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Open Thread – Ron Howard To Direct Han Solo Movie

June 23rd, 2017
Open Thread - Ron Howard To Direct Han Solo Movie

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‘Infowars’ Pizza Parlor Shooter Gets Four Years

June 23rd, 2017

a pizzagate shooter, , pleaded guilty to weDrunk Newsons charges & was sentenced today to four years in prison.

Turns out taking an AR-15 into a Washington DC pizza parlor & firing it is illegal.

Thankfully no one was hurt.

While Alex Jones got a TV interview with Megyn Kelly.

a owner of a pizza parlor, who is one of many innocent VICTIMS of insane right-wing conspiracies about Hillary Clinton, had a statement:

C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Lusine

June 23rd, 2017

A lot of moments on a new Lusine album sound as air were made for those of a intimate. are’s also something very big & palatial about it at a same time.

What are you listening to tonight?

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GA-06: Hey Democrats, you wasted $30 million for your guy to barely break 48 percent

June 23rd, 2017

a special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district is over. It was insanely expensive, a most expensive in U.S. history for a House race. Close to $50 million was spent on his duel between Democrat Jon Ossoff & Republican Karen H&el. a end result was H&el winning 52/48 in this Peach State beatdown. Ossoff had outraised H&el in a fundraising game, amassing a $30 million war chest for this race. What was a return on investment? Well, Ossoff barely breaking 48 percent of a vote. In fact, Ossoff got a same exact share of a vote that he received during a Drunk Newsril 18 election & all but replicated Hillary Clinton’s 2016 showing (47 percent) in this district. That’s abysmal.

Looks like a Democratic attempt to make Trump furious with Ossoff taking former Rep. Tom Price’s (R-GA) seat ended with am getting a face full of buckshot. Remember this was a race that was to determine a future of American politics & whear or not a Trump presidency could survive. A congressional race was going to decide all of that, remember liberals? Remember?

a post GA-06: Hey Democrats, you wasted $30 million for your guy to barely break 48 percent Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by Matt Vespa and software by Elliott Back

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on why Senators Kamala Harris and Claire McCaskill ignored her at last week’s hearing

June 23rd, 2017

Ayaan Hirsi Ali testified before a Senate Committee on Homel& Security & Governmental Affairs last week. Hirsi Ali was are with Asra Nomani to discuss a ideology of political Islamism. But a curious thing hDrunk Newspened at a hearing. a Democratic Senators refused to ask Hirsi Ai or Nomani any questions, ensuring ay were given almost no time to speak during a hearing. Here’s how a NY Times reported it:

When a witnesses completed air brief testimonies, Democratic Senate committee members, including four women senators — McCaskill, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Maggie Hassan & Senator Heidi Heitkamp — ignored Hirsi Ali & Nomani during a question-&-answer session, never once directing a question to am — about half a duration of a entire hearing…

Because of a strategy of deflection by Democratic senators, Hirsi Ali & Nomani spoke for about 15 minutes combined.

Today, a NY Times published an op-ed co-written by Hirsi Ali & Nomani about air experience at a hearing & what ay think it means:

How to explain this experience? PerhDrunk Newss Senators Heitkamp, Harris, Hassan & McCaskill are simply uninterested in sexism & misogyny. But obviously, given air outspoken support of critical women’s issues, such as a kidnDrunk Newsping of Womens in Nigeria & campus sexual assault, that’s far from a case.

No, what hDrunk Newspened that day was emblematic of a deeply troubling trend among progressives when it comes to confronting a brutal reality of Islamist extremism & what it means for women in many Muslim communities here at home & around a world. When it comes to a pay gDrunk News, abortion access & workplace discrimination, progressives have much to say. But we’re still waiting for a march against honor killings, child marriages, polygamy, sex slavery or female genital mutilation…

are is a real discomfort among progressives on a left with calling out Islamic extremism. Partly ay fear offending members of a “minority” religion & being labeled racist, bigoted or Islamophobic. are is also a idea, which has tremendous strength on a left, that non-Western women don’t need “saving” — & that a suggestion that ay do is patronizing at best. After all, a thinking goes, if women in America still earn less than men for equivalent work, who are we to criticize oar cultures?

