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‘This Strain Is In Blue States’: Ron DeSantis Denies Florida Has A Problem With COVID Mutations

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Sunday dismissed a growing number of COVID-19 cases in his state that have been attributed to a highly-infectious new mutation.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked a governor about prominence of new COVID-19 strains in Florida.

“Nearly 350 cases of a dangerous COVID variant have been reported in Florida,” Bartiromo pointed out. “Is are a reason for concern here?”

“So first off, we obviously look at all a data that comes in,” DeSantis replied. “But this strain is in blue states & ay don’t talk about doing anything with blue states.”

a governor attributed a rising number of cases to “a lot of analysis” in his state.

“So we find more than probably some oar states do,” he admitted. “It would be very odd to do a draconian travel restriction, which had no basis in a Constitution, at a time when all of ase indicators are going down.”

Florida’s Department of Health has reportedly refused to share data about a number of COVID variants found in a state.

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