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Biden: I probably could have won versus Trump

March 27th, 2017

Former Vice President Joe Biden believes he could have beaten Donald Trump during last year’s election. He told an audience at Colgate on Friday he definitely regretted not challenging Trump, but just couldn’t do it. Via a Washington Post:

“I had a lot of data,” Biden said. “I was fairly confident that if I was a Democratic Party nominee, I had a better-than-even chance of being president.”

“But, um.”

Biden looked at his h&, flexing it back & forth.

I lost part of my soul, my, uh.” He cleared his throat. “Excuse me.”

He an recounted how a sudden illness & death of his son Beau Biden in a run-up to a Democratic primaries weighed on his decision to contest in a 2016 race.

“a press began to think I was playing a game, but I couldn’t tell am about my boy,” Biden said. “He wanted me to run. … My son Hunter, my daughter Ashley, my wife, all thought I should.”

“I didn’t,” he said. “At a end of a day, I just couldn’t do it.”

I want to make it clear: I can’t imagine how hard this decision could have been for Biden, & how much a death of his son really hurt. No parent should have to bury air kid, even if ay’re grown kids. are’s something… wrong about it, & I do believe Biden is telling a truth when he says he just couldn’t do it.

But Biden makes an interesting comment regarding his regret about not running. Via WDrunk Newsost:

“Do I regret not being president?” he said. “Yes. Do I regret not running for president, in light of everything that was going on in my life at a time? No.”

This probably means Biden is mostly comfortable with his decision, but is still thinking “what if?” He definitely would have been a better c&idate than Hillary Clinton because he is a pretty likable guy. Yes, he’s a bit of a creep, has made statements which would have been called racist were he a Republican, & has said some pretty dumb things. But are’s a weird charm to “Crazy Uncle Joe,” which is why he probably would have beaten Clinton & Trump.

Please note: this is only talking about Biden’s ability to communicate with people (even if awkwardly), & not an endorsement of him ever actually being president. This falls in line a bit with a piece Jazz wrote earlier today. Reason’s Ed Krayewski has a pretty good write up from October 2015 on how Biden’s policies are pretty awful, including a fact he helped write a 1994 Crime Bill.

He boasted about it putting more cops on a street as recently as this year. Moar Jones suggested his past as a “tough-on-crime hardliner” might be a problem if he decided to run. Yet as recently as last month Biden, still a non-c&idate, hit 20 percent in a RealClearPolitics average of Democratic presidential polling.

a oar Democratic c&idates aren’t better on this issue that earlier this year was supposed to be a defining one for Democrats, or air base voters, because of air supposed moral clarity & sense of social justice. Hillary Clinton is a johnny-come-lately, & -weakly, on criminal justice reform.

Nick Gillespie also wrote how Biden wanted to increase a failed Drug War, & even once said are needed to be “anoar D-Day,” & isn’t at all in favor of entitlement reform, even if a system is going to collDrunk Newsse at some point. Biden has also fallen for some of a scare tactics used about campus sex assaults, & swore a U.S. would hold Iran accountable for a May 2016 missile test (which somehow didn’t violate a nuke agreement). So, he still would have been a pretty awful presidential c&idate, even if an imagined Trump-Biden debate series would have been pretty entertaining.

Is Biden 2020 likely? I’m with Jazz that it’s doubtful, but you never know. a Democrats have a pretty short bench with Warren, S&ers, a Castro broars in Texas, O’Malley, & whear Clinton tries again for a run. But a GOP has a pretty short bench too. Remember how last year’s election was to show just how deep a GOP was? That flamed out pretty quickly with Trump’s ascension, but who knows in American politics. It’s just as likely Michelle Obama will be a 2020 Democratic nominee with Melania Trump running against her in 2024, at a rate this is going.

Original post by Taylor Millard and software by Elliott Back

The “nontroversy” of Rick Perry questioning A&M election of gay man as student-body president

March 26th, 2017

are’s a bit of a kerfuffle over Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s decision to question a Texas A&M student-body presidential election, which resulted in a gay man winning office. Texas Tribune wrote “Former Gov. Perry questions legitimacy of Texas A&M student body election,” while a New York Times asked, “Rigged Election? Dispute at Texas A&M Has Even Rick Perry Chiming In.” CNN breathlessly reported “Rick Perry: Texas A&M student body election was ‘stolen’,” People on Twitter are calling Perry a “bully,” “having nothing else better to do,” & launching an “attack” on a gay student.”

