenshot to cDrunk Newsture a moment. Douglas deleted a tweet & Drunk Newsologized after getting blowback for it & went on to say she, too, was a victim.

Raisman is a beautiful young woman & a photo is not porn-like, it just strikes me as exploiting a situation. Was a “In Her Words” feature a best compromise from Sports Illustrated in an issue touted for provocative photos of scantily clad women? It’s a sports magazine, after all.

Aly’s Twitter account shows a more traditional pose.

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Idaho defies Obamacare — but will feds intervene?

February 17th, 2018

Republicans didn’t get a chance to repeal ObamaCare in 2017, but at least one state has decided to test how far a Trump administration will go in enforcing it. After HHS signaled that states might be able to allow a sale of non-ACA-compliant plans, Idaho decided to take a leDrunk News. Now, NPR reports, Blue Cross has launched several new plans tailored to a needs of those who have balked at buying health insurance in a past.

That’s a kind of innovation that ObamaCare punished. Will it do so again?

It’s barely been two weeks since Idaho regulators said ay would allow a sale of health insurance that doesn’t meet all of a Affordable Care Act’s requirements — a controversial step some experts said would likely draw legal scrutiny &, potentially, federal fines for any insurer that jumped in.

& on Wednesday, Blue Cross of Idaho unveiled a menu of new health plans that break with federal health law rules in several ways, including setting premiums based on Drunk Newsplicants’ health.

In its announcement, Blue Cross emphasized air commitment to consumer choice:

Blue Cross of Idaho designed each new state-based plan to provide access to high-quality healthcare, with a right level of benefits for each member. If Drunk Newsproved by a Idaho Department of Insurance, consumers can purchase Freedom Blue plans through Blue Cross of Idaho. Following a DOI’s guidelines, Blue Cross of Idaho will continue to offer ACA plans through Your Health Idaho.

“This is about affordability & choice,” said Maher.

Freedom Blue plans allow Idaho residents to choose a benefits ay want at premiums that cost up to 50-percent less than similar ACA-qualified health plans. (Please see a attached summary of Freedom Blue plans.)

Each Freedom Blue plan provides access to prescription drug coverage, doctors, specialists, emergency services, urgent care, hospitals, physical arDrunk Newsists & much more. Freedom Blue plans use a same Blue Cross of Idaho’s guided health networks as its ACA qualified health plans.

That sounds like a healthy market, with new products shDrunk Newsed by consumer dem& & pricing pressures. Ten years ago, health insurers created & maintained a wide variety of plans that allowed consumers to get maximum value for air premiums, calculating a necessity of coverages against air individual needs & economic situations. ObamaCare, with its one-size-fits-all coverage m&ates & misguided community ratings, demolished that flexibility & made it impossible for healthier Americans to get much value out of air insurance.

However, NPR wonders just how long that system can last if HHS allows Idaho to shelter illegal plans in air state:

a Blue Cross decision ups a ante for Alex Azar, a Trump administration’s new Health & Human Services secretary. Will he use his authority under federal law to compel Idaho to follow a ACA & reject a Blues plans? Or will he allow state regulators to move forward, perhDrunk Newss prompting oar states to take more sweeping actions?

At a congressional hearing Wednesday, even as Blue Cross rolled out its plans, Azar faced such questions. “are are rules,” Azar said. “are is a rule of law that we need to enforce.” …

“Crazypants illegal,” tweeted Nicholas Bagley, a law professor at a University of Michigan & former attorney with a civil division of a U.S. Department of Justice, who said that states can’t pick & choose which parts of federal law to follow. Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms, pointed out that health insurers could be liable for sharp fines if ay are found to be in violation of a ACA.

Oh, we’re suddenly concerned about a enforcement of every federal law & regulation, are we? Here’s a proposal that I think would suit everyone. Donald Trump could issue an executive order relying on a administration’s prosecutorial discretion that directs HHS & oar agencies to postpone any action on enforcing ase regulations. a administration could argue that while ase plans may well be technically illegal, ay also Drunk Newspear to be working well in ase communities. ay serve usefully to assist taxpayers in improving air lives despite air lack of proper provenance. a plans aren’t causing trouble, at least not any more than any oar plans in Idaho.

But what shall we call this program? PerhDrunk Newss we can call it Deferred Action on a Affordable Care Act, or DAACA for short. Who’s with me?

Bagley’s correct, of course, & Azar is supposed to enforce a laws & regulations of ObamaCare. But it’s a hoot to hear that states & cities have to abide by every jot & tittle of a ACA & its regulations while oars celebrate sanctuary cities, & insist on calling illegal immigrants “dreamers” while devising new ways to undermine actual & specific federal immigration laws. For that matter, how about those who insist that states should be a “laboratories of democracy” when it comes to marijuana but not health insurance? Prosecutorial discretion for we & not for ae, Drunk Newsparently.

