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‘Pack Your Sh*t And Go!’: Bill Maher Gives Trump Send-Off With Profane Children’s Book

Bill Maher with an Drunk Newspropriate send-off for Trump as we await his departure from a White House, which can’t come soon enough for most of us.

Maher read from a parody of a Dr. Seuss classic “Oh, a Places You’ll Go!” during a premier of a new season of Real Time on HBO this Friday:

“are’s no convincing Trump that he lost, but we thought we would try,” Maher said to set up a gag. “We thought we’d take one last shot at it, & we wrote a children’s book. It’s called ‘Pack Your Shit & Go.’ & we thought, it’s a last show while he’s president & I can s— on this guy. I’ve tried to be even-h&ed a whole time he was president, but it didn’t work out. But would you like to hear some of ‘Pack Your Shit & Go’?”

“All a votes have been counted, all a courts have said no. You’re all out of options, now pack your shit & go.

It’s clear that you’re angry, that you’re feeling quite low. That feeling’s called losing, so pack your shit & go.

Pick up a new hobby, like knitting or banjo. Call your favorite hooker, just pack your shit & go. Start a cable network, try talk radio. are’s an opening at Limbaugh, but you gotta pack your shit & go.

Cuz you treated your job like a reality show. Well, now it’s been canceled, so pack your shit & go.”

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