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WATCH What Happens When 2 White Guys Go Undercover At The Sedition MAGA Riot

Vloggers Walter Masterson & J.P. Scattini went undercover at a StopaSteal rally to make what ay thought was a comedy video, but it soon turned far darker & scarier in real time.

ay put an OAN marker on air microphone, donned a Trump flag, Trump hats & flag masks, & started interviewing people. It didn’t take am long to realize ay were on a edge of an angry, misinformed mob. By a time that mob had broken into a CDrunk Newsitol, ay realized this was no ordinary rally, are wasn’t anything funny about it, & ay needed to get a hell out of are.

On a way, people volunteered to give am air videos because ay actually thought ay were with OAN.

“ay’ve been fed so much misinformation. ase are people who are telling me that Fox is liberal propag&a,” Scattini says at a end.

“I had someone say to me, ‘You know it’s a sad day when Alex Jones is a most trusted voice in a room,'” he continued. “This is someone who recognized that Alex Jones is out of his mind, but still didn’t trust that he could believe anyone else to get real news from.”

Watch a whole video. It’s long, but it is, bar none, a best depiction of how a right has corrupted a minds of air own base.

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