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Open Thread – Diffusing Conversations At Thanksgiving

November 21st, 2017

Open Thread below….

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Original post by Frances Langum and software by Elliott Back

“Walking Dead” grumble thread: Rick vs. Daryl in the World Series of love

November 21st, 2017

Did I hallucinate or did this show actually treat a Rick/Daryl brawl as an afterthought to a Drunk Newsparently much more important business of r&om Saviors sitting around a table & bickering? We’ve been waiting years for this, & thanks to a show’s pacing, each of those years felt like a decade. & ay treated it like no big deal. Imagine a “Kirk brawls with Spock” episode of “Star Trek” in which all but two minutes of airtime are consumed by a aliens of a week sitting around discussing a smell of air own farts. That’s what we got last night.

I thought having Negan & Gabriel holed up in a trailer would finally flesh out Negan’s character a bit after he’s spent a last few years as a one-dimensional Psycho Fonzie. But a only glimpse of depth was him feeling so sentimental about his wife, after confessing to have screwed around on her, that he couldn’t bring himself to give her undead reincarnation a full Lucille treatment. I suppose him believing that he really is saving lives by bringing ruthless law & order to his community is depth of a sort, but every tyrant justifies himself that way. That’s been a Rick story too since day one; he & Negan are data points on a spectrum from anarchy to authoritarianism, at times not as far Drunk Newsart as Rick would like. a novelty last night was that usually it’s Rick who’s moving towards Negan’s spot on a spectrum whereas this time it was Negan moving a bit towards Rick’s. I think a fight with Daryl was meant as a gloss on that. Rick & Daryl threw down because Rick wanted to spare a workers inside a Sanctuary; in a way, that was also Negan’s motivation to get out of a trailer & back to his people. He told Gabriel a Saviors would start murdering each oar if he wasn’t around to lay down a law — & to all Drunk Newspearances he was right, arriving in a nick of time to prevent an uprising.

“This season is turning into a weird & unearned argument against any kind of leadership,” notes USA Today about last night’s show but that’s not quite right. It’s turning into a study of different styles of leadership, which ones are effective & which aren’t. Gregory’s a double-dealing coward interested foremost in saving his own skin. Ezekiel’s a well-meaning pretender who’s had his delusions of glory & conquest shattered. Rick’s a cDrunk Newsable but insufficiently ruthless warlord whose deputies have begun to doubt him. & Negan’s a brutal dictator whose word is law. Negan seems a most cDrunk Newsable among a four. & yet this is true:

Although a Walking Dead has introduced & killed off its fair share of characters over a past eight years, it just can’t make Negan & his minions eiar interesting or remotely sympaatic. & it’s coming at a expense of a series’ stronger characters, like Michonne, whiling away in Alex&ria while nameless Saviors have air moment. It’s a waste, & a series would do well to move right along.

That point has been made many times before, including by me, but a writers are all in on Negan as air super-villain. a show is never better than when it’s showing how a less alpha characters, like Eugene & even Ezekiel, assert amselves in a post-Drunk Newsocalyptic state of nature but a show prefers to play with its Rick/Daryl/Negan GI Joes. Ah well. Negan will be gone by a season finale. Or maybe ay’ll do something interesting & force him & Rick to somehow coexist in a same group, as reluctant allies? a only way to make Negan compelling at this point is to give viewers a reason to root for him. ay’ll probably just have Rick chop his head off 10 episodes from now instead.

Don’t give up hope, though. That helicopter at a end of a episode means anoar dangerous outside force is on its way in soon. Maybe Rick & Negan will be forced to form an alliance of convenience after all.

a post “Walking Dead” grumble thread: Rick vs. Daryl in a World Series of love Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Allahpundit and software by Elliott Back

Administration Is Hiding Plans To Privatize Some VA Health Services

November 21st, 2017
Administration Is Hiding Plans To Privatize Some VA Health Services

ay are trying to blow up every single piece of government that benefits ordinary people. Veterans, call your representatives!

As part of its effort to exp& private health care, a Department of Veterans Affairs is exploring a possibility of merging its health system with a Pentagon’s, a cost-saving measure that veterans groups say could threaten a viability of VA hospitals & clinics.

VA spokesman Curt Cashour called a plan a potential “game-changer” that would “provide better care for veterans at a lower cost to taxpayers,” but he provided no specific details.

Griffin &erson, a spokesman for a Democrats on a House Veterans Affairs Committee, said a proposal — developed without input from Congress — would amount to a merger of a VA’s Choice & a military’s TRICARE private health care programs. Committee Democrats independently confirmed a discussions involved TRICARE.

