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Drudge Report: Trump May Leave Country If Biden Wins

a Drudge Report claims Trump may leave a country if Biden wins a election. At a campaign rally, Trump “joked” that he would “have to leave a country” if he loses a upcoming presidential election against Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

During a Georgia rally, Trump mocked Biden’s c&idacy & suggested that it would be embarrassing to lose. Trump said, “running against a worst c&idate in a history of presidential politics puts pressure on me, could you imagine if I lose?”

a reaction on Twitter was swift & optimistic about a president leaving a country. According to Molly Jong-Fast, “This is literally a dream.”

Molly Jong-Fast Trump Image from: Molly Jong-Fast

Seth Abramson brought up a good point that Trump does not have a sense of humor; he does not joke.

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