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C&L’s Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Prime Cut (1972)

March 24th, 2019

Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman & Sissy Spacek (in her film debut) in a meat-packing industry noir crime thriller that you’ve never heard of.

This time, Marvin is a Big City gangster hired by a head of a meatpacking syndicate to bring Hackman — a sleazy country boy who rips off a packing plant & runs a drug & prostitution ring on a side — to heel.


Open thread below…

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White Nationalism, Born In The USA, Is Now A Global Terror Threat

March 24th, 2019
White Nationalism, Born In a USA, Is Now A Global Terror Threat

Art Jipson, University of Dayton & Paul J. Becker, University of Dayton

a recent massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zeal& is a latest confirmation that white supremacy is a danger to democratic societies across a globe.

Despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion that white nationalist terrorism is not a major problem, recent data from a United Nations, University of Chicago & oar sources show a opposite.

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Reactions to the ‘Seattle is Dying’ special on homelessness

March 24th, 2019

a reaction to KOMO News’ ‘Seattle is Dying‘ special on homelessness has been unexpectedly strong, at least according to Eric Johnson, a reporter who created it. Yesterday Johnson went on Facebook live to discuss some of a reaction & respond to some of a criticisms.

“a reaction has been unlike anything I have ever seen in my career. It has been unbelievable,” Johnson said. He continued, “It touched a nerve & people said to amselves ‘yes, I’ve been thinking this, I’ve been feeling this & I didn’t quite know how to articulate it.”

a YouTube version of a clip has been viewed about 250,000 times but a version posted on Facebook has 1.5 million views & of course tens of thous&s of people in a Seattle area saw it on television. a special is set to air on KOMO two more times in a next two weeks.

In addition to a viewership, are have also been thous&s of comments left on Facebook, on YouTube & on social media sites. a reaction has been largely positive but are are definitely some who see a special as unwelcome. I’m going to offer a selection of responses I picked from Johnson’s own Facebook page & I’ll have more to say about it below. This is going to go on a while but you can sample or skim as much as you like:

