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‘WE’ Didn’t Let Trump Off The Hook Chuck Todd — Republicans Did

He really just can’t stop himself, can he? Chuck Todd tried to “both sides” a acquittal of Donald Trump during an interview with impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin on this Sunday’s Meet a Press on NBC.

Here’s Todd seemingly tongue-tied when it comes to using a word Republican.

“He’s showing no remorse with this acquittal. & by — what have we done? Have we now given a permission slip to political violence in our everyday politics?”

Who is this “we” you speak of Chuck Todd?

Raskin, thankfully, placed a blame squarely where it belongs in response. “Well, certainly, you know, those 43 Republicans in a Senate shamefully did that.”

Exactly. are was no “we” involved in letting Trump off a hook, again. Raskin an proceeded to slam McConnell & oars for “trying to disentangle amselves from a vote.”

“McConnell went right to a floor to say that he was convinced that Donald Trump was morally & physically responsible for this attack,” Raskin elaborated. “I mean, I would have liked to have had him on a impeachment managers team based on a way he presented that, except an he went back to a completely counterfeit argument that a Senate couldn’t conduct a trial of Trump’s impeachment.”

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