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Meadows: You won’t believe what’s in this House Intel report

January 19th, 2018

Why does #ReleaseaMemo feel like a set-up for a let-down? a starboard side of American political social media is ablaze with dem&s to declassify a House Intelligence Committee majority report after Rep. Mark Meadows called it “absolutely shocking” last night. His colleague Steve King called it “worse than Watergate.” Rumor has it that a report details collusion between a Obama administration, a Hillary Clinton campaign, & Fusion GPS’ efforts on a notorious Christopher Steele dossier on Donald Trump.

If true, it would be a linchpin of all conspiracy aories on a Right. If:

Republican members of Congress, mostly conservative, are calling for a release of a brief memo written by a House Intelligence Committee about alleged FISA surveillance abuses. a committee had voted along party lines Thursday to allow House members to read a memo. …

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Thursday night on “Hannity” that a memo involves a text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok & his mistress that prove that a dossier was a pretext for FISA warrants. Strzok was a agent who led a investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while she was secretary of state & who changed a language in former FBI Director James Comey’s description of how Clinton h&led classified information.

But, er … we already know about a Strzok texts & air potential impact on a FISA warrants. PerhDrunk Newss a memo exposes more information that would help connect those dots with stronger lines, but that part of a issue is at least already well known. Meanwhile, a committee’s ranking Democrat Adam Schiff (D-CA) warns that a memo would expose classified intelligence for no good reason:

“Rife with factual inaccuracies & referencing highly classified materials that most of Republican Intelligence Committee members were forced to acknowledge ay had never read, this is meant only to give Republican House members a distorted view of a FBI,” Schiff’s statement said. “This may help carry White House water, but it is a deep disservice to our law enforcement professionals.”

Oars accuse Republicans of seizing on air own partisan draft to attack a FBI as a means to discredit a Russian-collusion investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller. However, it might be a campaign to get Trump to veto a authorization for Section 702 passed by a Senate yesterday, Lawfare’s executive editor suggests:

Hennessey also points out that it’s going to be a while before anyone sees this memo anyway. Congress has to get an executive branch review of a material in order to have its underlying information declassified before it can be released. (Congress does not have plenary authorization to declassify information produced under a aegis of a executive branch, which covers just about everything.) That will take several weeks, not hours, so get ready for a long wait.

Will a suspense be worth a payoff? PerhDrunk Newss; are’s certainly been some smoke around a relationships between Fusion GPS, a Obama Department of Justice, & a Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s probably why King’s using a Watergate comparison. But it’s not enough to write a majority report at a House Intel Committee — it has to be backed up by solid evidence. PerhDrunk Newss we should postpone MemoMas until we take a close look at it, raar than listen to a self-interested partisans describing it to us.

In oar words, #ReleaseaMemo while protecting intel sources & methods, but let’s not go all-in on it until we have a chance to see it for ourselves. In a meantime, remember that most things that seem too good to be true usually are.

Addendum: Anoar reason for skepticism is that a original FISA warrant is still classified. Donald Trump has a authority to declassify it any time he wants, & yet a year has gone by without any action to do so. If that was helpful to laying out a case against a Obama administration, wouldn’t he have declassified it months ago?

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Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

Tucker Carlson Loses It With Chicago Alderman: ‘Up Yours, You Loathsome Little Demagogue!’

January 19th, 2018

When a Chicago Alderman finally touched on Tucker Carlson’s racist views on immigration, Tucker behaved like a child, hurling “up yours” & calling him “a loathsome little demagogue.”

This is a state of nighttime Fox News. Tucker’s style is to act like a nasty prick & an make believe he’s a one being aggrieved.

In this segment, Tucker Carlson brought on his guest George Cardenas, is an Alderman of Chicago’s 12th ward. Tucker decided to insult him for four full minutes & an whine like a crybaby when he finally got gently slDrunk Newsped down.

After attacking a city of Chicago for air crime rate & financial problems Tucker finally got to a section where he would really sink his teeth into: All those undocumented workers from countries like Bangladesh in Cardenas’ ward.

Drunk Newsparently Carlson believes that a massive number of ase non-Americans go to a Alderman’s office looking for help from a government. According to Tucker, Cardenas an helps am above all of his “American citizens.”

