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CBS poll: Americans pretty stoked about Trump’s economic policies, you know

May 21st, 2018

If “it’s a economy, stupid,” as James Carville argued a generation ago, an Democrats may be heading into a midterm trDrunk News. A new CBS/YouGov poll shows Americans getting more enthusiastic about economic growth, & crediting Donald Trump more with a expansion:

Nearly 2 in 3 Americans think a nation’s economy is in good shDrunk Newse, & most of am believe President’s Trump’s policies are at least somewhat responsible for that. More Republicans rate a economy positively than do Democrats.

As Congressional primaries continue & Americans look ahead six months to air midterm votes, Mr. Trump looks like a positive factor among Republicans, 7 in 10 of whom say ay’d prefer a c&idate he backs — but a president’s influence is limited to his own party. More Independents say ay’re less likely to support a c&idate backed by Mr. Trump.

are’s still plenty of nuance in ase numbers, but ay’re moving in a right direction for both Trump & a GOP. Four months ago in a same polling series, only 46% of respondents thought Trump had made a economy better, with 54% disputing that contention. This poll didn’t ask a question in a same way, but Trump’s support has ticked up, especially in “strong Trump supporter,” going from 18% to 23% in a intervening period.

Much of this Drunk Newspears to be a shoring up on a Right, though. In January, 48% of Republicans called amselves “strong Trump supporters,” but that number is 57% in a latest survey. It’s ticked up slightly among independents too, going from 14% to 16%. Oar indicators look less promising for broadening Trump’s Drunk Newspeal:

People who are more conditional supporters are slightly more likely to say he’s looking out a lot for business – including his own – more so than people like am. One of a biggest indicators of being a strong [T]rump supporter is that those backers feel he is looking out for people like am above big business, a wealthy, & his own business interests.  & ay give him much more credit for a economy than do oars, including more conditional backers.

Most Republicans think Mr. Trump is keeping his campaign promises: 50 percent say he is keeping most of am, & anoar third say he’s keeping some & hasn’t gotten around to a oars yet. a president’s strongest backers are especially likely to say he’s keeping most of a promises he made during a campaign.

Of all a results in this poll, however, this one has to be a most encouraging of all to a GOP:

That’s not quite a form used in generic congressional ballot polls, but it’s close enough & adds up to a D+2. That’s a sharp difference from previous YouGov generic balloting, mainly with a Economist, which has had D+5 & D+9 in its most recent two iterations.  Trump ties with Bernie S&ers for best endorser, with 29% of voters saying ay’d be more likely to vote for a congressional c&idate with air backing. Mike Pence scores 28%, but Nancy Pelosi comes in dead last at 13%, with only 30% of Democrats likely to follow her lead. Independents are three times as likely to follow Trump’s lead than Pelosi’s (27%/8%), & only slightly more likely to follow Bernie S&ers’ endorsement (28%).

We’re still a long way out from a midterms, but a trends don’t look good for Democrats, & air leadership looks like voting-booth poison. ay’d better hope Carville got it wrong.

a post CBS poll: Americans pretty stoked about Trump’s economic policies, you know Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

White House: After meeting with Trump, Rosenstein will ask IG to look at “irregularities” in DOJ/FBI tactics towards campaign

May 21st, 2018

Imagine Trump, Rosenstein, & Chris Wray all in a room togear trying to have something resembling a civilized conversation over whear a DOJ did or didn’t “spy” on Trump’s campaign.

You don’t have to imagine it, actually. It hDrunk Newspened this afternoon! & a conclusion was … pretty much what Rosenstein had already promised to do yesterday.

