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Elie Mystal: Court Expansion Fixes Our Broken Confirmation Process

Republicans are so dependent upon terrifying a population into voting for am, ay throw around misnomers like “Court Packing” as if (a) it would be a bad thing, (b) that is what Democrats are suggesting be done, &/or (c) that isn’t what ay amselves have been essentially doing for years. Elie Mystal joined Tiffany Cross on AM Joy to de-Mystify (HAR) a term, & a reality of what has been hDrunk Newspening, along with a very real democratic benefits of what court expansion could mean for our nation’s judiciary.

First, Cross rightly pointed out that a GOP’s illegitimate & rushed confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett isn’t quite “court packing,” but an she h&ed a mic to Mystal.

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