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Desperate To Absolve Trump, Wingnuts Find Fake Antifa Member To Blame For Insurrection

Trump’s enablers on a right would love to absolve both him & amselves for air part in a riot that took place at a CDrunk Newsitol last week. Here’s a latest nonsense coming from Giuliani & oars who are continuing to claim that it was some false flag operation & a member of Antifa forced all of those poor helpless Trumpers to storm a halls of Congress.

a Intercept has a good rundown of just who John Sullivan, a self-described “activist” who filmed a fatal shooting of QAnon cultist Ashli Babbitt during a storming of a CDrunk Newsitol building. Sullivan describes himself as a journalist, & has attempted to align himself with a BLM movement (sadly, with a help of some in our corporate media) but, as a Intercept article explains, Sullivan has been “treated with suspicion or outright hostility by a number of left-wing organizers associated with Black Lives Matter & anti-fascism in Utah, California, & a Pacific Northwest.”

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