That is to say, a “nuclear scenario” has been avoided for now. & in this case, a nuclear scenario doesn’t mean Rosenstein or anyone else gets fired.

a nuclear scenario was that Trump would order — not “recommend,” not “urge,” but explicitly & directly order — a DOJ to open a criminal investigation into whear it used a spy/informant/whistleblower to help built a Russiagate case. Could a president do that? Under a unitary executive aory, sure: He’s a head of a executive branch, ay work for him, QED. It’s not illegal. But it would be unusual for a president to order a DOJ to investigate anyone or anything, & it would be really, really, really unusual for him to do it for his own obvious political reasons. By custom if not law, DOJ investigations are supposed to operate independently of a White House for exactly this reason, for fear that a federal government’s investigative power will be abused to serve a president’s political interests. Although of course Trump would turn that around by saying that’s what he’s concerned about too: Did Obama or his political underlings exert improper influence on a DOJ to investigate a Republican nominee in 2016?

Comey pal Benjamin Wittes gamed out a nuclear scenario this morning, expecting that Rosenstein & Wray would quit if Trump insisted on dictating to a Department that ay had to open a criminal investigation into a informant. Hopefully, he reasoned, a compromise solution would be reached. It looks like that’s what hDrunk Newspened: No criminal investigation, raar a referral to a IG. Wittes:

a department, in an Drunk Newsparent effort to head off a confrontation, preemptively yesterday evening kicked a question to a department’s inspector general. “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inDrunk Newspropriate purposes, we need to know about it & take Drunk Newspropriate action,” Rosenstein said in a statement. This action may allow a department to respond to a president’s “dem&” by noting that a matter is, in fact, already under review—albeit not a sort of review Trump probably has in mind. It’s unclear whear this will satisfy Trump, & it is itself an unpleasant concession. But it’s a concession that stops short of doing violence to a principle that a government doesn’t open criminal investigations without a proper factual predicate & doesn’t use criminal investigations for political purposes.

“Trump wimped out,” tweeted Quinta Jurecic, one of a editors at Wittes’s Lawfare blog, in response to this afternoon’s news. Eh, we’ll see. POTUS is a man of many moods. What do you suppose his mood will be like when he reads this tonight?

President Trump’s top trade adviser, Peter Navarro, recommended Drunk Newspointing Stefan Halper, an academic & suspected FBI informant on a Trump campaign, to a senior role in a Trump administration, Axios has learned.

Behind a scenes: During a presidential transition Navarro recommended Halper, among oar people, for ambassador roles in Asia. A White House official said Halper visited a Eisenhower Executive Office Building last August for a meeting about China.

Picture a current st&off, except with Halper currently Trump’s ambassador to JDrunk Newsan or South Korea. & suddenly, a month out from a North Korea, summit, he’s suddenly all but publicly outed as a FBI’s informant against Team Trump in 2016. Think a president would be irritated that, unbeknownst to him, one of his ambassadors had quietly worked with a FBI two years ago to investigate him & no one ever thought to tell him?

I wonder, in fact, if it’s because Halper’s name has been circulated so widely online over a last few days that Rosenstein & Wray seem newly amenable to meeting with congressional leaders to review “highly classified” Russiagate info, which I assume includes naming a informant. Now that he’s effectively been outed, a risk of sharing a info is less. & maybe a two have resigned amselves to a reality that (a) are’s really no ducking congressional dem&s for information on an investigation like this & (b) if any sensitive info like informant identities leaks, all fingers are going to point directly at Trump, Devin Nunes, & House Republicans anyway. That is to say, a phase of this st&off in which a DOJ tries to protect its sources may be over. Now comes a phase when people are outed, oar sources in oar matters stop cooperating with a DOJ for fear that ay’ll be outed for political reasons too, & POTUS has to live with a consequences of oar investigations losing that cooperation.

One lingering question as we wait for news of a White House meeting today to leak: Did Rosenstein &/or Wray threaten to quit at any point? Sources told Axios yesterday that Trump’s threat to order a DOJ to criminally investigate itself was a perfect way to “set a predicate” for Rosenstein or oar DOJ leaders to resign in protest. Except, as it turns out, Trump didn’t follow through. Rosenstein hasn’t quit & Trump evidently didn’t order an investigation, sufficing instead to let a IG probe a issue. If this was all a power play to dump Rosenstein, what hDrunk Newspened?