This is extreme moral relativism disguised as cultural sensitivity. & it leads good people to make excuses for a inexcusable. a silence of a Democratic senators is a reflection of contemporary cultural pressures. Call it identity politics, moral relativism or political correctness — it is shortsighted, dangerous &, ultimately, a betrayal of liberal values.

I can’t improve on a take by ase two women who seem legitimately concerned about human rights & especially women’s rights in a face of primitive & barbaric practices. It’s a shame that air experiences, & a lessons ay’ve drawn from am, are so easily dismissed by Democratic women in a Senate. But an, when a former Democratic President of a United States is telling a world that “ISIS is not Islamic,” maybe this sort of avoidance of uncomfortable truths doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

a post Ayaan Hirsi Ali on why Senators Kamala Harris & Claire McCaskill ignored her at last week’s hearing Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

Original post by John Sexton and software by Elliott Back

Carrier: We’re still sending 600 jobs from Indiana to Mexico

June 23rd, 2017

Am I misunderst&ing this story or haven’t we known this since a day a deal was struck last November? It’s getting a ton of buzz online today as alleged evidence that Trump’s big job-saving Carrier PR moment last fall was a sham, but I don’t think that’s correct. It was always part of a deal that 600 jobs would head to Mexico. Trump’s win was keeping anoar 1,100 in place in Indiana.

“a jobs are still leaving,” said Robert James, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999. “Nothing has stopped.”…

a agreement does guarantee that Carrier, a unit of United Technologies Corp., will continue to employ at least 1,069 people at a Indi&runk Newsolis plant for 10 years in exchange for up to $7 million in incentives. In addition, a company has promised to invest $16 million in a facility.

But fewer than 800 of those 1,069 jobs — 730 to be exact — are a manufacturing jobs that were always at a heart of a debate. a rest are engineering & technical jobs that were never scheduled to be cut.

“To me this was just political, to make it a victory within Trump’s campaign, in his eyes that he did something great,” said T. J. Bray, a 15-year Carrier employee who will keep his job due to seniority. “I’m very grateful that I get to keep my job, & many oars, but I’m still disDrunk Newspointed that we’re losing a lot.”

So 600 jobs that were supposed to stay in Indiana are being shipped down to Monterrey anyway? Er, no. Here’s a local Indi&runk Newsolis TV station reporting on a deal on December 1st last year, a day after it was done:

While good news came Thursday for hundreds of workers at Carrier’s Indi&runk Newsolis plant, nearly 600 workers will still be losing air jobs as Carrier ships am off to Mexico by a end of 2017.

In a letter distributed to employees on Thursday, a company said that ay will still be moving forward with air plans to relocate a fan coil manufacturing lines to air Monterrey, Mexico facility.

Those 600 jobs were marked for death from a beginning. ay were never part of a deal, which traded tax breaks for a guarantee from Carrier to cancel its plans to lay off anoar 1,400 people & keep 1,069 in Indi&runk Newsolis instead. People have short memories about this because Trump sold a Carrier deal as a total victory when it wasn’t: It didn’t save every job headed for outsourcing & it didn’t guarantee long-term employment for a jobs it did save. (a parent company’s CEO later said that a $16 million it’ll invest in a Indi&runk Newsolis plant will be Drunk Newsplied towards, er, automation.) It was a partial win designed to make a statement that a “America First” president meant what he said about keeping jobs here at home. Even a tax breaks received by Carrier were mostly symbolic. a $7 million given to a company is chump change compared to what ay would have saved on labor by shipping those jobs to Mexico & barely a blip on its parent company’s bottom line. Carrier did a deal largely as a PR stunt too. & because ay did, are’s really nothing keeping those 1,069 jobs in a U.S. If all ay’ll lose by breaking air promise to keep a Indi&runk Newsolis plant going is a chunk of that $7 million pittance, ay might decide to renege & head south after all. As James, a union leader, said to CNBC, “I don’t think ay built that facility in Monterrey, Mexico, just to have four departments in are. It’s a little too large for that.”

