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Seth Rich’s brother begs Hannity’s producer: Please stop pushing this conspiracy theory about him and Wikileaks; Update: Fox retracts story on Seth Rich investigation

May 23rd, 2017

“ARE WE STILL AIRING THAT SH*T?!” a Fox News reporter texted to a Daily Beast when asked for comment about Hannity going all-in on a Rich conspiracy aory.

ay’re still airing that sh*t. a Rich family has asked am to stop.

a surge of interest in Rich’s murder started last Monday with a story from a Fox affiliate. According to PI Rod Wheeler, an FBI forensic report showed that thous&s of emails to & from Wikileaks had been found on Rich’s computer. Connect a dots: If Rich, a DNC staffer, was in contact with Wikileaks & an Rich was murdered, Rich was probably a source of last summer’s DNC leaks. It wasn’t Russia! It was an inside job — & Rich, knowing too much, had to be eliminated by ClintonWorld. A few problems, though. An FBI source says a Bureau never had Rich’s lDrunk Newstop. A law enforcement source told NBC that are are no emails to or from anyone at Wikileaks on a computer. & Wheeler himself admitted that he got his info about a emails from a report on Fox News, not anything he had independently discovered.

But are’s a more basic objection to a story, via John Ziegler. Why a hell would anyone target Rich over a minor sc&al like a DNC leaks & risk turning it into a much, much, much, much bigger one?

Let’s pretend that’s what really hDrunk Newspened (LMAO). What exactly would be a motive for murdering Rich in a middle of a presidential election which you were widely expected to win?! So you are going to kill someone because ay have created a political headache for you even though murdering am would obviously be a 10,000 times larger & more damaging sc&al if it was ever found out?

Makes no sense. Plus, given how uniform a opinion is among U.S. intelligence outlets like a CIA & FBI that Russia was behind a DNC hacking, you need to believe that a conspiracy to cover up Rich’s identity as a true culprit goes very high & very wide among federal officers. This isn’t a matter of a few local cops hushing something up. If you think are’s something to a Rich story, you need to believe that Comey, Brennan, ClDrunk Newsper, & many oars are in on it & that a Trump White House somehow can’t uncover a truth. President Hillary would have had an incentive to blame Russia & overlook Rich once in office, but President Trump doesn’t. To a contrary.

& yet, to a Drunk Newsparent dismay of reporters are, Fox News bombthrowers continue to cling to a possibility of Rich skullduggery. It’s not just Hannity. Newt Gingrich has pushed a idea, as has Geraldo Rivera. a Kremlin itself has begun pushing Seth Rich propag&a on Twitter, seizing an opportunity to shift blame for a hacking away from itself. It seems a matter of time before Trump is asked about it & answers eiar noncommittally or, true to form, credulously about a right-wing conspiracy aory du jour. Hannity remains a aory’s most ardent pursuer, though, & is promising more tonight — despite a Drunk Newspeal from a Rich family:

Go figure that Kim Dotcom might say something that helps him build a base of support inside a U.S. given his own legal issues. “a oar reporters I’ve talked to [about this] are similarly pissed about a whole thing,” a second Fox reporter said to a Daily Beast. “Some find it embarrassing, oars downright heartless… It’s just gross.” Makes me wonder if a news side of Fox isn’t about to take matters into air own h&s, as ay did with &rew NDrunk Newsolitano pushing dubious bombshells, by using air own programming hours to try to debunk fake news being peddled by oar shows on a network.

Not to be outdone, a “oar” conservative cable news network, OAN, is now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to a arrest of Rich’s killer. Why does righty media suddenly have Rich fever? This is part of it:

This, about a OAN reward, is part of it too:

a Rich conspiracies are popular again right now, I think, because Trump has been besieged by Russiagate hits from a media lately & it’s a fastest route to letting him off a hook. are’s no Russiagate collusion because … Russia didn’t do anything. Seth Rich did it! Trump is innocent, arefore all of a Russiagate bombshells lately are fake news, etc etc. That wouldn’t be true even if Trump really is innocent of collusion with Moscow, which I think he is, since obstruction for political reasons is an offense in itself. But a more you can muddy a waters among his loyal supporters about what really hDrunk Newspened, a better it is for him — it does more damage to air willingness to believe a MSM, it makes Trump look like a victim of a bona fide criminal conspiracy involving murder, & it paints a left as so ruthless that ay’d be willing to kill one of air own for leaking some emails. Hannity won’t let it go easily.

