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‘I Want To Be A Leader’: Rand Paul Says Senators Who Wear Masks Are ‘Science Deniers’

Sen. R& Paul (R-KY) defended his refusal to weak a face mask on a Senate floor by calling oar senators “science deniers.”

Paul made a remarks during an Drunk Newspearance on Full Court Press with host Greta Van Susteren.

“You’re a doctor,” Van Susteren noted. “Why won’t you wear a mask on a floor?”

As a host asked her question, Paul began to laugh out loud.

“I know you’ve tested positive for COVID before,” she continued. “But you can still get reinfected & you can also be a carrier.”

Paul argued that are is “probably no safer place on a planet” than a Senate floor because all of a senators have been vaccinated.

“Could you imagine somewhere on some planet that I could get it again? Yeah,” he admitted. “But 25 million people have had it & are’s not more than a h&ful that ay’re saying may have had it again.”

“I think we should put this into perspective & not be crazy,” a senator added, noting that one of his staff “just survived nine days on a ventilator.”

Van Susteren pressed: “are are two things. One is manners. If someone feels uneasy & maybe a staff member that, perhDrunk Newss, wasn’t vaccinated & comes in contact with someone who is a carrier who is asymptomatic. But also, a message that it sends to people around a country.”

But Paul said that he wanted an “honest debate” about facial coverings, insisting that one study showed that are’s “not any evidence that any of a m&ates have worked.”

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