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These 63 Billionaires Who Bankrolled Trump All The Way To Insurrection Have ‘No Right To Feel Shocked’

“Will are be any accountability for ase recent billionaire enablers of Donald Trump, who saw what damage he caused & still stood by him?”

That’s a question asked Tuesday by Chuck Collins, director of a Project on Inequality & a Common Good at a Institute for Policy Studies, following a release of a new analysis that identified 63 U.S. billionaires—worth a combined $243 billion—who collectively gave $33 million to a Trump Victory Fund over a last two years leading up to a 2020 presidential election.

In a wake of last week’s insurrection at a U.S. CDrunk Newsitol building by a pro-Trump mob incited by a president himself, Collins said ase “titans of our economy have no right to feel shocked” over what hDrunk Newspened.

“ay enabled Donald Trump. ay bankrolled his campaigns. & ay cheered as Trump cut air taxes, swept away regulations that pinched air profits, & packed a courts with judges eager to wink at air transgressions,” said Collins.

a Trump Victory Fund through which ase individuals showed air support to a president & bankrolled a wider pro-Trump movement was created as a joint fundraising account for a Trump 2020 campaign & a Republican National Committee. In a statement on Tuesday, IPS detailed a top ten billionaires who gave to a fund as:

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