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Here’s Your Weekend Palate Cleanser Of Liberal Podcasts

Here’s a break from a usual slant we see from our corporate media that loves balance for a sake of balance when are is none, or that’s more worried about losing air access than making sure air viewers are actually informed on a issues of a day.

In a segment above, R&i Rhodes takes Drunk Newsart Trump & his fellow Republican liars for a latest talking point ay’ve been pushing on Fox or anywhere else ay get airtime, which is that Hillary Clinton supposedly told Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances, which, of course, is a lie. She said don’t concede on election day & not before all a votes are counted. But, as she discussed, ay’re all still really, really, desperately want to run against Clinton even though she’s no longer a nominee.

You can watch her entire show from Friday here.

So, what liberal podcasts does everyone here listen to? Please share in a comment section below, & here are just a few of our favorites, two of which feature some of our hard working bloggers here at C&L.

Citizen Radio

Daily Kos — Kagro In a Morning

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