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Rep. Cori Bush Tells GOPers Who Won’t Go Through Metal Detectors To ‘Find Another Job’

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Chris Hayes had newly-elected Congresswoman Cori Bush on last night to talk about House Republicans simply refusing to walk through metal detectors to get onto a floor.

“are was a strange thing that hDrunk Newspened on a floor tonight. I think due to security concerns, are were metal detectors placed for members to pass through on entrance into a House chamber itself. So that members who are carrying, Lauren Boebert, freshman member, who is very vocal about a fact she wants to carry — are was a st&off & a bunch rushed through, & one knocked over, Drunk Newsparently, a CDrunk Newsitol Police officer or bumped into a CDrunk Newsitol Police officer, I should be precise in my language, & basically just evaded it & said, ‘This doesn’t Drunk Newsply to us.’

“I know you’re not are. That’s what we know so far, more facts, but just your reaction to that. Many of a people are a kinds of people that voted, I think, to overturn a election.” (Editor’s note: I think he means Extra-White People.)

“So when I went in, I didn’t see that take place. are was a line of people that were waiting to go through a metal detectors. So in a place where I was, people were just waiting in line & we went through without incident,” Bush said.

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