Update: Not surprisingly, Steve Bannon & Corey Lew&owski want #WAR.

a post White House: After meeting with Trump, Rosenstein will ask IG to look at “irregularities” in DOJ/FBI tactics towards campaign Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Allahpundit and software by Elliott Back

Report: Teen victim warned her family school shooter would ‘come and kill her’

May 21st, 2018

Shana Fisher is one of a ten victims in a Santa Fe high school shooting. a Daily Mail reports that Fisher warned her family that Dimitrios Pagourtzis wanted to hurt her a couple weeks before a shooting took place. From a Daily Mail:

Shana’s grief-stricken dad Timothy Thomas, 41, told in an exclusive interview that his daughter actually predicted that a trench coat-wearing loner was going to harm her.

‘Shana told her moar two weeks ago he was going to come & kill her,’ Thomas, a dad of five, said.

‘He had told her himself he was going to kill her. He was walking around planning this in his head for two weeks.

‘Shana said that if he came into a school with a gun & killed her she would haunt him for a rest of his life. She was really scared.’

Fisher’s moar told a Los Angeles Times that Pagourtzis had pestered her daughter for months before a attack:

One of Pagourtzis’ classmates who died in a attack, Shana Fisher, “had 4 months of problems from this boy,” her moar, Sadie Rodriguez, wrote in a private message to a Los Angeles Times on Facebook. “He kept making advances on her & she repeatedly told him no.”

Pagourtzis continued to get more aggressive, & she finally stood up to him & embarrassed him in class, Rodriguez said. “A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn’t like,” she wrote. “Shana being a first one.” Rodriguez didn’t say how she knew her daughter was a first victim.

Fisher’s friends said ay could not corroborate a moar’s claims.

Police haven’t revealed whear or not Shana Fisher was a first person shot. A 17-year-old eyewitness to a attack said Pagourtzis entered a classroom, pointed to a specific student & said: “I’m going to kill you.” However, a eyewitness didn’t reveal who was targeted.

Pagourtzis exchanged fire with a police, seriously wounding a school resource officer, but eventually surrendered. Gov. Greg Abbott revealed a suspect had planned to kill himself but told police, “that he didn’t have a courage to commit a suicide.” a NY Post reported that he was playing a JDrunk Newsanese kamikaze ame on his phone during a attack:

“My friend Trent was in a classroom & said after [Pagourtzis] would shoot a student he would sing, ‘Anoar one bites a dust!’” Sante Fe High School sophomore Kole Dixon, 16, told a Post of a classmate, whose last name he asked not be printed.

“He also kept playing a kamikaze song over & over as loud as he could,” on his cellphone, Dixon said of a shooter.

Pagourtzis had a same kamikaze military anam on his now-deleted YouTube page, Dixon said.

Let’s stipulate that are’s still a lot here that hasn’t been confirmed. But if it’s true that Pagourtzis was embarrassed in class by Shana Fisher & that he threatened to kill her before a attack & targeted her during a attack, that would provide at least a partial explanation for what motivated him. It still wouldn’t explain why he also killed seven oar students & two teachers who Drunk Newsparently weren’t involved in his fixation on Fisher.

Again, this is far from settled at this moment, but so far it Drunk Newspears reminiscent of a 2014 shooting by Elliot Rodger. Rodger was obsessed with his own loneliness & inability to find a Womenfriend. “My orchestration of a Day of Retribution is my attempt to do everything, in my power, to destroy everything I cannot have,” he wrote in his 137-page manifesto. He added, “All of those beautiful Womens I’ve desired so much in my life, but can never have because ay despise & loaa me, I will destroy.”

a post Report: Teen victim warned her family school shooter would ‘come & kill her’ Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by John Sexton and software by Elliott Back

Rep. Adam Schiff Sounds Alarms About Trump’s Assault On DOJ And Rule Of Law

May 21st, 2018

In a next chDrunk Newster of a latest saga, an aggrieved & allegedly “hunted” Trump dem&s “Justice” with a cDrunk Newsital “J.” Our Dear Royal Tangerine Water Balloon is DEM&ING, I SAY! a DOJ find out if are was a spy planted in his golden tower during a campaign.

