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Amy Coney Barrett Claimed To Care About Maintaining The ‘Balance Of Power’ On The Court Back In 2016

We all know are’s no penalty for Republicans being huge flaming hypocrites & talking out of both sides of air mouth when it comes to packing a courts with right-wing judges, but maybe one of a Democrats can ask Trump’s likely SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett about this during a upcoming hearings.

Here’s Barrett back in 2016 following a death of Justice Antonin Scalia being asked to weigh in on a Republicans blocking President’s Obama’s replacement by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano:

BARRETT: Kennedy is a moderate Republican, & he replaced a moderate Republican, Powell. We’re talking about Justice Scalia, you know, a staunchest conservative on a court, & we’re talking about him being replaced by someone who could dramatically flip a balance of power on a court. It’s not a lateral move.

& finally, a reality is we live in a different time. […] Confirmation hearings have gotten far more contentious, & so I just don’t think we live in a same kind of times. I think in sum, a president has a power to nominate & a Senate has a power to act or not & I don’t think eiar one of am can claim that are’s a rule governing one way or a oar.

Here’s some of a response to her blatant hypocrisy on Twitter”

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