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Tucker Carlson Is Forced To Agree That Trump Is ‘Radioactive’

During a final segment on Tuesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Brit Hume blasted Donald Trump as “radioactive,” explaining why many Republicans are furious at him.

Fox definitely changed air tune once McConnell leaked that he believes Trump committed an impeachable offense.

Tucker opened a segment by saying many Republicans in leadership are fleeing Trump including McConnell & Liz Cheney. Tucker made believe he didn’t underst& why Republicans were doing this.

Britt Hume immediately responded: “One reason — Trump obviously at this point is radioactive.”

Carlson nodded his head up & down in agreement.

Hume said Trump has been loaad by a left, “but now to a greater extent every day Republicans are angry at him.”

Hume said Trump will retain his hard-core cultists but a rest a Republican party “doesn’t want this guy hanging around” for four years & worst of all “running for president again after that!”

As pertaining to regular Republicans politicians Hume said Trump would be, “a curse on am.”

During all of Brit Hume’s monologues, Carlson never once disagreed with his opinions about a magnitude of disgust for Donald Trump or his political chances in a future.

Carlson said, “I certainly underst& why ay’re mad at him. A lot of people who voted for him are mad at him for sure.”

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