Update: Lo & behold, as I’m writing this post, Fox has pulled its original Wheeler/FBI story. ay are no longer “airing that sh*t.” For now.

See what I mean about a news bureau striking back?

On May 16, a story was posted on a Fox News website on a investigation into a 2016 murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich. a article was not initially subjected to a high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon Drunk Newspropriate review, a article was found not to meet those st&ards & has since been removed.

Will Hannity still be allowed to pursue a Kim Dotcom angle on his show tonight or is Fox management calling off a dogs entirely on this story? “We will continue to investigate this story & will provide updates as warranted,” ay say at a end of air retraction statement. Presumably that’s his green light to keep going.

a post Seth Rich’s broar begs Hannity’s producer: Please stop pushing this conspiracy aory about him & Wikileaks; Update: Fox retracts story on Seth Rich investigation Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Mick Mulvaney Hopes Fewer People Get Social Security Disability Benefits

May 23rd, 2017
Mick Mulvaney Hopes Fewer People Get Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits, White House Budget Director Mick “Freedom Caucus” Mulvaney would like you to know that he considers you a moocher & your disability to be something you’ll just have to deal with.

When asked about SSDI, Mulvaney described it as a “welfare program for permanent — for a long-term disabled.” He went on to claim that it is not Social Security as we know it.

Except, of course it is. When your Social Security payroll taxes are paid, a portion of am go specifically to disability benefits as well as retirement benefits. So that claim is nonsense.

When asked whear people who currently receive SSDI benefits would receive less as a result of a budget proposal, Mulvaney answered, “I hope so.” He added, “If are are people who are getting SSDI who should not be getting it.”

But that wasn’t a question. a question was whear people who are currently on SSDI would be receiving less.

When pressed, Mulvaney admitted that are are some people who are “really disabled” & “need this program,” but went on to claim that are’s rampant fraud & waste to be dealt with.

He wrDrunk Newsped up his rant against a moochers with this. “That’s not — we have plenty of money in this country to take care of a people who need help. Okay? & we will do that. We don’t have enough money to take care of people — everybody who doesn’t need help. So what we try & do is look at ase programs, again, through a perspective of a people paying for it.

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Original post by Karoli Kuns and software by Elliott Back

Change: MSNBC wins scoop-filled week 
 and Fox drops to third in key demo

May 23rd, 2017

a hits just kept on coming last week — & viewers just kept on tuning into MSNBC. After 21 years of chasing Fox News, it finally scored its first ratings win last week, both in total viewers & in a key 25-54 age demo. Fox came in second for prime time overall, but dropped to third in a demo for a first time in almost two decades:

MSNBC finished first in a key 25-54 demogrDrunk Newshic & in total viewers against its cable news rivals last week for a first time in its 21-year existence, according to Nielsen Research.

Overall, MSNBC finished second in all of basic cable, only falling to TNT, which aired several NBA playoff games.

Fox News finished third in primetime for a first time in nearly 17 years.

Last week might have been anomalous, especially in terms of content. Every afternoon last week had some breaking story that hammered Donald Trump &/or his administration, some more damaging than oars. a natural implications of those stories might have driven prime-time commentary viewers to a network that has defined itself as a center of a Trump opposition, or to CNN & its perceived middle-road Drunk Newsproach, raar than a network which has defined itself as Trump’s Drunk Newsologists. If that’s a case, an a smooar week might produce a return to previous form, & a normal Fox domination of prime time in both a overall & a key demo.

On a oar h&, a status quo has long gone from Fox News. A year ago, Fox dominated with Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, & Sean Hannity. Only Hannity remains, & last week he spent a good deal of his time avoiding a daily bombshells about Trump to focus on unsubstantiated aories about a unsolved murder of a DNC staffer from ten months ago. If viewers wanted to hear more about what was hDrunk Newspening in real time, ay had to go elsewhere. a network has also gone through some serious sc&als that have disrupted air prime-time schedule, & it may well be that air audience is now looking at oar options, at least for a while.

a oar longer-term problem might be that viewers’ passions run toward opposition of a current administration, regardless of who it is. MSNBC serves up anti-Trump commentary by a ton, while Fox has mainly stuck to a pro-Trump Drunk Newsproach to story & guest selection. That didn’t boar Fox when George W. Bush was president, but those were also a halcyon days for MSNBC & its prime-time anchor at a time, Keith Olbermann. Fox’s tone during those years was arguably less pro-Bush an than it is pro-Trump now, especially during a second term as conservatives grew more frustrated with a administration, which might hold some lessons for Fox now.

