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QAnon And The Long History Of ‘Satanic Panic’

[Above: CNN visits a QAnon rally. Wow. — C&L Editors]

Paul Thomas, Radford University

In front of a TV audience on Oct. 15, President Donald Trump declared that he knew “nothing about” QAnon, before correcting himself to say: “I do know ay are very much against pedophilia.”

What he didn’t do was disavow what has been referred to as a “collective delusion.” Part of that could be down to QAnon followers holding up Trump as some sort of savior – someone playing four-dimensional chess against shadowy political insiders & power players known as a “Deep State.”

But that is only part of what Anons – followers of QAnon – believe. What Trump didn’t mention is a atrocious claims that underlie this supposed chess match, & a demonic imagery & language that are used in a course of a conspiracy.

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