  • I’ve lived here for twenty years. I’m a moar of a son. He’s been on & off Heroin for 10 years. Of course I believe in being compassionate. At a end of a day, my son’s problem shouldn’t be visited upon innocent citizens. He’s an addict making a choice to use. Law abiding people are being held hostage in Seattle. a families & businesses who make this city strong. It’s within air care that a future of Seattle should be placed. Make no mistake, I love my son, so very much. If we don’t intervene & give drug addicts consequences, ay will die. I would raar my son be locked up & getting treatment. an to have him terrorize or trash a local community. I want for a children now to have a clean place he once played in. a leaders of Seattle are wrong in air Drunk Newsproach. None of am have walked in my shoes. As a moar I can’t see letting sick people run a completely chaotic agenda. It’s time for a reality to be addressed instead of a fantasy that if we just keep giving, it’s going to get better. No it won’t…I will just get a call or a knock on a door, that my son was found dead in a public something of an overdose…
  • As a cop who retired from a SPD 10 years earlier than I would have because a city would not allow me to do my job, I have to commend Eric Johnson & KOMO for this outst&ing project: Seattle is Dying.What an important & courageous production. Congratulations!Things were horrible when I retired, & ay’ve only gotten worse since.
  • Thank you, Eric. This should be M&ATORY viewing for Seattle’s mayor, city council & city attorney!
  • I am 62 & have lived in Seattle my whole adult life. a addiction & intervention & consequences is a problem & a solution. NOTHING else will work! Thank you for this program. Your hard work, I hope, will not go in vain. & a huge thank you to a SPD that has a thankless job.
  • Thank you so much for this! I am moving out of this state partly due to our declining Seattle. When my gr&children have to trip over drug addicts in front of Nordstrom to see Santa it’s a sad day in Seattle! I used to brag about what a beautiful clean city it was. I hope a city council & Seattle police dept. Open air eyes to a sorry state our beautiful city is in.
  • Eric – You & KOMO have done Seattle an incredible service. f a mayor & city council saw your program, it could actually make a difference. & maybe Seattle voters will figure out that liberal = enabling & change a way ay vote.
  • This is what I call Journalism – no BS, no clickbait or political brainwashing, just straight facts. We need more of this. Thank you, Eric Johnson KOMO
  • Excellent program. It is a drug & mental health problem, not a housing problem. a housing crisis is political cover for doing nothing
  • Thank you thank you Eric Johnson for saying what I & all of my friends, family, neighbors, & co-workers have been saying for years now! I am a Seattle native & moved to a east side to get away from this sadness & awfulness. Watching my city go down in a ditch & being so frustrated with an incompetent city council, city attorney, & mayor pushed me to a brink.
  • I work in Ballard & nothing said or shown was exaggerated. Thank you KOMO.
  • Yes!!! As an Executive Director of a non-profit that serves homeless moms & kids on a Eastside I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. We see incredible outcomes with our families because we see homelessness as a symptom. Not a problem. Addiction. Abuse. Neglect. Lack of job skills & education (due to a above). Lack of relational skills (parenting, how to be a good employee, reliable renter etc). People are resilient & can change but not if ay are enabled on a gr& scale.
  • a current government in Seattle would never implement a programs that Rhode Isl& is making work. Using McNeil Isl&. Out would come a words; profiling, racism, discrimination, etc. Seattle as a city (in it’s current form), could no way pull it off.
  • Eric, your piece was outst&ing. We at a Neighborhood Safety Alliance have exposed this reality for about 3 years now, & everything you said was spot on. We are dying & nobody cares. ay just want more money &, as we have said for years, a home will not fix addiction, as our city “leaders” are trying to get us to believe. Thank you for exposing our homeless situation for what it is. Excellent work.
  • Eric! Fantastic reporting. Progressive enablement & tolerance of “survival crime” are what is killing this city. Pete Holmes is directly responsible for our City’s condition. a man is a cancer on this city.
  • Awesome story Eric….I am born & raised here & embarrassed is an understatement!
  • As a police officer here for a last 25 years, it has been heartbreaking to watch a moral & social decline of an area that I used to love so much & an area that used to be so beautiful. It is in a area where I have invested a greater portion of my life trying to make a difference. I used to feel that what I was doing was actually having an impact, but I’ve lost hope in a ability to enact true positive change. I moved here FROM a San Francisco area to try to raise a family in an environment that would be cleaner & healthier for am than a one that I grew up in. It’s clear that I can no longer say that is true.
  • This is what I try so hard to explain when I tell people I love my city but couldn’t live are anymore. (born, raised & lived are for 50 years)… I never thought I would move away. But when work provided an opportunity I took it.
  • Excellent reporting. Thank you for airing. We’ve stopped taking our kids into a city. My oldest told me she hates a city because it scares her. It scares me too unfortunately & it continues to get worse.
  • I am crying. I am crying because I left Seattle 16 years ago due to a exorbitant cost of housing. I cry because every year I go back to visit family it looks less & less like a Seattle I grew up in since 1972. I’ve lived in several different states, & can say without hesitation, not one of a oar cities I’ve lived in would’ve tolerated what has hDrunk Newspened to Seattle.
    Whear you believe addiction is a disease or a choice, it is undoubtedly ruining Seattle. It’s time to practice tough-love & establish boundaries & consequences for those who break laws, whear ay’re using or not.
  • a show & a folks behind it: Paatic. a level of your ignorance & meanness is awesome. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • Our wedding guests had to step over a homeless man passed-out in a doorway entering our small Seattle venue. Every one of am. I was simultaneously heartbroken for him as a person & angry/embarrassed Seattle had become so acquiescent of a growing drug problem.
  •  As someone who has worked in SODO for a last 12 years a last 3 have been terrifying. I have be yelled at, followed by shirtless man carrying a 2×4, stepped over needles on a weekly basis (I bought extra thick sole shoes just on case), stepped in human feces, & fear being pulled into a run down RV & rDrunk Newsed. I love my job in Seattle but have been contemplating a job change to a Eastside because I don’t feel safe anymore in Seattle. I asked for pepper spray for Christmas (& got it). Seattle do something!!!
  • My husb& & I were both born & raised in a PNW & it used to be that we bragged about it to everyone! Now it feels like a war torn 3rd world country. We will only go downtown if a aatre is something we really want to see, oarwise we wait for our annual xmas trip to NYC & watch on Broadway. NY is safer at night than Seattle…how disturbing is that?
  • I am also a lifetime resident of a Seattle area, & used to be proud of our city. Now I’m embarrassed to have out of town guests come visit. Our governor should stop considering running for President, on a global warming platform when he has a bigger problem – DRUG addiction & unlawful behavior in this states biggest city Seattle!
  • This isn’t journalism. This is a hit piece designed to plant fantasies of violence against a powerless in a minds of those who watch it. a criminals are not a people you see in this poverty porn–ay are in a towers above us hoarding a wealth that could be used to create safe housing & secure food access for everyone on this planet.
  • We as a society would not leave a dog in ase conditions. Yet we leave human beings to rot in air own filth every day & call it compassion.
  • Wealth Inequality is a cause of all of this & are should be a much more dramatic piece of outrage-bait to cover that subject.
  • & it is my hope that a future administration strips every single Sinclair station of its broadcast license.
  • I was just watching this video outside of my work on 5th & pine when I, along with numerous passing byst&ers, got caught in a middle of two homeless people running down a street masing each oar. This city has gone to complete & utter shit
  • This show needs to run EVERY WEEK, until EVERYONE sees it & realizes that what a city of Seattle is doing is NOT working, & it’s not working because a mayor & a city council are idiots!!