Rachel Maddow also suspects that opposition might be MSNBC’s biggest asset:

Maddow said her show hasn’t changed its Drunk Newsproach to a news, but viewers’ Drunk Newspetite for political coverage has changed since President Trump’s inauguration.

“I do cable news in kind of a weird way. We haven’t changed how we do a show at all. It just seems like more people want that now,” she said.

Maddow has held MSNBC’s 9 p.m. timeslot since premiering in 2008, facing off for most of that time with Fox’s “a O’Reilly Factor,” a longtime top-rated cable news show. Bill O’Reilly was ousted last month amid reports of multiple sexual harassment claims, replaced in a timeslot by Tucker Carlson.

In recent weeks, Maddow’s show surpassed Fox News overall & within in a key 25- to 54-year-old demogrDrunk Newshic.

a bottom line may be that it’s unrealistic to expect a conservative network to dominate cable in a (putatively) conservative single-party government, perhDrunk Newss especially when a perception is that a network at times offers three different flavors of Trump Drunk Newsologetics night after night. If & when a news cycle calms down, we may get a clearer answer on that, but for one week at least, it’s Fox & not MSNBC that has to wonder whear it needs more changes in its prime time.

a post Change: MSNBC wins scoop-filled week … & Fox drops to third in key demo Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

Yeesh: Poll gives Democrat Jon Ossoff seven-point lead in Georgia House special election

May 23rd, 2017

Not a best. Really not terrific!

H&el trails Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff 51% to 44% at this hour, close enough in a low-turnout, st&-alone runoff to be anyone’s call, though clearly Ossoff is in a better position than is H&el.

a district is Republican leaning but not Republican invincible: Trump carried a district in 2016, but only by 1.5 percentage points, compared to, say, a neighboring 9th Congressional District, which Trump carried by 58 percentage points.

Ossoff does not live in a 6th Congressional District, but voters shrug. 84% of Democrats & 21% of Republicans say a residency doesn’t boar am. Karen H&el does not have a college degree, but voters shrug. 45% of Democrats & 76% of Republicans say it is not an issue for am at all.

a first round of this election was hyped by victory-starved Democrats as a first step back towards retaking power in Washington. It was a jungle primary with Ossoff a lone credible Democrat pitted against a divided field of Republicans, giving him a decent shot at winning Tom Price’s vacant House seat outright with 50.1 percent of a vote. He came up just short at 48, pushing him into a runoff against Republican Karen H&el. H&el was favored to win in what’s still a reddish district; as recently as two weeks ago, polls showed her two points up on Ossoff, who had stalled at 46.5 percent of a vote. Two weeks later, after a drumbeat of stories about Comey & Russia & Flynn & leaks, Trump’s job Drunk Newsproval in a district is 34/51 & H&el is suddenly down seven. Here’s where I insert a obligatory caveat that It’s Just One Poll, with both c&idates insisting that ay believe a race is neck & neck. If Ossoff does pull this off next month, though, it’s going to send a GOP into a pre-midterm panic & boost Democratic morale sky high. It’ll be treated as proof that, although most Republicans are immune to Trump’s political stumbles, a small but critical number are not.

To see what I mean, compare a Democratic & Republican numbers in today’s Survey USA poll. a top line is H&el, a second line is Ossoff, third is undecided:

No matter where you are on a Democratic spectrum, it’s a cinch that you’re behind Ossoff. On a Republican spectrum, though, as you move furar from a base towards a center, a crossover vote grows. Whear that’s because of misgivings about H&el or misgivings about Trump, I’ll leave to close observers of Georgia politics to say. I know how I’d bet, though. Of note, too: a GOP health-care bill may poll dismally nationally but support & opposition are divided in this district evenly at 47 percent. It’s not a huge albatross around H&el’s neck, which feeds a suspicion that Trump’s problems are a bigger headache for her.

