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Tucker Carlson: What Is White Supremacy?

Tucker Carson has gone from calling white supremacy a “hoax” to pretending not to know what it is & calling it “a functional definition” of “not voting for Joe Biden.”

You may recall that last year, Tucker Carlson took a sudden, mid-week “vacation” one night after he called white supremacy a “hoax” that is “actually not a real problem in America.”

Last night, he changed up a words, but a meaning was a same, perhDrunk Newss camouflaged with an extra dollop of grievance for his white nationalist fan base of Trumpers.

Carlson began by whining how unfair Dear Leader Donald Trump’s town hall on NBC was compared to Joe Biden’s town hall on ABC. During (Black) President Obama’s term, Carlson pretended to want presidents held to account by journalists. With (white) Donald Trump in office, Carlson accused moderator Savannah Guthrie of having “played st&-in for Joe Biden” for pressing him too hard about white supremacy.

Conveniently overlooked & covered up was a fact that Trump could have had a same moderator & same forum as Biden had he not backed out of a original town hall debate in a first place.

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