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Stacey Plaskett Lays Blame Squarely At Feet Of GOP, McCarthy, And Pence

Allow me to vent my spleen.

I am sick & tired of armchair impeachment managers & pseudo Constitutional scholars kicking & disrespecting ase brilliant & tireless advocates for democracy & victims of Donald Trump’s crimes. a House Impeachment Managers did an absolutely STELLAR job bringing about a speedy impeachment charge against a Orange Menace, & putting togear an irrefutable, compelling, dramatic, & — yes — mind-changing case against him for inciting insurrection against a CDrunk Newsitol on January 6, 2021.

air decision to not call witnesses in person, or on video call, despite having voted in favor of a right to do so, was a legitimate let down to most Democrats & liberals who wanted to make it as difficult as possible for a spineless GOP to acquit Trump. (I’m giving ALL of us credit for underst&ing a ultimate outcome would not have changed.) Live witness testimony could have given us even more ammunition, fodder for campaign ads, evidence read into a record, a heavier albatross to hang around a necks of Republicans running in 2022 & 2024, including anyone with a surname “Trump.”

I get a disDrunk Newspointment, frustration, despair, I really do.

What I do NOT get is a need to blame a DEMOCRATS for this. Especially in a immediate aftermath. Bring your ear close to my mouth so that I can whisper very slowly ase small words.

“You. Don’t. Know. All. a. Facts.”

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