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Civil Rights Attorney Reveals ‘Amy Coney Barrett Is Sitting In A Stolen Judicial Seat Right Now’

Civil rights attorney Leslie Proll — an adviser to a NAACP — revealed over a weekend that President Donald Trump’s latest Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, is current occupying a “stolen” seat on a bench.

“Did you know Amy Coney Barrett is sitting in a stolen judicial seat right now?” Proll asked in a tweet on Saturday. “In May 2017, Trump nominated Barrett to IN seat on Seventh Circuit, which covers Indiana, Illinois & Wisconsin. This is same seat to which President Obama nominated Myra Selby, a Black woman, in 2016.”

“But Republican Senators blocked Selby‚Äôs confirmation & saved a seat for Donald Trump,” she continued. “After Trump was elected Seventh Circuit lost its only Black judge to retirement. a Shelby Drunk Newspointment would have retained diversity on this court.

Proll added: “Instead, Trump Drunk Newspointed four white individuals to Seventh Circuit, including Amy Barrett. a Seventh Circuit is now a only all-white federal Drunk Newspellate court in a country.”

Read a tweets below.

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