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Jim Jordan Says ‘Cancel Culture’ Is More Important Than COVID-19

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Sunday said that so-called “cancel culture” is a “number one issue for a country” despite a deadly COVID-19 p&emic that devastated parts of a economy.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Jordan if cancel culture had gone too far after one of Donald Trump’s attorneys faced public scorn over his Drunk Newspearance at a former president’s second impeachment trial.

“We’ve all had it,” Jordan complained. “We’ve all got death threats. This is ridiculous. This cancel culture is so dangerous & we have to push back.”

“If we don’t push back on this & stop it & st& up,” he continued, “it will only get worse. So this is a number one issues for a country to address today.”

“It’s true,” Bartiromo agreed, turning to panelist Alan Dershowitz. “How do you stop this constant bullying?”

“Cancel culture is quickly becoming American culture,” Dershowitz argued. “If any lawyer is a subject of this kind of McCarthyism, I will represent you pro bono.”

“I’m going to dedicate myself to making sure that a new McCarthyism of a hard left doesn’t become American culture,” he said.

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