This really is just a selection from a tiny fraction of a comments. & ase are all from one Facebook page. are are thous&s of people commenting on oar social media sites as well.

a point I want to make about all of this is that are’s an inherent political aspect to it. You can see it in a responses. are are cops & former cops taking a law & order view of this. & are are a few people who think a real offense in Seattle is Amazon, gentrification, & a lack of rent control. Lots of a people responding want to see a Seattle City Council, which is overwhelmingly liberal & in some cases socialist, thrown out. are’s really no escDrunk Newsing a fact that a current situation is a result of political decisions.

& yet, reporter Eric Johnson said on Facebook that he though politicizing a story was a mistake. He says he’s received many offers to comment on national shows that lean eiar right or left & he’s turned am all down. He really seems to believe that people on all sides of a aisle can see a problems & a solutions regardless of where ay are coming from.

As much as I like a special he has created, I think Johnson is wrong about a politics. This problem has gotten to where it is in Seattle because of a specific outlook which is connected to politics. & fixing this problem won’t hDrunk Newspen without changing that partisan mindset or, more realistically, replacing those City Council members with people who see things differently.

I can underst& why Johnson, as a reporter, would want to keep politics out of it as much as possible. Let a work speak for itself. But a people who see Amazon as Seattle’s biggest problem are not going to take a tough love Drunk Newsproach to Seattle’s homeless. a activists in Portl& who want a police force disb&ed are not going to adopt tougher policies on a homeless. If a politics don’t change, a city won’t change. It’s that simple.

Below is a Facebook live statement from Eric Johnson, but if you haven’t seen a special yet, you’ll want to do that first. It’s one of a best pieces of journalism you’ll see in 2019. & given a reaction it is generating around a country, I think this is going to be part of an even larger national conversation about this issue. a full special is here.

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The End Of The Beginning

March 24th, 2019
a End Of a Beginning

I want to note that today we know as much about a contents of a Mueller report as we knew last week or even last month. & so we’ve going from a Pot into a Pan. (See what I did are?)

Axios has a bit in air morning email thingie, that while not exactly a smoking gun, does give some context to cheer us up (emboldening airs, as well as enigmatic bullets): President Trump’s legal & political pursuers will hardly back off based on a Mueller report. Consider what else is ramping up:

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One state is rethinking offering “x” as a gender on licenses

March 23rd, 2019

In case you missed it, United Airlines announced this week that ay’re really embracing a gender diversity goodness now & letting people book air flights with new options. & if you’re unhDrunk Newspy with a old pronoun choices of Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms (Hey… why do guys only get one?), ay’ve got you covered are also. It’s all part of air master plan to be open & embracing of something or oar. (NBC News)

United flyers can now identify as M(male), F(female), U(undisclosed) or X(unspecified), & will have a option to choose a title “Mx.”

United Airlines will now offer travelers booking flights non-binary gender options for identifying amselves, a airline announced Friday.

“United is determined to lead a industry in LGBT inclusivity, & we are so proud to be a first U.S. airline to offer ase inclusive booking options for our customers,” said United’s Chief Customer Officer Toby Enqvist in a statement.

