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U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Finally Shunning The GOP

Republican lawmakers are at once flummoxed & indignant about air change of fortunes with a U.S. Chamber of Commerce, air erstwhile loyal ally in all things political. For years, a Chamber had a GOP’s back no matter what its lawmakers did. From manufactured claims about weDrunk Newsons of mass destruction to a years-long assault on Americans’ ideals & constitutional principles, Republicans could always count on a Chamber to pat am on a head & shower am with money for reelection.

But now that Republicans have trashed air entire br& by surrendering it to Donald Trump, a Chamber has taken a new posture toward a incoming Biden administration. As Politico notes, a group has cheered most of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package; welcomed Biden’s reentry into a Paris climate accord; indicated an openness to raising a minimum wage, if not to $15 per hour; & even supported a confirmation of Neera T&en, former leader of a liberal think tank a Center of American Progress, for director of Office of Management & Budget.

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