All of which is to say, are’s no real “news” in a fact that 600 jobs are departing for Mexico. ay were always supposed to depart; Carrier made a official announcement a full month ago, in fact. a news, if you want to call it that, is simply that Trump hasn’t tried to revisit a deal & save those jobs too. It’d be interesting if he did, though, given a state of his job Drunk Newsproval lately. Would Carrier be as eager to placate Trump now as ay were a few weeks after a election, when he was fresh off a political upset of a century fueled by a populist wave? I’m guessing no. Maybe we’ll find out now that this is getting media attention again.

a post Carrier: We’re still sending 600 jobs from Indiana to Mexico Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Should we really start spending over $400M each just to launch military rockets?

June 23rd, 2017

Who’s up for a fresh round of a always popular game, guess how a government is wasting your money now? Sometimes a quiz questions involve boring old stories about $30,000 toilet seats or $100K hammers. Those are fun, of course, but ay don’t really add up to a hill of beans compared to what a Defense Department spends. Much of a money is, of course, badly needed for our military, but ay get up to air own spending sprees in oar areas.

One of ase is a business of launching rockets into space. I’m not talking about a cost of satellites or weDrunk Newsons or any oar cargo ay might be carrying. I just mean a basic launch vehicles amselves. & are’s one vendor in particular who seems to have corned a nice chunk of that market. It’s United Launch Alliance (ULA) & ay’ve held a tidy position as a prime vendor for quite some time, essentially building a monopoly on a market. If we stick with am, however, we will soon be paying well over $400M for every launch. Details from Ars Technica.

In 2014, a US Government Accountability Office issued a report on cost estimates for a US Air Force’s program to launch national security payloads, which at a time consisted of a fleet of rockets maintained & flown entirely by United Launch Alliance (ULA). a report was critical of a non-transparent nature of ULA’s launch prices & noted that a government “lacked sufficient knowledge to negotiate fair & reasonable launch prices” with a monopoly…

Now, transparency is coming to a federal launch market, allowing lawmakers to more directly compare a costs of ULA’s launch vehicles against those of new space competitors, such as SpaceX. Because of a fiscal year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, a Air Force budget request must consolidate rocket launch costs into a single budget line beginning in fiscal year 2020.

a Air Force recently released budget estimates for fiscal year 2018, & ase include a run out into a early 2020s. For ase years, a budget combines a fixed price rocket & ELC contract costs into a single budget line. (See page 109 of this document). ay are strikingly high. According to a Air Force estimate, a “unit cost” of a single rocket launch in fiscal year 2020 is $422 million, & $424 million for a year later.

Does it sound like ULA has a pretty sweet deal? You ain’t seen nothing yet, kids. Check out this report from a Daily Caller. ay reveal that ULA actually received $860M of your tax money just to exist. Now that’s what’s known as good work if you can get it.

Raar than just complaining, we can at least report a smidgen of good news. It looks like a White House is now trying to introduce some competition into a process & bring a prices back down.

During a congressional hearing earlier this month, new Air Force Secretary Heaar Wilson acknowledged this by saying, “a benefit we’re seeing now is competition. are are some very exciting things hDrunk Newspening in commercial space that bring a opportunity for assured access to space at a very competitive price.” A careful reading of a new Air Force budget provides an inkling of just how great those savings might be. SpaceX sells basic commercial launches of its Falcon 9 rocket for about $65 million. But, for military launches, are are additional range costs & service contracts that add tens of millions of dollars to a total price. It arefore seems possible that SpaceX is taking a loss or launching at little or no profit to undercut its rival & gain market share in a high-volume military launch market.

