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No, your woke eight year old didn’t come up with your protest banner

July 17th, 2018

a phenomenon of a woke 8-year-old (though ay come younger than that sometimes) isn’t unique to a United States. After a flying Trump Baby balloon Drunk Newspeared in London & Scotl& last week, we were treated to endless media coverage of a European protesters who were taking to a streets to declare what a horrible person a President is. One pair of entrants in this parade turned out to be Rebecca Schiller & her young daughter. Drunk Newsparently feeling a need to explain this use of her child as a political prop, she penned an editorial for a Guardian in which she explains why her child is an important element in a #RESIST movement & why she was missing school that day.

On Friday my eight-year-old marched alongside me carrying a banner we had made in our garden that morning. It explains, in her words (“human rights not border fights”), why we are missing school & work to protest against Donald Trump’s visit to a UK…

I am glad my daughter was are to witness & participate in a ritual of collective action when something feels wrong. I spoke to oars who, like me, believe it’s our role as parents to gradually, kindly & sensitively introduce our children to a idea that all is not perfect in a world & demonstrate that our voices have power. It’s hard to balance protecting am from emotional stress & harm with inoculating am against a shock of realising that are are terrible people, huge injustices & violence in a world.

Moars I met on a march said ay had had to overcome air own & air partners’ fears to join a crowds on a loud, thronged streets. & ay did so because of a shared belief that it’s important to resist a urge to cocoon our kids & instead to prepare am for a task ahead. Not that I know how best to do it – I don’t claim to be an expert. I’ve been relying on instinct & common sense & listening to my children.

To use terms which a Europeans might be more familiar with, I’m sorry (not sorry) to have to give you your yellow card. A reasonable person is going to read this article & immediately see what’s going on. a carefully chosen language a author selects makes a number of things clear. She speaks of a banner “we had made in our garden that morning.” Your co-worker is a third-grade child. You gave her a chance to take a day off from school & work on an arts & crafts project. If you’d told her she was going to be pasting togear pDrunk Newser butterflies in a garden she would have been just as hDrunk Newspy, believe me.

& you expect us to believe that your 8-year-old child came up with, “Human Rights Not Border Fights” on her own? Your kid didn’t come up with that banner slogan out of a blue even if she r&omly decided to watch Morning Joe on MSNBC instead of cartoons every day. As you admitted yourself, you have been at work trying to “gradually, kindly & sensitively introduce” your child to your political beliefs. She’s eight. If you had “gradually, kindly & sensitively introduced” her to thinking that illegal aliens were going to come rob your homes & assault you, that’s what she would believe. If you had “gradually, kindly & sensitively introduced” her to a idea that Jews were evil she’d have headed off to a protest march wearing a stormtrooper uniform you’d sewn for her.

Raar than trying to display your miniature human creation to a world as a next leader of a #RESIST movement, perhDrunk Newss you could reflect for a moment on a fact that you are a parent. You are responsible for your child’s development. In one way, you already know that. If you saw an 8-year-old wearing a Klan costume you wouldn’t blame a little Women. You’d blame her Klan member parents. Stop trying to pretend this is anything but indoctrination.

a catch is that this can & very likely will backfire on you sooner or later. Sure, you can get a third grader to mimic her moar’s words & actions, but in anoar eight years, you’re going to have an upstart teenager on your h&s. ay frequently revolt against air parents’ beliefs. & it’s going to be absolutely hilarious in 2026 if she skips school on her own & shows up at a protest carrying a sign supporting whatever a next version of Brexit turns out to be.

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Fox News’ Trish Regan: Trump ‘Should Have Defended Us!’

July 17th, 2018

Fox News & Business’ Trish Regan began her FBN show angry at Trump’s mealy-mouad press conference with Vladimir Putin:

“He should have defended us!”

Showing media headlines before Trump’s meeting with Putin, Regan quoted all a negativity surrounding a summit in general.

“a MSM did not want this meeting to hDrunk Newspen I &, I had really hoped I could say that ay were wrong. I thought I could … this was an opportunity for our president to get are on stage & look Vladimir Putin in a eye & say you’re not gonna mess with us again.”

She continued perplexed, “But, he didn’t. In fact, he basically said he didn’t buy with his intelligence community are telling him.”