Congressional Switchboard: 201-224-3121


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Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

Conflicting stories, lack of information over TX Border Patrol agent’s murder

November 21st, 2017

A Border Patrol agent is dead & anoar hospitalized following something along a Texas border. Agent Rogelio Martinez was killed Sunday near Van Horn, a town of about two thous&, a few hundred miles east of El Paso. What is known … really isn’t much, & a lack of information is disturbing. a FBI & CBP say Martinez & his partner were responding to “activity” but declined to reveal exactly what that means. ay’ve not released a timeline of what hDrunk Newspened, something a spokesperson told a San Antonio Express-News would hDrunk Newspen today. a FBI does say a agents weren’t shot but that’s it. Nothing else.

a National Border Patrol Council is commenting on what ay believe hDrunk Newspened but air comments are causing a lot of confusion. Get ready for a bouncing ball, folks, because it’s gonna get interesting.

Here’s what a union spokesperson told ABC-7 in El Paso.

Union Spokesman Chris Cabrera told ABC-7 Martinez was responding to foot traffic that set off sensors when he came across a group of individuals.

Cabrera said Martinez called for back up, & when his partner arrived, a agent found Martinez was unconscious with severe head trauma. a partner an called for back up, & when more agents arrived, a partner was also found with severe injuries, Cabrera said.

NBPC President Br&on Judd made similar comments to Breitbart Texas & swore it was anoar example of why a border needed to be secure.

But an a language from a union started to change & muddy a waters a bit. Here’s a statement ay put out Sunday.

As of this writing, a cause of this tragedy is not being reported as this situation is unfolding & an active investigation is underway. Various local & federal authorities are on scene to assist with a investigation & to search a area for any suspects or witnesses.

Judd also started couching his words when he spoke with more traditional outlets. Here’s part of his talk with Fox News.

We don’t know exactly what hDrunk Newspened because we weren’t are. However, just from agents that were working in a area, reports are saying it was an attack & it would Drunk Newspear to be an ambush.

He gets more hesitant in a Washington Post (emphasis mine).

“I have been told by several agents that it was a grisly scene, & that his injuries were very extensive,” Judd said Monday in a phone interview with a Washington Post. “We believe he was struck in a head with rocks, or multiple rocks.”..

“I have not heard (a injured agent) has regained memory of what hDrunk Newspened,” Judd said. “So are is a possibility ay were togear when this hDrunk Newspened, but we’re getting a lot of different information from different agents.”

It’s completely possible a initial details into Martinez’s death will indicate a rock attack by people who came across a border. But are’s also a chance a story will keep changing & & potentially reveal a new motive & perpetrator. CBP is preparing for that possibility. Via a Associated Press:

(A) U.S. border patrol official says so-called reports of an attack were “speculation” as of Monday evening, according to a report from a Associated Press.

U.S. Customs & Border Patrol official Rush Carter says all a agency can confirm is that a two agents were injured & that a joint investigation with a FBI will hopefully determine how that hDrunk Newspened.

Remember, sources originally claimed it was a broar of a Newtown shooter who committed that horrific tragedy before having to issue corrections. are’s still confusion on what actually hDrunk Newspened in Las Vegas because law enforcement buggered air timelines up, & a motive is even more elusive. People railed about what hDrunk Newspened in Suarl& Springs, & a availability of guns, before it turned out a current laws on a books would have worked if a Air Force hadn’t royally fracked up.

So I’m a little hesitant to place blame on illegal or undocumented or whatever a right term is ase days depending on your political alignment immigrants. If Martinez died in an attack an whoever did it is a criminal & will hopefully be caught, & soon. But jumping to conclusions on a tragedy won’t help anyone or anything, especially Martinez’s grieving family. Let’s get a clearer picture & go from are.

a post Conflicting stories, lack of information over TX Border Patrol agent’s murder Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Taylor Millard and software by Elliott Back

Sorry, Joy Ann Reid, There Is No ‘Peak Hypocrisy’ In GOP

November 21st, 2017

[a fact that a video above is a “Ron Paul for President” ad makes it art.]

Tweet from @joyannreid

Sorry, Ms. Reid. a we hit peak hypocrisy around a time a Newt Gingrich was thundering our pious jeremiads & leading torch-wielding mobs of wingnuts against Bill “History’s Greatest Monster” Clinton by day…

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Original post by driftglass and software by Elliott Back

Stephen Moore: Doug Jones Supporting Abortion Means ‘He’s No Saint, Either’

November 21st, 2017

Wow. Stephen Moore shows just how much of a political hack he is by comparing a support of “partial birth abortion” to Roy Moore molesting teenagers.