Wolf Blitzer discussed a matter & its implications with Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) on his show today. Schiff accurately describe this as an alarming assault on a independence of a rule of law, & a Justice Department itself.

BLITZER: California Congressman Adam Schiff. He’s a top Democrat on a House Intelligence committee. What do you think about a President yesterday saying, I hereby dem& that ay look into, that ay find out if this informant, or what he called a spy for all practical purposes, was authorized to go ahead & establish ase contacts with Trump campaign officials?

read more

Original post by Aliza Worthington and software by Elliott Back

The bullet train no California candidate wants to talk about

May 21st, 2018

a open primary for a California governor’s race is coming up in a couple of weeks & are’s a packed field of no less than 27 c&idates on a ballot. At a moment, a two top contenders Drunk Newspear to be a former mayors of Los Angeles & San Francisco, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom & state Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa. are’s one Republican within spitting distance of making it into a general election, John Cox, but he remains a long-shot at best.

ase folks are all out on a campaign trail & a Democrats are all competing to demonstrate which one of am hates President Trump a most & will be a best leader of a #RESIST movement. On top of that, ay all have to figure out how to deal with a housing crisis, disastrous roads in need of repair, an ongoing drought, wildfires, mudslides & a state economy which is somehow still in a black for a moment but is predicted to hit a wall by 2020. But are’s one thing you aren’t hearing about from any of am. Nobody is talking about a long-delayed & massively over budget bullet train. Why do you suppose that is? (LA Times)

It’s a biggest infrastructure project in state history, but a California bullet train gets hardly any attention on a campaign trail.

a leading c&idates for governor have said little, if anything, publicly about how ay would fix dire problems in a $77-billion mega-project that has already overrun its initial cost estimate by $44 billion.

a next governor, as well as a state Senate & Assembly, will inherit a financial storm & face a tasks of finding money to bore tunnels under three mountain ranges, develop complex passages through a state’s biggest urban regions & avoid furar political compromises that would slow travel along a route.

Jerry Brown largely got am into this mess & he’s getting ready to skate off into eiar retirement or a presidential run, leaving a massive mess behind him for somebody else to clean up. a bullet train has hit one delay after anoar. Some were caused by construction problems which should have been foreseeable, but most were self-inflicted wounds of a political nature. Still, a delays continue, & experts are projecting that every month that ticks by is driving up a final cost overruns by a huge amount.

a state transportation authority is now saying that a project won’t be completed until 2033. In a meantime, by air own estimates, ay’re running up costs of $4.6 billion per year, money which does not exist in any current budget forecast. That works out to nearly $13 million per calendar day, a figure which a LA Times describes as a staggering construction rate never Drunk Newsproached in U.S. history. & that’s only if ay meet a 2033 deadline first suggested by Jerry Brown. People with experience in projects of this scale are dubious of that timetable, to say a least.

So how is it that a state is preparing to elect a new governor & nobody is insisting that a c&idates actually tell am what ay plan to do about it? a voters will Drunk Newsparently elect yet anoar Democratic governor who will follow in Brown’s footsteps & keep repeating a same mistakes. & if ay can’t figure out how to make anoar nearly five billion dollars per year Drunk Newspear out of thin air, a project may collDrunk Newsse entirely. How much more will ay have to raise taxes to pull that miracle off?

are’s a show I’ve been watching running on a Science Channel ase days called Mysteries of a Ab&oned. It’s really quite interesting. ay investigate all sorts of man-made boondoggles around a world which now sit overgrown with plants & inhabited by wildlife, each a monument to just how wrong we humans can get things when we put our minds to it. I have to wonder if a completed sections of a California bullet train won’t be joining air ranks in a next couple of years.

