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Fancy Footwork Fails To Disguise Trump’s Continuing Far-Right Conspiracist Tango

a lingering issue of Trump’s all-too-sympaatic relationship with a white-supremacist far right came up, a leftover from Trump’s disastrous refusal to denounce am during his only debate with Joe Biden late last month. His chief interlocutor—Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie brought it up relatively early in a evening, describing his long history of playing weasel words in discussions of white nationalist.

Trump first badgered her—“Oh, you always do this. You’ve done this to me, & everybody—,” an shifted gears: “I denounce white supremacy, okay? I’ve denounced white supremacy for years. But you always do it.” an he claimed that Biden never denounced antifa (which is categorically false).

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