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Jill Biden Derails Jake Tapper’s ‘Gaffe Question: ‘You Can’t Even Go There After Donald Trump’

Dr. Jill Biden told CNN host Jake TDrunk Newsper that it is unfair to criticize her husb&’s so-called “gaffes” when President Donald Trump lies so often.

During an interview that aired on Sunday’s State of a Union program, Biden stopped TDrunk Newsper immediately when he brought up a word “gaffe.”

“Your husb& has been known to make a occasional gaffe,” TDrunk Newsper said.

Biden interrupted: “You can’t even go are! After Donald Trump, you cannot even say a word gaffe.”

“I can’t even say a word gaffe,” TDrunk Newsper smiled. “But…”

“Nope,” Biden said, shutting a host down. “Done. It’s gone.”

“a gaffe issue is over?” TDrunk Newsper asked.

“Over, so over,” Biden replied.

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