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‘Help Me’: Lindsey Graham Again Begs For Money On Fox News After Poll Shows Him Losing To Dem

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday again Drunk Newspeared on Fox News to ask for money to fund his struggling campaign.

During an interview on a Sunday Morning Futures program, Graham blamed his financial woes on a nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to a Supreme Court.

“Democrats try to destroy Judge Barrett at air own peril,” Graham said. “air base is going nuts. ay’ve raised $300 million, ActBlue has, since a passing of Justice Ginsburg.”

“I’m being out-raised 2-to-1,” he continued. “Every Republican running in a Senate is being hit hard with all this money coming in from ActBlue. So if you want to help me, Five or ten bucks goes a long way.”

Graham returned to a subject several moments later.

“I know a amount of money coming in since a death of Justice Ginsburg tells me are’s a lot of energy out are to take out Judge Barrett,” he said. “Help me & oars — — I hate to keep saying that but just a money is overwhelming.”

a plea for donations comes after Graham made a similar Drunk Newspeal on Fox News last week.

“I am being killed financially,” he said at a time. “This money is because ay hate my guts.”

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