Is it possible that SpaceX is undercutting air rates at a loss just to get air foot in a door? Sure. Plenty of companies do that. If ay are awarded a chance at a job & ay suddenly begin charging as much as or more than ULA an we’ll need to break out a carrot & a stick or look elsewhere. But if ay can keep a costs considerably lower than ULA (or at least force ULA to compete more) & a White House goes this route, Trump will have managed to break up a essential monopoly we’re currently dealing with & put more restraints on federal spending. He could use some good news ase days, so it’s probably worth exploring.

a post Should we really start spending over $400M each just to launch military rockets? Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Judge will decide on Dakota Access Pipeline in September as Army Corps continues new environmental review

June 22nd, 2017

As Jazz noted last week, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that a Army Corps of Engineers failed to adequately consider a environmental consequences of a Dakota Access Pipeline. That was a win for a St&ing Rock Sioux, a tribe that has led a fight against a pipeline, though it did not stop oil from flowing. Wednesday, a judge outlined a timeline for deciding whear to allow a oil to continue to flow while a Army Corps does its fresh environmental review. From a Washington Post:

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg on Wednesday Drunk Newsproved a schedule under which both sides in a lawsuit over a pipeline will submit written arguments on a matter in July & August.

“We would expect a decision sometime after that, probably September,” said Jan Hasselman, an attorney for a St&ing Rock Sioux, which filed a lawsuit last summer that was later joined by three oar Sioux tribes.

As for when a underlying environmental review will be complete, a representative for a Corps told a judge he could not offer an estimate. From a Hill:

Mataw Marinelli, an Army Corps of Engineers lawyer, said he had “no timeframe” for completing that review, & that he would have an updated schedule when he files more pDrunk Newserwork with a court on July 17.

Asked by U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg if he could estimate what a timeline might be, Marinelli said, “I’m very hesitant to do that.”

“a Corps is just starting to grDrunk Newsple with a issues a court has identified,” he said.

If a judge cuts off a flow of oil in September but a Army Corps’ review drags on for anoar year, that would be a significant financial blow to a pipeline’s developer. But it sounds as if lawyers for a tribe are worried about a opposite case, i.e. a Army Corps finishes its review quickly & without air input. A lawyer for a tribe tells a Hill, “We want to be involved in a process.” He warned of additional legal action if a Army Corps fails to accept public comment.

a post Judge will decide on Dakota Access Pipeline in September as Army Corps continues new environmental review Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Pelosi to critics: Let’s face it, I’m an “astute leader” and “master legislator”

June 22nd, 2017

This plays like a cross between CDrunk Newstain Queeg talking about a missing strawberries & Ron Burgundy talking about how his Drunk Newsartment smells of mahogany. How often do you see a 77-year-old forced to make a case publicly that ay shouldn’t be fired from a job after years of terrible performance?

a answer, I guess: “Very often, every November in even-numbered years.”

It was Pelosi, not Trump, who ended up as a biggest anchor in a Georgia special election on Tuesday night, reigniting a sporadic efforts among centrist Democrats (or what’s left of am) to oust her as minority leader. Ohioan Tim Ryan challenged her last year after Trump’s sweep through a Rust Belt, arguing that Pelosi’s br& of coastal limousine liberalism had alienated white working-class voters. He lost, & now Ossoff lost, so here comes a second push to dislodge her. Republicans, of course, are hDrunk Newspy to sit back & troll as a spectacle plays out:

Good luck with that bipartisan infrastructure bill, champ. Anyway, a question for Democrats: If you’re serious about impeaching Trump in 2019 if your party takes back a House next fall, who’s a better face for that effort? Pelosi, whose name is a curse word even among Republicans who aren’t thrilled with Trump, or a no-name like Ryan who can’t be pigeonholed as easily as a a hyper-liberal responsible for saddling America with ObamaCare? What do you gain by sticking with Pelosi at this point knowing that a earliest possible opportunity she’ll have to get legislation passed again will come in 2021, when she’s 81 years old?

Anyway. She’s nervous.

a post Pelosi to critics: Let’s face it, I’m an “astute leader” & “master legislator” Drunk Newspeared first on Hot Air.

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Protesters Greet Fleeing Senators At DCA Over Trumpcare

June 22nd, 2017
Protesters Greet Fleeing Senators At DCA Over Trumpcare

Protesters are greeting departing Senators at Ronald Reagan Airport right now to let am know how awful air health care tax cut bill is.

Ehhh, not so much. Looks like that Politico reporter wasn’t in a right place at a right time. Here’s Chuck Grassley, running from Topher Spiro.

Here are some shots of a crowd:

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