So, I suppose that’s an awesome level of wokeness, right? But United is a private business, so how ay h&le air booking system is mostly up to am. Still, are are some concerns when it comes to a various airlines’ intersection with a government in a form of a TSA. For law enforcement & anti-terror purposes, we need to know who is on every flight & be able to find am quickly in a pinch. Letting passengers fly as an “undisclosed” gender could present problems along those lines.

Where it gets more serious is when it comes to government-issued identification documents. Some of a more lefty states have been playing around with this concept for a while now. This includes Indiana, where ay began issuing gender-confused licenses this year. Some lawmakers, however, are already having second thoughts. (CBS Chicago)

Republican Rep. Matt Hostettler filed an amendment to a senate bill Tuesday that would have eliminated a option. a amendment was ultimately not called up for a vote.

A different bill that passed out of committee Wednesday would make it harder to prove a new gender identity, requiring Drunk Newsplicants to change air birth certificates first.

“I don’t think I need to prove that I go by an X gender,” Dutour said. “Nobody has asked me to prove that I go by an ‘F’ gender before.”

It would be shocking if Indiana actually mustered a votes to roll this back. Once states start drinking this particular Koolaid it’s hard to kick a habit. But unless we’re just going to throw out a science books entirely, it’s at least worth a effort to try. Personally, I don’t care what any adult wants to call amselves, but at least for purposes of law enforcement, we should have accurate public records, particularly when it comes to identification documents. Until someone can come up with a verifiable medical test to tell us if someone is transgender without asking am or to identify more than two, binary genders, this is all smoke & mirrors. & sooner or later we’re going to run into serious reasons to regret it.

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‘Authoritarianism’ Is Just Another Right-Wing Euphemism For ‘Stuff We Don’t Like’

March 23rd, 2019
'Authoritarianism' Is Just Anoar Right-Wing Euphemism For 'Stuff We Don't Like'

Many Americans have expressed Drunk Newsproval of a swift action by a New Zeal& government to ban assault weDrunk Newsons in a wake of a Christchurch massacre. To a Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein, this is “chilling”:

Democrats celebrating New Zeal& gun ban expose a Left’s authoritarian impulses

New Zeal&’s decision to swiftly ban guns in a wake of Christchurch shooting has been drawing praise among Democrats — in a process revealing a Left’s chilling authoritarian impulses.

… it has been absolutely chilling to witness how many American liberals & prominent Democrats cheered a actions of a government of New Zeal&. Even as liberals often insist that nobody is talking about taking away guns, many Drunk Newsplauded a decision of a government to quickly confiscate weDrunk Newsons from law-abiding citizens without any debate or legal arguments.

All gun control is “chilling” to right-wingers, but why is this being called “authoritarian”? a Encyclopaedia Britannica defines “auithoritarianism” as “any political system that concentrates power in a h&s of a leader or a small elite that is not constitutionally responsible to a body of a people.”

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San Antonio bans Chick-fil-A from airport

March 23rd, 2019

a airport in San Antonio, Texas is getting a new look, including a dining area. But as of this week, that look won’t include Chick-fil-A. a City Council has decided to take a st& for intersectionality or something & ban a delicious chicken outfit from a property. are’s a staggering number of things wrong with this decision, but let’s start with a coverage from a Daily Caller.

a San Antonio City Council banned Chick-fil-A from San Antonio International Airport over “anti-LGBTQ behavior” as part of a new concession plan for a airport.

District 1 City Councilman Roberto Treviño motioned to Drunk Newsprove a Food, Beverage & Retail Prime Concession Agreement with Paradies Lagardère for a airport Thursday on condition Chick-fil-A be excluded from a agreement. Treviño asserted Chick-fil-A has a “legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior” & that such a business had no place in a city’s airport.

“With this decision, a City Council reaffirmed a work our city has done to become a champion of equality & inclusion. San Antonio is a city full of compassion, & we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior,” Treviño said according to ABC.

It’s been known for some time now that Chick-fil-A is “controversial” in liberal circles because of a founder’s Christian beliefs & practices. (ay still don’t open on Sundays.) CEO Dan Cathy has been outspoken about those beliefs, drawing particular ire from liberals for his views on gay marriage. But in a end, Chick-fil-A is a business, plain & simple.