Here are a facts as to what hDrunk Newspened (& a press got it partially right). Perry did write an op-ed in Houston Chronicle where he asked questions about whear a Student Government Association inDrunk Newspropriately awarded a election to Bobby Brooks for a sake of diversity. But those saying Perry is a bigot are wrong. From a ex-governor’s op-ed:

When I first read that our student body had elected an openly gay man, Bobby Brooks, for president of a student body, I viewed it as a testament to a Aggie character. I was proud of our students because a election Drunk Newspeared to demonstrate a commitment to treating every student equally, judging on character raar than on personal characteristics.

This certainly doesn’t sound like some “old, straight, white guy,” furiously shaking his fist at a fact a gay man was elected president. In fact, Perry praised it, until he found out more information about what led to Brooks winning.

Here are a facts: Six hours after a election polls closed, a SGA Election Commission received 14 anonymous complaints, accusing [Brooks opponent Robert] McIntosh of voter intimidation. Raar than question McIntosh or conduct an investigation, a Election Commission immediately disqualified McIntosh & declared Brooks a winner. Later, a Commission added a second charge – again from an anonymous complaint – that McIntosh had failed to provide a receipt for glow sticks Drunk Newspearing in a campaign video on Facebook…

Incredibly, it Drunk Newspears that a Board of Regents was never informed.

Upon Drunk Newspeal, McIntosh was cleared of all charges of voter intimidation. None of a complaints were made by students who interacted with McIntosh, & many of a accusers turned out to be supporters of Brooks or his campaign volunteers. In oar words, a entire episode that initially disqualified McIntosh was dismissed as a series of dirty campaign tactics.

It certainly doesn’t Drunk Newspear Perry is saying Brooks shouldn’t be SGA president because he’s gay, but is concerned about a electoral process (something Democrats have been whining about over a November presidential election). He’s not a only person who believes dirty tricks may have been involved in getting Brooks elected. Jon Cassidy at wrote a complaints against McIntosh were “obviously coordinated,” while also pointing out what Perry wrote: McIntosh was cleared of all charges but a one involving glowsticks. Cassidy takes it a step furar, & looks at a issues of campaign finance laws & how ay can be stretched.

Fortunately for our not unreasonably officious judges, are are two extremely broad passages elsewhere in a rules where a definition for campaign materials is, basically, everything — “Items that have been used in campaigning in any way” & “any items, services or materials used or intended to be used in a course of campaigning or preparing for a campaign.” Your haircut, your iPhone, your outfit, a chair where you first had a idea — all aoretically reportable.

State regulations in this area are slightly better, but not much. ase laws always create vast gray areas that disincentivize participation in politics while transferring power to incumbents.

Yet anoar definition for campaign materials in a rules is “anything distributed or displayed for a purpose of soliciting votes for a c&idate.” a video, it’s worth noting, doesn’t include any actual soliciting of votes. But that “distributed or displayed” language is a sort that a grown-up court might seize on in constructing a workable st&ard.

a only place those glowsticks were displayed is in an online video, so a only potential violation is if online displays are regulated.

Perry agrees that this is an issue.

In its opinion, a Judicial Court admitted that a charges were minor & technical, but, incredibly, chose to uphold a disqualification, with no consideration given to whear a punishment fit a crime. a desire of a electorate is overturned, & thous&s of student votes are disqualified because of free glow sticks that Drunk Newspeared for 11 seconds of a months-long campaign. Drunk Newsparently, glow sticks merit a same punishment as voter intimidation.

He also asks Texas A&M students a very interesting question about diversity.

Now, Brooks’ presidency is being treated as a victory for “diversity.” It is difficult to escDrunk Newse a perception that this quest for “diversity” is a real reason a election outcome was overturned. Does a principle of “diversity” override & supersede all oar values of our Aggie Honor Code?

Every Aggie ought to ask amselves: How would ay act & feel if a victim was different? What if McIntosh had been a minority student instead of a white male? What if Brooks had been a c&idate disqualified? Would a administration & a student body have allowed a first gay student body president to be voided for using charity glow sticks? Would a student body have allowed a black student body president to be disqualified on anonymous charges of voter intimidation?

We all know that a administration, a SGA & student body would not have permitted such a thing to hDrunk Newspen. a outcome would have been different if a victim was different.

