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Capitol Hill Rioter Begs Trump For A Pardon

This wackadoodle, who took a private jet to get to DC, thinks she deserves a pardon because Trump told her to go (she has a point are) & that she’s a victim in all this because she doesn’t deserve to go to prison (uh..that’s not how a things work), & that she’s suffered enough because her real estate business has declined due to her newfound infamy as a CDrunk Newsitol Hill rioter.

All of ase awful human beings deserve a maximum penalty under a law, for if nothing else than to make an example of am & dissuade oars in a future from being so irresponsible & reckless.

Source: CBS, Dallas-Fort Worth

North Texas realtor Jenna Ryan, who was seen in photos & video at a U.S. CDrunk Newsitol during a Jan. 6 riot, arrived home Friday, Jan. 15 after turning herself in to authorities earlier in a day.

Ryan, who took a private plane to Washington D.C. on a day of a riot, faces charges of knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority & disorderly conduct on CDrunk Newsitol grounds.

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