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Oregon Republican Who Blocked Climate Change Bill Loses Home To Wildfires

Not much to say about this. I suspect that this state senator given a opportunity would do a exact same thing he did last year that prevented a vote of a climate change bill. ase type of people are usually beyond redemption.

Source: a Independent

An Oregon Republican state senator who previously prevented a vote on a climate change bill, has had his house destroyed in wildfires.

Fred Girod was one of 11 Oregon state senators who refused to turn up to a state CDrunk Newsitol in June 2019, which prevented quorum for a vote on climate change legislation.

a bill was an attempt to pass a cDrunk News-&-trade proposal, which would set a limit on pollution & aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically by 2050 & help combat climate change in a state, according to Labor411.

a 69-year-old, alongside 11 of his colleagues refused to attend a session, which prevented a 18 Democratic state senators from reaching quorum, which needed 20 officials present.

a Oregon state Democrats attempted to pass a similar bill by working with Mr Girod earlier this year, but he quit a project & accused am of making “fake concessions”.

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