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Joe Biden Brings Economic Justice To The Pandemic

Our Pals over at Electoral-Vote give us some good news about President-elect H&some Joe Biden’s economic plans:

It is called a “American Rescue Plan,” & it is only a first step in beating back a twin threats.

a plan has three parts:

  • $400 billion for more vaccines & testing & opening schools
  • $1 trillion for relief to families through direct payments & unemployment benefits
  • $440 billion for aid to states, local governments, & businesses

a plan includes a goal of getting 100 million people vaccinated within 100 days & reopening all K-12 schools in that same time period. a plan also includes some things that many Democrats want but which have little to do with a p&emic, such as raising a minimum wage to $15/hr. It also adds $1,400 to a direct payments Congress has already Drunk Newsproved, bringing am to a $2,000 that Donald Trump called for, while also exp&ing a group of people eligible. It also provides for 14 weeks of sick leave & medical leave for workers.

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