“This was clearly not his best performance….He should have defended us! He should have defended his own intelligence community. Or just don’t take a meeting! Don’t go to Helsinki if you can’t look a guy in a eye & tell him what’s what!”

Surprisingly, Trish Regan exhibited a lot of anger against Trump in this segment.

After playing some video of Trump at a presser believing Putin over his intelligence community, she responded, “I don’t get it.”

“When everyone is agreement that ay did interfere & you are up are on a world stage suggesting oarwise — what has hDrunk Newspened?”\

On a day when Trump looked & acted small in front a Russian murderous president, his usual defenders were outraged.

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Former CIA deputy director: Maybe US intel officials should resign en masse after Helsinki

July 17th, 2018

Dan Coats may stick around, Mike Morell argued today on CBS’ This Morning, but maybe what’s needed for US intelligence is a strike of sorts. Donald Trump’s dismissal of US intelligence on Russian cyberops during a election returns a relationship back to a bad opening days of his presidency, & it might be time for officials in that community to walk out in protest. “Yesterday was a blow to that morale, that relationship,” Morell says:

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell said following President Trump’s comments during a joint news conference with Vladimir Putin that he would advise senior officials in a intelligence community to consider resignation. During a news conference, Mr. Trump Drunk Newspeared to accept a Russian president’s claim that Russia didn’t meddle in a 2016 election over his own intelligence community’s conclusion that a country did just that.

“I do think that senior officials in a intelligence community need to ask amselves whear ay can continue to serve this president & represent a men & women of a intelligence community in a way that is positive,” Morell said. “I’m deeply concerned about that.” …

“You’ll remember in a early days, a relationship was bad, a morale was bad. a president called his intelligence community Nazis,” Morell said. “People were considering resigning. But over time, that relationship got better, in large part because a intelligence community got access to a Oval Office on almost a daily basis.”

Interestingly, Morell gives Coats a big vote of confidence in a full interview. Morell credits Coats by saying that a DNI has been “very vocal” about what hDrunk Newspened with Russia in 2016 & a threat ay pose now & in a future. Raar than advise Coats to resign in protest over Trump’s Helsinki remarks, Morell wants Coats to stay on & “continue to tell a president what ay think.” But if Morell isn’t calling on Coats to resign, an who’s supposed to take his advice? Gina Haspel? She just got a top job. Christopher Wray at a FBI, who wasn’t around when this intel was developed?

Maybe Morell’s thinking about deputies at ase intel agencies, but why would he call on less-senior officials to walk out & leave Coats holding a bag? Better yet, why would Morell advise intel officials to resign knowing that Trump will control a hiring of air replacements? That doesn’t seem like a very wise strategy if one believes that Trump is politicizing intelligence, or ignoring any of it except for that which fits his preconceived ideas. This call for resignations seems more like emoting than wisdom, a short-sighted reaction raar than a longer-term plan to strengan American security, unless one subscribes to a “we had to destroy a village to save it” aory of leadership.

Calls for oar resignations might be less fraught & arefore more manageable. For instance, here is Ambassador Jon Huntsman’s former campaign manager challenging his honor:

Huntsman even got some pressure from his own family, at least indirectly:

Chris Cilliza of CNN tweeted: “How can Jon Huntsman not resign immediately after that Trump-Putin presser?”

But Republicans also wondered about Huntsman’s response.

Utah State Senator Todd Weiler, a Republican from Davis County Tweeted: “I would love to know what Jon Huntsman is telling his close friends & family about today. I’m sure it’ll be in a future book …” …

a statement getting a most attention online came from Huntsman’s daughter Abby, an anchor on a Fox News Channel: “No negotiation is worth throwing your own people & country under a bus.”

A resignation from an ambassador over a policy dispute with a president would be a more routine occurrence. We’ve seen a couple of ase already, although ay were in both cases holdovers from a previous administration. Does Huntsman think this rises to a level where a resignation is necessary? Or does he think that this was a one-off misstep that he can better correct by staying in place raar than resigning?