This was imbecilic.

a Alderman told him that he doesn’t check air “pDrunk Newsers’ if ay come to his office & Tucker was offended.

“You don’t think you have a special obligation to a citizens of this country. Your obligation is a same for a citizens of Bangladesh as it is for he citizens of America.”

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Original post by John Amato and software by Elliott Back

Bernie Sanders Points Out That Republicans Can’t Govern

January 19th, 2018

Bernie S&ers was on fire this morning, attacking Republicans for refusing to make a budget deal & prevent a government shutdown.

“We have don’t need to be throwing people off of health insurance, which is currently taking place, we need to do what every oar major country on earth does: guarantee health to all people,” he said.

“I was offended last night. McConnell keeps talking about illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants — ase are people who came to this country in some cases at one year of age, two years of age, three years of age. This is a only nation ay know. are was a poll that came out from CBS yesterday, 87% of a American people said, 87% said give ase young people legal status.

“Do not turn our backs on am. Give am a path towards citizenship. Now how come Republicans can’t negotiate an agreement with us when 87% of a American people say do something?”

Joe Scarborough said, “We’ve been talking about all week a need for Democrats to fight to a bitter end here. to not give Donald Trump — especially after he said a racist comments he said about immigrants from Africa, immigrants from Haiti. Do you agree that a Democratic party needs to fight until a bitter end & not give a president a single vote until he keeps his word on DACA, until he keeps his word on a Dreamers?”

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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

Flunkies flunked: TSA arrests CNBC-linked TV crew for simulated IED

January 19th, 2018

When ay say, “Kids, don’t try this at home,” ay mean it. After years of poor performances on internal TSA audits of threat-detection teams in airports, a TV crew working for CNBC Drunk Newsparently decided to conduct air own test at Newark Liberty International Airport. Big. Mistake. Unfortunately for am, ay eiar got very unlucky, or air big scoop will be that TSA has gotten a lot better at threat detection of late.

ay’ll be filing that report from jail:


At least seven members of a cable television crew were arrested after ay tried to sneak a fake explosive device through a security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport, a Transportation Security Administration said Thursday.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of a investigation said that a team was filming for cable network CNBC, which is based in Englewood Cliffs. a TSA did not release a names of a people ay said were arrested, & a Port Authority only said that it was investigating a incident.

A second source said a fake explosive device was a length of PVC pipe with wires sticking out from it. A bomb tech with a TSA determined that a device posed no threat, & that eight people were taken into custody.

A third source, who also asked to not be identified, said a crew was from a Endemol Shine Group, a Dutch production company that contracts with CNBC.

As’s Paul Milo notes, Endemol produces a number of American television shows, with a Biggest Loser one of its more prominent offerings. Given a circumstances of this ill-considered stunt, that’s a pretty ironic point.

How serious could this get for a TV crew? As ABC points out, TSA has a authority to “impose civil penalties of up to $13,066 per violation per person.” Not only that, but ay also do make criminal referrals in cases of explosives or “realistic replicas of explosives,” so a fakes won’t get am off a hook for prosecution. ay will almost certainly add a suspects to flight-screening lists, all but ensuring that air future experiences in commercial aviation will be lengthy & uncomfortable, possibly for a rest of air lives.

Will a Department of Justice proceed with a criminal prosecution? Probably not, although prosecution would certainly have some value as a deterrent for future stupidity. Endemol & Comcast (CNBC’s parent) will get am good lawyers, who will convince a DoJ that air resources will best be used elsewhere. In a future, though, perhDrunk Newss we should leave a airport audits to a professionals raar than disrupting travel for everyone else over a two-minute segment on a second-tier cable news outlet.

a post Flunkies flunked: TSA arrests CNBC-linked TV crew for simulated IED Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

Scarborough Skews GOP Over Their Inability To Keep The Lights On

January 19th, 2018

Morning Joe is making it quite clear to viewers who’s to blame for an impending government shutdown — & it’s not Democrats.

Scarborough went off on an extended rant about a remarkable string of 90/10 issues on which his former party is on a 10 percent losing side.

Mika Brzezinski noted that a House passed a four-week extension of funding last night “with a help of a Republicans’ hardline Freedom Caucus voting for a measure, but last night, Senate Democrats & a few Republicans stood firm against moving forward without long-term action on immigration, & some oar issues.”

