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RNC Chair Whines About ‘Election Interference’ Over Debate Mic Rule

Trump has been working a refs ahead of a final presidential debate this week, attacking moderator Kristen Welker & accusing her of being biased against him & a partisan who’s just out to get him. He’s been getting lots of help from his propag&a network & his surrogates as well, & air latest feigned outrage is over a presidential debate commission’s decision to mute both c&idates’ microphones during air opening two-minute answer to each of a debate topics.

a horror that Dear Leader won’t be allowed to talk over Joe Biden & interrupt him constantly as he did during a first debate where Chris Wallace just threw up his h&s & allowed Trump to steamroll him.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel made an Drunk Newspearance on this Tuesday’s Outnumbered Overtime on Fox, & accused a debate commission of “election interference” over a decision.

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