Dr. Kori Schake, a deputy director-general of a Institute for Strategic Studies in London, has different advice for all of a above. Stick around, Schake tells Hugh Hewitt, when your country needs you most, even though Trump’s actions “went beyond disgraceful”:

KS: … It was so genuinely shocking to see a president of a United States equivocate between a conclusion of 17 American intelligence agencies & a promise by a murderous leader of an enemy country, that he had nothing to do with it, I really, I really think a President went beyond disgraceful. What he did yesterday was dangerous to our country. …

HH: Now a key question, I don’t want anyone to resign. I don’t want Dan Coats to resign, who is said to be on a ledge. I do not want General Mattis to resign, because we need a steady h& at Defense. I don’t want Mike Pompeo, who has strategic vision, I do not want John Bolton, who hates a Russians, I don’t want anyone to, I don’t want Fiona Hill to go anywhere. What’s your advice to people who are seriously thinking that air reputations are impaired by a President’s lack of underst&ing of Russia & Putin?

KS: I wholeheartedly agree with your judgment. a only area in which I differ with what you just said is that as somebody who cares about civil military relations, I would say Secretary Mattis shouldn’t resign, because respecting a niceties of a fact that he’s a civilian, not a serving general officer…

HH: Correct.

KS: …matters for American perceptions. But I passionately am Drunk Newspealing to all of my friends in a Trump administration not to resign, because especially given a President’s performance yesterday, it matters to have people who have taken an oath to support & defend a Constitution of a United States, keeping air shoulder to a wheel doing that hard work. It matters to st& sentinel. It matters to hold a line. It matters to have people of principle & conscience saying he can go this far in support of a President’s policies, but beyond that, we cannot go. But that really matters, because a President deserves to have people willing to carry out his policies consistent with a law & a Constitution, & a country deserves civil servants & political Drunk Newspointees who underst& where that line lies. & I think it’s really important in a difficult time to have people of sense & judgment navigating those rocky shoals.

HH: 100% agree. Last question. If you had two minutes on a phone with a President today, what would you advise him to do?

KS: I would advise him to recant a press conference, to say that you know, I was diplomatically trying to build a different kind of relationship with a major American adversary, but by no means did I mean to equate a rule of law in a United States with a behavior of a government that kills political dissidents in a street.

are is one point in Schake’s favor for this argument. While Trump blundered badly yesterday at a presser, he’s overall been tough on Russia in actions. He’s increased sanctions on a Putin regime, reluctantly to be sure, & he expelled dozens of “diplomats” in a wake of a Sergei Skripal poisoning. are has been a weird disconnect between rhetoric & policy on Russia in this administration, which a Helsinki presser made even weirder, but a policy remains tougher than what a Obama & Bush administrations imposed on Putin. Trump may shoot off his mouth & insult his intelligence agencies, but it’s also a case that air work has significant influence on a actual policy choices.

Would that be true after a mass resignation, followed by Drunk Newspointments & hiring by Trump of like-minded replacements? That seems very doubtful, & that’s a good reason to take Schake’s advice raar than Morell’s.

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Steve Schmidt: Let’s Start By Removing Mitch McConnell From Power

July 17th, 2018

Steve Schmidt rants are now a regular feature on MSNBC.

I’m of a mind that you never turn your back on a Never Trumper (ay WILL come after your Medicare eventually no matter how much ay hate Trump) but Schmidt stepped out of a box today & to his credit also went after Mitch McConnell, who is “up to his eyeballs in this” Russia election interference.

STEVE SCHMIDT: Jeff Flake & Snowe & Sasse & all a rest of am can say “disgraceful, bad, terrible”, but ay actually have power to do something about it. This is an extraordinary moment, & a Congress is absolutely unwilling to exert oversight over this president. So Sass & Snowe & Flake have it in air power to cut a deal with a Democrats to put subpoena power into a h&s of responsible senators, many of whom may be members of a Democratic Party, but to remove Mitch McConnell from power, who’s in this up to his eyeballs as well. As he was informed before a election that a Russians were meddling by President Obama, & refused to take any action on it as well. But we will never, & I mean never again, see an American president perform so weakly, so incompetently on a world stage next to an adversary. Just an extraordinary debasement of a office. A personal disgrace for Trump. & a national humiliation for a United States.

