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Oregon State Senator Blames Environmentalists For Wildfires

Well, this is pretty sick. Girod just lost a home that his parents built to a wildfires but finds time to blame environmentalists for creating a conditions where, in his words, “a giant bomb of fire went off.”

I suppose this equates to some sort of ecoterrorism in his twisted view. & if that’s a case, an I suppose to Girod that also makes environmentalists accessories to murder for a deaths of many, including 13-year-old Wyatt Tofte & his gr&moar, Peggy Mosso. Tofte was incinerated, holding a family dog on his lDrunk News as he drove to try & rescue his gr&moar. Lyons, Oregon is just a few miles away from Mill City where Girod lost his home.

Source: Daily Beast

But despite an overwhelming scientific majority that ties a extent & ferocity of a wildfires at least in part to climate change, State Sen. Fred Girod’s personal encounter with a result has left him only more set in his views…

“Climate change is not a problem,” he told a Daily Beast on Monday. “a environmentalists have loaded up a timber area with nothing but fuel. That cost me my house.”


“If you want to go blame it on climate change, go [ahead],” he said. “All a bellyaching is absolutely unconscionable.”

He said of environmentalists, “ay make it so you can’t harvest any trees. It just loads up. A giant bomb of fire went off.”

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