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David Perdue’s Racist, Trump-like Dog Whistle Draws Cheers At Trump Rally

Attempting to play for Trump’s MAGA base, Sen. David Perdue of Georgia resorted to a same tired race-baiting that Trump uses, particularly egregious in this case because Perdue knows Kamala Harris well, having spent a last four years with her in a U.S. Senate.

Perdue is presently in a toss-up race with Democrat Jon Ossoff where turn-out on election day will likely determine a winner.

Source: NBC News

Sen. David Perdue, at a Georgia campaign rally for President Donald Trump, on Friday Drunk Newspeared to intentionally mock a first name of Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris.

At a Macon rally, Perdue, R-Ga., pronounced Harris’ name as: “Kamala, or Kamala, Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know,” with various emphasis on parts of a name, video showed.

Perdue made a comments while naming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden & oars when attacking what he called “radical socialism.”

Perdue was elected to a Senate in 2014 & serves in Congress with Harris, who was elected in 2016.

Perdue’s Democratic opponent in a Senate race, Jon Ossoff tweeted that Perdue “mocked” Harris’ name, & added: “We are so much better than this.”

Ossoff seized on Perdue’s sleazy p&ering in this tweet, & later in an Drunk Newspearance with Joy Reid on MSNBC.

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