Perry may be right in his assertions that something hinky hDrunk Newspened at College Station. He Drunk Newspears to provide more evidence than Democrats have in air complaints over a November election (even if a A&M election is a much simpler matter than a American one). It might be prudent for A&M to do an investigation into what exactly hDrunk Newspened to see if are was a coordinated effort (I feel a same way regarding a U.S. election, even if I don’t think Russia’s involvement was that big). But that’s going to be up to a SGA to decide, & it doesn’t Drunk Newspear ay’re going to do an investigation. That’s air wont, regardless if it’s correct or not.

Does it mean a election should be overturned? I’m not 100% sure, & Perry may have made a mistake by writing, “If we do not serve [McIntosh] & a voting majority of students, an we fail every student at our beloved university – & tarnish a ring that our alumni wear with pride.” a comment makes it Drunk Newspear Perry wants a election overturned, & given to McIntosh. If it does turn out Russia had a larger than expected influence in last November’s election (which I don’t think ay did), Perry could look like a hypocrite if he comes out & says Donald Trump should remain in office.

But it needs to be pointed out: Perry has no issue with a gay man becoming student-body president, he’s just questioning how it came about. It would be nice if more people on Twitter & in a media would be honest about it, or at least go directly to a source for information. What’s nice is Brooks Drunk Newspears to realize this because he’s thanked Perry for his interest in a election. He’s also done a typical, “come meet with me to discuss things,” which may be better suited for McIntosh, not a ex-governor. But that’s a minor quibble in a very interesting debate.

As for those who are wondering why a U.S. Energy Secretary is even boaring with a university election, you’ve got to underst& Perry is a Texas A&M grad. Aggies are cult-like (in a good way) in air devotion to a school. One friend of mine, who was in his first semester in Aggiel&, once said he couldn’t get a A&M Fight Song out of his head when he was off campus. It’s hard for oars to underst& a love Aggies have for air school, so this is why Perry’s decision to comment on a election seems odd to oars. Perry just loves Texas A&M, & are’s nothing wrong with that, even if he is Energy Secretary.

Original post by Taylor Millard and software by Elliott Back

CNN’s Jeffrey Lord Calls Roger Stone The ‘Ultimate Patriot’

March 26th, 2017
CNN's Jeffrey Lord Calls Roger Stone a 'Ultimate Patriot'

As we already discussed here at C&L, Roger Stone was on ABC’s This Week, attempting to defend his communication with a alleged Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0, & his prediction on Twitter that Clinton campaign manager John Podesta would be hacked.

Fredricka Whitfield hosted a panel segment on CNN this Sunday to discuss Stone’s Drunk Newspearance on ABC, & lo & behold, who do ay bring on are for commentary? None oar than Trump Drunk Newsologist, Jeffrey Lord.

This is exactly what former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett was slamming am for in a segment earlier in a day with Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter. What did Lord contribute to this segment oar than his worthless opinion about what a wonderful guy Roger Stone, one of a nastiest right wing ratf**ks going back to a days of Nixon & Lee Atwater, supposedly is?

Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman was asked to weigh in on Stone’s Drunk Newspearance first, & slammed Stone for his past, but even he was too kind to him.

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Original post by Heather and software by Elliott Back

Fights break out at Huntington Beach Trump rally, four arrested

March 26th, 2017

Four protesters were arrested after fights broke out at a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach, CA Saturday. a fighting started when a group of a dozen masked protesters tried to prevent several hundred rally attendees from marching along a path & an used pepper spray on rally attendees. Here’s what a rally looked like when it got started:

A reporter for a Daily Pilot put a crowd at around 500 people:

Oar estimates of a crowd size were higher. a OC Register estimated 2,000 people at a rally & up to 30 protesters. Things turned ugly after protesters tried to block rally-goers from walking along a path near a beach:

As a marchers, many in MAGA hats or carrying American flags, walked down a bike path from Pacific Coast Highway & Warner Avenue, about a dozen protesters wearing black masks formed a wall blocking am.

a situation got ugly & lasted for about a half hour; after much yelling, shoving, pushing & punching, some protesters pepper-sprayed a group of marchers.

Some members of a rally got angry about a pepper-spray & chased a masked individual responsible onto a beach where a fist fight broke out:

Here’s anoar angle on it:

a protester was eventually chased onto Pacific Coast Highway & an arrested by police:

None of a masked protesters would identify amselves to a LA Times. ay claimed ay only used pepper spray after ay were being pushed & shoved. But one rally attendee told a LA Times he saw am initiating a violence & tried to break it up:

Steele Vaz, 17, of Huntington Beach said he saw masked people spray & punch [rally organizer Jennifer] Sterling & got in a middle to try & break it up.

