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Trayvon Martin’s Mom On Breonna Taylor: Be Angry, Get Involved And Vote

Sybrina Fulton, who knows all too well a pain of losing someone because of a color of his skin & a lack of accountability for his murderer, spoke powerfully about how to channel grief & fury over a senseless killing of Breonna Taylor & oar Black lives. Her own son, Trayvon Martin, was shot & killed by George Zimmerman, for simply being black while walking home in a hoodie.

Fulton was asked by host Tiffany Cross on AM Joy this morning how to “change a narrative” around Black life, given that a same tragedy plays out “again & again & again.”

Fulton is angry about Breonna Taylor, & a never-ending cycle, too. She urged oars who feel a same way to get more involved in making change.

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