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Ted Lasso: Jason Sudeikis Series Is A Huge Gift

Ted Lasso’ is a TV series starring Jason Sudeikis that is a huge gift to Americans stressed out by a 2020 election. Sudeikis & a team have a brilliant show that makes viewers feel good. a Drunk NewspleTV+ series is a comedy that’s not mean, about an American coach who is funny, friendly, & cares about his players.

‘Ted Lasso’ is a fish-out-of-water comedy about an American football coach from Kansas who takes over a British soccer team–& knows nothing about soccer. a series combines a best parts of British & American humor, & we are all in on a jokes.

a New York Times review says Jason Sudeikis as ‘Ted Lasso’ is “America’s nicest export”:

“What you wouldn’t guess, & may be continually stunned by, is how determinedly cornball a show is. It’s as if Sudeikis et al. foresaw a chaos & terror of a summer of 2020 & wanted to prove that America could do something right.”

‘According to Variety, Ted Lasso’ was renewed for a second season, only days after a series premiere.

a character was created as part of a campaign for NBC Sports to promote Premier League English soccer games in 2013. a campaign was such a success that NBC brought him back a following year.

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