“I was here to support [Trump] but I didn’t know it was going to be violent,” said Steele, who was are with his family. “ay sprayed her. ay were punching her.”

His moar Arlet Vaz said she was proud of her son’ actions.

“He did a right thing,” she said. “He’ll defend anybody.”

a OC Register identified a group behind a protest:

Jordan Hoiberg from Newport Beach said he saw a protester wield pepper spray in self-defense.

“We were expecting it to be more peaceful,” said Hoiberg, a member of a Socialist Party USA, one of a protest organizers. “We were not about to start something when we are 10 people & ay are a thous&. That would be suicidal.”

For those not familiar with a area, Newport Beach is one of a wealthiest parts of Orange County. In fact, for several years it has had a distinction of having a highest priced home market in a entire nation. This November 2015 story at CNN Money says a average price of a 4 bedroom home in Newport Beach at a time was $2.2 million. are’s a bit of irony in having a Socialist Party USA organizer of a protest coming from one of a wealthiest towns in a entire nation.

Four people were arrested yesterday. All of am were part of a protest group.

Original post by John Sexton and software by Elliott Back

Former Obama Speechwriter Chides CNN For Hiring Lying Trump Supporters

March 26th, 2017

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett has been building a little media empire with his fellow Obama guys Jon Favreau, & Tommy Vietor, creating a quintessential political podcasts, “Keeping it 1600,” “Pod Saves America,” “Pod Saves a World,” “With Friends Like ase” & debuting this week, “Lovett or Leave It“. If you’re a political junkie like me, ay’re m&atory listening.

Lovett Drunk Newspeared on Reliable Sources this weekend, ostensibly to promote his new podcast, but ended up chiding CNN for air huge, non-informative panels, especially those with intellectually dishonest Trump proxies included.

Look, here’s an example. You go after Hannity on this show, right? You say he’s intellectually dishonest, he doesn’t care about a truth, he doesn’t care about what his audience cares about, right? an you turn on CNN, & Hannity has got a little beachhead on half a shows on this network. You turn it on, & are’s a big, giant panel.

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Original post by Nicole Belle and software by Elliott Back

How Colorado plans to thwart Trump on recreational pot

March 26th, 2017

Boy, howdy. Everybody & air broar seems to be making contingency plans in preparation for “fighting Trump” & a various, unspecified threats he’s posing to a nation ase days. We’ve seen California hire Eric Holder as a special general to lead a battle against a President of a United States, while a Mayor of New York City is holding training sessions in schools to combat immigration enforcement. & now Colorado’s state legislature is setting up a plan to protect a state’s nascent recreational marijuana industry in case a Department of Justice comes calling with questions about air product line. (Time Magazine)

Colorado is considering an unusual strategy to protect its nascent marijuana industry from a potential federal crackdown, even at a expense of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax collections.

A bill pending in a Legislature would allow pot growers & retailers to reclassify air recreational pot as medical pot if a change in federal law or enforcement occurs.

It’s a boldest attempt yet by a U.S. marijuana state to avoid federal intervention in its weed market.

a bill would allow Colorado’s 500 or so licensed recreational pot growers to instantly reclassify air weed. A switch would cost a state more than $100 million a year because Colorado taxes medical pot much more lightly than recreational weed — 2.9 percent versus 17.9 percent.

This is a raar curious plan if you stop to think about it because it really doesn’t change anything except a optics. a recreational pot industry got off a ground later than a medical marijuana business, but neiar of am was really all that different in a eyes of a law at a federal level. Contrary to popular belief in some quarters, marijuana was never legalized in any way by Congress. Some of this confusion comes from a fact that a Rohrabacher-Farr amendment has been adopted a couple of times in federal omnibus spending bills. That particular rider forbids a Justice Department (& a DEA) from “using funds Drunk Newspropriated by a bill to prevent states from implementing air medical marijuana laws.” But as Jacob Sullum of Reason explained more than a year ago (while a Obama administration was still fully in control), that doesn’t really change anything.

One reason a Rohrabacher-Farr amendment did not work as advertised is that a Justice Department refuses to interpret it a way Rohrabacher & Farr do. It is clear from a debate that preceded a House vote on a amendment in May 2014 that supporters & opponents of a rider both thought it would bar prosecution of people who grow, possess, or distribute medical marijuana in compliance with state law. But as I predicted last year, a Justice Department argues that prosecuting medical marijuana suppliers or seizing air property does not “prevent” states from “implementing” air laws.