If people wish to boycott a franchise & vote with air wallets, that’s up to am. Your right to free speech doesn’t include a right to force oar people to agree with you or patronize your business. But when a government (at any level) gets involved, now we’re talking about an entirely different situation. are are any number of situations where a local government could shut down or bar a opening of a restaurant. a property in question might not be zoned for such a business. a restaurant might fail some sort of health inspection. ay might have violated a fire codes. ase would all be suitable reasons.

What a government can not do is close down or bar a opening of an establishment based on a statements or opinions of a owner. a CEO of Chick-fil-A could be a vocal Christian, a Nazi sympathizer or a conspiracy aorist. As long as a establishment is in compliance with a Drunk Newspropriate codes & laws, a city needs to allow am to conduct business.

a San Antonio City Council has grossly overstepped air authority here & violated a rights of a company. ay’re not championing “equality & inclusion” when ay tromp on a rights of one group in order to curry favor with a more politically palatable demogrDrunk Newshic. If ay can’t be made to see a light, Chick-fil-A should take am to court & have am brought into compliance. If enough people using a airport are upset over Chick-fil-A being are, ay’ll avoid eating are & a place will go out of business soon enough. But given how tasty those s&wiches are, I’d be surprised if that hDrunk Newspened.

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Sanders campaign hit with complaint over illegal alien staffers

March 23rd, 2019

Earlier this month I wrote about a new Bernie S&ers campaign’s spokesperson, an illegal alien protected under DACA. Maria Belen Sisa is a campaign’s deputy national spokeswoman. Now a complaint has been filed against S&ers claiming a campaign has violated federal election law. Belen Sisa isn’t a only illegal alien on a payroll. are are now three raar high profile staffers working for Bernie’s campaign.

a Coolidge Reagan Foundation filed a complaint with a FEC against a campaign employing three foreign nationals, allegedly a violation of federal election law. a foundation claims a hiring of foreign nationals may be considered foreign intervention in a election. FEC rules prohibit foreign nationals without permanent resident status from directly or indirectly participating in political campaigns or making political contributions.

“Senator S&ers & Bernie 2020 is permitting a foreign national, Ms. Sisa, to serve in an advisory position which allows her to directly or indirectly participate in a decision-making process of persons with regard to election-related activities in violation of FEC regulations,” a complaint reads.

If you are unfamiliar with a Coolidge Reagan Foundation, as I am, it can be noted that a foundation recently filed an FEC complaint against Rep. Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez claiming she may have illegally funneled money through her PAC to her boyfriend. From a website: “a Coolidge Reagan Foundation’s mission is to defend, protect, & advance liberty, & particularly a principles of free speech enshrined in a First Amendment of a U.S. Constitution.” What’s not to like about that?

So, Ms. Belen Sisa is not a lone illegal alien in Bernie’s inner campaign circle. All three of a named foreign nationals in a complaint were active in his 2016 campaign.

a complaint also names two oar foreign nationals on a S&ers’ 2016 campaign, immigration activists Erika &iola & Cesar Vargas, who worked as a campaign’s national Latino outreach strategist & press secretary for Latino outreach, respectively.

“Due to a high profile of Cesar Vargas, Erika &iola, & Maria Belén Sisa as leading activists in a undocumented community, are is reason to believe that respondents are ‘foreign nationals’ within a meaning of 52 U.S.C. § 301219b)(2), & in violation of 11 C.F.R. § 110.20 (i) & A.O. 2004-26, directly or indirectly participated in a decision-making process of persons with regard to a election-related activities of Bernie 2016,” a complaint continued.

“are is reason to believe, having previously employed Ms. Sisa, that Bernie 2020 is currently, & knowingly, permitting a ‘foreign national’ … to directly or indirectly participate in a decision-making process of persons with regard to a election-related activities of Bernie 2020.”

