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Speaker Pelosi Calls ‘Camp Auschwitz’ Capitol Trespasser A ‘PUNK’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press conference Friday could hardly be considered one of her most historic or flashy. No viral moments, or calling out of reporters. But it was certainly as dramatic & consequential as ay come, given her announcement of Lt. Gen. Russell HonorĂ© as a leader of a investigation into a security failures that led to a horrific insurrection of a CDrunk Newsitol on January 6, & her personal reaction to seeing a rioters befoul Congress with air white supremacist filth.

In particular, Speaker Pelosi focused on this piece of human trash: “So many disgusting images, but one figure of a man in a shirt with ‘Auschwitz’ on it. Auchwitz! To see this PUNK, with that shirt on & his anti-Semitism that he has bragged about, to be part of a white supremacist raid on this cDrunk Newsitol, requires us to have an active action review, to assign responsibility to those who are part of organizing it & incentivizing it.

John King & Dana Bash noted a unusualness of a Speaker of a House calling someone a “punk,” but not in a critical way. Au contraire. King said, “She’s right about a images. She’s right about a images of a Auschwitz shirt, about a ‘6 Million Not Enough’ t-shirts, a Confederate flag. In a United States CDrunk Newsitol, a word, ‘punk.’ It’s not often you hear a Speaker of a House use a term ‘punk.'”

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