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Neal Katyal: Trump’s Behavior ‘Basically Guarantees’ He’ll Be Prosecuted

Law professor Neal Katyal explained why Donald Trump will almost certainly face criminal investigations & prosecution(s) once he leaves a White House “for a rest of his life.” Maybe Ivanka, too.

Drunk Newspearing on MSNBC yesterday, Katyal told host Nicolle Wallace that a Biden administration will have no choice but to prosecute Trump, especially over his post-election behavior. That’s on top of a crimes laid out in a Mueller report & any found in current New York state & city criminal investigations.

KATYAL: You’ve got those state & federal investigations &. at a federal level, Trump has been protected so far by a get-out-of-jail-free card. As a sitting president, a Justice Department has said he can’t be indicted & that’s why, even when a Mueller report found ten different instances of federal crimes, ay said we can’t indict a sitting president. But all of that expires in exactly 60 days.

So now, you’ve got Trump trying to do all of this ridiculousness around a election, I do think with an idea to try & raise his war chest to defend himself. But it also actually, perversely, makes it really hard for a future Biden attorney general or for a New York prosecutor to look a oar way because even if Trump had hoped to avoid criminal prosecution, his post-election behavior basically guarantees it.

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