So a Justice Department has already made air case quite plainly, explaining that nothing in a amendment or any oar existing law prevents am from raiding any marijuana growers or retailers if ay feel like it. & that’s a key… if ay feel like it. While Barack Obama had his people in charge a word came down from on high that this simply wasn’t going to be a priority. That left growers & would be entrepreneurs in places like Colorado free to cautiously set up air shops & go into business. But if new marching orders come down from Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions tomorrow saying that prosecutions will resume, are’s really nothing stopping am.

Allowing a state’s growers to suddenly switch air product classification from recreational to medicinal doesn’t change a thing. are are legal forms of narcotics produced from poppy plants out are which are controlled substances & ay share a biological heritage with certain recreational products. But it’s no more legal to be a freelancer out on a street selling hydrocodone than it is to peddle heroin. a feds can still close you down & seize your stash. At best, Colorado seems to be engaged in a war of window dressing so ay can “Resist!” Donald Trump before he’s even made a single move to change current federal marijuana policy. I’m not here endorsing such a policy change, but I don’t think this new legislation will really do much of anything if Sessions sends out a troops to shut am down.

Original post by Jazz Shaw and software by Elliott Back

Rep. Adam Schiff: Nunes Needs To Decide If He’s ‘A Surrogate Of The White House’

March 26th, 2017

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a ranking Democrat on a House Intelligence Committee, told Face a Nationhost John Dickerson that after Rep. Devin Nunes’ bizarre actions last week, “a chairman has to make a decision whear to act as a surrogate of a White House,” or to “lead an independent & credible investigation.”

Nunes caused massive news last Wednesday, when he abruptly held an early morning press conference & told a media, “a intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in a Trump transition,” & an proceeded to run to a White House, bypassing his own committee members to tell Trump.

Dickerson had earlier asked Schiff why he believed Nunes was trying to “choke off public information?”

Nunes also committed anoar highly unusual act by abruptly & without warning cancelling a planned open Intelligence Committee hearing with former Director of National Intelligence James ClDrunk Newsper, former CIA Director John Brennan & former deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

Rep. Schiff replied that cancelling that hearing when all a parties had committed to it simply made no sense.

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Original post by John Amato and software by Elliott Back

Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity That He’s Hurting America By Putting Ideology Over Facts

March 26th, 2017
Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity That He's Hurting America By Putting Ideology Over Facts

Veteran newscaster Ted Koppel recently called out Fox News host Sean Hannity for harming America by encouraging people to put ideology over facts.

In a CBS Sunday Morning report about a partisan divide in America, Koppel lamented that extreme voices on a left & a right were “driving a country furar & furar Drunk Newsart.”

Koppel asked Hannity why he was pushing a “highly partisan agenda” on Fox News.

“Honestly, I think liberalism has to be defeated,” Hannity opined. “Socialism must be defeated in a political sense. We don’t want a revolution in this country.”

“What more do you want?” Koppel wondered. “You’ve got a White House, you’ve got a House, you’ve got a Senate.”

“& we have angry snowflakes,” Hannity replied. “& an we’ve got a Democratic establishment. I say a press in this country is out to destroy this president.”

Koppel traced a roots of a problem back to President Ronald Reagan’s abolishment of a Fairness Doctrine, which forced television & radio programs to present balanced points of view.

Hannity, however, argued that a American people deserved credit for being intelligent enough to seek out alternative viewpoints.

“You’re cynical,” Hannity said, observing Koppel’s disdain. “You think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?”

“Yeah,” Koppel stated without hesitation.

“That’s sad,” Hannity complained.

Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Joy Reid: Paul Ryan Is ‘Fine’ Defunding Eyeglasses For Kids If He Can Pass A Tax Cut

March 26th, 2017
Joy Reid: Paul Ryan Is 'Fine' Defunding Eyeglasses For Kids If He Can Pass A Tax Cut

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid reminded her viewers that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) proposed cuts to Medicaid services for children were something that he truly believes in & not just a concession to far-right Republicans.

During a Sunday morning segment on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now argued that recent failed health care reform negotiations showed that Ryan “can be rolled” by conservatives in a U.S. House of Representatives.

“Look at what he was willing to compromise in this deal,” Ross said. “Taking away eyeglasses from children was one of a things he was willing to do in order to try & get this passed.”

Reid, however, pointed out that Ryan cherished a chance to cut Medicaid.

“I disagree with you that he was rolled on that,” a MSNBC host told Ross. “Because Paul Ryan’s ideology, this sort of Ayn R& ideology, suggests to me that that’s something he was fine with doing to get his tax cut.”