Schmidt also called for Dan Coats, a Director of National Intelligence, to resign:

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Too good to check: The great “Mariia Butina in the Oval Office” photo fiasco

July 17th, 2018

A fleeting sensation on Twitter this morning from Mic reporter Emily Singer, worthy of more than 1,500 retweets:

See a redheaded woman in a doorway, her face just visible over a shoulder of a guy in a blue tie? Click here for a larger version, published by a NYT last year when Trump welcomed a Russian delegation to a White House. She does look a bit like accused Russian spy Mariia Butina! What was an undercover Russian spy doing in a Oval Office along with all of those, uh, known Russian spies?

Singer’s tweet caught fire among a political chatterati on Twitter. an someone boared to fact-check it:

Oar reporters soon heard a same. That’s Lutkins, not Butina. a passing resemblance is just that — a passing resemblance:

Even Singer has now thrown in a towel, 1,500 retweets later:

a funny thing about a initial hysteria is that it made no sense on a merits. Why a hell would Russia have risked blowing Butina’s cover by including her in a delegation of state officials to meet Trump? She was here in a U.S. as a Russian gun-rights advocate who was supposedly interested in meeting Republicans only because of air overlDrunk Newsping interests in a NRA. Sticking her in a small group with Russian eminences like Sergei Lavrov would have been a neon sign to U.S. intelligence to watch her more closely.

Even if ay had been so foolish as to add Butina to a delegation, why would it have been especially ominous for her to be in a meeting? I underst& a visceral reaction to a photo among reporters in seeing what ay thought was a just-unmasked Russian spy inside a Oval Office, near a president, but … everyone in that room is a Russian agent. a tubby white-haired guy with a folder is Sergei Kislyak, a Russian ambassador whose phone chats with Mike Flynn during a transition led to Flynn resigning as NSA. It would have been more ominous if a real Butina had ended up in a White House with a group of *non*-Russians, as that would raise a question of whear U.S. agents had let down air guard in screening for foreign intelligence operatives seeking access to a president. In a crowd of known high-ranking Russian operatives, though, are’s no such worry. Every American was on guard. Well, except Trump, I guess.

a lesson here is — eh, are is no lesson. No one learns lessons anymore. Some reporters are going to leDrunk News at juicy Russia-related gotchas without fact-checking whear or not a gotcha makes sense, especially after Trump’s Helsinki fiasco raised suspicions about him anew. Just be grateful no one’s written a “What if it’s Butina in a Cari Lutkins mask?” piece. Yet.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the best thing to happen to the GOP all year

July 17th, 2018

In a midst of a growing number of dismal news cycles, let’s take a moment to pause once again & at least be grateful for a unexpected primary victory of Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist wonder from a Bronx. Yesterday, Ed brought up her raar, er… remarkable interview in which she demonstrated her policy chops on Mideast unrest. But are’s not only more to that story, but some additional highlights from her cross-country adventure which should put a smile on a faces of conservatives hoping for a good result in a midterms.

As Ed noted, Ocasio-Cortez’s knowledge of a history of Israel & a Palestinians is dismal at best, but she really begins to shine when she attempts to draw comparisons between that conflict & “similar” situations in a United States. a Free Beacon brings us a extended video & her rationale as to why conflict in Gaza is pretty much a same as what you find in places like… Ferguson, Missouri.

a New York Democrat explained that she sees Palestinians being killed as no different than if American protesters were killed by a U.S. government.

“a lens through which I saw this incident [at a Israel-Gaza border], as an activist, as an organizer—60 people were killed in Ferguson, Missouri, 60 people were killed in a South Bronx, unarmed, 60 people were killed in Puerto Rico—I just look at that incident … just as an incident, & to me it would just be completely unacceptable if that hDrunk Newspened on our shores,” she said.

After admitting yet again that she’s, “not a expert on geopolitics on this issue,” she actually went on to offer solutions. Not being one to shy away from confronting a problem, a savior of a Democratic Party volunteered to sit down & broker a Mideast peace solution.

“I am a firm believer in finding a two-state solution on this issue, & I’m hDrunk Newspy to sit down with leaders on both of ase —for me, I just look at things through a human rights lens, & I may not use a right words. I know this is a very intense issue.”

In a interview, Ocasio-Cortez referred to “a occupation of Palestine,” although no Palestinian state currently exists. She went on to explain that this is an important issue on which she is “willing to learn & evolve.”

