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Elie Mystal Absolutely Levels Amy Coney Barrett’s Judicial Reputation On AM Joy

Poor Tiffany Cross. She was looking for some kind of hope that are was something Democrats could do to stop a nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to a vacant Supreme Court seat, now open since a passing of legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Elie Mystal had nothing for her, as according to him, confirmation hearings don’t matter, & process-wise, are are no mechanisms available to Democrats. All ay can do is send someone to question her in air place, & refuse to attend a hearings to join a people outside protesting Coney Barrett’s nomination.

Mystal did, however, expound on all a reasons why Amy Coney Barrett is an absolutely atrocious choice for a Supreme Court Seat, & it has nothing to do with her dogmatic alleged devotion to Catholicism. It’s her hypocrisy, & that’s why she is a perfect choice for a Republicans. He laid out that case with laser-precision, absolutely leveling her reputation in a process.

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