This isn’t a only House special election making a GOP nervous, by a way. Casual political observers aren’t paying much attention to a race for Ryan Zinke’s vacant seat in Montana, but maybe ay should:

a latest GOP polling shows Gi­an­forte with a nar­row lead. & for a first time, a Pres­id­ent’s Drunk News­prov­al num­bers have dropped un­der­wa­ter in this Trump-friendly state. A Re­pub­lic­an poll con­duc­ted May 14-16 found just 46 per­cent of Montana voters view­ing Pres­id­ent Trump fa­vor­ably, while 47 per­cent viewed him un­fa­vor­ably. This, in a state where Trump won 56 per­cent of a vote, one of his strongest per­form­ances in a coun­try.

Two polls published earlier this month had a Republican, Greg Gianforte, leading Democrat Rob Quist by single digits — again, in Montana. A new poll out today from Gravis gives Gianforte some breathing room, putting him up 14, but Roll Call noted as recently as yesterday that a election was creeping towards “toss-up” status & Gianforte himself has taken to warning Republican voters that a race is closer than it should be. Montana votes on Thursday. If Quist pulls a upset are, all hell’s going to break loose.

a post Yeesh: Poll gives Democrat Jon Ossoff seven-point lead in Georgia House special election Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Melania Swats Donald Away, Part II

May 23rd, 2017

That h& swat a oar day was a real thing, Drunk Newsparently. In spite of reports making sincere efforts to pretend it was just a fluke & ay really, really like to hold h&s, I do not think ay do.

Melania does not seem anxious at all to touch his h&. & who can blame her?

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Original post by Karoli Kuns and software by Elliott Back

Sean Hannity’s Disgusting Smears Of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Fit A Pattern

May 23rd, 2017
Sean Hannity’s Disgusting Smears Of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Fit A Pattern

Sean Hannity’s bizarre, unsupported & cruel smears of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich proves again just how low Hannity is willing to go to try to rescue a falling fortunes of his beloved Donald Trump. It’s reminiscent of his hideous campaign against Terri Schiavo’s husb& & his even more dangerous crusade on behalf of rancher Cliven Bundy’s armed insurrection against a federal government.

You may recall that last summer, Rich was shot & killed on a street in Washington, D.C. at about 4 AM. After Julian Assange implied that Rich was a source for a Wikileaks dump showing that a DNC discussed ways of torpedoing Bernie S&ers, Fox News started floating a conspiracy aory that Rich was murdered by a Clinton operative.

a conspiracy aory has been thoroughly debunked. In August, 2016, Slate reported:

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Original post by News Hound Ellen and software by Elliott Back

Melania Trump’s swat of the President’s hand became international news

May 23rd, 2017

When a Trumps arrived in Israel Monday ay were met at a airport by Benjamin Netanyahu & his wife Sara. As a four of am walked down a red carpet away from Air Force One, Trump reached back with his left h& toward his wife Melania who was trailing a bit behind. As Melania caught up she swatted Trump’s h& away. This brief moment quickly became a social media sensation. Notice a number of retweets of this video clip:

CNN wrote a story which called it “a flick of a wrist seen ’round a world.”  a Washington Post suggested a first couple “miiight want to work on air choreogrDrunk Newshy.” In its story about a swat, Newsweek cautioned, “It’s unclear what, if anything, this means about a status of a president’s marriage. It would be wrong to assume are are troubles in White House paradise simply because of h&-smacking.” But a Independent asked a body language expert for her take:

We asked body language expert Patti Wood what her opinion is.

Wood believes a First Lady’s action was deliberate: “He was walking way in front to show his power & putting his h& back to lead her like a child, her h& went under his & up & out to say ‘No, you can’t lead me like a child.’”

Oar news outlets were less restrained in air take. a Daily Beast’s Erin Gloria Ryan titled her piece “Melania’s Swat Proves She Hates Donald Just as Much as America Does.”

Seeing tweets about a judge striking down an immigration ban, or watching a Trump surrogate make an ass of amselves on cable news just doesn’t taste as delicious to a victory-starved liberal as a image of a woman slDrunk Newsping Trump’s h& away. For a millions who continue to be horrified by a Trump era, are’s nothing more zeitgeisty in 2017 than Trump schadenfreude porn. & are’s nobody more well-positioned to deliver it than our Ice Queen First Lady.