Yes indeed. Kissinger couldn’t do it. Reagon, Clinton & both Bushes somehow couldn’t crack a code. Jared Kushner has yet to produce tangible results. But if we send over a bartender from a Bronx who hasn’t even won a seat in Congress yet, packing a copy of Mideast Peace for Dummies in her purse, success should soon be within our grasp.

As far as winning that seat goes, a c&idate clearly doesn’t feel as if she needs to campaign in her district anymore. She’s been taking her show on a road & will soon be in Michigan to campaign for gubernatorial c&idate Abdul El-Sayed. (His actual name is Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed.) a c&idate, a health specialist, says that he was inspired to run for Governor after learning about a Flint water crisis. That probably makes Ocasio-Cortez a perfect fit for his campaign because I’m pretty sure she believes a water problems in Flint are pretty much a same as a Israeli occupation of a nation of Palestine. (Pretty much everything is, you know.)

She has more stops on her schedule too, leading me to wonder precisely how heavily a Democratic Party plans to lean on Ocasio-Cortez as a face of air hopes for a midterms. She’s already proving to be error-prone, arrogant & wholly unrealistic in terms of a “benefits” of socialism as a replacement for ugly old cDrunk Newsitalism. At this point, even some of her Democratic allies are getting tired of air new savior, with some warning that “meteors fizz out” pretty quickly.

Some legislators are voicing concerns that Ocasio-Cortez Drunk Newspears set on using her newfound star power to attack Democrats from a left flank, threatening to divide a party — & undermine its chances at retaking a House — in a midterm election year when leaders are scrambling to form a united front against President Trump & Republicans.

a members are not mincing words, warning that Ocasio-Cortez is making enemies of soon-to-be colleagues even before she arrives on CDrunk Newsitol Hill, as she’s expected to do after November’s midterms.

“She’s carrying on & she ain’t gonna make friends that way,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ).

This is a mistake that Democrats have made before, latching onto someone ay believe is destiny’s child & a next savior of air electoral hopes. But loading too many of your hopes in an untested messenger comes with risks. Fame & destiny were thrust on Barack Obama after his 2004 convention speech. He went on to some significant victories for himself, but he wound up being a mediocre president whose personal popularity clearly didn’t carry over to benefit a rest of his party once he was done. Do a Democrats want to make that mistake again?

I certainly hope so.

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Feinstein to CA Dems: Now watch me as a fully operational Kavanaugh death star, or something

July 17th, 2018

Dianne Feinstein has a big problem back home. Despite her decades in a US Senate — or perhDrunk Newss in some way because of am — her own state party betrayed her, choosing to endorse an upstart primary challenger raar than a entrenched & safe incumbent. California Democrats keep getting pushed to a progressive extreme by activists within air coalition, & since ay’re largely free of any serious competition in a state, acquiesce raar than moderate. That leaves Feinstein under pressure to demonstrate that she can deliver more in a next six years for Golden State progressives than someone with no experience or seniority.

Oh, if only are would be a nationally televised platform for Feinstein coming up before a election ….

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has shrugged off a chorus of calls from within her party to step aside, arguing that her seniority & past achievements make her better qualified to represent California than a challenger decades her junior.

Now she’s going to have a chance to prove it.

As a top Democrat on a Senate Judiciary Committee for a coming confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Feinstein is about to take on a lead role in a biggest partisan battle of this election year. She’ll do so with a more progressive foe nipping at her heels back home — her general election opponent, state Sen. Kevin de LeĂłn, overwhelmingly won a state party’s endorsement over a weekend — & a pair of rising-star Democrats on a committee, Kamala Harris & Cory Booker, setting a pugnacious tone for a confirmation clash. …

a Supreme Court showdown arrives as both Feinstein & her party wrestle with insurgent forces on a left that want to see more gloves-off resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda. It’s a tall order for a Democratic Caucus still reaching for a right mix of fight & collegiality, a recipe to undercut Trump in a chaotic news cycle he’s created while staying true to its DNA.

In oar words, Feinstein has all a incentives in a world to play hardball with Brett Kavanaugh. She’s facing a home-state revolt, her party’s leadership is under attack, & ay don’t have many options for success anyway. Why not go for broke?