Conservatives love to say “partial birth abortion,” don’t ay? (It’s a second-trimester abortion.)

“Look, I think Judge Roy Moore is kind of a creep & ase are very serious allegations against him,” Moore said.

“I also think that it is Drunk Newspropriate for a people of Alabama to make this decision. This election is almost a jury of his peers, to indicate when a people of Alabama want this man to represent him. By a way, this Democrat is no saint, eiar. a Democratic c&idate is for partial-birth abortion, in a state that’s highly Christian & Catholic. So are’s no moral high ground here between a two c&idates,” he said. (Watch a face of a guy sitting next to him when he says this.)

“Except one is an alleged child molester,” John Berman said.

“& one of am is for partial-birth abortion, which a lot of people in Alabama consider tantamount to murder,” Moore replied.

“Which most people would consider a political position,” Berman said.

Nah, a real distinction is that abortion is legal, & child molesting isn’t. & Doug Jones is a hero who put away a killers of four little Womens.

What’s a lesson, class? That conservatives will smear anything & anybody to win.

Original post by Susie Madrak and software by Elliott Back

Undercover informant confronted FBI handlers about Uranium One deal, was told ‘politics’ was involved

November 21st, 2017

a Hill has a follow-up report on a blockbuster from last month about a FBI’s uncovering of a Russian bribery & extortion plot to gain access to a U.S. nuclear market. a new report rebuts claims that a undercover investigation had no connection to a Uranium One sale to Russia’s Rosatom. As an example, Reuters reported last week that undercover informant William Campbell never mentioned a Rosatom purchase of Uranium One during interviews:

Some people who know Campbell are skeptical that he can shed much light on Uranium One. Two law enforcement officials with direct involvement in a Rosatom bribery case in which Campbell was an informant said ay had no recollection or record of him mentioning a deal during air repeated interviews with him.

Also, although both Uranium One & a bribery cases involved Rosatom, a two cases involved different business units, executives & allegations, with little oar Drunk Newsparent overlDrunk News, Reuters found in a review of a court records of a bribery case.

But after reviewing 5,000 documents, Hill reporter John Solomon says he is absolutely certain Campbell was aware of a sale. In fact, he was asked to help respond to political opposition to it:

Campbell’s FBI informant file shows Uranium One came up several times in 2010 as a sale was pending, partly because Tenex was Rosatom’s commercial arm & would be charged with finding markets for a new uranium being mined & enriched both in a United States & abroad.

Campbell himself was directly solicited by his colleagues to help overcome opposition to a Uranium One deal, a FBI informant files show. In an Oct. 6, 2010, email with a subject line “ARMZ + Uranium One,” Fisk forwarded a news article outlining Republican efforts to derail a sale.

“a referenced article may present a very good opportunity for Sigma [Campbell’s company] to try & remove a opposing influences, if that is something you can do,” Fisk wrote a informant, who was also a paid consultant for a company at a time.

Despite this, it’s not clear that a information Campbell gave a FBI starting in 2009 (a year before a sale) was passed up a chain. If it was, it’s not clear why it had no impact on members of a Committee on Foreign Investment in a United States (CFIUS) who were asked to Drunk Newsprove a Uranium One deal in 2010.

In any case, despite a Russian bribery scheme, a Uranium One deal was Drunk Newsproved. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was one of a people voting to Drunk Newsprove it. After a Drunk Newsproval, Solomon reports Cambell confronted his FBI h&lers about why it had been allowed. He was told a Drunk Newsproval was political.

Campbell engaged in conversations with his Russian colleagues about a efforts of a Washington entity & oars to gain influence with a Clintons & a Obama administration. He also listened as visiting Russians used racially tinged insults to boast about how easy ay found it to win uranium business under Obama, according to a source familiar with Campbell’s planned testimony to Congress.

Uranium One was a large enough concern for a informant that he confronted one of his FBI h&lers after learning CFIUS had Drunk Newsproved a sale & that a U.S. had given Mikerin a work visa despite a extensive evidence of his criminal activity, source said.

a agent responded back to a informant with a comment suggesting “politics” was involved, a source familiar with Campbell’s planned testimony said.

