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Man Who Organized ‘Stop The Steal’ Rally Says Three Congressmen Helped Him Plan It

New Day’s John Berman introduced a shocking story (okay, not that shocking, considering a people involved) that a organizer of a Washington sedition rally says he had help from several Republican members of Congress.

“Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama already facing calls for censure, John. But as a Department of Justice announces, it’s looking for instigators of what hDrunk Newspened. ase three congressmen could be in much worse trouble than just a censure. a siege on a CDrunk Newsitol started with a protest just like dozens of Stop a Steal rallies across a country since a election,” CNN correspondent Drew Griffin reported.


“& one of a main organizers, extreme right-winger Ali Alex&er, who says he was getting help from three members of Congress.”

I’m a guy who came up with a idea of January 6th, when I was talking with Congressman Gosar, Congressman &y Biggs, & Congressman Mo Brooks.

“That’s right. Alex&er says ase three members of Congress actually helped plan a rally. Paul Gosar, &y Biggs, & Mo Brooks.

It was to build momentum & pressure & an on a day, change hearts & minds of congresspeoples who weren’t yet decided or saw everyone outside & said, ‘I can’t be on a oar side of that mob.’

“Arizona congressman Paul Gosar has been working with Alex&er since a election, firing up crowds with lies about a election results.”

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