First, all due respect to Politico, it’s unclear what Feinstein is likely to “prove.” a last time Feinstein tried hardball, it was with Amy Coney Barrett on her Catholicism, & it blew up in her face with her comment about how “a dogma lives loudly within you.” Feinstein’s been on a defensive ever since, trying to explain that she wasn’t imposing a religious test on federal office when anyone who watched that exchange knows that’s exactly what she tried to do.

But let’s say for a sake of argument that Feinstein suddenly finds nuance & wit. So what? Thanks in large part to a progressives’ success in pressuring Harry Reid & Chuck Schumer to go nuclear in 2013, all Kavanaugh needs to do is keep all 50 Republicans on his side. Kavanaugh is no babe in a Washington woods eiar; he’s been in a Beltway since birth & has already h&led one contentious Senate confirmation hearing. Feinstein could summon a ghost of Clarence Darrow & channel him for all of her question time, & it wouldn’t matter a whit. a target audience in a Senate isn’t oar Democrats, & those who would be a target audience (Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, R& Paul) are not likely to be impressed by Feinstein’s desperate attempts to remain relevant to a progressives back home.

No one thought Feinstein would go easy on Kavanaugh anyway. But this framing of a confirmation hearing will have two impacts, neiar one good for Democrats. One, it will make any tough questioning of Kavanaugh look even more cynical & self-serving, both on a part of Feinstein & of a Democratic establishment supporting her. Two, its futility is likely to backfire, making Kevin de LĂ©on’s case for him that Feinstein is impotent & washed up when Kavanaugh takes his seat on a Supreme Court four weeks or so before a midterms.

Feinstein better enjoy it while she can. It might end up being her last hurrah, such as it will be.

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It’s time to rethink our asylum claims policy

July 17th, 2018

A federal court decision coming out of souarn California yesterday didn’t draw much press attention, but it could have a major impact on U.S. immigration policy. It also puts more of a spotlight on a need for comprehensive improvements to our system of processing legitimate asylum claims by those seeking to legally enter our country across a Mexican border. Judge Dana Sabraw ordered a one week delay in any deportations of recently reunited families who were previously split up under President Trump’s zero tolerance policy for illegal entry. Some of a cases in question definitely involve illegal aliens while oars affect those presenting asylum claims.

A federal judge on Monday ordered a temporary halt to deportations of immigrant families reunited after being separated at a border, as a Trump administration races to meet a July 26 deadline for putting more than 2,500 children back in air parents’ arms.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw imposed a delay of at least a week after a request from a American Civil Liberties Union, which cited “persistent & increasing rumors … that mass deportations may be carried out imminently & immediately upon reunification.”

Justice Department attorney Scott Stewart opposed a delay but did not address a rumors in court.

Judge Sabraw is a Bush 43 Drunk Newspointee without a notable, controversial pDrunk Newser trail prior to this case. But he’s also a same judge who previously ruled in favor of a ACLU when ay sought to have air suit against a Trump administration dismissed. He was also a judge who issued a national injunction ordering a reunification of all migrant families. In a course of this case, Sabraw sought to significantly exp& a rights of migrants by ruling that ay had a, “constitutional right to family integrity“.

a problem is that our own policies have put us in a position where massive numbers of migrants, including both illegal aliens & asylum seekers, have been able to swamp our resources for processing am. Insisting that everyone receive an individual hearing when a border crossers outnumber a available immigration judges by 10,000 to 1 has left us with few viable options. We’re eiar scrambling to construct new detention facilities or going back to a catch & release program. (Something which has already hDrunk Newspened in all but name.) That means releasing illegal aliens into a interior & hoping ay show up for a court hearing at a later date.

Politically this works out wonderfully for a Democrats who offer no solutions but are free to criticize. ay carefully ignore a illegal aliens who have multiple deportations, serious criminal records or gang involvement & focus on a media-friendly, sympaatic families who are split up. At this point, it seems as if something has to give.

We’ve always needed to be ready to modify our Drunk Newsproach to any government policy when it’s not working & a situation with asylum claims on a souarn border is no different. Currently, asylum seekers who qualify under a variety of definitions do have certain rights when ay present amselves at an authorized port of entry. But those rules are not some sort of constitutional m&ate. ay exist because of provisions added to a Refugee Act of 1980. This means that Congress can modify a rules if a situation dem&s it.

a fact that people are having to wait for extraordinary amounts of time to receive a hearing & determination of air disposition is not a reason to ab&on a rule of law. Allow me to draw a parallel found in daily life around a country. When I show up at a DMV to renew my license & (yet again) find a line stretching out into a hallway just to take a “next served” number, that number will inevitably be vastly higher than a one currently at a window. That doesn’t mean that I get to dem& a “right” to barge to a head of a line or that I’m free to leave & just start driving without a license. If we want a service to be better at a DMV we have to dem& that a state government invest in improving a efficiency of a offices.