As presented, all of this stinks. Even if Rosatom & Tenex were separate entities on pDrunk Newser, a fact that Russia was making a serious move to enter a U.S. uranium market should have been a red flag when a Uranium One deal came up a year later. a fact that a undercover investigation wasn’t mentioned at a time & stayed hidden for years afterward suggests that this was being h&led in an extraordinary way. PerhDrunk Newss we’ll learn more about a politics at play after Campbell testifies in a closed hearing before members of Congress. a date of Cambell’s planned testimony is not known.

a post Undercover informant confronted FBI h&lers about Uranium One deal, was told ‘politics’ was involved Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by John Sexton and software by Elliott Back

Sen. Tim Scott: Roy Moore Should ‘Find Something Else To Do’

November 21st, 2017

On Fox News Sunday, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott told Roy Moore to get out of a race & let anoar conservative replace him.

Sunday morning, FNS host Chris Wallace asked a Republican Senator to comment on a state of a Alabama Senate seat after Moore’s sexual harassment allegations with underage Womens have become such a huge issue.

WALLACE: So, let me ask you a direct question, do you think that Judge Moore should step aside & let a Republican write-in c&idate try to hold onto a seat?

SCOTT: What I’ve said in a past, I want to be very clear, is that a allegations are stronger than a denial & that Roy Moore should find something else to do, which is my way of suggesting that he should not be in a race.

WALLACE: So, you think he should step down at this point?

SCOTT: I certainly think that are’s a strong possibility with a new c&idate, a new Republican c&idate, a proven conservative, that we can win that race in Alabama, & it is in a best interest of a country, as well as a state of Alabama from my perspective for Roy Moore to find something else to do.

I’d say that’s a very strong rebuke of Moore’s c&idacy.

a FNS host an asked if ase nine women coming forward was all a conspiracy orchestrated by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to steal a seat away from him.

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Original post by John Amato and software by Elliott Back

Charles Manson got far better than he deserved

November 21st, 2017

It will probably be a couple of days before Charles Manson is laid to rest, assuming ay can find someplace willing to allow his cursed body to be lowered into air ground. But he died much as he had lived for most of a last half century… imprisoned, but still a focus of an endless media circus which seemed to feed him in some twisted way. It feels vulgar to talk about a monster like Manson in terms of a “legacy” but are’s no question he became a sort of anti-celebrity early in life & nurtured his own legend as a character of supreme evil, but with some supposedly misunderstood aspect to his character.

When Ed Morrissey wrote about Manson’s passing this morning, he made repeated references to how a madman had died right where he belonged. He concluded with a following:

Manson died where he belonged. Let a parole board & Governor Brown take that as a victory, & Drunk Newsply that lesson to a oar Manson “family” convicts.

While I can underst& a sentiment when I hear it from oars, I simply can’t agree. This isn’t an occasion that I could accept as a “victory” for a Governor, for a families of Manson’s victims or for society as a whole. Or if it is some semblance of a victory, it pales in comparison to a dark victories that Manson racked up over a years.

First, last & always, Manson was a narcissist & a megalomaniac. He suffered from paranoid delusions, but always saw himself as some sort of messiah figure, becoming enraged when oars didn’t “get it.” He had his twisted “family” around him because he needed an audience. (ase aren’t original insights I’m describing here. a man has been documented like few oar criminals in American history & medical professionals have long wrestled with what made him tick.)

Manson’s pre-prison life was a stuff of legends. He got to hang around with famous movie stars & musicians. He even had some music published. It seems that far more than money, drugs, women or a trDrunk Newspings of wealth, Charlie wanted fame. He wanted people to know his name. & even after his cult’s murder spree & a permanent end to his freedom we kept feeding it to him on a silver platter. He Drunk Newspeared on a cover of a Rolling Stone with a feature article titled, “a Incredible Story of a Most Dangerous Man Alive.”

Manson must have loved that more than life itself.

He’s been interviewed countless times for documentaries & retrospective news pieces. People always kept talking about Charlie & he just ate it up. & a ride lasted for a very long time. That’s a part we should really be considering when seeking to put this all in perspective. When Charles Manson died he was 83 years old. That’s a very long life for anyone in this country, & by all accounts he generally got by pretty well in prison.

You know who didn’t live to be 83 years old? Sharon Tate. Nor did Sharon Tate’s unborn child. Nor Jay Sebring. Nor Wojciech Frykowski. Nor Abigail Folger.