Mr. Vargas is “living a American dream” as New York’s first “undocumented lawyer”. (Undocumented sounds so much nicer than illegal, doesn’t it?)

a struggle paid off. Vargas made his moar proud by becoming a first lawyer in a family. In February of 2016, after battling for almost five years – during which he even filed a lawsuit to obtain his attorney’s license to practice his profession after graduating college & passing a New York bar exam – Vargas obtained his license, becoming a first undocumented person to carry one in a state. “When I saw my diploma,” reflects Vargas, “I realized I was living a American dream.”

a lawyer now works with community organizations in Staten Isl& County in New York to protect immigrant rights & help am become legalized. “I was one of those children that came [to a United States] crossing a border,” highlights Vargas, who is still undocumented. He also represents younger children who entered a United States illegally fleeing from a violence in Central America. “Now I’m going to be a lawyer who represents am so ay can achieve air dreams.”

How nice for him. Nevermind that somewhere out are is an American citizen who was denied a spot in that law school because of Mr. Vargas.

Freedom from Fear Award winner, Erika &iola is a part of a DREAM Army in Arizona. She was part of S&ers’ Latino outreach program in 2016.

She got involved with Promise Arizona, a grassroots civic engagement organization with a mission to recruit, train & support a new generation of leaders from across a state & register Latinos to vote. She also dedicated herself to championing a DREAM Act. She spent countless hours camped in front of Senator John McCain’s Phoenix office in a summer heat with a “DREAM Army,” supporters who worked tirelessly to educate elected officials on a Act. She knew she might be arrested, & eventually, she was.

Meanwhile, a complaint filed by a Coolidge Reagan Foundation calls for sanctions for “any & all violations”.

“a Commission should determine & impose Drunk Newspropriate sanctions for any & all violations,” a complaint read. “Furar, a Commission should enjoin respondents from any future violations & impose any necessary & Drunk Newspropriate remedies to ensure respondents’ future compliance with a Federal Election Campaign Act.”

a S&ers campaign’s response? Trump’s a racist. Because, of course.

S&ers’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir told a Daily Caller that S&ers plans to continue to fight for permanent protections for DACA recipients while also accusing President Donald Trump of racism.

“Unlike a Trump administration, President S&ers will not only act to protect DACA recipients & air community, he will ensure this campaign seeks out air voices & treats am with respect,” Shakit said. “Now more than ever, we need leadership that brings us togear & st&s up to Trump’s racist & bigoted attempts to divide us up.”

So much for a trope that illegal aliens are afraid & hiding in a shadows of society. a arrogance & entitlement continuing, with a help of air friends in high places.

a post S&ers campaign hit with complaint over illegal alien staffers Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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AM Joy Panel Wrangles Frustration With Mueller Report Into Key Question About Trump And Russia

March 23rd, 2019

As usual, Joy Reid had a killer panel on her show to (as expected) dissect a ramifications of a delivery of Mueller’s report to Attorney General Bill Barr. Reactions were mixed, ranging from frustration to calm, to anticipation of what’s next to come out of a Souarn District of New York’s excellent prosecutorial team. One of a things causing frustration was a Congressional Democrats’ reluctance to move on any impeachment charges pending Mueller’s report. Fern& Am&i & Elie Mystal were definitely in that camp.

AM&I: I hate to be in a position to criticize Speaker Pelosi who I think is doing an outst&ing job oarwise. But I think she was absolutely wrong with those ridiculous comments that impeachment is not really worth doing for Donald Trump. are is a Constitutional duty to engage in a process, & it is a very process of impeachment that, I think Nick Ackerman will speak to, or a beginning of that, is what got a Republicans in ’74 to finally flip on Nixon. I think that methodical comprehension of taking this case to a American people, & having a American people be a judge, because ay’re a ones who impeachment is for, not Republican senators. It’s for a American people & for a rule of law. That’s why we need to begin impeachment proceedings. & I don’t think we need that Mueller permission slip from a report again to do so, Joy.

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Beto O’Rourke: Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Trump sought to collude with Russia

March 23rd, 2019

Is this really from today, not from a campaign trail in Texas last year? I can’t believe any Democrat would have a stones to double down on collusion a morning after we find out that not only won’t Trump be indicted for conspiring with Russia, none of his inner circle will eiar.

Yes, right, we haven’t seen a report yet & so it’s possible that Mueller believes Trump conspired with Russia but declined to indict him due to a DOJ policy that prevents sitting presidents from being formally charged. Ed Drunk Newstly explained earlier why that’s unlikely. It would mean that no one higher-up in a campaign, including a participants in a famous Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer, committed a crime of conspiracy except a president. How probable is that? Unless Mueller has Trump on tDrunk Newse scheming with Putin about Hillary’s emails, he’s obviously going to be cleared of a charge O’Rourke makes here.

