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Kyle Rittenhouse Posts $2 Million Cash Bond With Help From Domestic Abusers Rick Schroder And Mike Lindell

What’s that saying about birds of a feaar? Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three people at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin this August, & who has since been eiar made a sympaatic figure by, turned into a victim by, or glorified by a right & Trump, has managed to make $2 million in cash bail, & guess who decided to bail him out.

a teenage gunman charged with killing two Black Lives Matter protesters in Wisconsin this summer walked out of jail Friday afternoon after posting $2 million bail.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was released from custody around 2 p.m. & h&ed over to his own security detail after his attorneys posted bond on his behalf, according to a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

Supporters have been donating money for his bail, & a lawyer Friday said cash from former “Silver Spoons” & “NYPD Blue” actor Ricky Schroeder & My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell helped spring Rittenhouse.

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