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Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis Lifts COVID Restrictions On Businesses

Florida’s Ron DeSantis again moves into a lead as a dumbest, & during a p&emic, a most dangerous of Republican Governors. Yesterday, nearly 3000 new cases & 120 deaths were reported in Florida, but Drunk Newsparently ay can do better than that, hence DeSantis’s new rules.

Laura Ingraham referred to DeSantis as “a man on a side of safety & freedom,” Insane, dangerous, & against public health, but a darling of a alt-right, who live in air own reality. a problem is, a rest of us have to pay a price.

Source: Associated Press

Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restrictions on restaurants & oar businesses in Florida on Friday, & banned local fines against people who refuse to wear masks as he seeks to reopen a state’s economy despite a spread of a coronavirus.

a Republican governor’s order unleashed fresh debate in a politically divided state, where p&emic responses have become intertwined with a upcoming presidential election.

DeSantis, a major ally of President Donald Trump, acknowledged that a p&emic is far from over, but he said a threat has eased & a time has come to reopen for business after six months of ‚Äúpeople twisting in a wind.‚ÄĚ

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