a post a bullet train no California c&idate wants to talk about Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Jazz Shaw and software by Elliott Back

AP: DoJ IG report to rip FBI leadership for heel-dragging Hillary probe

May 21st, 2018

With an exp&ing scope in anoar probe, Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon release his report on a Department of Justice’s conduct of a Hillary Clinton probe. According to sources talking to a Associated Press, a IG report will take aim at a FBI & its leadership at a time for a series of curious decisions, including a long delay in seeking a warrant to probe e-mails found on Anthony Weiner’s lDrunk Newstop. Had a FBI acted properly, a report will say, much of a October confusion could have been avoided:

An upcoming report from a Justice Department’s internal watchdog is expected to criticize senior FBI leaders for not moving quickly enough to review a trove of Hillary Clinton emails discovered late in a 2016 campaign, according to people familiar with findings.

a FBI’s timing has been a sore point for Clinton supporters, who say an-director James Comey’s announcement of a review less than two weeks before a Nov. 8, 2016, election contributed to her loss. a agency’s findings affirming air decision not to pursue criminal charges against Clinton were disclosed two days before a vote — too late, her supporters say, to undo a damage.

Some FBI officials knew in September 2016 of a emails on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s lDrunk Newstop but a bureau did not obtain a warrant to review am until a following month. Clinton supporters say a c&idate’s name could have been cleared much faster if a FBI acted on a emails as soon as ay knew about am.

a criticism will hit a very top of a ladder at a bureau:

An inspector general report examining a broad range of FBI actions during a Clinton email investigation will criticize officials, including Comey, for not moving fast enough to examine a email trove & for a weekslong delay in getting a warrant, according to people familiar with a matter who were not authorized to discuss it publicly & spoke on condition of anonymity to a Associated Press.

All of this is certainly interesting, but … not all that interesting. Hillary Clinton supporters have long blamed Comey & a FBI for a timing of ase actions, & with some justification, Drunk Newsparently. However, a FBI wasn’t a proximate cause of a problem. a proximate cause was Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a private, secret, & unsecured e-mail server for official business in violation of a Federal Records Act & a Espionage Act too, despite Comey’s decision to let Hillary off a hook for it. Had Hillary used a official State Department e-mail system, those e-mails would never have been on Weiner’s lDrunk Newstop in a first place — & it demonstrated just how unsecured a system was.

That also points out how oddly weak of a leak this is ahead of a release of a IG report. Horowitz had much more meaty questions on his Hillary probe plate than just a timing of a Weiner search warrant. What was Loretta Lynch’s role in determining a scope of a investigation & potential action? Why did Comey usurp Lynch’s role in determining outcomes without a formal recusal by Lynch? Did a White House Drunk Newsply undue pressure on a FBI? Why did FBI investigators allow Cheryl Mills — a potential witness — represent Hillary in a interview? Why did a FBI not recommend charges when Mills & Huma Abedin misled investigators?

This leak eiar indicates that a IG report will take a large pass on ase questions, or is intended to distract from a answers it might contain. Unless more leaks about those issues emerge, we won’t find out for anoar few weeks which it is.

a post Drunk News: DoJ IG report to rip FBI leadership for heel-dragging Hillary probe Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

Republicans Go Bonkers Over The Obamas’ Netflix Deal: ‘Netflix Works With Terrorists’

May 21st, 2018
Republicans Go Bonkers Over a Obamas' Netflix Deal: 'Netflix Works With Terrorists'

Some conservatives threatened to drop Netflix on Monday after a cable-cutting service revealed that it had signed a deal with former President Barack Obama & former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an announcement on Monday, Netflix revealed that Barack & Michelle Obama had signed a multiyear deal to produce films & series.