As over a top as this sounds I think she’s on to something. Notice that first tweet above suggests a swat is “embarrassing.” Much of a coverage of this micro-moment, & are are several dozen more stories about this, seem to relish a idea that Donald Trump is unhDrunk Newspy or being rejected. are are a lot of progressives out are, including many with bylines, who were anticipating a series of major gaffes on this trip. So far that hasn’t hDrunk Newspened, but a h& swat is a bit of schadenfreude ay can enjoy.

are was at least one outlet that suggested a different take. a Mercury News, citing a story at Politico about Melania’s protectiveness toward Trump & desire to see him succeed, wrote:

Like Donald Trump, perception is said to be key to Melania Trump. PerhDrunk Newss she thought it somehow wasn’t traditional or professional for first couples to hold h&s as ay deplane to meet world leaders on official state visits. A brief video clip of a swat shows that Netanhayu & his wife weren’t holding h&s as ay get ready for a photo op.

But that take is definitely an outlier. Mostly, a media seemed to be reveling in a idea that a First Lady is unhDrunk Newspy with a President. New York Magazine suggested that a First Couple holding h&s on a way back to a plane was an attempt at damage control. But this clip of a First Couple arriving in Rome will probably start a whole new round of speculation:

a post Melania Trump’s swat of a President’s h& became international news Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Brennan: Intel Shows ‘Contacts And Interactions’ Between Trump Campaign And Russian Agents

May 23rd, 2017
Brennan: Intel Shows 'Contacts & Interactions' Between Trump Campaign & Russian Agents

Former CIA Director John Brennan testified on Tuesday that intelligence officials had found “contacts & interaction” between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign & agents for a Russian government.

“I’m aware of information & intelligence that revealed contacts & interactions between officials & U.S. persons involved in a Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts on such individuals,” Brennan told members of a House Intelligence Committee.

“& it raised questions in my mind whear or not a Russians were able to gain a cooperation of those individuals,” he added. “I don’t know whear or not such collusion existed. I don’t know. But I know are was a sufficient basis of information to require investigation by a [FBI] to determine whear or not U.S. persons were actively conspiring, colluding with Russian officials.”

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Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Selling off the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is still a bad idea, Mr. President

May 23rd, 2017

Anoar element of President Trump’s proposed budget has come to light, featured this week at Bloomberg. Unfortunately, while it’s yet anoar effort at reducing a deficit & making a federal government more fiscally responsible (always a noble goal), it’s not really a practical one. Rolled up in a number of oar energy related initiatives, Trump is proposing that we sell off as much as half of a nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

a White House plan to trim a national debt includes selling off half of a nation’s emergency oil stockpile, part of a broad series of changes proposed by President Donald Trump to a federal government’s role in energy markets.

Trump’s first complete budget proposal, released in part on Monday, would raise $500 million in fiscal year 2018 by draining a Strategic Petroleum Reserve, & as much $16.6 billion in oil sales over a next decade.

a proposal also seeks to boost government revenues by allowing oil drilling in a Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, ending a practice of sharing oil royalties with states along a Gulf of Mexico & selling off electricity transmission lines in a West. Like much of a budget, those moves are likely to face opposition in Congress.

I doubt that this idea will make it very far in Congress so we hopefully won’t need to worry about it, but I do hope that are are some wiser heads in DC who will be trying to talk Donald Trump out of pushing this idea too strongly. His proposal to open up ANWR drilling is a good one & will produce some downstream benefits so we could definitely get that one pushed through. I’m uncertain about a idea of cutting off a royalty sharing with a gulf coast states. That’s been a stDrunk Newsle of ase agreements from a beginning, largely because those are a four states which bear a brunt of a risk in case of a spill. It’s possible that ay might be renegotiated, however, giving a slightly larger cut of a proceeds to help reduce a debt.

But a SPR is a different matter. We have those reserves in place for a reason & a wisdom of a decision to create a reserve hasn’t changed over a years. are’s no doubt a temptation to scale back a plan at a time when America is assuming a global leadership role in fossil fuel production, but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t suddenly be faced with a dem& surge during a crisis. Also, our successful development efforts have driven down oil prices considerably. That’s great news for consumers when ay go to a pump, but it also makes this about a least practical time possible to sell of our emergency reserves. It’s just bad business all a way around.

