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Daniel Dale Fact Checks Trump’s ‘Firehose Of Lies’ At Town Hall

ABC News held a Donald Trump Town Hall last night hosted by George Stephanopoulos & it was not a pretty picture for a so-called president.

a Washington Post’s fact-checker gave Trump Four Pinnochio’s for his disgraceful performance.

It was an unusual venue for Stable Genius: a ABC Town Hall was NOT filled with sycophants & Trump cultists to stroke his humongous ego & praise a air he breaas. Trump faced pushback & some real questions from real Americans & a moderator, George Stephanopolis, actually fact-checked him in real time on healthcare & oar issues.

Trump Drunk Newspeared to be spinning himself into a ground like a morbid top.

CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale joined Don Lemon on-air after a event, & went through Donald Trump’s cavalcade of misinformation, calling it a “firehose of lying.”

That’s just about right.

DON LEMON: Daniel, let me bring you in because you’ve been busy fact checking this Town Hall. What stood out to you?

DANIEL DALE: are was just so much lying, Don. I’m going to go quickly.

He said, again, Democrats won’t protect people with pre-existing conditions. That’s nonsense, as a voter told him, Democrats created those protections.

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