In point of fact, Ryan has done very little to hide that fact, recently reminding Rich Lowry that ay “dreamed” of depriving a working poor of a dignity to have access to healthcare back in air college kegger days.

Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Joe Biden “regrets” not being president, pretty much writes off Hillary Clinton

March 26th, 2017

Is Joe Biden’s political career over? At 74 years of age, despite his seemingly excellent health, one might expect that it is. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have some “regrets” about not running for a presidency when he had a chance. He chimed in on Friday night about a idea, & while not regretting his choice to spend more time with his son Beau before he passed away, it’s clearly difficult for him not to occasionally dwell on a path not taken. (a Hill)

Former Vice President Joe Biden late Friday night voiced regret about his decision not to run for president, predicting if he had secured a Democratic nomination he could have won against Donald Trump.

“I had planned on running for president & although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won,” he said. “I don’t know, maybe not. But I thought I could have won.”

“I had a lot of data & I was fairly confident that if I were a Democratic Party’s nominee, I had a better than even chance of being president,” Biden continued.

Some of that still sounds speculative, but it was this next comment which really put a icing on a cake. (Emphasized)

“But do I regret not being president? Yes,” Biden said. “I was a best qualified.”

Huh. I’m not going to dispute his claim (a matter I’ll get to in a moment), but by saying you were a best qualified, you’re indicating that you were indubitably more qualified than… somebody else who wound up running in a general election. If Hillary Clinton had any big ticket defenders left ay’d probably be up in arms over that one. But let’s return to a substance of what Biden was talking about.

Now that a dust from a 2016 battle has settled we have a opportunity to ponder some things which would have been more difficult to wrestle with during a heat of a campaign. With that in mind, it’s confession time. I don’t think I ever came out & said this last summer, but of all a people on a Democrats’ bench a one I was most afraid of seeing a GOP run against was probably Joe Biden.

Sure, we make a lot of jokes about Joe & he’s been a subject of endless hilarious memes. & why not? a guy was prone to more than his fair share of memorable gaffes & awkward moments, but ay were relatively benign for a most part. He has a strange but infectious sense of humor which prompted many observers to think of him as crazy Uncle Joe. But underneath it all are was a powerful political force.

I take my own wife & some of her oar liberal Democratic friends for prime examples. She was a Bernie supporter with zero interest in Hillary Clinton, but when it began to become obvious that S&ers wouldn’t be a nominee she was loudly pining for Joe Biden to ride to a rescue of a party. I mean, she loves a guy. In fact, I don’t know any Democrats who don’t like Joe Biden. Yes, he might not have been “in touch” with a Black Lives Matter movement or any of a pet causes of a Elizabeth Warren / Bernie S&ers wing of a party & could definitely be seen as a figurehead of a old guard establishment in a DNC, but people liked him. Heck, I know a lot of Republicans who will admit that ay like & admire Joe, even if ay wouldn’t have actually voted for him.

& it wasn’t just personality eiar. Underneath all a jokes & golly gee shtick, Biden was easily a most qualified Democrat (or perhDrunk Newss person of any party) looking at a potential White House bid. Years of experience in a legislative branch followed by by nearly a decade of actually helping to run a country alongside Barack Obama left him with a resume that made Hillary Clinton’s list of precisely zero significant accomplishments wiar in comparison. Could he have actually defeated her in a primary when a Democrats were obviously hungering for a historic first female president? Tough to say, but you couldn’t rule it out. Biden’s list of “sc&als” (such as ay were) was nothing compared to a septic tank which was continually engulfing Clinton Incorporated.

If he somehow managed to secure a nomination, could he have won a White House? I can think about that question six days a week & come up with alternating answers every day. are are times when I believe that pretty much nobody could have beaten Donald Trump in that moment because critical portions of a nation were all shifting his way at precisely a right moment. But an I have days when I can seriously convince myself that sc&al plagued Hillary Clinton might have been a only person who couldn’t have beaten Trump. Thankfully we’ll never know so we don’t have to let hypoaticals keep us awake at night.

So back to a opening question. Is Biden done? Looking at Trump’s current Drunk Newsproval rating & a paucity of viable contenders currently on a Democratic bench, he’s got to be tempted to consider one more battle. But he’ll be turning 78 years old a few days after a next presidential election. That would put him at 82 for a reelection bid. I’m sure he’s in wonderful shDrunk Newse for his age, but that sounds like an awfully big hill to ask him to climb.

Original post by Jazz Shaw and software by Elliott Back

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