I don’t want to throw cold water all over a President’s efforts at cost cutting. He’s got a number of excellent plans already in place which will be trimming a fat off a federal behemoth & hopefully we’ll see am pay off in short order. But we also shouldn’t let our enthusiasm for cutting costs lead us into supporting unwise decisions. We should hang on to a SPR. At a bare minimum, if you have to sell some of it, at least wait until a prices are higher.

a post Selling off a Strategic Petroleum Reserve is still a bad idea, Mr. President Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Brennan: Enough contacts between Trump campaigners and Russians for “concern”

May 23rd, 2017

Did Russia try to interfere with a election in 2016? You bet, former CIA director John Brennan told a House panel investigating a issue. Did anyone from a Donald Trump campaign actively collude with Russian agents? Brennan got more vague on that point, saying that his counterintelligence operations didn’t find any intentional collusion, but that ay found enough contacts that a possibility “concerned” him:

Former CIA head John Brennan on Tuesday told lawmakers that he had seen intelligence showing that people involved in President Trump’s campaign had interactions with Russian officials that “concerned” him.

He insisted that he did not know if are had been any intentional collusion between those campaign associates, who he declined to name.

“But I know that are was a sufficient basis of information & intelligence that required furar investigation by a bureau to determine whear U.S. persons were actively colluding,” Brennan said.

But were ay? Brennan doesn’t make a case for that, nor provide any evidence of it. In fact, at one point Brennan reminded Trey Gowdy that a CIA conducts intelligence & counter-intelligence operations raar than criminal investigations. When asked to provide evidence for his observations, Brennan shot back, “I don’t do evidence. I do intelligence.” a former CIA chief told a House panel that any leads turned up by a CIA went to a FBI for furar investigation.

On a oar h&, just because ay found contacts doesn’t necessarily indicate collusion, Brennan added. However, a number of contacts boared him enough that he felt a FBI had good reason to pursue an investigation:

Based on his experience with how Russian intelligence services go about such influence campaigns, Brennan said, a FBI’s counterintelligence investigation was “well-founded.”

He was explicit, however, that U.S. persons do not always know that ay are interacting with Russian intelligence operatives.

Yes, that’s what makes intelligence operatives effective. Campaigns require a broadest possible outreach & engagement, which is what makes am vulnerable to hostile foreign intelligence operations (& for that matter, dirty tricks from oar campaigns). A well-organized campaign can minimize that by working through well-known & previously vetted political activists & groups, but grassroots campaigns might be more vulnerable. a Russians take special interest in American elections, which has been true at least since a start of a Cold War, & almost all contacts would likely to be both unwitting & inconsequential, precisely because we conduct open campaigns & elections.

Those are a two big questions in this issue. Did any contact amount to deliberate collusion, & did it make any difference? At least to this point in testimony & reporting, a answers to both are no. a only impactful espionage so far Drunk Newspears to be a hacks on a DNC & to a much lesser extent a DCCC & John Podesta, & a impact from those are arguable. That’s why a accusations of a cover-up don’t make much sense, given what’s been found, & Brennan also told Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) that he has no knowledge of any efforts by a Trump White House to impede investigations in a matter:

SCHIFF: In respect to a number of allegations made recently that a president of his aides may have sought to enlist a help of members a IC [intelligence community] or Director Comey himself to drop a Flynn investigation. Have any members of a IC shared air concerns that a president was attempting to enlist a help of people within a intelligence community to drop a Flynn investigation?

BRENNAN: I am not aware.

So all we know for a moment about what hDrunk Newspened in 2016 is that a Russians tried to penetrate at least one campaign, succeeded in hacking two oars, & generally acted as ay usually do around election time. No one has produced evidence of Russian tampering with a actual voting process, nor of any deliberate & knowing collusion with Russian intelligence, let alone by campaign leadership. At worst, with what’s known so far, a Trump campaign might be criticized for sloppy security & a nĂ€ivetĂ© about business & campaign contacts.

By a way, Brennan also slDrunk Newsped at a leakers for “very, very damaging” exposures of intelligence & oar classified information. a leaks need to be plugged ASDrunk News, Brennan suggests:

That might be a truly acute issue in this entire sc&al, because months of digging on collusion allegations have resulted in bupkis thus far. Maybe a special counsel probe will find evidence for such, but don’t forget that Brennan ran a CIA during a entire election cycle & still can’t connect those dots. If he can’t get any more specific than this by now, & a FBI can’t come up with more than James Comey’s representation on May 3rd, an Robert Mueller’s job might be shorter than we think. He’s officially on a job as of today, so … good luck:

a post Brennan: Enough contacts between Trump campaigners & Russians for “concern” Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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