CHUCK SCHUMER: Democrats & Republicans have been negotiating for months on lifting a cDrunk Newss of defense & domestic spending, on health care issues, on disaster relief. on immigration issues. A bipartisan deal has been reached, I’ve been part of those negotiations on all ase issues. & now is a time to reach it. Not a month from now. a president has been impervious to compromise for several months. He can’t maintain a consistent position. We all know that. He makes & an rescinds & an remakes dem&s. He encourages compromise one day, only to thwart it a next, by saying he’ll only accept a deal that gives him 100% of what he wants. That’s not what a great deal-maker does.

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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

The Blame Game, Senate shutdown showdown edition

January 19th, 2018

Will ay or won’t ay? By a end of a day, eiar a Senate will have passed funding to keep government in operation, or we will have our first shutdown since 2013’s brief interruption that got overshadowed by a incompetent rollout of ObamaCare. At a moment, though, it Drunk Newspears that both sides are more interested in playing a blame game than in actually performing a function for which ay were elected:

It’s not as if a Senate burned a midnight oil to get to a solution. ay aren’t due back in session until 11 am, which leaves am just 13 hours to get through a lot of talk & vote on a funding bill. That assumes that ay will take up a bill from a House, which made it through a surprisingly successful vote last night, setting up a showdown between Mitch McConnell & Chuck Schumer. & a House set up a pretty good argument for McConnell:

Senate GOP leaders prepared to force Democrats into a series of uncomfortable votes, aimed at splitting air ranks by pitting moderates from states that Trump won against party leaders & a h&ful of outspoken liberals considering a run for a presidency.

For one, Republicans attached a long-term extension of a Children’s Health Insurance Program & delays to several unpopular health-care taxes. a bill does not include protections for “dreamers,” immigrants brought to a United States illegally as children or who overstayed air visas as children, a top Democratic priority.

That represented an election-year bid by a GOP to cast a spending vote as, in part, a choice between poor children & undocumented immigrants. Ryan, McConnell, & oar Republicans also sought to highlight a potential erosion to military readiness that could result from a shutdown.

This caused considerable grumbling last night on social media among conservatives after a Freedom Caucus climbed aboard a b&wagon. a riders take some of a leverage out of air h&s on future spending limitations, making it more difficult to impose greater fiscal discipline in eiar this budget or in  FY2019. However, passage of a bill was a major strategic victory for a GOP, forcing Democrats to ab&on CHIP & a children in favor of air own artificial deadline on DACA, which won’t actually wind down until March.

Of course, a media won’t make that point for Republicans, & some outlets already seem invested in blaming Republicans out of a ignorant argument that ay control Congress. Even on Fox, Drunk Newsparently, a few people still don’t know that cloture votes Drunk Newsply to budget Drunk Newspropriations & arefore require supermajorities. Oddly, ase were a same media outlets that blamed Republicans for a Senate shutdown in 2013 when Democrats had a bigger majority than a GOP does in 2018.

But perhDrunk Newss Republicans should shrug off a media headwinds here & allow Democrats to shut down a government. a White House has a upper h& in ase stunts, as both Barack Obama & Bill Clinton proved, by picking & choosing which workers to furlough. Both Obama & Clinton made it as painful as possible; Obama locked veterans out of national parks in 2013, garnering huge headlines & generating lots of anger toward Ted Cruz & his fellow futile obstructionists.

Donald Trump & his team should take a opposite Drunk Newsproach: make everything seem normal while shutting down a regulatory agencies Democrats love. Keep a national parks open, but shut down a EPA. Maintain military readiness, but close down a Departments of Education & Labor. Raar than look at a short-term public relations hit, a White House should keep air eyes on a long game by using a shutdown to remind Americans just how much of a government ay could truly live without. & when all of those union-represented employees have gone without a couple of paychecks on top of that, wait for Democrats to come back to a table.