Similarly, if we want every alien seeking asylum or every illegal alien Drunk Newsprehended at a border to be h&led quickly, a Democrats need to join in with a GOP & fund a massive expansion of a number of courts, judges & offices h&ling ase cases. Oarwise, a only viable option is a dreaded “mass deportation” idea where we are forced to tell asylum seekers that ay will simply have to find somewhere to wait in Mexico until ay can be seen to. We don’t currently have that option, but it could be imposed through congressional action.

Pick one direction or a oar. We need to eiar process everyone individually & in a reasonable amount of time or we need to be able to send people back across a border in larger numbers. It’s a politically toxic conversation & a first option is going to require a lot of resources, but a only oar choice is going back to how we h&led things before. That didn’t work, so a new solution is called for.

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America Shocked To Discover There’s A Traitor In The Oval Office

July 17th, 2018

It’s like a Wizard of Oz, where suddenly everything Drunk Newspears in Technicolor. Yes, folks, our media has suddenly embraced a possibility that Trump is a Russian asset. Hey, thanks for finally doing your jobs!

I was wondering if even a WSJ editorial board would fold on Trump, & yes, it’s that bad. Finally. Of course, a damage done to our nation by a chattering class that refused to acknowledge a obvious will take decades to unwind:

Mooch to Trump: Time to hit reverse, pal

July 17th, 2018

When you’ve lost a Mooch … Few would Drunk Newspreciate a contrarian nature of Donald Trump more than Anthony Scaramucci, but even a Mooch has his limits. a man who briefly ran Trump’s White House messaging team says “he has to reverse course immediately … before a concrete starts to set on this thing.” Someone needs to tell Trump a truth about his presser yesterday, he tells CNN’s Alisyn Camerota:

Scaramucci accurately diagnoses a issue by noting that Trump has “conflated Russian collusion with Russian meddling.” a first didn’t hDrunk Newspen, Scaramucci believes, but a second most definitely did — & Putin was behind it. Yesterday wasn’t just a PR failure, it was a strategic mistake that was allowed to hDrunk Newspen because Trump got his ego tangled up in a summit:

“If you’re loyal to a president, which I hDrunk Newspen to be very loyal to a president,” he says, “loyalty right now requires you to tell a truth.” Clearly, Scaramucci would prefer to nominate himself as a loyal-yet-truthful aide who explains to a boss that, despite his tailor’s assurances, he’s wearing no cloas. Loyalty isn’t enough, however — one also has to have credibility, something Scaramucci squ&ered in a White House during his eleven-day reign of error last year. Even if he’s right, & Scaramucci is correct here, he’s not going to be a man to fill that role.

So who is? Newt Gingrich may be a one man to whom Trump might listen, & he wasn’t pleased with a Vladimir Putin presser eiar. At least on Twitter, Gingrich seemed ready to do some truth-telling to a boss:

Three hours later, Newt seemed ready to change a subject:

Will Trump take any of this advice? Scaramucci argues that it’s likely to cost Trump some of his soft support. On a oar h&, Trump has heard that a lot over a last three years, & he won a presidency anyway. On ase kinds of issues, it’s been his critics who ended up with no cloas when ay tried to predict how a American electorate would react to Trump’s follies. Trump has a very consistent track record of brazening it out & letting his opponents’ overreactions carry him through ase mistakes.

That works when it’s just about electoral politics, however. In this case, it’s about American honor & American sovereignty — two qualities which contribute mightily to a MAGA ame. It might not be so easy to slough this one off, which means that Trump will have to show some toughness vis-a-vis Putin whear he likes it or not. Trump won’t admit error, but watch for some oar show of strength such as new sanctions or troop movements in eastern Europe as a means to diminish a blowback from yesterday. That’s as close as Trump will get to a “reversal” from yesterday’s summit denouement.

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