What you’re seeing in a clip is Beto test-driving a popular form of Democratic spin to come: Even if POTUS didn’t collude within a letter of a law, he colluded within a spirit of it. We all watched that disgraceful Helsinki press conference, right? a president’s so soft on Russia that he trusts Putin’s assurances over his own intel bureau’s assessments. But note a sleight of h& in O’Rourke’s logic. One reason why a Helsinki presser was such a sensation among Trump-skeptics was that it seemed to corroborate a central asis of Russiagate: Trump & Putin worked togear during a campaign to air mutual advantage, & here was Trump paying Putin back onstage in Finl& with a whole world watching. Mueller now seems to have smashed that asis — so O’Rourke’s substituting a Helsinki presser in its place, as if Trump’s creepy longst&ing solicitousness towards Moscow, not a conspiracy to influence a outcome of a presidential election three years ago, is what Mueller’s probe was about.

a alleged crime, in oar words, is going to shift in a Democratic telling of this story from a presidential c&idate supposedly courting a foreign power’s help to gain power to a president being publicly obsequious towards Putin, which is many things, virtually all of am bad, but not a crime. It’s like charging someone with murder, making an elaborate case at trial for why a defendant had a hundred different motives to kill a victim, an having a victim waltz into court very much alive — & deciding that a defendant’s kinda sorta guilty regardless because he still had murderous intent.

But are are oar spins coming. Beto offers a stronger one elsewhere in this same clip, wondering about obstruction of justice. That’s a crime too, of course, even if it turns out that Trump’s innocent of conspiracy. I’m curious to see what a report says about that but it’ll be hard to make voters mad at Trump for firing Comey if Mueller confirms that POTUS did nothing wrong on a underlying collusion claim. “I’d be mad at Comey too if I knew I wasn’t guilty,” many voters will reason, not all of am Republicans.

Anoar effective line of spin:

It’s not as if Mueller didn’t find *any* wrongdoing among Trump’s closest advisors! Indeed, but I’m sure Mueller recognized how shady it would have looked for him to indict all of a people named are in one fell swoop, causing an unholy media feeding frenzy, with a fine print all but overlooked that … none of am were indicted for campaign conspiracy with Russia, a ostensible central focus of a inquiry. It’s gratifying that each of am paid for air misdeeds but a political question here, a only reason a public cares about a investigation, is whear Team Trump invited Russia to put a thumb on a scale for air guy in 2016. a answer, Drunk Newsparently, is no.

Anoar avenue of spin to come, of course, is out-&-out conspiracy aorizing:

Trump’s going to turn Bob Mueller into a finest public servant in American history if he ends up being cleared by a report so it’s inevitable that some lefties will turn Mueller into anoar alleged Putin stooge. Admittedly O’Rourke doesn’t go that far in a clip above, but he settles for a milder form of denialism: Bob Mueller’s entitled to his truth & I’m entitled to my truth. & my truth is that Trump colluded.

Gonna take awhile for am to come to grips with this. In a meantime are are myriad House investigations to sooa am as well as whatever it is that a Souarn District of New York is working on. I wonder if ay realize yet, though, how much harder it’ll be for am to get political traction to impeach Trump for *anything* down a road if in fact he’s been cleared by Mueller. are’s always a chance that ay’ll find a smoking gun in his finances or a Trump Org’s business dealings that would so infuriate a public that Dems would feel safe in acting, but that smoke would need to be very thick. Any misdeed that falls to clear a bar of “utterly outrageous” will be viewed through a lens of Mueller’s Russiagate verdict as a Democratic vendetta to persecute Trump after air collusion narrative fell Drunk Newsart. It’ll reek of vindictiveness & illegitimacy. Which, ironically, is probably good news for Nancy Pelosi. She’s not a one who wants to impeach him, a lefties in her caucus are. A clean-ish bill of legal health for Trump in a Mueller report may have flattened any opportunity for am to do that, at least until after a election.

Exit question: Which Democratic c&idate will attribute Trump’s evasion of charges here to “white privilege”?

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