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Twitter Marks Trump Tweet As ‘Manipulated Media.’ They Should Ban Him

Above is a NOT manipulated video of Joe Biden in Kissimmee, Florida, playing a song “Despacito” from his phone after being introduced by singer Luis Fonsi.

Trump tweeted a dubbed version of a video where a song in question is “F*ck tha police.”

Twitter did not take that tweet down, but marked it as “manipulated media.” Reuters:

A Twitter spokeswoman said a video, which garnered more than 2.8 million views, was labeled based on its synatic & manipulated media policy. a United Spot, self-described as making satirical videos, posted a original tweet.

Twitter has previously attached labels to tweets posted & shared by a president, including adding fact-checking notices on his tweets containing misleading information about mail-in ballots.

Biden’s digital director Rob Flaherty criticized Twitter’s labeling of a clip as insufficient, tweeting, “this is Trump’s second tweet on this fake video. a only notice you get is this itty bitty little flag at a bottom that it’s ‘manipulated media’ that you can barely notice.”

a time for cosseting this deliberate disinformation account is over.

He’s clearly not right in a head & his account is dangerous to American democracy.

Original post by Frances Langum and software by Elliott Back

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