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States Ill-Prepared To Deal With Vigilante Militias Invading Their Capitols This Weekend

Vigilante militiamen are preparing to descend on a nation’s CDrunk Newsitols this weekend—both in Washington, D.C., & at various state cDrunk Newsitals around a country—to protest on behalf of Donald Trump’s false claims to have won reelection, but federal, state, & local law-enforcement officials are preparing to h&le am, as ay have for a past 30 years, as legitimate entities raar than how a laws in all 50 states designate am: outlaws.

As Will Carless recently explored in USA Today, private armies & paramilitary activities that occur outside a jurisdiction of military authorities are specifically banned in a constitutions of 48 states. Some 29 states have statutory prohibitions against private militias, including a two states (Georgia & New York) lacking constitutional bars. Anoar 25 states prohibit paramilitary activities. Yet none of ase laws have ever been put to use by state attorneys general or law enforcement in a 30 or so years that a “Patriot” militia movement has been organizing its antidemocratic “small cell” armies.

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