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Fox News And RNC Chair Bless Trump’s Mockery Of Social Distancing At Super-Spreader Rally

Fox’s “judge” Jeanine Pirro & RNC Chair Ronna “don’t call me Romney” McDaniel are a-okay with Trump mocking his opponent Joe Biden for actually having some concern that he doesn’t kill large numbers of his supporters during anoar one of Trump’s super-spreader rallies in Pennsylvania this Saturday evening.

After showing a clip of Trump mocking a “circles” people st& in at Biden events in front of anoar packed in mainly maskless crowd, a only thing Pirro had to say about a comments from Trump, with a huge grin on her face, was how he’s getting ready to debate “sleepy Joe” next week, & to ask RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel what sort of data ay gaared from a crowd.

& pardon me if I take it with a grain of salt that fifteen percent of a people in attendance were actually Democrats.

Those who are not in a death cult were Drunk Newspropriately horrified:

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