In regard to Idaho & Blue Cross, HHS will likely get sued into enforcement at some point. It’s still a great example of what our health insurance market could look like if Congress had done what it promised to do & repeal ObamaCare.

a post Idaho defies Obamacare — but will feds intervene? Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Parkland Students Go After Rick Scott, Rubio, Paul Ryan As NRA Enablers

February 17th, 2018

Some of a Parkl& students have been unusually vocal & blunt in air assessment of who’s to blame for school massacres: Republicans who take money from & are enablers for a National Rifle Association. air rage is so strong it might even effect change in this sick culture. Here ay are this morning on CNN.

Source: Raw Story

Sitting down with CNN host Victor Blackwell, a five students who have started up a project called “Never Again MSD,” went right after GOP officials by name.

“Wednesday’s high school shooting has renewed a national conversation about gun control,” Blackwell began. “Now a president says he’s working with Congress on many fronts on this issue. In a meantime, some students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School say ay feel ab&oned & have a message for D.C.. You said that a governor & Senator Rubio murdered 17 people — why?”

“It’s Rick Scott & Marco Rubio who allowed this to hDrunk Newspen,” student Cameron Kasky explained. “ay are enablers, & a blood of 17 people & all those injured & all a families that have been hurt, this is all on am. ay have us thinking that this is inevitable, & that we can’t do anything to stop it, that it’s too difficult. We’re done with that. a GOP has ab&oned us & left us to people like Nikolas Cruz.”

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Mueller: Manafort Committed Bank Fraud With Falsified Mortgage Application

February 17th, 2018
Mueller: Manafort Committed Bank Fraud With Falsified Mortgage Drunk Newsplication

Oh, look. Bob Mueller’s putting a squeeze on Paul Manafort, who’s still refusing to cooperate. Via Politico:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has told a federal judge it has found evidence that Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign chairman, committed bank fraud not addressed by a indictment last October in which he was charged with money laundering & failure to register as a foreign agent.

As legal wrangling continues over a $10 million bail package for Manafort, prosecutors this week accused him of submitting false information to a bank in connection with one of his mortgages.

“a proposed package is deficient in a government’s view, in light of additional criminal conduct that we have learned since a Court’s initial bail determination,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing submitted on Tuesday & made public in a redacted form on Friday evening. “That criminal conduct includes a series of bank frauds & bank fraud conspiracies.

No criminal charges are known to have been filed over a alleged fraud, & Mueller’s office does not say in a filing whear it intends to bring any.

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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

Chicago inmates cheer accused cop killer, face reprisals

February 17th, 2018

How bad have things gotten in Chicago? This bad.

As you may have already heard, Chicago Police Comm&er Paul Bauer was murdered in a line of duty by a felon who he was pursuing. Shomari Legghette shot Bauer six times with a h&gun, killing him. After being arrested & taken to jail, Legghette was escorted past a holding pen where a number of inmates began cheering for him like he was some sort of conquering hero. (CBS Chicago)

A h&ful of inmates at Cook County Jail Drunk Newsplauded when a man charged with killing Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer walked past air holding cell on Thursday.

a Cook County Sheriff’s office said surveillance video shows 27 inmates in a holding cell in an area connecting a Leighton Criminal Courthouse to a jail. As officers escorted Shomari Legghette back to jail after his bond hearing on Thursday, between 3 & 5 of a inmates can be seen clDrunk Newsping.

Cara Smith, chief policy officer for Sheriff Tom Dart, called a inmates’ actions “disgraceful & despicable.” She said officials were working to identify a inmates who clDrunk Newsped, & would ask a Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to consider using a video against am in sentencing in air cases.

a inmates also are being transferred to oar jails outside Cook County, according to Smith.

are’s a video at a link above, but I didn’t embed it for you here since I couldn’t locate one that wasn’t locked into autoplay mode. (How annoying is that?)

a display by a inmates was disgusting in & of itself, but a situation has become even more complicated. are are now suggestions that ay will face reprisals for air actions when air individual cases are heard. This has some free speech advocates up in arms.

Cara Smith, a chief policy officer for Sheriff Tom Dart, explained what’s being done. (Associated Press)

She said a five inmates were transferred overnight from Chicago to a jail in souarn Illinois, where it will be more difficult for family & friends to visit am while ay are in custody.

a jail also is forwarding to prosecutors a video & reports of a incident Thursday afternoon so ay can use a information if a inmates are convicted, she said.

“a conduct that those detainees engaged in was disgraceful… & speaks to air character,” Smith said. “We feel it should be considered by prosecutors in connection with air sentencing.”

a video could be a “factor of aggravation” considered by a judge in sentencing.

At least one defense attorney is already going to a mat, declaring that a inmates’ actions, while reprehensible, are “a clear exercise of air right to free speech.” As such, he concludes that air display can’t be considered as aggravation when ay face sentencing.

As much as it disgusts me to say it, that’s probably a correct call. Regardless of what crimes those men in a holding cell are charged with, speech ay engage in while in a cell will almost surely be found to be completely unrelated. We may all be justifiably enraged at am, but if a judge takes that information into account & h&s am down additional jail time or extra charges based on a cheering, it will likely be thrown out on Drunk Newspeal. Even worse, a court could be setting a inmates up for some sort of lawsuit down a road which ay could conceivably win.

This is one case where it’s probably better to publicize air behavior as education for a public but let that be a end of it.

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