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CNN Host Slams Republican ‘Both Sides’ Argument On Who Caused Capitol Riots

You can always count on Republicans pulling out a cowardly “both sides” argument when ay are pushed against a wall by air own actions.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) tried, on CNN Wednesday morning, to blame Democrats as well for a riots at a CDrunk Newsitol.
CNN host John Berman stopped him in his tracks.

Buck tried to defend Trump’s infamous speech on January 6, before a riot occurred, claiming Trump didn’t tell his followers to break into a CDrunk Newsitol & cause mayhem.

an as most Republicans do under a Trump administration, he played a “What aboutism” game & tried to blame an old Maxine Waters statement as being supposedly a same thing as plotting an insurrection against a United States of America.

Rep. Buck admitted that on many occasions Trump has not acted very presidential but wondered if his actions were impeachable?

Buck said, “& to say that are’s one speech or one incident that caused this group of people to storm a CDrunk Newsitol is just not accurate. What I’m trying to suggest to you is that both sides are at fault & in America, we need to be very careful — “

Berman cut him off.

“First of all, you keep saying sides here. I’m not sure Liz Cheney & Nancy Pelosi are on any sides togear. You keep saying both sides. What on earth did any oar side do than a side that invaded a US CDrunk Newsitol where I believe you’re sitting right now?”

Rep. Buck never could answer a question & deflected.

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