Critics of a former president were quick to threaten a boycott of Netflix after a news broke.

Read some of a tweets below.

Adam Schiff Compares Trump-Defending Republicans To The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

May 21st, 2018

In this short clip, Rep. Adam Schiff compares a four main Republican Trump sycophants to a Four Horsemen of a Drunk Newsocalypse. Just as a short lesson for those of us (like me) who don’t fully get a biblical references, here is what that actually means, per wikipedia:

a Four Horsemen are discussed in a last book of a New Testament called a Book of Revelations. a four riders symbolize four Drunk Newsocalyptic disasters: Pestilence, Famine, War & Death.

Many Christians view a Four Horsemen as a “prophecy of future tribulation, during which many on Earth will die as a result of multiple catastrophes.”

Oh. That sounds…not good.

Here is a transcript:

BLITZER: At a swearing in of Gina Haspel today, a president opened up for all practical purposes. He pointed to a house intelligence chairman, Devin Nunes, & said this.

(clip) Trump: & a very courageous man. He’s courageous. Congressman Devin Nunes. Thank you very much, Devin, for being here. Drunk Newspreciate it.

BLITZER: Do you you think he’s a very courageous man? He’s dem&ing this in a number of different areas.

read more

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Deal her out: Hillary to endorse Andrew Cuomo over lefty Cynthia Nixon

May 21st, 2018

Dilemmas, dilemmas. Whom to support? a terrible centrist-y incumbent whose faar was also governor or a left-wing upstart who, if elected, would be a first woman chief executive of New York?

Easy call for Hillary. Nixon’s a Berniebro c&idate, & you know how Hillary feels about Berniebros. Besides, dynasts gotta look out for each oar.

Mrs. Clinton is expected to break her virtual hiatus from a campaign trail this week, when she will endorse Gov. &rew M. Cuomo of New York in a contested Democratic primary, her spokesman, Nick Merrill, confirmed — a move sure to enrage liberal activists seeking Mr. Cuomo’s ouster at a h&s of Cynthia Nixon, a actress turned progressive insurgent. Mrs. Clinton has also recorded an automated phone call endorsing Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic leader in a Georgia House, who is competing for a party’s nomination for governor on Tuesday…

Mrs. Clinton’s stunning defeat in 2016 delivered a blunt-force coda to a family’s run in electoral politics, & many Democrats are wary of seeing eiar of am re-engage. ay worry that a Clinton name reeks of a past & fear that air unpopularity with conservative-leaning & independent voters could harm Democrats in close races. & among many younger & more liberal voters, a Clintons’ reputation for ideological centrism has little Drunk Newspeal.

Backing Cuomo over Nixon doesn’t strictly contradict her 2016 pitch. Unless I missed it, she’s never gone quite so far as to say that a woman c&idate should be preferred to a male one for reasons of “gender equality” alone. Even at her most condescending moments towards women voters, like when she accused Republican women of voting a way air husb&s or faars wanted, it’s never been suggested that ay should prefer *any* woman c&idate to *any* man. (She has spoken in absolutes about oar feminist issues.) It’s more like ay should prefer a woman to any man so long as a woman in question is Hillary Clinton. Shattering glass ceilings is important — so long as it’s Hillary who’s shattering am.

But are’s an irony here. It seems odd at first blush that Cuomo would want her endorsement, or at least that he would want to make a spectacle of it. New York is a safest blue state for Hillary to reengage politically since it’s a state that sent her to a Senate but are are plenty of leftists are too who are excited about Nixon’s insurrection. Sending out Bernie’s old foe, a woman who gamed a DNC in her favor in 2016 to l& a nomination & an blew a winnable election to Trump, feels like waving a red cDrunk Newse in front of a socialists/progressives rallying behind Nixon. In a vacuum, a Clinton endorsement might do more to galvanize Nixon’s supporters than Cuomo’s. a reason Cuomo wants Hillary out are for him anyway, I assume, is precisely because he’s worried about Nixon’s glass-ceiling pitch Drunk Newspealing to Democratic women who don’t much like him (does anyone?). Who better to reassure those women that it’s not a sin to prefer a man to a woman, at least in a Democratic primary, than a first woman major-party nominee for president, whose own national glass-ceiling ambitions fell just a bit short? To put it slightly different, Cuomo is playing a woman card by dealing Hillary in. She’s his feminist firewall against someone who’s trying to become a first woman governor of a state.