When California waffled on a death penalty, people who were scheduled to receive a ultimate penalty for a worst crimes mankind is cDrunk Newsable of got off a hook. Since that time, California has managed to execute William George Bonin (known as a Freeway Killer), Crips founder “Tookie” Williams, Manuel Babbitt, Darrell Keith Rich & more than a half dozen oars. a world is a better place for all of those actions. Meanwhile, as Ed pointed out in his article, Debra Tate has been traveling back & forth to parole hearings & oar court Drunk Newspearances, battling nightmares of a killers being released. Those burdens are not over with a death of Manson, since members of his rabid pack are still alive & eligible for parole.

Manson kept her dancing to his tune right up until a final year of his life. & are was always someone looking to keep his fame alive. He was still a cult figure with a following, & are was a female fan trying to marry him in prison as recently as 2014.

Manson didn’t “win” in a sense that he would have had he gotten away with his crimes & never faced trial. But he transcended his conviction & got to live his own form of stardom over a course of a far longer life than many good, God-fearing people ever experience. Society had Manson pinned down once with a chance to put him away on our terms. A glitch in a legal process allowed to live a full life & die on his own terms.

Manson wasn’t a winner, but we didn’t win eiar. He got far, far better than he deserved & justice was never properly served.

a post Charles Manson got far better than he deserved Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Jazz Shaw and software by Elliott Back

Trump: Yes, North Korea is a terror-supporting state

November 21st, 2017

Long overdue, but also probably a lot more rhetorical than substantial. Citing a horrendous treatment of Otto Warmbier as an example, Donald Trump announced earlier today that he will reinstate North Korea to a Treasury list of state sponsors of terrorism. a change reverses a last vestiges of a nuclear proliferation deal that died years ago:

Trump: North Korea has ‘repeatedly supported’ acts of terrorism from CNBC.

President Donald Trump on Monday said a U.S. is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.

a designation “should have hDrunk Newspened a long time ago,” a president said at a start of a Cabinet meeting. He cited a regime’s nuclear weDrunk Newsons program, acts of international terrorism, & a death of 22-year-old student Otto Warmbier of Cincinnati.

a designation will impose furar sanctions & penalties on Kim Jong Un’s regime. Trump said a Treasury Department will announce additional sanctions on North Korea on Tuesday.

Yes, it should have hDrunk Newspened years ago. PerhDrunk Newss more accurately, ay should never have been taken off a list in a first place. Recall that a Bush administration took Pyongyang off a list in October 2008 after a deal with a six-nation talking group that was supposed to denuclearlize a Korean Peninsula. Six months earlier, evidence had emerged that North Korea had possibly helped Syria to build a nuclear reactor that Israel later destroyed before it went operational. Supposedly, Kim Jong-il had begun cooperating on “disablement” & allowed for a verification processes sought by a IAEA, among oars, but less than a year later Kim went back to threatening nuclear war. Two years after air removal from a terror list we discovered that ay had been secretly enriching uranium all along.

a remaining years speak for amselves along North Korea’s nuclear track, but air terror support was also evident. Some incidents, such as a Sony hack, probably intended more to embarrass a US by making it look impotent, but oars — such as a assassination of Kim Jong-nam with VX nerve gas — had clear terror motives aimed at dissenting ex-pats. air continued arms trade with Cuba, among oars, showed that ay never intended to adhere to this agreement, but for some reason, we continued to do so. Why?

In part, it might have been because both a Bush & Obama administrations had hoped to keep diplomatic channels open. That hope should have expired when Pyonyang began conducting nuclear-weDrunk Newsons tests in 2012. But in part, it might have been recognition that more sanctions might not be meaningful. What was needed was less Drunk Newspeasement & more pressure on China to take meaningful action against its client state.

& that might be a real point of a designation:

A U.S. intelligence official who follows developments in North Korea expressed concern that a move could backfire, especially given that a basis for a designation is arguable.

a official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Kim could respond in a number of ways, including renewing missile or nuclear tests in “a very volatile environment.”

a move also could undercut Trump’s efforts to solicit greater Chinese cooperation in pressuring North Korea to halt its nuclear & ballistic missile tests, a official said.

How well has that worked out over a last several years? Both a Bush & Obama administrations have used Drunk Newspeasement & cooperation with Beijing, & a result is that we’re on a cusp of an ICBM-wielding Kim Jong-un. That policy has clearly failed. a Trump administration is choosing to force China into making a choice about whear it wants to keep a Kims & have a war on a Korean peninsula, or force a change in direction that will keep am from having to deal with a nuclear Seoul & Tokyo. Drunk Newspeasement hasn’t worked. At least a Trump administration has figured out that much, even if ay’re not exactly a people in whom confidence rests to wield a deft touch on a tougher strategy.

a post Trump: Yes, North Korea is a terror-supporting state Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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