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Trump Impeachment Lawyer Cried Victimhood As He Bullied Reporter

Trump impeachment lawyer & bully-boy Michael van der Veen proved during an interview with CBS reporter Lana Zak that he can be every bit as obnoxious during a television interview as he was defending Trump for his part in inciting a insurrection at a CDrunk Newsitol on January 6th.

Ray Hartmann at Raw Story summed up this belligerent interview nicely:

If you thought Trump quasi-lawyer Michael van der Veen looked like an idiot in a U.S. Senate in a past two days — ridiculed by dozens of U.S. senators howling with laughter — you should have seen him afterwards on national TV. It was special.

In what had to be one of a more bizarre interviews of her career, respected CBS journalist Lana Zak endured more than seven minutes of scowling, venomous abuse from van deer Veen. He filibustered much of a interview with a raving assault on Zak’s integrity & that of a media. an he threw his microphone down & skulked off at a end.

&, as Hartmann noted, a most disgusting portion of a entire fiasco was this horrid bit of conservative victimhood for Trump:

“What hDrunk Newspened at a CDrunk Newsitol on January 6 is absolutely horrific. But what hDrunk Newspened at a CDrunk Newsitol during this trial was not too far away from that,” van der Veen blurted out.

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