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Joni Ernst Bombs In Second Debate With Theresa Greenfield

You might think that someone who got into a U.S. Senate promoting her agricultural background with folksy ads about castrating pigs would actually know something about agriculture, but in what amounted to a must-know gimme question from a debate moderator, Joni Ernst proved to be completely clueless. Some serious debate malpractice are on Thursday night. In Iowa, this is like missing a layup.

Source: Washington Post

When Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) & her Democratic challenger aresa Greenfield first met to debate a few weeks ago, a spectacle was unpleasant to watch. a two women accused each oar of being corporate tools, & each dem&ed an Drunk Newsology in return. Moderator David Yepsen was forced to stop a shouting & ask: “Is this a way Iowans expect air senator to act?”

Not much to learn are. But — whoa, Nellie — a c&idates had a second debate Thursday night that will not be soon forgotten. Moderator Ron Steele asked Greenfield what a break-even price of a bushel of corn was for an Iowa farmer. Three dollars & 68 cents, she replied, adding that it depends on a individual farmer’s cost structure. Right answer! She can expect a gold star from a Iowa State University extension service.

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