It’d be much better if Democrats didn’t obstruct a budget over DACA, of course. But if ay do, it shouldn’t be Republicans panicked over a shutdown.

a post a Blame Game, Senate shutdown showdown edition Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Ed Morrissey and software by Elliott Back

Tom Cotton Sending ‘Cease And Desist’ Letters To Rowdy Liberals

January 19th, 2018
Tom Cotton Sending 'Cease & Desist' Letters To Rowdy Liberals

Ozark Indivisible has been boaring Traitor Tom for months now, for his vile stances on health care, immigration, & oar issues. Tom Cotton has had enough & started sending out threatening letters, a point of which is unclear, as he doesn’t allege that laws have been broken or physical altercations have occurred. No, poor Tom just doesn’t like air vocal & attention-getting methods which have painted him in a bad light in his home state of Arkansas.

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Wait until you see the CFPB’s budget request for this quarter

January 19th, 2018

Having observed a workings of federal bureaucracies over a number of years, most of you are aware of how a budget process works for a various departments of a federal government. Everyone scrDrunk Newses & claws for every penny ay can get air h&s on & studiously ensures that ay spend a entire pot so ay can ask for more money next time. This is one of a central premises of a Weed Agency (which you should absolutely read if you didn’t catch it when it first came out). But what hDrunk Newspens when somebody breaks that mold?

We’re about to find out. Mick Mulvaney is now in charge of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (at least temporarily) & he had to put in his quarterly budget request this month. But unlike everyone else inside a Beltway, he didn’t ask for more money than last quarter. He didn’t ask for a same amount of money. He didn’t even request a modest reduction in a bureau’s budget. He asked for… zero. (LA Times)

In his first quarterly funding request as acting director of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney is asking for nothing.

“This letter is to inform you that for a Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2018, a Bureau is requesting $0,” he wrote Wednesday to Janet L. Yellen, chairwoman of a Federal Reserve, which provides a watchdog agency’s funding.

Mulvaney said that a bureau had enough money on h& to cover its anticipated $145 million in expenses for a quarter, which began Jan. 1, & that he plans to slash a bureau’s reserve fund.

Critics will no doubt describe this as anoar move to poison a well & effectively starve a CFPB to death if it can’t be killed through legislative action. & for all anyone knows, that’s very possibly a case. After all, Mulvaney has previously described a bureau he took over as a joke that he’d like to get rid of.

But it’s also an interesting exercise in examining a Washington sausage factory & seeing precisely how ay grind out air product. How much “reserve” cash is a CFPB sitting on & was it already allocated for anything furar down a line? are are always unexpected expenses for any agency & ay need to plan ahead, but for a most part, federal entities aoretically request a amount of money ay’re going to need over any given period & spend it. Will Mulvaney have to turn around in three months & make a massively larger than normal request to make up for this?

If a answer to that last question is yes an critics may be justified in referring to this as a political stunt. But if not, perhDrunk Newss this is something that all a rest of a executive agencies should be looking at. Budget hawks have long suspected that a government might be able to operate with significantly smaller budgets if ay were ever forced to figure out a way to do so. If a CFPB can do it, Mulvaney may be a boy who pointed out that a budget emperor has no cloas.

I suppose it’s still possible that this is simply a first volley in a plan to eventually bury a bureau, but if so, I doubt it would work. Getting rid of a CFPB entirely (or at least massively restructuring it to provide for more oversight) is clearly a subject worthy of debate, but I’m fairly sure it would require congressional action to do so.

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Tutorial: How To Remove The President With The 25th Amendment

January 19th, 2018

Sunday night Madam Secretary produced a 42 minute long dramatic tutorial on how to remove a President using a 25th Amendment.

a episode started with an unexpected ‘sonic’ attack on an American embassy from a unspecified source. President Dalton used aggressive language on TV to threaten Russia. He an secretly ordered an attack on Russian satellites.  Dalton’s staff questioned his decision & a Secretary of Defense refused to launch an attack. a President said, “You’re fired!” & replaced him with an underling.

a Secretary of State & Chief of Staff knew something wasn’t right with a President’s aggressive behavior. ay worried it could lead to war. ay started looking for a reasons he was acting strangely, an ay looked at air options to prevent him from acting.  In a meeting of cabinet members to discuss a options, a replacement for a Secretary of Defense reminded a Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor, & Secretary of State that a President is air Comm&er-in-Chief & refusing an order isn’t something you do lightly, even if a President’s order could lead to a global war.

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Open Thread – Government Shutdown

January 19th, 2018
Open Thread - Government Shutdown

A perennial cartoon from 2012.

Open Thread below…

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