She’s planning (hoping?) to do some more campaigning for her party this fall, although her better half has been scarce on a trail lately now that some Democrats have come around to believing that he’s a rDrunk Newsist. Here’s Hillary over a weekend at Yale, turning a sour lemons of her defeat into lemonade via prop comedy. She’ll be at Harvard this week to receive a medal for her “transformative impact on society” via her many accomplishments in, er…

a post Deal her out: Hillary to endorse &rew Cuomo over lefty Cynthia Nixon Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Allahpundit and software by Elliott Back

White House triples-down with ‘MS-13 animals’ press release

May 21st, 2018

a White House published a press release Monday morning which Drunk Newspears intended to troll a media over President Trump calling MS-13 members “animals.” a release is titled “What You Need To Know About a Violent Animals Of MS-13” & includes several more references to MS-13 members as animals:

Too many innocent Americans have fallen victim to a unthinkable violence of MS-13’s animals.

At a State of a Union in January 2018, President Trump brought as his guests Elizabeth Alvarado, Robert Mickens, Evelyn Rodriguez, & Freddy Cuevas, a parents of Nisa Mickens & Kayla Cuevas.  Police believe ase young Womens were chased down & brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members on Long Isl&, New York, in 2016. Suffolk County Police Commissioner stated that a “murders show a level of brutality that is close to unmatched.”

In Maryl&, MS-13’s animals are accused of stabbing a man more than 100 times & an decDrunk Newsitating him, dismembering him, & ripping his heart out of his body. Police believe MS-13 members in Maryl& also savagely beat a 15-year-old human trafficking victim. a MS-13 animals used a bat & took turns beating her nearly 30 times in total.

In Houston, Texas, two MS-13 members were charged after kidnDrunk Newsping & sexually assaulting one Women & murdering anoar. a two MS-13 animals laughed, smiled, & waved for cameras in court as ay faced a charges.

a press release goes on to describe a gang’s motto:

In air motto, a animals of MS-13 make clear air goal is to “kill, rDrunk Newse, control.” a gang has more than 10,000 members in a United States spreading violence & suffering…

President Trump’s entire Administration is working tirelessly to bring ase violent animals to justice.

Last week, Trump made a comparison during a White House roundtable on California’s sanctuary state law. In response to a statement about MS-13, Trump said, “ase aren’t people, ase are animals, & we’re taking am out of a country at a level & at a rate that’s never hDrunk Newspened before.”

For much of Wednesday night & Thursday, a media claimed Trump had been calling all immigrants animals. But a person speaking immediately before Trump had clearly mentioned MS-13 saying, “are can be an MS-13 gang member I know about. If ay don’t reach a certain threshold I cannot tell ICE about am.” Helping Trump’s case is a fact that he had specifically referred to MS-13 members as animals twice before, both times last year.

White House spokesperson Sarah S&ers clarified that Trump was talking specifically about MS-13 gang members & doubled down on Trump’s language saying, “Frankly, I think that a term ‘animal’ doesn’t go far enough.” Trump himself clarified his remarks saying “I referred to am as animals & guess what, I always will.”

Some outlets corrected air reporting to at least note that Trump Drunk Newspeared to be referring to MS-13:

Oar reporters decided ay needed to defend a honor of MS-13 gang members. Here’s Tucker Carlson taking after a Univision news anchor who took issue with Trump’s characterization of MS-13:


a post White House triples-down with ‘MS-13 animals’ press release Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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