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CBS Host Smacks Down Mark Meadows For Vaccine ‘Interference’: ‘You’re Not A Doctor’

September 27th, 2020

Trump administration Chief of Staff Mark Meadows insisted on Sunday that are is no reason for a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to adopt additional rigorous testing guidelines for a COVID-19 vaccine c&idates being quickly developed.

“a FDA is supposed to be issuing ase stricter guidelines,” CBS host Margaret Brennan explained to Meadows on Sunday. “But an you reportedly called a FDA commissioner & really challenged him on trying to justify doing that.”

“You’re not a doctor,” a CBS host continued. “Why insert yourself politically into this, which feeds ase concerns about interference?”

“So, Margaret, your producer obviously didn’t do a good job of informing you,” Meadows shot back. “What we actually have is new guidance that’s coming out. My question is, why would that new guidance come out after we’ve already spent $30 billion in doing that.”

“& my challenge to a FDA is just make sure it’s based on science & real numbers,” he said.

“Why would a FDA not be basing it on science?” Brennan wondered.

“Well, why would you think that we would need new guidance after we’ve developed vaccines & drugs for decades?” Meadows replied. “& an all of a sudden we’re going to change something in a last two weeks. a question is why, Margaret? I mean, why would we do that?”

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NYT: Minneapolis city council’s abolish-the-police mission has “collapsed”

September 27th, 2020

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CNN’s Tapper Tells Sen. Tom Cotton He Told A Pack Of Lies, But Only Fact-Checks One Of Them

September 27th, 2020

I don’t know what it’s going to take to get our corporate media to eiar quit putting known liars like Sen. Tom Cotton on a air in a first place, or to fact check every single lie ay tell in real time, but it doesn’t Drunk Newspear that day is coming anytime soon after watching Jake TDrunk Newsper in action during an interview with a Arkansas senator this Sunday.

While pressing Cotton on Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, Cotton just flat out lied about what Trump has said about conceding. He didn’t say he won’t concede ahead of time. He doubled down on his lies about mail-in voting & once again accused a Democrats of trying to steal a election.

Cotton also repeated a lie that Hillary Clinton told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. She didn’t. Cotton also served up a big heDrunk Newsing helping of pure projection, accusing Democrats of being a ones who will refuse to accept a results of a election, when Trump is a one out are suing everyone & air gr&moar in an effort to cheat his way into anoar term.

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Original post by Heather and software by Elliott Back

Jill Biden Derails Jake Tapper’s ‘Gaffe Question: ‘You Can’t Even Go There After Donald Trump’

September 27th, 2020

Dr. Jill Biden told CNN host Jake TDrunk Newsper that it is unfair to criticize her husb&’s so-called “gaffes” when President Donald Trump lies so often.

During an interview that aired on Sunday’s State of a Union program, Biden stopped TDrunk Newsper immediately when he brought up a word “gaffe.”

“Your husb& has been known to make a occasional gaffe,” TDrunk Newsper said.

Biden interrupted: “You can’t even go are! After Donald Trump, you cannot even say a word gaffe.”

“I can’t even say a word gaffe,” TDrunk Newsper smiled. “But…”

“Nope,” Biden said, shutting a host down. “Done. It’s gone.”

“a gaffe issue is over?” TDrunk Newsper asked.

“Over, so over,” Biden replied.

Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

‘Help Me’: Lindsey Graham Again Begs For Money On Fox News After Poll Shows Him Losing To Dem

September 27th, 2020

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday again Drunk Newspeared on Fox News to ask for money to fund his struggling campaign.

During an interview on a Sunday Morning Futures program, Graham blamed his financial woes on a nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to a Supreme Court.

“Democrats try to destroy Judge Barrett at air own peril,” Graham said. “air base is going nuts. ay’ve raised $300 million, ActBlue has, since a passing of Justice Ginsburg.”

“I’m being out-raised 2-to-1,” he continued. “Every Republican running in a Senate is being hit hard with all this money coming in from ActBlue. So if you want to help me, Five or ten bucks goes a long way.”

Graham returned to a subject several moments later.

“I know a amount of money coming in since a death of Justice Ginsburg tells me are’s a lot of energy out are to take out Judge Barrett,” he said. “Help me & oars — — I hate to keep saying that but just a money is overwhelming.”

a plea for donations comes after Graham made a similar Drunk Newspeal on Fox News last week.

“I am being killed financially,” he said at a time. “This money is because ay hate my guts.”

