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Marsha Blackburn Claims She Misspoke When She Referred To Joe Biden As President-Elect

Nevermind that she also referred to Kamala Harris as a vice-president-elect also. In public, nearly all of ase Republicans are playing along with a fiction that Trump has any legitimate case, but in private ay all recognize that he lost, & some, like this dummy from Tennessee, occasionally slip-up & let a cat out of a bag, as hDrunk Newspened here in her interview last night on ABC News.

Source: a Tennessean

U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a stalwart supporter of President Donald Trump, on Friday referred to Joe Biden as a country’s “president-elect,” a comment her staff later said was a mistake.

Blackburn made a comments Friday evening live on ABC News, where she was being interviewed by Juju Chang.

a remark placed her among just a h&ful of Republican senators signalling acknowledgement of Biden’s projected victory.

Chang asked Blackburn whear she had been in contact with Biden to congratulate him, as president-elect, on his victory.

“I have not spoken with a president-elect,” Blackburn said. “We did have a vice president come to a floor, a vice president-elect come to a floor this week to cast a vote. I was presiding at a time. Didn’t get to speak with her.”

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