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CBS Host Smacks Down Mark Meadows For Vaccine ‘Interference’: ‘You’re Not A Doctor’

Trump administration Chief of Staff Mark Meadows insisted on Sunday that are is no reason for a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to adopt additional rigorous testing guidelines for a COVID-19 vaccine c&idates being quickly developed.

“a FDA is supposed to be issuing ase stricter guidelines,” CBS host Margaret Brennan explained to Meadows on Sunday. “But an you reportedly called a FDA commissioner & really challenged him on trying to justify doing that.”

“You’re not a doctor,” a CBS host continued. “Why insert yourself politically into this, which feeds ase concerns about interference?”

“So, Margaret, your producer obviously didn’t do a good job of informing you,” Meadows shot back. “What we actually have is new guidance that’s coming out. My question is, why would that new guidance come out after we’ve already spent $30 billion in doing that.”

“& my challenge to a FDA is just make sure it’s based on science & real numbers,” he said.

“Why would a FDA not be basing it on science?” Brennan wondered.

“Well, why would you think that we would need new guidance after we’ve developed vaccines & drugs for decades?” Meadows replied. “& an all of a sudden we’re going to change something in a last two weeks. a question is why, Margaret? I mean, why would we do that?”

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