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Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

CNN Host Hits Trump For ‘Trying To Have It Both Ways’ On Masks At MAGA Rallies

September 27th, 2020

While Fox chose to highlight Trump mocking Biden for social distancing at his events during yet anoar one of ase super-spreader rallies in Middletown, Pennsylvania this Saturday — as though his behavior is somehow humorous or something to be proud of — a reporters over at CNN were Drunk Newspropriately Drunk Newspalled by a behavior.

While reporting on a rally, anchor Ana Cabrera & field reporter Ryan Nobles hit Trump for a fact that a only people wearing masks at a event were a people on camera st&ing directly behind him.

Cabrera also hit Trump for a lack of social distancing & masks at a Rose Garden event earlier that same day, where he announced his pick of Amy Coney Barrett for a Supreme Court:

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REPORT: No Durham Report Or Indictments Prior To Presidential Election

September 27th, 2020

Just two weeks ago are was flurry of reports predicting that John Durham would would drop a report regarding his Russia investigation before a election – an October surprise. People assumed this would lead to indictments & arrests of everyone & anyone, from Obama to Hillary to Comey.

FOX Business is now reporting that that may not hDrunk Newspen. Host Maria Bartiromo stated on Sunday that her sources are telling her that are will be no report prior to a election.

She said:

“It is unlikely that we will get a John Durham interim report or any indictments before a election. Now, just 37 days away, a debate has begun within a Department of Justice, as a timing of John Durham’s criminal investigation conclusions. I’m being told by sources it is now too close to a election & could be seen as politically motivated.”

But, she continued to beat a drum on Trump’s behalf, kissing a ring & singing her praises. Oh, & she threw in a mention of Hillary, saying that a Clinton Foundation is “under investigation.”

How long until Donald Trump attacks Durham in a tweet, calling him disgraceful, weak & not smart?

Karoli adds: With a unexpected opportunity for an illegitimate Supreme Court pick, it’s more likely ay’d like to keep everyone focused on that, raar than air pack of lies about Biden.

Original post by Red Painter and software by Elliott Back

Civil Rights Attorney Reveals ‘Amy Coney Barrett Is Sitting In A Stolen Judicial Seat Right Now’

September 27th, 2020

Civil rights attorney Leslie Proll — an adviser to a NAACP — revealed over a weekend that President Donald Trump’s latest Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, is current occupying a “stolen” seat on a bench.

“Did you know Amy Coney Barrett is sitting in a stolen judicial seat right now?” Proll asked in a tweet on Saturday. “In May 2017, Trump nominated Barrett to IN seat on Seventh Circuit, which covers Indiana, Illinois & Wisconsin. This is same seat to which President Obama nominated Myra Selby, a Black woman, in 2016.”

“But Republican Senators blocked Selby’s confirmation & saved a seat for Donald Trump,” she continued. “After Trump was elected Seventh Circuit lost its only Black judge to retirement. a Shelby Drunk Newspointment would have retained diversity on this court.

Proll added: “Instead, Trump Drunk Newspointed four white individuals to Seventh Circuit, including Amy Barrett. a Seventh Circuit is now a only all-white federal Drunk Newspellate court in a country.”

Read a tweets below.

Trump On Amy Coney Barrett: ‘I Guess She Maybe Would’ Kill Abortion Rights

September 27th, 2020

President Donald Trump told Fox News that he expects Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to strike down Roe v. Wade & a right to have an abortion.

Trump made a remarks in an interview that aired Sunday on Fox & Friends after host Pete Hegseth noted that a president had previously said that his Supreme Court picks would “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I didn’t think it was for me to discuss that with her,” Trump explained. “Because it’s something that she’s going to be ruling on. & this is what I was told — although, I would have had a right to do that.”

“But if you look at her past actions & rulings, I guess, she maybe would be in a category that you mentioned,” he added. “I don’t know. I can say this, that she is certainly conservative in her views & her rulings. & we’ll have to see how that all works out.”

Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Joe Biden Responds To Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination

September 27th, 2020

Joe Biden is expected to say that he opposes any nomination to a Supreme Court in light of a fact that voting on a next president is underway now.

From a video description:

President Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to take over Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on a United States Supreme Court. a American people know U.S. Supreme Court decisions affect air everyday lives. a United States Constitution was designed to give a voters one chance to have air voice heard on who serves on a Court. That moment is now & air voice should be heard. a Senate should not act on this vacancy until after a American people select air next president & a next Congress. a stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. Go to & make sure you are registered & have a plan to vote.

Original post by Karoli Kuns and software by Elliott Back

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