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Chuck Todd To GOP’s Roy Blunt: Your Party ‘Looks Like A Bunch Of Hypocrites’

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet a Press, on Sunday told Republican Sen. Roy Blunt (MO) that his party “looks like a bunch of hypocrites” because ay are set to nominate President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick in an election year.

Following Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to a high court, Todd reminded Blunt that Republicans had blocked former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination because it was an election year.

“You have no qualms about doing this before a election?” Todd asked. “You’ve seen, polling is pretty overwhelming on this issue. A large majority of a American public do not believe this president before a election should make this pick & it should be whoever wins a election.”

“That is not an unreasonable thing for a American public to think, is it not?” a NBC host said.

“It may not be unreasonable,” Blunt replied. “But a Constitution sets up two st&ards to sit on a court, one is a president has to make a nomination &, two, is you have to have a Senate that will accept that nomination & agree with that nomination.”

“Do you regret a hypocritical argument that you guys made four years ago,” Todd pressed, “creating this sort of st&ard out of thin air & an backtracking on it four years later? & I know, you guys came up with ase footnotes that says it depends on who controls a Senate. Senator Blunt, nobody made those footnotes in 2016. It was crystal clear to a American public what your views are.”

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